T.J. says he'll boycott the Madden game

nfl_houshmandzadeh_250.jpgSeahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh surely believes that becoming an unrestricted free agent is one of the best things that ever could have happened to him.

In hindsight, it could end up being one of the worst.

His status as a free agent, his tour of various teams, and his departure from Cincinnati for Seattle has caused the media to pay more attention to him than ever before.

And the more he talks, the more he comes off as a guy who simply doesn’t get it.

Most recently, Houshmandzadeh told Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio that he’ll boycott the 2010 version of the Madden video game, because Houshmandzadeh doesn’t like the rating that has been assigned to him.

“I understand I averaged 10 yards a catch, but it’s the offense, not
me,” Houshmandzadeh said, via Mike Sando of ESPN.com.  “I’m not playing Madden no more until they get my rating right. . . .  I used to be the best in the world at Madden.  I’m going to miss not
playing it, but until they do me right, I’m not playing it any more.”

When we saw those words, we assumed that Houshmandzadeh had received a rating in the low 80s, possibly in the upper 70s.

We were wrong.  Per Sando, he’s a 91.  And that’s the sixth highest wideout rating in the NFC.

Specifically, Houshmandzadeh trails only Larry Fitzgerald (99), Steve Smith (97), Anquan Boldin (94), Roddy White (93), and Calvin Johnson (92).

It’s sounds about right to us; we’d take any of those guys before Houshmandzadeh.  (And we say that knowing full well that T.J.’s response might be to say that he’s “not coming here no more.”)  Actually, given the distinct possibility that Houshmandzadeh will be the next in a line of No. 2 wideouts who couldn’t perform at a sufficient level as a No. 1 target, the rating is probably higher than it should be.

And if he wants the number to be even higher next year, all he has to do is make good on his vow from last month. 

“I just want to let everyone know that Matt Hasselbeck and I will be
leading the Seahawks to the playoffs this season,” Houshmandzadeh told Sporting News.  “And we’ll be going to the Pro Bowl as a tandem.  We’re
both going to have top five seasons:  He’ll have a top five quarterback
season, and I’ll have a top five receiving season.  I’ll put up stats
I’ve never had before yardswise because they’re allowing me to be a
complete receiver.” 

In our view, T.J. is setting himself up for a dramatic failure.  To make matters worse, his boasting, which isn’t nearly as engaging or humorous as former teammate Chad Ochocinco’s shtick, is going to persuade otherwise neutral observers to root against Houshmandzadeh.

53 responses to “T.J. says he'll boycott the Madden game

  1. All time fav,T J quote ,3 or 4 years ago they were playing the Pats, at the time I think they actually had a better record, and T J quote either after the Pats beat them or before,” all they have that we don’t is 3 super bowl rings”, it was classic. Just shows how he does not get it.

  2. Randy Moss says if his ranking is lower than TJ Uphisownassmonzadeh, then he’s boycotting Madden too.

  3. Ohh, lookie, another self inflated WR ego on display.
    Maybe you should write a single story proclaiming that ___ WR is the greatest to ever play the game, the best of the best of the best, ever, that everyone is disrespecting me, blah, blah, blah.
    Then all you’d have to do is fill in the blank with a new name each week. It would save a lot of time.

  4. T.J. is an idiot. Anyone knows you can change player ratings in the game and if he doesn’t like his rating he can make it better. More importantly, he should shut his cakehole about a video game and concentrate on learning his new offense and getting more than 10 yards per catch.

  5. TJ Housh is looking to be a complete bust. The Bengals offense made him who he was when they were healthy. I dont see how he can complain he is rated sixth highest in the NFC. Madden creaters rated him too high. He is done.

  6. I think the proper term is “schtick” not “stick.”
    However, I agree with you. I think he is overrated.

  7. It’s about time people see T.J for who he really is. A guy with a huge ego that benefited from Chad, and argues with every official on the field (including spitting racial slurs) instead of doing his job. He is a locker room cancer and will surely fail in Seattle. Good luck Seattle, another great wide receiver pick.

  8. My guess is that T.J. isn’t pissed about the 91 rating, but rather the 81 speed rating that he received. He has long said that he is faster than what people give him credit for, so being rated as one of the league’s slowest receivers has to be a slap in the face.

  9. T.J. Harpermandzehdeh is in for a rude shock this year in Seattle. Decent team, but he’s played in the same system for eight years… until now. Hasslebeck is no Palmer.

  10. If T.J. is actually rated sixth on Madden, then I think Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Greg Jennings, TO, Brandon Marshall, and Marques Colston should be among the players “boycotting” the game.

  11. “I’m going to miss not playing it, but until they do me right, I’m not playing it any more.”
    What fantasy land is this guy living in? Is the water in Seattle “fortified” with something other than fluorine?
    TJ, nobody gives a rat’s ass if you play Madden or not because you’ve got your pampered panties in a bunch. Twat.

