NFL executive: Browns' quarterback situation is shaky

nfl_anderson1.jpgThe Cleveland Brown’ pending quarterback competition shapes up as an interesting training camp battle between former Notre Dame star Brady Quinn and former Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Anderson.

And while Quinn is widely believed to be the initial favorite, the word around the league is that the Browns could have issues under center regardless of who ultimately wins the job.

An executive from a competing AFC team recently told Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the Browns have the worst quarterback situation in the AFC North.

“The Browns are the only team in the North that doesn’t have a big-time quarterback,” the anonymous executive said. “Ben [Roethlisberger] has two Super Bowl rings. When Carson Palmer is healthy, he is one of the best.

“The kid in Baltimore [Joe Flacco] may end up being really good. If you’re the Browns, you have to play those guys six times. And Baltimore and Pittsburgh also have great defenses.”

While Browns coach Eric Mangini is expected to conduct a demanding training camp that will create game situations to test each candidate, the rival executive is skeptical about each quarterback for different reasons. 

“Derek Anderson can throw down field, but his touch on short passes isn’t good,” the execuive said. “He will stretch the defense, but does he bring the intangibles that you want from the position?

“Quinn has those intangibles, but if we play him, we’re putting eight guys [in the box] and daring him to throw downfield. That takes away their running game, unless Brady can make the throws. I’m not sure who is the best bet for them.”

So, that old adage about a team that touts itself as having two good quarterbacks not really having a viable passing game is starting to come to mind.

36 responses to “NFL executive: Browns' quarterback situation is shaky

  1. Maybe during training camp, there will be a flash of light sending Quinn and Anderson back to 1960.
    Oh, nevermind….

  2. And yet, the Browns haven’t exactly been beating down a certain HOF QB’s door have they? Maybe that should tell the Viking’s fans and Brad Childress something about their future team member.

  3. The Browns have the worst QB situatin in the AFC north?! Greattttt call on that one….I thought Carson Palmer or Ben R(aper) or Joe Flacco was in a QB controversy…

  4. So glad it’s anyone else but the Bears in this situation now. I thought it was more “if you have 2 possible #1 QB’s, then you really only have 2 x # 2’s”.

  5. methinbks the bigger issue might be that the browns running game is really only going to be good in short yardage situations.

  6. Sounds like a Dem telling the Repubs how to run a campaign so the Repub can win (or vice versa).
    Nothing to see here move on.

  7. I think Quinn will be fine, eventually. It takes confidence built from experience to throw downfield. He’ll get that eventually.
    I’d rather have a guy like him who takes the time to learn when to pick his shots downfield than a reckless INT machine throwing downfield all day long like Delhomme or Favre, or even Anderson for that matter.
    As for Baltimore and Pittsburgh. It’s no coincidence that they both have excellent defenses and people think they have good QBs. A great defense can make an average QB look good.

  8. Flacco did *OK* for 1 year. Derek Anderson did much better than Flacco did in his first year as a starter.
    What would we be saying about Anderson if Braylon didn’t drop 20+ balls, Stallworth wasn’t pulling hamstrings standing up from the bench, and Joe Jurevicious and Kellen Winslow weren’t a walking petri dish of staph?
    Brady Quinn may or may not be good, but we know Derek Anderson CAN perform, since he did it in 2007, if the rest of the team isn’t sabotaging him. DA went to the Pro Bowl in his first year… did Flacco?
    Now thats not saying Flacco won’t be good/gooder/great, but to base his superiority off of 1 year when Baltimore ran the ball like madmen and let their defense do most of the work is ludicrous.

  9. Is saying that a team has the worst QB situation in the AFC North really that damning? There are 15-20 teams that would have the worst QB situation in the AFC North if they were in the division in place of Cleveland.

  10. This story is 2 days old and really says nothing.
    Of course the Browns’ situation is shaky.
    New coach.
    We all know Anderson sucks.
    Quinn is an unknown commodity until he gets his chance.
    Sorry to hear that Ben is a rapist. Just goes to show you you don’t have to be too bright to play quarterback on a team with a great defense and good running attack.

  11. “Quinn has those intangibles, but if we play him, we’re putting eight guys [in the box] and daring him to throw downfield.
    So what…. He is STILL the best man for the job for years to come. Let him grow into the position and give the guy some help on that team!

  12. # WorldChampionBears2009 says: July 22, 2009 2:13 PM
    “Worst QB competition in the AFC North”
    Not if Big Ben gets charged.
    What is there to be charged with? She didn’t file a police report. She is suing him in a civil suit. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS!?
    Plus, 2 words… Dennis Dixon.

  13. kosarisking –
    This story is a little more than two days old. More like two years old.

  14. The Browns QB situation was even worse in 2007 when it was Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson battling for the starting job in preseason. Frye actually WON that battle, but only lasted a quarter in the first game before he was pulled for Anderson, who ended up making the Pro Bowl.
    So basically, anything is possible. We just have to wait until they actually play the games.

