Seahawks sign long snapper Houser

Booted out of New Orleans after advising Saints teammates and coach Sean Payton to invest in a Louisiana film company, long snapper Kevin Houser has obtained new NFL employment.

The veteran special-teams player, who was cut and replaced by Jason Kyle after nine seasons in New Orleans, was signed by the Seattle Seahawks today, the team announced today.

Houser was acquired to compete with former Houston Texans long snapper Bryan Pittman, who was signed to a one-year contract earlier this offseason by the Seahawks.

Nearly $2 million was squandered when the movie company didn’t qualify for anticipated tax credits, which didn’t make Houser a very popular figure in the Saints’ locker room and may have directly led to his firing.

Outspoken Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey made it clear that Houser wasn’t high on his list of favorite people earlier this month with this comment on his Twitter account: “you think your buying LA film tac creits. but the f–kn snapper didnt… wow this is a f–ked up world we live in.”

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Shockey also wrote this Tweet before eventually removing it from his page: “thx chad houser our long snapper for losing my coaches, teamates, and me around 2mill$.. what a dumb ass.”

After the Saints signed Kyle, Shockey wrote: Glad we got a new long snapper bad people bring bad karma.”

For Houser, a fresh start in a friendlier work environment was definitely in order.

7 responses to “Seahawks sign long snapper Houser

  1. god damn it! this totally pushes the Seachickens above the Cardinals as the cream of the crop of the NFC WEST.
    Cardinal fans will rue this day. Remember, you heard it here first.

  2. and why do I hate Aaron Wilson so much? The guy works hard, is loyal to the site, has fair and balanced reporting, and seems like an intelligent young kid.
    But I despise him. I can’t explain it. When I see his name attached, I just cringe. Sorry, Aaron, nothing personal. I’m just wondering why I hate you so much.
    Can you tell me what the other countless people who hate you have told you? Maybe that’ll narrow it down for me. If it’s too many to list, just give us the top 3-5 reasons. I only want to be a better person and have a legitimate reason to hate you so I don’t feel so bad about myself.
    And I swear, your business-like reporting that doesn’t mesh at all with The NFJ(Non Fruity Juice) has nothing to do with it. Neither do horrible sentences like, “…was signed by the Seattle Seahawks today, the team announced today.” I respect you, I just simply hate you.
    (Seriously, you’re a lifesaver to Mr. Florio and we appreciate you. You do a great job and you are part of the reason The NFJ has made it so big. But, seriously, I hate you)

  3. would this be news if the dude hadn’t lost his coach/team $$$? If the Giants or Pats or Fins signed a new long snapper to compete with the other guy on the roster, would you post that, too? Just curious how much news the LS gets on here.
    War Trey Junken!!!

  4. Its funny that the long snapper is being blamed for “losing everyones money”. Unfortunately, this is a typical problem with us Americans, blaming someone else for our shortcomings. Did Shockey, Payton or any of the other even bother to research before investing? If they simply took the long snappers word and didnt do their research then its their own damn fault. If I had a few hundred thousand dollars to invest I would research my investment opportunities first rather than taking someones word for it.

  5. What a bunch of pussies. So their mommies were not there to tell them what to do with their hundreds of thousands they had lying around and now they are pissed.
    Who gives a sh*t. They should try living in the real world for a while and see how they like that.
    And to Jeremy Shockey: Who are you? What have you done? Oh yeah, your a whiney little bitch who has accomplished nothing. S T F U

  6. Shockey is such a douche. What is he, 12? A grown man calling someone out on twitter is just pathetic. I heard he dropped him as a friend on myspace too….ouch!

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