ESPN finally recognizes Roethlisberger story

More than two days after PFT broke the story that Ben Roethlisberger was the subject of a civil suit in Nevada, the Worldwide Leader has finally acknowledged the story exists.

Around 8PM ET Wednesday, ESPN decided to lift their “do not report” policy regarding Roethlisberger’s case.  Linda Cohn mentioned the story on ESPNews and their website posted the latest AP story.  (Although the story isn’t too fresh, considering Mr. Florio disassembled it five hours ago.)

The AP story was placed roughly halfway down the headline stack on ESPN’s homepage.

It will be interesting to see if the network details why they decided to break the embargo at this stage.  (They have extensively talked about their decision to stay away from the story.)

Whatever the reason, it was past time for ESPN to admit they made a mistake.  In many ways, the cover up became worse than the crime of not addressing the story quickly.

As time wore on, it grew increasingly ridiculous not to address the issue despite immediate statements from Roethlisberger’s attorney and the Steelers, not to mention extensive coverage by the Associated Press and every other major network and website in the country.

ESPN’s continued refusal to report the story wound up attracting nearly as much attention as the story itself, at least on the internets.   They became part of the story.

It remains to be seen if they use their vast resources to cover Roethlisberger’s case aggressively from now on. 

If not, we recommend they hit refresh often on PFT. 

40 responses to “ESPN finally recognizes Roethlisberger story

  1. Mmmmm. I think you mean “disassembled”.
    Dissembled means “lied”.
    Lawyers never lie.

  2. Wow! Someone at ESPN has made you really mad! Do they have a Florio hasn’t reported section? Your hatred for them has increased since you signed with NBC. Maybe you can help the god awful pre-game on NBC on Sunday Night Football with all this anger to show them up!

  3. It took them two days…they were all over Kobe. I’m not saying its a race thing but more the perception that African American basketball players are thugs and Caucasian quarterbacks are squeaky clean. ESPN sucks, and just like Kobe Bryant Ben Roethlisberger will be found to have done nothing wrong. Just another case of a money hungry woman trying to get a nice pay day.

  4. It got all the treatment the story deserves at this point . But to wait this long makes a better story anyhow . jmho

  5. Right on, Florio!
    ESPN is so big they can’t make a decision as to whether they are journalists (most of them aren’t) or a sponsor.

  6. “ESPN’s continued refusal to report the story wound up attracting nearly as much attention as the story itself, at least on the internets.”
    This should read as follows:
    ESPN’s continued refusal to report the story wound up attracting twice as much attention as the story itself, at least on

  7. It’s about time, they ignored the story while everyone else picked it up. I wonder what they would have done if …say Pac-Man or Joey Porter would have had issues, I bet it would have made their storyboard headline.
    What a shame to protect possible Rapist from the news. The sad truth is that the own the station and can run what they choose.
    If this would have been a story involving Tom Brady I bet that would have been buried, but they run stories on him like he is the second coming of J.C.
    Wake up Steelers fans he screwed up, not to worry he will be like all the other over paid spoiled players that will write a check and this will go away.
    To bad he can’t get a dose of the real justice system like everyone else that isn’t an athlete has to go thru.
    It’s time these supposed”role models” start acting like it.

  8. Is it your goal to let us know what ESPN does and doesn’t post or is it for you to relay pertinent information regarding the NFL? I don’t see the point in trying to let everyone know how you feel about ESPN. You’re reporting on this. Why do I care if ESPN does or doesn’t? Thats why I visit this site. Not for you to tattletale. Its like Us Weekly on here these days. Please spare us. I don’t think anyone cares that much. If I’m wrong, then I’ll just ignore these posts like usual.

  9. They’re ridiculous. I lost respect for ESPN ages ago, and this is a prime example why. True sports radio and sites like this are the only way to go. ESPN is a journalistic joke, plain and simple.

  10. Yet Florio won’t comment on the Erin Andrews video investigation! What a hypocrite. Another example of his bias favoring female reporters. Maybe we can get another post on Vick as the Favorite for MVP this year.

  11. “It remains to be seen if they use their vast resources to cover Roethlisberger’s case aggressively from now on. ”
    As of 9:30, they were scrolling at the bottom of the BOS/TEX game as breaking news.

