Could Fargas get squeezed out of Oakland?

NFL_fargas1.jpgJustin Fargas always runs like a man possessed, never worried about taking a big hit.

For that reason, he’s been a favorite in Oakland, especially the last three seasons as a starter. 

But Fargas’ run as a starter appears to be ending with Darren McFadden’s emergence, and the Oakland Tribune hints that Fargas could run right off the team.

The Raiders have three quality backs in McFadden, Fargas, and Michael Bush.  Jerry McDonald writes that, “Fargas will at some point be de-emphasized in favor of Bush. It’s just a matter of when.”

Bush broke out last season in Week 17 with 177 yards, a performance that sent Jon Gruden to ESPN and likely warmed Al Davis’ heart.  He could give Oakland some power near the goal line that the team has lacked.

If the youngsters stay healthy in training camp (which hasn’t been easy for them), Fargas could conceivably drop below Bush on the depth chart.  He would be due $3.5 million as a third-stringer. 

At that point, the Raiders could potentially ask Fargas to take a pay cut or take off.

While the Raiders would take a cap hit to release him, they would save real dollars in the transaction. 

No matter what happens, this is the sort of good problem the Raiders haven’t often had in recent years.  Any step forward in the standings will likely be lead by their running game, which has quietly produced impressive numbers ever since Tom Cable showed up in 2007. 

22 responses to “Could Fargas get squeezed out of Oakland?

  1. I was less than impressed with McFadden last year.
    Bush should run with a lot more power than he does.
    They’re both ok, but Fargas has actually produced on the field.
    All three of them get hurt. They’re all going to be needed unless they’ve got a quality backup in the fold.

  2. True Warrior for Oakland but yes i do not let Mr. Bush lose any playing time we know Run-DMC will be the starter.

  3. Fargas is a between the 20’s kind of runner that runs upright, doesn’t catch the ball well out of the backfield and rarely gets in the end zone. That being said the man has the heart of a lion and he epitomizes how the game of football should be played.

  4. now, justin, here’s what ya need to do… ask huggy bear to set up bush and mcfadden with some werkin girls… then call the cops to show up…

  5. He sure is fun to watch, not too many backs in the NFL like him. Surprised he lasted this long with how he runs like he’s shot out of a cannon.

  6. Don’t forget the addition of Lorenzo Neal, who will be blasting open holes for our backs to get through to the second level.
    And, what happened here? You guys couldn’t find a way to take another cheap shot at Russell’s perceived lack of work ethic, or how Al has completely lost his mind into this story?

  7. A Fargas trade to Seattle makes too much sense. With Greg Knapp in Seattle and Julius Jones not being worth a sh!t, it makes sense to me.

  8. I like Fargas’ heart a lot, but the backs behind him are simply better in the red zone. He will still play a valuable part, but Bush needs more carries, and McFadden needs to play as much as possible.

  9. 909RaiderLifer said:
    “You guys couldn’t find a way to take another cheap shot at Russell’s perceived lack of work ethic, or how Al has completely lost his mind into this story?”
    No need. Everyone already knows that stuff.

  10. Most teams out of necessity carry three backs on the roster. My guess is that the Raiders would try to force Fargas to restructure his contract to a much lower number before cutting him. He still brings a lot of value to the team.

  11. Wow, an article that ends on a positive note on PFT, and refering to the Raiders!

  12. “If the youngsters stay healthy in training camp
    (which hasn’t been easy for them)”
    Running back health hasn’t been the problem
    in training camp. Other than Bush who was injured elsewhere and a year earlier.
    You’re speaking of
    DHB and Mitchell as far as “youngsters”
    A Fargas release is someone elses speculation
    in the story THEY wrote.
    Wish I had a job where I just had to repeat what
    someone else wrote and speculate on
    somebody elses speculations.
    Did I say speculate yet?

  13. What you’all fail to realize is that the Raiders have a wildcard 4th back that has looked outstanding and needs to get on the field too. His name is Louis Rankin (sp?) .
    This guy would make Fargas and his salary expendable when you add Run DMC and Bush into the equation.
    The trouble is, how do you let a guy with as much heart as Fargas has walk away?

  14. I love Fargas and he earns one of the NFL’s best nicknames, Crash-Test Dummy. I also think there is room for them all, this year. This year being Fargas’s last.
    Rankin is a stud too, he might have another year on the practice squad waiting. Nothing wrong with 3 backs, and there will be an injury or two.

  15. Bush showed a little something last season, but not enough, as Fargas did the year before, but Oakland hasn’t done enough to buff up their run defense, and will need all three halfbacks at some point this year. They should pay Huggy his money this year and then cut him loose. He’s not that expensive, and Bush is a young 4th rounder, also relatively cheap. If they dump a back and then lose one to injury they’re almost guaranteed to have yet another losing season.

  16. Please Please get rid of him I’m really getting tired of hearing about how hard he runs.He’s alway’s hitting theground after first contact Bush andMcfadden are more than capable of handling all the carries.

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