  12. Actually he’s tied for 10th
    Fitz 99
    A Johnson 98
    Smith 97
    Moss 96
    Wayne 95
    Boldin 94
    White 94
    Marshall 92
    Johnson 92
    Owens 91
    If there is anyone that should be boycotting the game it is Jennings who has a 90, but is a much better receiver than Housh. The distance between a lot of the receivers and Housh should be MUCH greater. He’s good, but not a great receiver by any stretch of the imagination.

  13. Now you see what we went through in Cincy. he was an arogant chad wana-be. He is a #2 at best. All he ever did was complain that he was held on every play and cried to the refs. After each series he would sit and mope on the bench. We are so glad that everyone final see’s him for what he is, an OVERRATED CRYBABY!!

  14. He really is delusional isn’t he? Is it something in the water in Cinci? Maybe thats why there was that rash of arrests, boasting etc. Guys think they’re invincible.

  15. Agree with ind/cav. He is and has been a locker room cancer. With professionals like Roy Williams and Coles being added to the team I hope the locker room karma has improved. TJ has always been about himself. I’m glad he’s gone. Tells you where his priorities lie in that a couple weeks before training camp he is yapping about some silly@ss game and not about preparation for the season. Good riddance to him and I hope the DB’s of the NFC West bust his @ss over the middle and the only Top 5 list he makes is of 2009 free agents who were a bust.

  16. We have an APB out for a missing Vagina. A woman in Cincinnatti woke up this morning stating she was missing hers. It was last seen in a #84 Bengals uniform. Latest rumor is the vagina is in the Seattle, Washington area. If you see it, please alert the Authorities…

  17. I’ve always said that all the class in the Bengals WR corps resided with Ocho Cinco. This primma donna smugness has always defined T.J. He’s smarter and better than everybody….always has been…just ask him.

  18. One major thing here that seems to be lacking is the fact that the ea sports guys tweeked the settings now for ALL players. And as a long time NFL fan and player of Madden, TJ should be happy he is in elite territory and leave it at that. To be even an 80 in this years game shows that you can get it done. I’ve been keeping track of this game every week (yes, I play too much Madden, but it’s what I like to do) and instead of the overall player ratings being from 70-99 (as they were in the past), they are now something more like 40-99, and the design team slowed the game down as a whole, but kept the super fast players (Chris Johnson, Devin Hester, etc.) up in the high 90’s (speed rating) to reflect just how much faster these guys are. And as a result of slowing the players down, things like acceleration and route running have become more realistic, and worthy. Check out INSIDEBLOG.EASPORTS.COM and on the drop down menu select Madden and see for yourself. This game is gonna be awesome and really shows the great lengths these guys went to to improve the game and make it more realistic. But back to the subject, after digesting all the info on that site, TJ should see that he’s actually rated very good for a receiver on his level. I’m surprised he’s even making an issue of this.

  19. cshawnb says:
    “I’m going to miss not playing it, but until they do me right, I’m not playing it any more.”
    What fantasy land is this guy living in? Is the water in Seattle “fortified” with something other than fluorine?
    TJ, nobody gives a rat’s ass if you play Madden or not because you’ve got your pampered panties in a bunch. Twat.”
    I couldnt have said this better myself….

  20. Again, bunch of negative nellys jumping on anything they can to make themselves feel better. Is TJ a #1? That’s questionable, is he a ridiculous third down threat with pine tar hands? Yes. Is this site filled with commenters who love an opportunity to refer to someone as stupid? Absolutely. And the Bears WRs are better than TJ? Wow, I’d rather only run two TE sets and TJ as my only WR than than have Chicago’s WRs. One more repsonse, TJ argued calls because he gave a shit about the game, he played every down all out, “we” are not as ecstatic about his departure as ind/cav says. “We” love LC though! Or does he have a bad quality too?

  21. In the Madden game, if you create a player and make a statement to the press that you guarantee the playoffs, I think you get multiple e-mails from your agent and your coach telling you that you just made a huge mistake. Much like real life.

  22. What’s funny is that he’s just now coming off this way to you. I’ve always noticed something surly about T.J.’s personality since he was young in the league, which was always interesting to me because as good a fit as he was in Cincinnati, Chad made him. Chad seems to have some issues, but he’s something special in between those lines, the numbers don’t lie. I’m only a casual observer of the Bengals, and those assessments have always stood out to me about the two of them.
    Fans and the media tend to have a problem separating what they don’t like about a guy’s personality with what they do on Sunday, and Chad’s a great example. He is one of the few, true #1 receivers in this league, and don’t give me this shit about the offense he plays in. He makes the offense he plays in possible with his size/speed combo. T.J. is a possession receiver, and someone should tell him.
    As far as the Seahawks, that will be a train wreck. Holmgren never really could get that team where he wanted to, outside of the Super Bowl season, which was more product of the weak NFC (a somewhat continuing problem as evidenced by the 9-7 Cards battling the 9-6-1 Eagles for the championship last January). This current roster is no where comparable.
    Alexander, soft as he was, ran the hell out of the ball that season. They still haven’t replaced him. Hasselback has proven repeatedly in the absence of a strong running game, he’s not the guy to carry anyone much past mediocrity.
    Also, Jim Mora would be a downgrade at HC, don’t you think? Greg Knapp, I’ve never understood the fascination with either. I predict 5-11, only the weakness of their division will soften the fall.