  12. I am perplexed by why you guys give a rats ass what ESPN covers and what they don’t.
    Why would you not want this to be exclusive to PFT?
    Why is it not an advantage to you to have them “screw up” by ignoring the story? Got to believe you end up with more visits and more revenues if they ignore this and leave you as the source.

  13. I’m amazed at how many of you losers are sticking up for ESPN…leave PFT and go get your cookie cutter info at Just know, you’ll only be getting some of the news…just what they want you to know.

  14. You have missed so many details about the Big Ben case because you spend all your time trying to keep up with the Joneses!

  15. “Mmmmm. I think you mean “disassembled”.
    Dissembled means “lied”.
    Lawyers never lie.”
    Y’all need a vocabulary lesson…THE WORD IS DISSEMINATE.
    I’m out. Peace!

  16. hmmm …do i smell agenda here??? Didnt want pft to be the only one with half the story?? Sounds like you are on a witch hunt with half the facts!

  17. Per usual, the cover up is almost always worse than the (alleged) crime.

  18. What’s even more embarrassingly worse is that ABC World News with Charles Gibson (in the same company as ESPN) reported it during their 30 minute “world” news broadcast on Tuesday evening.
    Charles Gibson reported the story…during the ABC national news telecast…for the same company that owns ESPN…and found time to mention it himself amongst all of the news in the world fit for national broadcast in under 30 minutes.
    That kinds makes it newsworthy.
    What does the four letter have to say about it being a “national” story mentioned by the anchor of the “world” news, but not worthy enough for the repeated 1 hour ESPN broadcast?
    I wonder what the parent company has to say about the dissonance between it’s little kiddies.
    Good enough for the national news on all subjects, not good enough for the sports news. Way to go, ESPAM.

  19. Who cares about all this crap. The Taco Bell Chihuahua died today. Now, that’s news.

  20. keith brodeur says:
    July 22, 2009 10:20 PM
    “Who cares about all this crap. The Taco Bell Chihuahua died today. Now, that’s news.”
    Amen to that brother! RIP Gidget. I wonder how Mike Vick feels about this?

  21. Have to say if this was Kobe Bryant , Mike Vick , or Pacman Jones ESPN would have been all over this in about 3 seconds and report it for 5 years. And dare I ask if anyone remembers the Mike Tyson rape covereage. That dude was assumed guilty before he was even booked on a charge. Oh and by the way, I am a 30 year old white male .

  22. If this was a black guy [not even Terrell Owens], they would have put the “Breaking News” alert on it.
    The Pacman Jones video of him “making it rain” was a great example. So what? He’s throwing around money. There was no footage of him threatening to kill the people at the strip club!!! In addition, the people that he allegedly tried to have murdered in Atlanta. You know, the ones who had their identities “protected”?
    They were willing to reveal the news about Justin Miller [former KR and CB of the Jets and currently of the Raiders] getting arrested for DUI.
    They were willing to reveal the news about Vince Young allegedly wanting to commit suicide.
    But white people like Roethlisberger and Brett Favre are ESPN’s “homeboys” or “their kind of guys.” Result: they’re protected.
    ESPN has been waiting for a long time to “spice up” ratings to make black people look bad again. People forgot about Roger Clemens getting Barry Bonds treatment, so it was time to go back to traditional ways.
    ESPN now stands for Everything Sucks for Paid Negros!!!

  23. Why does anyone care what they or anyone else reports? Visit the sites and watch the programs you like and don’t visit or watch the ones you don’t.
    Just like at PFT. Scroll past the articles you aren’t interested in.

  24. It’s “teh internets”, not “the internets”. Get your nerd speak right next time, Rosenthal.

  25. LOL, NIKE hasn’t gotten the message….shows a commercial of Big Ben throwing guys around….it must have been easy for him to toos the gal around and submit!!

  26. Thanks Coughlins Happy Pills!!!
    I’m not really that funny, but that line just came off the top of my head.
    When I see racist actions, I get obsessed with creative thinking for insults. I hate extreme hypocrisy and racism to the point where one color is favored way more highly than the other.

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