It's official — 2010 draft moves to prime time

As expected, the 2010 NFL draft will get started on Friday Thursday night, and it will become a three-day affair.

The draft gets rolling with the first round on Thursday night, April 22, at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Rounds two and three will be held on Friday night, April 23, beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET.

And then they’ll wrap it all up beginning at 10:00 a.m. ET on Saturday, April 24.

“We continue to look for ways to make the draft more accessible to more fans,” said
Commissioner Roger Goodell.  “Moving the first round to prime time on Thursday night will
make the first round of the draft available to fans on what is typically the most-watched night of

52 responses to “It's official — 2010 draft moves to prime time

  1. It’s official — 2010 draft moves to prime time
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 23, 2009 4:39 PM ET
    As expected, the 2010 NFL draft will get started on Friday night, and it will become a three-day affair.
    The draft gets rolling with the first round on Thursday night, April 22, at 7:30 p.m. ET.
    So – does it start on Thursday or Friday?

  2. I like this set up better. But i’m confused by your first sentence, it says it starts on friday but the following sent. says it starts on thursday. I”m assuming thursday is correct.

  3. Sweet!
    Now I will get to drink for three days straight instead of two, and the draft kicks off on my birthday

  4. Oh lord… They should do the draft in a single day, but now they are making it 3 days? Other than the frist few picks, does it really take 15 minutes for 10 through however many until they go to 5 minutes? Most teams have a draft schedule, strategy, alternates, etc. already mapped out, with very few surprises…
    Yep, the NFL sure know how to make money. Next thing we know there will be a month of pre-superbowl parties and the opening kickoff will last 3 weeks. Woo!

  5. This seriously pisses me off. Goddamn draft weekend is the frickin awesome. EFF GOODELL!

  6. Roger, get out. Now. You’re trying to ruin the NFL by making the season 18 games and making all the running backs worn out by the playoffs, and now you’ve ruined the draft. Part of what makes it great is how we have these extremely long hours of coverage all in a row, and now you’re trying to spread it out when it’s already big enough as is. Tagliabue may have been a failure for discipline, but at least he wasn’t greedy beyond reason.

  7. just another way for the nfl to make it less fun for real football fans and reach out to the “casual” fans. i’m so sick of this crap. so long to the traditional draft party – used to be one of the best days of the year. thanks goodell, another awful decision – why don’t you just go suspend somebody or something . . .

  8. Ridiculous.
    Draft weekend is an event, Draft week is a clusterfudge.
    Does GODell really think he is going to get the same viewership on a Thursday night as he does on a Saturday? How many non-Football fans are going to allow their tvs to be taken over on a night when you have CSI, The Office, The Mentalist, Hell’s Kitchen, and everything else that is on cable?
    I guess it will increase hits to websites on Friday to see what happened the night before.

  9. My wife’s birthday is on the 25th, so now I don’t have a reason to ignore her. Damn.

  10. There was nothing wrong the way it was 3 years ago. Then they keep pushing it back on Saturday. Then they took round 3 away from day one. Now they are messing up draft weekend. Sigh, they know I’m still going to watch it.

  11. Seriously.
    Goodell wants to make the draft “… more accessible to fans,” Does he mean more accessible to fans on the East Coast?
    How is a 4:30 pm start time for the 1st round and 3:30 pm start time for the 2nd round more accessible to fans on the West Coast?
    Way to think that one through Rog. Leaving it on the weekend allows the entire nation to access the draft, not just those on the East Coast.

  12. Dumb, dumb, dumb. What a kick to the nuts for fans (like me), who treat draft weekend like a holiday.
    Guess I won’t be watching this year.

  13. lame very lame…so much for the weekend road trip and get together with old friends…breaking of a tradition…go pack!

  14. Why would you mess with this? I used to love to look forward to hanging out all Saturday at a draft party and get hammered over the first couple of rounds while eating wings and wishing away the summer months in hopes that football would soon get here. At least friggin do it on a Friday night/ Saturday combo and cut out the Thursday crap. THURSDAY? That is terrible.

  15. I like it. This makes it much easier for people that have a life to watch the draft. Every year I feel guilty that I am wasting a spring saturday indoors watching the Draft. Thursday night, when most people are at home watching tv anyway, is much do-able.
    I assume that the people that don’t like this live in their mother’s basement.

  16. Great idea. Most people will love it. I do because like most people I don’t have all Saturday to blow on the draft.

  17. “I assume that the people that don’t like this live in their mother’s basement.”
    Or maybe they are diehard fans rather than casual observers.

  18. Why?
    Why does Goodell have to continue to ruin the NFL. The 18 game schedule is terrible, teams are barely healthy after 16 games and all it does it water down the sport some more. I’m really looking forward to seeing the guys from the UFL play key roles on playoff teams because too many guys are hurt.
    Now, one of my favorite days of the year is gone so we can air the draft opposite the Office.
    The Roger Goodell NFL where you can’t hit an offensive player without drawing a 15 yard penalty. Regular season games in the middle of January and of course now a Thursday night First round N.F.L. draft.
    You know, I’m really upset about this right now, but one of these days Goodell will change the league so much that I don’t get upset anymore. Instead, I just won’t care.
    I can’t wait to see how you ruin the sport next Roger.

  19. Ummm…Football…? If you feel guilty about wasting a spring saturday indoors watching the Draft – how can you possibly be a football fan?
    With that reasoning you should also feel guilty every Sunday of the year that you invest 12 hours watching the games.
    And, if you feel guilty for watching football all day on Sunday (or the Draft all day on Sat/Sun), you’re just not a football fan.

