Did Vick make it rain on his first day as a free man?

VickRain.jpgAt key strategic moments during last night’s Green Day concert (i.e., when they played songs with which I’m not familiar), I’d check the PFT e-mail via my Sprint device.

One message that caught my attention came from Jason McIntyre, proprietor of The Big Lead.

Per McIntyre, who cites multiple unnamed sources, quarterback Mike Vick spent his first night out of federal custody at a Virginia Beach strip club with NBA star Allen Iverson.

We didn’t know what to make of it at first.  Would Vick truly be that stupid?

Apart from the fact that he needs to be extremely careful about what he does prior to his meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has grown all too familiar with players who “likeded the scrip clubs,” the terms of Vick’s three-year probation undoubtedly prevent him from drinking alcohol — and potentially forbid him from even visiting an establishment that serves it.

Thus, we admit that we were inclined to pull an ESPN, and ignore it.  But with papers like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution mentioning it and a flood of readers sending e-mails about it, we had to explore this one.

So we dusted off our own “real journalist” disguise (it’s actually one of those Halloween masks with the thin elastic band in the back that always breaks), and we’ve learned that Vick strongly denies attending a strip club on Monday night — and that others around him corroborate that fact.

But we’ve yet to get an answer with 100 percent certainty, so there’s still a chance that McIntyre’s report is accurate.

If it is, Jim Haslett likely will be a happy man, since he coaches the UFL franchise to which Vick’s rights have been assigned for the 2009 season.   

75 responses to “Did Vick make it rain on his first day as a free man?

  1. I saw Vick bangin’ on tha’ block wif da’ CRIPS ya’ll!
    saw-daw-tay! ya-ee-yay!

  2. Exhibit 1 in the case for why Vick isn’t really comparable or better than 1/3 or whatever the number was of current starting NFL QB’s: yet another poor decision.

  3. Vick’s telling the truth. He wasn’t at a strip club.
    He was at a “gentleman’s establishment”.

  4. In Vick’s defense – and while I don’t know all the ins and outs of Virginia Gentlemen’s Clubs laws and protocol – if it was a completely nude strip club maybe they are not even allowed to serve alcohol. Don’t you feel bad for jumping to conclusions now?

  5. How much would it cost me to have you guys never mention ick er ah excuse me, I mean “Vick” again. Unless he jumps off the planet please don’t mention him again-sometimes it’s better to say nothing.

  6. I’m sure he was tired of the visions of Bubba and Leroy dancing around in his vacant brain.
    I sure hope he gets his 2nd chance…..
    At prison………..

  7. Could he really be that stupid? i had been feeling this whole time, until recently, that he should be suspended for a year after he got out. Then i slowly started to change my mind, thinking he might deserve a chance to work his way back. If this story turns into something real, I think he ought to get at least a year suspension. Not for just visiting a a strip club, but for proving that he hasn’t learned a thing from his experience, and has no intention of staying on the straight and narrow.

  8. You always assume the worst Mr. Florio… why, I’ll bet he was there, but this is just part of his born-again humanitarian work to convince those young girls to leave the adult industry, go back and get their education and find real sustainable jobs.
    Likewise I’m sure he was counseling the gentlemen who frequent such establishments to educate them on the dangerous path they are on.
    Clearly, he deserves a medal for such compassion and commitment just one day after being released.

  9. In some states, if there is full nudity, strip clubs can’t sell alcohol, but you can BYOB. So I assume just being there wouldn’t violate his probation

  10. Also – let’s not rule out the possibility that Vick thought there was a slim chance he might bump into Roger Goodell there to engage in their long awaited meeting.

  11. 1) If this is a violation of his parole (he is on parole right?) …then he should receive a lifetime achievement Darwin Award.
    2)If it is not…I think that Vick just doesn’t care what his rep is. He probably thinks that his talent and potential will over shadow the baggage he brings (I think it will)…and he is going to hang with his Bruhs at da club…damn what other people may think.
    One of the reasons why he was so loved is that he was kinda street.

  12. I hope the issue is the probation violation and not Goodell thinking he can run someones life. If it isn’t against probation violation then Goodell can’t tell someone they can’t visit a strip club. What is it with this guy? He should be named GODell..

  13. If he was there, and if it is a parole violation, he won’t be playing this year in the UFL either.

  14. Thats as dumb as smoking pot before the combine when you know you will be tested. I guess that means the Vikings will pick him up.

  15. Would this surprise anyone? Do you think he went away for two years and suddenly his intelligence level msysteriously rose a few notches?
    Prepare for the inevitable “I didn’t know it was wrong” press conference.