  15. That piece of crap Pluto is Mangini’s mouthpiece….all it means is Mangini doesn’t like either…BFD, that fatazz got canned from the Jets cause he didn’t know a QB from his large butt!

  16. There is not enough film on Quinn to make that call . This “un-named division source” does not have anything but BullSH^t to base his clandestine opinion on .

  17. I have a hard time understanding why people think Flacco is so good. He threw for less than 150 yards in 5 games. Under 200 yards in 10 games and never three for 300 yards in a single game. Never had more than two TD’s in a game. Threw for 1 TD in 6 games and 0 TD’s in 6. Sounds like an “OK” QB on a team with a good defense and sound running game.

  18. How does “An executive from a competing AFC team ” become “the word around the league…”?

  19. Did someone really type in Dennis Dixon. ROTFALMAO!!! You’re killin me smalls. Quinn will do fine. Please put eight in the box and make it easy on him to complete balls over the top. Said exec. should be out of a job in about three months.

  20. Maybe Quinn should drunk his ea sports drink and tell coaches.. “now I’m done” Quinn you suck! You guys should be starting Anderson

  21. Although I am an Anderson fan (and a Browns fan), I am happy about the competition… and just hope they pick someone who won’t completely suck all year long (be it Quinn or Anderson). All I want to see for once is a consistently competitive football team out of the Browns. Even if they don’t beat the Steelers, at least make the games enjoyable to watch!
    Duh, we have a bad QB situation here in Cleveland. But Baltimore better hope Flacco ain’t a flash in the pan either, as the guy simply didn’t mess up much last season and looked like an all-star because of it. He might have a sophomore slump in him… we shall see.
    I am going to pretty much abstain from any more of this Cleveland QB talk and just let it play out.

  22. You’re probably right. Brady Quinn doesn’t have the long arm.
    He only benched 225 LBS. at the combine 25 times. Which is only 5,625.
    Whereas Chris Williams benched 225 lbs. 21 times.
    Clearly, Brady Quinn has no upper body strength.

  23. Is it too late for Eric Mangini to name another child after Brett Favre in order to coax him into playing for the Browns?
    Or does Mangini not want to further embarrass the Browns fan base who have now fully deluded themselves into thinking Mangini was opposed to hiring Favre when he was with the Jets?

  24. You clown fans are funny. Love watching you trash Flacco. How many of you would trade both Quinn and Anderson for Flacco straight up. I thought so….
    The differences go past the stats if you care to look. Flacco had over a 60% completion percentage as a rookie and throughout college. He doesn’t make the same stupid mistake multiple times (see Anderson). He has a howitzer for an arm (unlike Quinn who has a rag for an arm). He is a very accurate passer (unlike Anderson). For a rookie he was started on reading half the field and by the end of the season had the whole field to work with. He reads defenses very well for a guy with a handful of games started (unlike homoboy quinn or derek the dunce).
    Not that I would ever expect a Brown fan to look at a Raven with anything but bias. Bottom like is that the only person on your offense I would switch for ours would be Braylon Edwards for any of our receivers. I’ll even take Jared Gaither over your left tackle. He is bigger, stronger and has a better long term upside although many people would disagree with me on that one.
    So trash Joe Flacco all you like. You know in your hearts that you would rather have him than any QB on your roster. We’d be happy to trade Troy Smith to you for Braylon…. What do you think????

  25. i think anderson is the guy. that team was destined to implode last year. had zilch to do with him.

  26. I never knew that the bench press was considered in evaluating a QB’s arm strength. All this time I have been watching them throw deep outs and seeing how quickly the ball arrives.

  27. Um… Does anyone else think this article is bullshit? Those don’t sound like the words of an “NFL executive”.
    “The Browns are the only team in the North that doesn’t have a big-time quarterback,” the anonymous executive said.
    “The kid in Baltimore [Joe Flacco] may end up being really good. If you’re the Browns, you have to play those guys six times. And Baltimore and Pittsburgh also have great defenses.”
    The two quotes above contradict each other…?
    The Browns are the ONLY team in the North without a big-time quarterback…oh and Joe Flacco may end up being really good. Hmm.
    All Browns fans disregard this article, for Terry Pluto is a loser and did not talk to an NFL exec. for this article.
    Nice try Terry Pluto (article written by this idiot)

  28. @ppdoc13
    I didn’t really rip on the guy — of course I would love to have Flacco on the team I root for. I think most people that you say are “trashing him” are simply stating that he didn’t exactly put up blockbuster numbers in any particular category, meaning he doesn’t stick out like the perceived elite-rated QBs. He definitely has displayed the football smarts and presence needed to win, and if he keeps it up he will win over more fans this year.

  29. Joe Flaccid=Trent Dilfer v 2.0 Unfortunately for the Ravens, their defense is past it’s prime so, they’ll need more than a Dilfer clone to get past Pissburgh. Carson Palmer was pretty good before his injury. I would say he’s the best out of the 4 AFC North QBs but, who’s he got left to throw to? TJ is gone. Chad is all talk and no talent. And, is Henry out of jail? Gaither > Thomas? Seriously? Wow…

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