Bills are playing beat the clock, poorly

With training camp opening later this week, the Buffalo Bills are working to get their rookies signed.

The problem?  They’ve only got three in the bag. 

The latest is fifth-round safety Nic Harris, who has agreed to terms, according to the team’s official web site.

Unsigned are first-round defensive end Aaron Maybin, first-round center Eric Wood, second-round cornerback Jarius Byrd, second-round offensive lineman Andy Levitre, and fourth-round tight end Shawn Nelson.

So they need to sign two first-rounders, two second-rounders, and a fourth-rounder. 

And the first training-camp practice will be held on Saturday morning.

Our advice?  Brew some coffee.  And put some whiskey in it.

25 responses to “Bills are playing beat the clock, poorly

  1. O-Linemen Wood and Levitre are both starters, both learning new positions, and wont be there for camp?
    O yea, this will end well in Buffalo

  2. This isn’t exactly out of the ordinary for the Bills.
    Based on how they usually get around to signing draft picks, they’ll get Nelson today or tomorrow, Byrd and Levitre tomorrow or Friday, and Wood and Maybin will probably be signed just in the nick of time, or just a day or two late.

  3. Our advice? Brew some coffee. And put some whiskey in it.
    Was this the same advice given to Arthur Blank with Vick and his $100M contract?

  4. Sheesh…all the players that could potentially get A LOT of playing time this year.
    In fact…all could start.

  5. **YAWN**
    Things must be really slow over there today, huh?
    First, now that you’re with NBC, could you at least get someone to proof-read the posts. It’s the Bills…not the Bill…in the headline no less.
    Why the Bills?
    What about the Cowboys? (0 of 12)
    What about the Broncos? (1 of 10)
    What about the Lions? (4 of 10)
    What about the Colts? (0 of 8)
    What about the Jaguars? (3 of 9)
    What about the Chiefs? (3 of 8)
    What about the Dolphins? (5 of 9)
    What about the Saints? (0 of 4)
    What about the Raiders? (1 of 6)
    What about the Chargers? (1 of 8)
    I think there are far more teams (like 1/3 of the league) that have more to sign than the Bills.

  6. Big Deal….this is hardly “abnormal”…do any teams have all their picks signed yet? Most teams still have a chunk of players unsigned…yawn.

  7. Shouldnt the title read “Bills are playing beat the clock, poorly”??
    Dont worry, they will all get signed. Maybin might holdout into next week but we must get Wood and Levitre signed, they could both start this year.

  8. This team has a terrible track record of getting number ones and twos in camp on time and this year they’ve got 2 of each. Jim Overdorf (SVP-Cap) is basically one-man cap/negotiation office. Don’t forget these are the nuckleheads who cut Derick Dockery in Feb when there multiple teams interested in dealing for him.

  9. when you say “the clock”, you really mean the Pats, Jets, and Fins, don’t you?

  10. Once the “Spell Checkers” get over themselves…I think it’s prudent to point out that the Bills drafted very well towards their needs, and this draft is probably more important to this season for the Bills than any other team.
    Like I said before. All of the unsigned Bills are either slated to start, or to get a lot of playing time.
    By the way…the “Spell Checking Fools” need to go get a life. They can go back to nit-picking on their kids, so they can raise some REAL “Winners”.
    I mean seriously…do you want your kids to turn out like Aaron Wilson?!!?!?
    Didn’t think so.

  11. Thanks for correcting the title, but its unfortunate that you did not post my original post.

  12. Hey DarkKnight,
    Just curious. Which teams were interested in signing that loser? What proof do you have? IMHO, cutting him was a smart move. He only played when he wanted to, and that wasn’t very often.
    One of the biggest mistakes in this franchise’s history was signing that loser.

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