  23. TJ Houshmanzedeh’s catch total this year: around 70
    Ochocinco’s catch total: around 85!
    Bye bye TJ, you were the real cancer, not Ocho. Us Bengals fans will have fun with Coles making big time plays with Ocho. We’ll probably have more wins than the Seahawks in the end…

  24. “isn’t nearly as engaging or humorous as former teammate Chad Ochocinco’s stick”
    That’s Classic Florio

  25. T.J doesn’t know that EVERYONE in the games overall is lower because they want a more realistic feel to the game this year, so there isn’t such high scoring games and stuff like that, They have Larry Fitz speed at like 87 or something crazy low like that, Madden is the greatest game ever and there doing everything to make it the most realistic experience….Like one of the Creators said ” Someone came up to me and told me we should have big head mode, and I said , do you see that on SUNDAYS? “No” “then we’re not doing it!”

  26. Wow………..just wow.
    Filet Mignon……Sirloin
    Anna Farris……..Amy Smart
    This guys moronic to think that he is trading up in Seattle. While things on the latter are good
    the former is just……….better. T.J. will be selling pony tail shamwows in 3 years.

  27. My God T.J. sounds like an insecure whiny little baby. I mean, is there anything more insignificant in life than your rating in Madden?
    Sheesh. Screw the talent, this attitude makes me glad he’s not on my team.

  28. This story is hilarious. He does know he can increase his rating in the game , he’d be lying to himself but he could do it. Im not comin here no more haha

  29. Roethlisberger’s Bitch Tits says:
    July 21, 2009 11:11 AM
    T.J. will be selling pony tail shamwows in 3 years
    Thats classic

  30. # Rob Noxious says: July 21, 2009 10:23 AM
    Did Chad Ohnostinko and TJ Housalamabama switch bodies or brains a la the Parent Trap?
    Um, Rob…I think you’re thinking about ‘Freaky Friday’, not ‘The Parent Trap’…
    In any case, I’m sure EA is weeping a river of tears over this, because instead of making $GaGillion dollars they’ll make $GaGillion -50 dollars…

  31. I’m boycotting PFT until my comment ranking comes back. I’m going to miss not commenting, but until they do me right, I’m not commenting any more.

  32. Real Football Fan, you’re dangerous. You sound like you know what you’re talking about, but on examination most of what you say is nonsense.
    In reference to Chad O, you say “the numbers don’t lie.” But TJ’s numbers do lie? He has 5 year averages of 1000 yards, 90 catches and 7 TDs. He may not be the elite player he thinks he is, but he’s no role player.
    “Hasselback has proven repeatedly in the absence of a strong running game, he’s not the guy to carry anyone much past mediocrity.” Except the last time he was this healthy he threw for 3966 yards with the league’s 22nd rush offense.
    As far as Mora/Knapp being a downgrade, you got me there. But it’s hard to follow a HOF coach.

  33. T.J and Matt are going to take Seattle to the playoff’s and it going to be a great year. There is no way they are going to have a year like last year there were so many players hurt. The Seahawks needed someone like T.J he is out spoken and he is going to bring that team to a new level. Matt is a very good QB and they are going to get a lot of yard together. The only thing that could make it a little harder for them is if Jones or Branch have a bad year. Those two have to have a good year to help open up the offense. But even if they don’t they will still get a lot of yards. Go SEAHAWKS……….

  34. It’s called “keno doxa.” It means empty of glory. It’s when a guy tries too hard to prove he’s something that he’s not. But that never happens with pro athletes…or dudes in general.
    Now excuse me while I go delete TJ from my Madden rosters.

  35. It’s called “keno doxa.” It means empty of glory. It’s when a guy tries too hard to prove he’s something that he’s not. But that never happens with pro athletes…or dudes in general.
    Now excuse me while I go delete TJ from my Madden rosters.

  36. I don’t give a rats ass what he thinks of video games. His comments about Vick were more newsworthy, but just barely.

  37. If he does well it will be because he’s now in the JV-NFC West. He’s a dime a dozen in a actual Professional Division.

  38. T.J.H. You are brain-dead. Who cares about your rating. Most likely you can’t even read a Dick & Jane book without asking what ‘ t h e ‘ means. But if someone slaps a joint in your direction, you will lighten up like a Christmas tree. I certainly don’t give a rip if you play the
    2010 version of the Madden video game. There aren’t enough Jerry Rices’ or Tim Browns’ around-they didn’t care about ratings-they just gave it their heart and talent. You’re a very tiny speck when compared to them. Get a life-even my dog makes more sense than you!

  39. “Hasslebeck is no Palmer.”
    Yep, that’s true. Hasslebeck has led his team to the super bowl, Palmer hasn’t, so indeed, Hasslebeck is no Palmer.

  40. So, that’s one less copy of the game they’ll sell this year. Gee, that’s really gotta hurt.

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