Roethlisberger's accuser still employed at Harrah's

While perusing the expanded Associated Press coverage of the Roethlisberger case this morning, one detail caught my eye.

They point out that it’s unclear in the case whether Roethlisberger’s accuser still work’s at Harrah’s. 

But in a conversation with Harrah’s on Wednesday, PFT did confirm that Roethlisberger’s accuser remains employed by the casino. 

It’s unclear if she is literally showing up to work every day or whether she remains employed, but on some sort of leave of absence.

It will be interesting to watch if she stays employed as more details about her case against many of her coworkers come out.

31 responses to “Roethlisberger's accuser still employed at Harrah's

  1. Along with providing tv repair for the hotel, she also provides a ‘fluffer’ service

  2. Yeah she’s pretty much bulletproof right now as far as that goes. She could quit but they’re not going to fire her.

  3. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    I’m sure ESPN is responsible for the fact that she’s still employed. If they were covering this story like they should have she’d have been fired already.

  4. Do you think ESPN would refuse to report this civil case if the accused athlete were a black man? Even a beloved one, such as Tiger Woods?

  5. So it’s PFT’s policy to identify rape victims and point out where they work. Got any pictures of her, her SSN and her home address while you’re at it?

  6. “It will be interesting to watch if she stays employed as more details about her case against many of her coworkers come out. ”
    If they terminate her for any reason related to the case, she has cause for action and frankly short of her physically attacking someone while on duty or similar any termination action would be highly questionable and likely added to the suit. Harrahs will avoid that at all costs.

  7. “So it’s PFT’s policy to identify rape victims and point out where they work. Got any pictures of her, her SSN and her home address while you’re at it?”
    She isnt a rape victim. She made a civil claim which does not invoke “rape shield” laws as they only cover criminal cases.
    Her name SHOULD be out there…if Roethlisberger’s name is public than her’s should be as well.

  8. “Display Name says: July 22, 2009 10:21 AM
    So it’s PFT’s policy to identify rape victims and point out where they work. Got any pictures of her, her SSN and her home address while you’re at it?”
    Are you retarded? First of all she filed a CIVIL COMPLAINT, not a criminal complaint. The records are public information. The whole set of documents from the lawsuit are available on the internet. Pictures of this broad have been online since yesterday morning. Come out from under your rock and do some research before you make dumb comments.

  9. Ben is guilty. Jeese…. “I need my TV fixed.” Yep… Sure Ben.
    Who the hell watches TV in a Nevada Casino anyway? They have like 4 channels and one of them is the Keno Channel.
    Blame it on the oxygen they pump into the room so you can not sleep, settle out of court, and move on to your next equine fantasy.

  10. Ben is innocent. This will be a non story come next week and especially come the start of Steeler training camp July 31st. All the Steeler haters are hoping this story has legs and somehow ruins the upcoming season. It won’t happen. this team is TOO focused to let this interfere with their quest to repeat. Come Feb. 8th the Steelers will be hoisting Lombardi #7 and no one will remember this little tramp from Reno

  11. i heard this morning she is/was a executive assistant ? if this is the case.. why would she be the one to fix his TV? They have people.. this is all hear say, but interesting.

  12. Question: Would ESPN ignore the story if it involved Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson?
    My bet is that they would have Bob Ley doing his Outside the Lines outside of the damn casino.
    Race card? Maybe.

  13. hmmmmmm…. Ben has admitted that the “sex” was consensual. She said it’s assault – I still can’t understand why ESPN wouldn’t report the story when both sides say there was sexual contact. I’m left with the impression that ESPN is about protecting white big-money QB’s…

  14. It may be true this woman is a complete fraud in the same mold as the woman who accuses the Duke Lacrosse players of rape. It may also be true she’s completely telling the truth. Until more info comes out it’s simply impossible to know. BR certainly deserves the presumption of innocence. That does not however give people the right to presume guilt on her part and it certainly does not justify the vicious attacks on her being displayed by some Steeler fans and other misogynists in the audience here. Some of you come off as nothing more than despicable human beings willing to jump to conclusions and attack a woman simply because the accused plays for you favorite. There’s a special place in Hell reserved for such people. You do nothing but bring massive discredit upon all Steeler fans.

  15. It’s a ridiculous policy by ESPN, even if it really were their true, non-one-time policy for Mr. Testeburger. The fact that a civil complaint has been filed is newsworthy in itself, whether or not the allegations are true.
    There’s plenty of ways for them to mitigate the effects of publishing the story. I’m sure when this lawsuit settles or the woman loses, ESPN will come back and try to say “we told you so”…but the fact is they didn’t tell us anything, not a peep.

  16. Theres something fishy here, I think there was a third person involved – Right Florio?

  17. Poor Ben looks like he got a coyote that will bite him in the @SS!!! by the look of the drunk photo of her maybe she was a cougar???

  18. For those of you pulling out the race card, please put it back up. While there are still times when I think the media slants coverage based on race (see Sean Taylor murder story), this has more to do with BSPN’s loss of credibility to keep access to a celebrity athlete.
    Roethlisberger is one of those accessible athletes who comes on the Bristol campus and various BSPN outlets to youck it up occasionally, something these executives feel is a reason to sell their collective souls for. Why, I still can’t figure out. I find nothing more useless than players, coaches, and the personnel of teams giving vanilla answers to shitty interviews, which are like something off the back of a cracker jack box.
    Really, I’d like to know how well that business model would hold up to a network more focused on reporting on the various sports in depth with no concern for players’ or coaches’ interviews. Just look at that embarrassing interview Peter Gammons did with Alex Rodriguez, and I have always respected Gammons. However, he sold out just to interview him when the steroid story broke, and now I can’t look at him the same way anymore.

  19. This would have been a good place to mention that Harrah’s managers are co-defendants with Roethlisberger. It was mentioned in past postings but is especially relevant to this item. We should be able to expect that much from a website run by a lawyer.
    BigOldDog, appreciate your well written post.

  20. @BigOldDog
    Your points are valid–in the “real world”, among real people, with real feelings and actual relationships.
    But here, in the e-world, where people are rarely–if ever–accountable for what they say, anonymous posters commenting on a potential (and sordid) scandal involving a celebrity have just as much right to make their snide, inappropriate, judgmental, presumptuous, misogynistic, rude, uninformed, or irreverent comments as YOU DO to make your sanctimonious finger-shaking ones.
    And THANK GOD we can all still do this!!
    (at least we can before the new Internet Czar puts the federal censorship clamps down on the internet via the Fairness Doctrine or some other totalitarian baloney).

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