  16. On a positive note: between Vick and the BIGBEN SEXGATE the Fart/Favre has been getting a break. The “Days Without a Fart/Favre Meter” actually might hit 3 breaking a month old record. Way to go PFT its starting to smell nice and rosy out here, like a breath of fresh air after a month long attack of bowel windage.

  17. Hmm, now why would Florio choose to ignore this report? Maybe it’s because you’ve been a large supporter of him recently and these alleged actions would prove that he is indeed one of the stupidest human beings alive.
    Vick is a turd…plain and simple, if he DID do this, he’s worse than I thought, but if he didn’t…just wait, he’ll make a mistake soon enough to prove all us Vick-haters right.

  18. “So we dusted off our own ‘real journalist’ disguise (it’s actually one of those Halloween masks with the thin elastic band in the back that always breaks), and we’ve learned that Vick strongly denies attending a strip club on Monday night — and that others around him corroborate that fact.”
    Why even bother reporting this rumor at all, then? A “real journalist” would have gotten corroboration and, absent that, not run it at all. Instead, you throw the rumor out there (with the obligatory swipe at ESPN), then wait until the seventh paragraph to mention anything to the contrary. This is very irresponsible of you.

  19. I have had the stance that Vick should have to do something to repair the wrongs he has done to society [not just serve his jail time] in order to return to the NFL. Real service to the community. Serving your jail time lets you be free, the privilege to play in the NFL should be earned.
    With that said Vick going to a strip club doesn’t bother me. Its a legal establishment where a guy can enjoy his freedom. Don’t know the particulars of his parole so I can’t comment there. Just cause some find these establishments as sinning or whatever doesn’t mean that there are wrong if done responsibly. There was no crime so this is just TMZ reporting.

  20. Give him a break! This guy has been locked up! Strip clubs aren’t illegal. If he were to get into a fight or shoot someone, then we have a problem.
    He can be sorry and remorseful about the dog fighting, but it’s completely unrelated to going to a strip club,

  21. omg, the man spent a year in a half in jail, of course he wants to see some t & a. Florio, no he wasn’t making it rain. His long time friend and fellow Hampton Roads comrad, Allen Iverson, took him there for a bro’s night out. Strip clubs are not illegal, and he is not Pacman . He has just as much a right to go to a strip club as any one else. It doesnt violate his probation so lay off.This shouldnt have made the press. Let’s see how fast this appears on Sportcenter. I’m sure A.I. took him there, as a getting out celebration of some sort. As long as he didnt violate any laws or girls in there, who cares

  22. I’ve been one of the biggest Vick haters since this whole thing came out. That said, I don’t really see the big deal. Assuming that he just went there to watch the ladies and didn’t consume any alcohol or take any drugs.
    That said, here’s hoping he did (does) do something to violate his parole and screws himself out of a chance he doesn’t deserve anyway.

  23. Maybe he was just out for dinner. I go to strip clubs for dinner all the time! Lookers has some of the most delicious Salisbury steak you could ever want to eat while grabbing an eyefull skanky ho’ booty!

  24. What are you people Nazi’s??? Give the man a freaking break! I hope he goes again tonight.

  25. Bravo @vbeach31. I couldn’t have said it better myself. If going to a gentlemen’s establishment made you a criminal I’d be sentenced to life. This man hasn’t done anything wrong, and if he was indeed there, he didn’t harm anyone by being there. Let the man live.

  26. There is nothing wrong with what Vick did. I make it rain every morning at the Dunkin Donuts. Its all good.

  27. Wow if this is true .. He will never be given a chance to get back in the league. I think had he done this after he found out what his fate is then it may not be a big story but to Donita before you meet with goodell is just asking to be suspended for life.

  28. I actually kind of agree with vbeach31, even though I think Vick is pond scum. He’s a free man and as long as its not violating his probation, then go for it.
    I don’t try to project my values on anyone else.

  29. Whoever said, “thats just as stupid as smoking before the combine”, those are two different situations. Weed is illegal regardless of when it’s smoked(unless for medicinal purposes). Strip clubs aren’t illegal and I’m from Virginia Beach, the strip clubs there are lame. I dont even think they show full nudity and you definately can’t touch the girls. Why dont you guys just say,ya’ll hate Michael Vick and want him to fail whether its for a legitimate reason or not. He killed or had a hand in killing dogs and a lot of you think a dogs life is more important than human life. Cry me a freaking river. Vick is out of jail, he will receive a second chance at the NFL and he will be a pro bowler again. And a majority of you will just be his motivation to work harder..America has become land f the sissies, i swear. The man paid his debt to society, leave him be

  30. Of course Vick is that stupid – he is Vick!
    What, you expect that jail will turn trash into gold?

  31. Wait, what backwards state lets you ogle live naked chicks without having the decency to sell you overpriced beer?

  32. Barring I ever get thrown in jail for 2 years, regardless of what I did, or what I have planned for the future — The first thing I will do is visit some boobs. Time stamp it and mark my name buy it.
    /just saying
    //can’t believe I’m standing up for this prick.

