Rams trade for Ronald Curry

In an effort to address their needs at the receiver position, the St. Louis Rams reportedly have swung a trade for a veteran pass-catcher who has barely been in his new town long enough to unpack his bags.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Lions have traded Ronald Curry to the Rams for defensive tackle Orien Harris.

Curry signed with the Lions earlier this year after spending his entire career with the Raiders.

Harris came to St. Louis in May from the Bengals; he was traded to the Rams in exchange for running back Brian Leonard.

Curry arguably became expendable in Detroit after the Lions recently traded for former Jaguars receiver Dennis Northcutt.

A seven-year veteran, Curry has 193 receptions for 2,347 yards and 13 touchdowns.

14 responses to “Rams trade for Ronald Curry

  1. The Rams are in real trouble S.. Jax expect a stack of men every Sunday.. the Rams wideouts wont strike any fear in anyone

  2. Cincy has come off the best with this transaction…hey shipped Orien Harris to St Louis for Brian Leonard then St Luois shipped Orien Harris to Detroit for ROnald Curry???? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Brian makes the team and becomes a good serviceable back then we fleeced them BADLY! Leonard wont be a starter but if healthy will be a good all around back that may play some special teams…..and he has full back skills….Mike Brown COULDNT HAVE DONE THAT DEAL! He would have hosed that up…..LOL Cincy has added a secret GM and they are not announcing it….

  3. I didnt know the Rams were strong enough on defense to give away ANYBODY… At least now they can run their own version of the wildcat with QB/WR Curry…

  4. Darth if it makes you feel better, Harris was like the 6th DT for the Bengals and wouldn’t even had made the team….8th if you count DE/DT Hybrids

  5. Okay, since the trade of Gerald Alexander for Dennis Northcutt made Curry expendable, and Lions dealt Curry for DT Orien Harris, let’s see the Lions trade Harris for a nickel corner, Keith Smith traded for a safety, and the circle of life will be complete.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  6. No really the Lions are thinking of exiting the NFL for the NBA and Curry is to be their first player to be expected to play for this newly formed team.

  7. LOL niner fan. He goes from the raiders, to detroit, to the rams. He obviously wasn’t a Schwartz guy, Schwartz specializes in dimensionality, match ups, and that player’s strong suits…no room for him in the D.. what’s that say?

  8. This trade is interesting on a little bit of a higher level. This shows some concern about Grady Jackson being healthy and/or not in jail. Dont get me wrong Orien Harris is not going to a pro bowl anytime soon but this is appears to be a doomsday back up plan on the cheap.

  9. Ronald Curry never had a chance to unpack his bags in Detroit, but only because Tatum Bell stole them.

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