  20. I agree its a mistake. The draft on Sat and Sunday made it an event that people arranged cookouts (and lives also) around. Instead of the event enjoyed by fans and groups of fans at watering holes, now they get to worry about going to work on Friday morning, or blowing off dinner and movie with the Mrs and watching it on Friday night. Its a recipe for causing the draft to drop in significance in five years time.
    Honestly why take a super successful event like the draft and screw with it? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  21. For the past decade, several good friends of mine and I meet for the Draft Weekend. Many of these people come from out of town. This is an EVENT to me and my friends!
    This ruins it.
    I loved it when the draft started at 9:00 a.m. local time!
    This also messes with my dynasty league football draft. We always had our rookie draft the day before the NFL draft. Now, the first and second rounds will be done beforehand. Takes the fun out of it.
    I hate this. I really do.

  22. Football says:
    July 23, 2009 5:38 PM
    “I assume that the people that don’t like this live in their mother’s basement.”
    I assume people like you are not real football fans anyway so keep hanging out in the garden watering the rest of the Pansies while the rest of us enjoy a glimpse of the coming football season for a day.

  23. At least our Fantasy football draft days are still just one DAY.
    it might be cool, we’ll see.

  24. Any chance we can get a poll on whether we like this or hate it? I have a feeling we’d be seeing an 80-20 ratio saying this is a horrible idea…

  25. “We continue to look for ways to make the draft more accessible to more fans,” said Commissioner Roger Goodell
    Yeah, I’ll be sure to make it home by 4:30PM Thursday, 3:30PM on Friday and then to top it off, I’m gonna wake up nice and early at 7:00AM on a Saturday.
    Thank you Roger for collectively saying f&%$ you to the entire West Coast.

  26. I’ll watch the draft whenever it’s on…..Definitely the first round, the only problem i have is 3 days of Mel Kiper……..

  27. I’m curious to see what kind of ratings it puts up. I expect the networks to get absolutely crushed Thursday.

  28. “I assume that the people that don’t like this live in their mother’s basement.”
    whoever said that is a complete douchebag. maybe some of us actually have friends and the draft is the best excuse in the springtime to get those friends together with a keg or two, grill out and look forward to football season . . .

  29. The ratings will not be good.
    First Round 4:30 Pacific Time on a Thursday?
    How is that good for ratings?
    The second round begins at 3:30 Friday afternoon on the West Coast. How many watch television at 3:30?
    It should have been 1st round Friday Night, 2-4 rounds Saturday and 5-7 rounds Sunday.
    Monday round 1, Tuesday Round 2, Wednesday Round 3,Thursday Round 4, Friday Round 5, Saturday Rounds 6 and 7.

  30. I agree with most of the posters here. The draft has always been an event with a lot of my old friends. We all get together, grillout, have a few beers and banter about how which player our team needs. We literally spend the whole day saturday watching the draft. Now what?
    We’re all gonna get together on a work night – pig out, drink, and then drive home? Does that sound about right? Reward the casual fans, that’s where it’s at. I really think the diehard fans need to band together and boycott the draft.

  31. This is a giant bag of geigh! What about the fans on the West Coast? Do we not matter? What am I supposed to do, call in sick or take vacation for two days to watch the draft? This is a lousy decision on Goodell’s part. I can see putting the first round on a weekday in prime time, but why not allow the real fans that watch this to keep their weekend event with the rest of the rounds? If Goodell really thinks that the “casual” fan is going to watch, he’s sorely mistaken. Maybe the first year or the first few picks will be watched, but just because a bunch of women and questionable men only watch the Superbowl every year doesn’t mean they are going to watch the draft. Way too much detail for the casual fan. Fail Goodell, fail.

  32. Is it me or is Goodell trying to take all the fun out of football? Screwing up draft weekend…games played in countries where NFL football ranks behind football(soccer), cricket,rugby,tennis, and golf, and planning on a superbowl overseas.
    This global marketing program that he has been pushing will only result in alienating the very fan base that has made NFL football, America’s pastime.
    This guy is slowly killing football, David Stern could do a better job.

  33. I’m with many others on here. My crew and I would spend the day watching and making a day of it this totally F’s everything up and ruins it for the fans

  34. I assume that the people that don’t like this live in their mother’s basement.
    See – that’s funny cause I do live in my moms basement and I don’t like this one bit. Just kidding. Its my dads basement too . . .
    At least I never feel guilty about watching the NFL.
    Now go mow your lawn.

  35. Hey Football, I used to live in your mom’s basement and I hate this, so maybe your onto something.
    Losing a lifelong tradition is bad, real bad. Thanks, Goodell, for sellling out the true fan.
    What’s next?

  36. How in the hell do they expect a team to make a selection a day earlier than before? If teams can miss their designated time on draft day, moving it up HOURS is going to kill the Vikings!

  37. So Roger thinks that starting the draft on Thursday night, one of TV’s biggest night of television, and at a time that is inconveniencing every time zone but the Eastern, is a great way to show the draft. GOD I WANT TO DONKEY PUNCH ROGER! Way to screw up an annual holiday for all true football fans. And for the pansie azz dude who said it was over rated…Go scrub your wife’s feet and bake a souffle, because its obvious your balls have dropped off and withered into dust!

  38. Stupid. The whole purpose for us draft watchers is to get with friends after a week of work, drink a few beverages, and not worry about going to work the next day. This really takes me out of the draft.

  39. destroying immediately a fun saturday of hanging with your buddies and watching the draft. Now i get to sit home and watch it with my wife instead. Excellent idea. Ridiculous.

  40. First of all, all you whiners need to change out your tampons. If you’re that BIG of fans, take Friday off of work. I never thought I’d read about so many cry babies saying they are “diehard football fans.” A diehard football fan would take advantage of this by taking off Friday and partying it up for multiple days. The rest of you who complain about missing Friday with the Mrs. need to do a real gut check (or nut check?).

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