  33. You clowns who say he has a right to go to a strip club clearly don’t know anything about being on parole. Just because he’s out of jail doesn’t make him a free man. There are restrictions when you’re on parole.

  34. Damn people the man has been in federal custody for 23 months, let him go out and look at some bootay!! I know that isn’t against the law at all, and I hope he isn’t dumb enough to drink. Question though, why in the heck is this even a story??

  35. As a huge Falcon’s fan I hate Vick for what he did to our franchise. With that said I have no problem with a guy who has been in prison for two years going a strip club. As long as he isn’t breaking a law then this shouldn’t even be a story.

  36. So I was stationed in Virgina Beach in the navy and from what remember there strip clubs are actually go-go bars and don’t go nude.

  37. Accually it was a charity event. They were helping young ladies pay for their college education.

  38. This is ridiculous. I live in Virginia Beach – there are no “strip clubs”. There’s only Go Go dancing, girls dancing in bikinis – no touching, no lap dances, nothing. You can see more at the beach. They are lame dumps the likes of which neither Iverson nor Vick would ever be caught dead in.
    This is a stupid bogus rumor, probably started by those fine folks at PETA, which is headquartered in Norfolk, the city next door.

  39. While it’s not illegal to go to a strip club, doing so on the first day you’re a free man just looks bad. Especially when you’re trying to paint yourself as a good guy so you can be reinstated.
    It’s about perception folks, and right now the perception is this guy hasn’t changed.

  40. i live in virginia beach and the scrip clubs aren’t allowed to have ANY nudity. its bikini only in this poor excuse of a state. so i’m hoping he didn’t risk his career on some chicks who cant even take their tops off. he could go to the beach if he want to see chicks in bikinis.

  41. Shame on you Florio for saying “making it rain” right after the Pacman video. Immediately people are going to assume Vick did the same thing Pacman did. Who cares if he went to a strip club, 2 years in the slammer looking at dudes all day, I would definitely want to go look at some girls.
    Too bad, seems like you just missed them on your vacation huh Florio?

  42. You guys are all missing the point. Scrip clubs are not illegal, but the issue is whether Vick pisses off GODell, and who knows what parameters HE sets? The dude makes the rules and wiggles ’em around to suit his fancy. He’s the most inconsistent, but powerful, SOB around. NFLers should be very afraid.

  43. That’s the first place I’d go after spending nearly two years with the brothers of Leavenworth.

  44. vbeach31 said it best. The man broke no laws (this time), leave him be.
    I hope to see him play again, and I mean this season. Football is entertainment and Michael is that.

  45. This guy just doesn’t get it. Even though going to the club isn’t illegal , his future depends on his image and how this will affect any team that would pick him up and the NFL ie. ” The Shield “.
    If he’s really serious about trying to restore his image then he should stay at home, workout, watch film and only go out to activities that demonstrate he’s learned his lesson and will start to remove the tarnish from his name.
    It’s really not that hard to figure out. What a clown.

  46. If this is true, it’s just another stupid decision by a stupid person, right or wrong, parole violation or not, it doesn’t matter in the eyes of image conscious Roger GODdell. Does he think the commish isn’t watching? …..Like i said, who knows if this is true, but if it is couldn’t he have laid low for the first few days or weeks, spend time with his family? For somone who is trying to rebuild his image with potential employers, after serving a federal prison term you would think he’d have someone with his best interests saying….Nah, not a good idea…..And as far as AI goes, his late night partying is legendary, hell part of the reason Denver traded him was to get him the hell away from Carmelo Anthony…I highly doubt they went to a dry club and then a late night Taco Bell run….

  47. Next thing we know people will be on him for visiting porn sites. Oh wait, he shouldn’t be allowed to do that either because it’s not like anyone else does it. Next thing you know, there will be a report that the watched the Erin Andrews video.

  48. The man was and is not among the best at decision making (clearly), but you have to be brain dead to have done this.
    He claims he wasn’t there, and I believe him.
    Why the hell would he put himself at risk upon his potential return to the NFL? The site ESPN directs us to is a stupid gossip website. And essentially what is gossip? Rumors…no facts. Both he and Iverson have not been confirmed to have even been there.
    I bet the dog loving PETA crazies were up to this. For Christ sake let the man play.
    Do I have to mention again that Stallworth KILLED A MAN and got “23x less” time than Vick?

