Packers sign Quinn Johnson

In my short time at PFT, one thing I’ve learned is that commenters are fascinated by our late-round rookie signing updates.

So here’s another to keep everyone happy.

The Packers signed fullback Quinn Johnson, a fifth-round pick from LSU.

Getting drafted at all despite having only 16 college carries is proof that Johnson ran people over in college.  (He’s the fullback in the video linked.)

Johnson will compete for snaps at fullback with incumbent Korey Hall.  The team released tight end Corey Butler in a corresponding move. 

23 responses to “Packers sign Quinn Johnson

  1. He will do more than compete, he will start and can only be an improvement over what they had before.

  2. Love that Johnson is signed. I think the Pack’s running game is going to be much improved over the next several years with this guy in there. Not to mention a lot better goal line game.

  3. Sixteen carries you say, well ain’t it just like Ted Thompson to bring in a guy who he can sign cheap ? Walmart Ted strikes again.

  4. The Packers already have 2 very good Fullbacks.
    Why draft another?
    One will likely be cut and some team will pick up a bargain. Unless there is a trade before the final cuts.
    The Packers just have their 2 first round picks left to sign.

  5. Fan_Of_Four, The Packers didn’t draft this guy to carry the ball. They drafted him because he is a monster and flattens people. He will start right away and will be very good. Saw almost all his games in college as I have several buddies from LSU.
    Gregg, posters like these because it gives a chance to talk football and not off field drama.
    This guy will do for the offense what William Henderson did for years.

  6. @Fan_of_Four: Favre and his ridiculous interceptions are gone. Ted is not. Get over it.

  7. Fan_Of_Four writes: “Sixteen carries you say, well ain’t it just like Ted Thompson to bring in a guy who he can sign cheap ? Walmart Ted strikes again.”
    What do you know? Another ‘ultra intelligent’ Ted Thompson hater/Brett Favre lover-boy strikes again. Did it ever occur to you that Johnson is being brought in to run people over like he did at LSU? Maybe a good fullback can help the running game?
    No, probably not. These things never occur to you. You’ll continue to marvel at the greatness that is Brett Favre, as he strings along another NFL franchise for months on end. But, you know what? That’s his right. Because he’s awesome! Not to mention young, and not prone to throwing costly INTs. Man, that darn Ted Thompson. I just hate him too.

  8. gobiasINC you said exactly what ive been thinking for about a year now since this Brett “Im bigger than the team”Favre started. Seems like some people forget that he retired.

  9. I think the Packers are highly underrated this year.
    Everyone talks about the Bears and the Vikings as far as the team to beat, but I tell you I’m excited as a Packer fan to see what we have.
    With Jermichael Finley supposedly having a new attitude and looking good in OTA’s (I know – don’t get excited until camp) and this Quinn guy laying the smack down I think our offense has the potential to be an elite offense. Whether or not that pans out is another matter.
    The Defense should be better as well. With Raji and Pickett anchoring things (Raji and Pickett are huge men – together they weigh 20lbs more than the William’s wall) with Cullen Jenkins back from injury that should be a good unit right there. The question is whether the LB’s can cover – we shall see.

  10. Quinn is a very good all around FB. Lead blocking, pass protecting, running, catching the ball out of the backfield.
    But it’s probably going to take him a couple of seasons to make any significant impact on the NFL (Well significant for a FB anyway).

  11. I wouldnt count out korey hall…hell split time with johnson…
    also Fan of Four, your ignorant when it comes to this sport. you obviously have no idea who this back is.

  12. Man, Fan_Of_Four, what a different a year makes. It seems like public opinion states that you need to move on. Unless you’ve bought that shiny new number 4 Vikings jersey. Then never mind. Good luck being a Vikings fan.

  13. Fan_Of_Four is a pathetic Favre ball licker who never quite got over the fact that the Packers made a business decision not to be subjected to an annual retirement drama.
    If you recall that a year ago, some fans attempt to organize simultaneous “Bring back Brent” rallies in Milwaukee and GB. An embarrassing crowd of 40 or so losers did show up, so embarrassing that the organizers cancelled the daily rallies they vowed to hold.
    So now Fan_Of_Four has dedicated his sorry life not to getting out of his mother’s basement or getting a better job than flipping burgers at Wendy’s but to posting his worthless opinions about TT.
    Do us all a favor and go out and buy a purple #4 jersey (costing you your entire paycheck in the process) and watch the Biqueens learn what the Packers already know, Brent was good (10 years ago)

  14. Quinn is an immediate upgrade as a blocking fullback. I think we’ll see Hall and Quinn splitting certain duties and Kuhn will be a good pickup for someone as a backup fullback and special teams player. Quinn will definitely be the hammer though.

  15. Not that I’m defending him, but Fan_Of_Four’s post had no mention of Bret Favre and everyone is making him out to be some favre lover. Like I said, I don’t really care but its annoying to read people’s posts who just respond by saying he is a “pathetic Favre ball licker.” Come on people….

  16. @Agent Michael:
    Read some of Fan_Of_Four’s posts. He IS a pathetic Favre ball licker. You’ll see it.
    Anyway, the link included in the original article is not a highlight reel. He had some nice blocks, but nothing spectacular. Now this is a highlight:

  17. # Fan_Of_ Four says: July 22, 2009 7:29 PM
    Sixteen carries you say, well ain’t it just like Ted Thompson to bring in a guy who he can sign cheap ? Walmart Ted strikes again.
    How many carries have Tony Richardson or Lorenzo Neal had over the course of their respective careers. Ass clown.

  18. He’s a beast! A big warning to everyone who is going to try to stop him… get OUT of the way! This is going to be awesome!

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