McGahee: "It's not how you start, it's how you finish"

nfl_mcgahee1.jpgBaltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee concluded the team’s minicamp schedule operating with the second-string offense behind Ray Rice.

Proclaiming himself healthy again following arthroscopic knee surgery that severely limited his workload during the offseason, the former Pro Bowl runner expects to begin training camp behind Rice on the depth chart.

“I’m pretty sure Ray is going to be the guy when we start out, but it’s training camp,” McGahee said during an interview today in downtown Baltimore. “It’s a long season. No pressure. Like I say, it’s not how you start. It’s how you finish.”

For McGahee, starting is something he had grown accustomed to after gaining 1,207 yards and scoring seven touchdowns during his first season in Baltimore in 2007 following a trade from the Buffalo Bills.

However, McGahee was hampered by injuries to his knee, ribs and eyes last season and rushed for a career-low 671 yards. Then, he was knocked out by Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark during the AFC championship game.

Healthy again, McGahee is hoping to prove himself all over again.

“I’ve got a lot of doubters out there,” McGahee said. “It’s going to be fun. It’s about me proving that I can be Willis McGahee. Yeah, they’re sleeping on me, but I want them to sleep on me.

“I just want to show them. They’ve been counting me out since Day 1, since I got into the league. What’s another day? Let them keep counting me out.”

During minicamps, McGahee said that his relationship with the coaching staff has improved. The former University of Miami star drew criticism last season for admittedly not showing up to training camp in optimum condition and not being up to speed on the playbook initially.

McGahee said that he’s going to report to training camp Monday along with the rookies, quarterbacks and selected veterans in need of some extra work.

“It’s right around the corner,” McGahee said. “I’ve got to be there Monday. I was selected. It’s no pressure. You go in there and have to be a professional about things.”

Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron remains committed to a committee approach in the backfield that will utilize McCahee, Rice and Pro Bowl fullback Le’Ron McClain.

14 responses to “McGahee: "It's not how you start, it's how you finish"

  1. At first I thought you guys were going to make fun of McGahee for messing up this old and worn out cliche. Now I see that you just have a typo in your headline.

  2. McGahee: “It’s now how you start, it’s how you finish”
    Posted by Aaron Wilson on July 22, 2009 2:00 PM ET
    So, it’s “Now” how you start?

  3. aaaaaahhhhhhh yes i remember that hit….i was all the way up in the nose bleed section of Heinz field and the sound from that hit was deafening even up there.
    and you even seen Clark Bars on the field next to him while he was down
    hands down the greatest hit of last season….it just made it better that it was a ravens player that took the brunt of that blow.

  4. We’re less than two months away from Chargers 35, Ravens 13.
    And about killing Florio for the typos, how about thanking him for the enjoyable reads and being able to comment about whatever you like, as long as it’s clean, without any issues?
    You people rake me mad.

  5. bye bye willis!!! One last year of your bullshit and it’s the ray rice show from now on. Go Rutgers!

  6. McGahee knows all about finishing. He finished with how many baby mama’s before he pulled out?

  7. If Ray Rice is the opening day starter in Baltimore , we’ve seen the last of McGahee.

  8. Wow, another Stiller fan showing his class over with glee over the hit McGahee took last year in the SFC Championship game. “and you even seen Clark Bars”. You stay classy Pittsburgh
    Hey Willis, if you would have shown up at camp last year in shape & knowing the playbook, you wouldn’t be in Harbaugh’s doghouse. Also, maybe if you wouldn’t have been an ass toward the coaching staff.

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