  49. f#$k is wrong w/ you g&y idiots, strip club is not illegal, and guess what all resturants in america serve alcohol, so he cant dine out anymore i guess according to his probation, give me a break, he didnt act up he didnt do anythign stupid whats wrong w/ a man going to a strip club, plus he’s been in prison for 2yrs if you did that kind of time you’d want to seem some naked females too, unless you are what i said earlier, and judging by how appauled most of yaw are wouldnt be a shock, stop judging ppl, all yaw on here wanna be God, get your own life right b4 you judge anyone, and only God knows what yaw do when no one is looking, and guess what no one’s looking b/c no one cares
    you have no idea what it is to be vick, and neither do i, but i’m also not out here judging him, you have no idea what his life was liek what his childhood was like, the type of ppl and influences he had growing up, you have ZERO knowlege of all this so stop judging the man
    someone on here mentioned that he was not better then the other qb’s in the league b/c he went to a strip club, what kind of logic is that, you think none of the 32 qb’s in this league go to a strip club, what an idiot
    what kind of “activities” demonstrate you’ve learned your lesson???
    Let the man live, most ppl on here are F’in HATERS YOU WISH YOU HAD A CHANCE TO LIVE VICKS LIFE (minus 2yrs in prision), that man has prob done more in his 29/30yrs of life then you will in your entire life, get over it, your nothing stop taking it out on vick

  50. The day after Michael Vick is released from federal custody the Taco Bell dog just happens to die from a stroke. Coincidence ? Something stinks Florio.

  51. Amha Tek, the activities I’m talking about are anything that would put him in a good light. Visiting kids in hospitals, charity events doing public service announcements anything but going out and partying like you don’t have a care in the world. I’m not saying he has to be a saint but come on… use your damn head and at least play the game until you have a job. I’m not condemning him for wanting to see some T&A, but he is not helping his own cause by not thinking about his image and public perception.

  52. This has got to be the biggest non story ever. Florio, stop tryin to make this a big deal. As long as he didn’t get into any trouble at the strip club, who cares? How can it violate his probation? Just cause the establishment serves alcohol? So he can’t eat a restaurant, can’t go bowling, can’t go to a sporting event? Get off your high horse Florio.

  53. Peachphish says:
    July 23, 2009 3:03 PM
    The day after Michael Vick is released from federal custody the Taco Bell dog just happens to die from a stroke. Coincidence ? Something stinks Florio.
    LMAO! Funniest thing I’ve read all day. Florio, kick this guy down with a book!

  54. What does this have to do with his image. Maybe with Florio painting the picture of Vick making it rain, simply so people can click on the link has something to do with it. At what point does he lose his basic American rights because of his past. He paid his debts to society, so he should be free to do as he pleases, as long as it doesn’t break the law or violate anyone. He wasn’t doing anything that normal guys and gals do all the time. You guys are so quick to be judgemental, when the shoe isn’t on your feet. He went to a boring VA Beach strip club, where you can’t touch and there is no complete nudity, big freaking deal. As long as he is away from dogs, which is why he got in trouble, leave him alone. This is so different from Pacman going to the strip club, because Pacman has demonstrated he can’t handle himself in that atmosphere, without getting in trouble. Strip clubs have been frequent hang outs for athletes since the days of Joe Nameth. I dont know why their is now such a negative condentation when discussing these places. Has one person(Pacman) changed the way these places are viewed in society from no big deal to a forbidden zone

  55. Perception is reality, folks. Going to strip clubs the first day you’re free doesn’t give the perception of a changed man. It gives the perception of an immature male who, in all likelihood, doesn’t care about how he is perceived.
    And that poses a problem as it’s hard to believe a guy is remorseful when you know he really doesn’t care what public opinion is.

  56. You mean Vick and the people around him who never told him dog fighting was a bad idea didn’t tell Vick that going to a strip club might not be a good idea?
    Well, I’m shocked.
    Vick=doesn’t get it.
    always will be a turd.
    no remorse.
    Lord, help the fanbase of the NFL team that actually picks him up.

  57. Enough with Michael Vick. He’s a bad role model and an immoral guy. No football, no dogs.

  58. Vick is a turd but the guy just spent the last 2 yrs of his life showering with men. I don’t blame him for wanting a change in scenery.

  59. MichaelVick is the AmericanDream
    in the words of the Great American DonKing:
    “Only in America!”
    f ck the Cubs
    f ck Favre!

  60. re specific punishment for going there… depends what his parole requirements are. and if he was dumb nuff to make it rain. or let roger find out about it before meeting with him.
    it doesnt exactly show remorse. of course i say he shouldnt be reinstated anyway…
    va beach area sounds like dayton. met a bud there years ago and we thought we were going to titty bars. instead we found “near titty bars”. and when we were halfway thru beer #1 we saw a cop at the end of the bar by the door watching to make sure no girls showed anything. that cast a pallor on the proceedings.
    chug and run.

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