To the trained eye, Ben's statement means nothing

We’ve finally had a chance to watch, rewind, watch again, transcribe, watch again, re-read, and watch again the Thursday afternoon statement from Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Here’s the video, and here’s what he said: “I did not sexually assault Andrea McNulty.  Saturday was the first that I learned of her accusations.  Her false and vicious allegations are [an] attack on my family and on me.  I would never, ever force myself on a woman.  I’m gonna fight to protect my family and my reputation.  I’m not gonna discuss my private life or this civil case in the media.  I’ll respond to her outrageous allegations in the appropriate forum.  I have an obligation to our fans, to my teammates, to my coaches, and everyone in the organization to remain focused on the Pittsburgh Steelers.  And I will do that.  The allegations against me are reckless and false.  As much as I’d like to answer everyone’s questions, I’m gonna respect the legal process.  And I’m confident the truth will prevail.”

On paper, it sounds good.  In large part because we’re certain it was written by lawyer David Cornwell.  (As we once said regarding a statement issued on behalf of Pacman Jones, the chances that Ben wrote any of those words are roughly equivalent to the chances that he drafted one or more books of the Bible.)

Roethlisberger’s delivery likewise left something to be desired.  Do you remember how many (including us) criticized Mike Vick over the mere possibility that he used notes while speaking “from the heart” after he pleaded guilty?  Watch the video of Vick’s statement, and then watch Roethlisberger’s

Of course, what we think doesn’t matter.  The intended audience was the legion of Steelers fans throughout the country.  Whether or not they’re swayed by the performance remains to be seen. 

But there’s a chance that, someday, we’ll all look back on the video of Roethlisberger’s words with the same universal smirk that arises upon viewing the classic TV moment of which today’s appearance reminded us. 

90 responses to “To the trained eye, Ben's statement means nothing

  1. To the trained eye? Im a pretty dumb bastard and realize that Ben’s statement means nothing. Thanks for the “trained eye” expertise. I should have been a lawyer.

  2. If Big Ben can improve his delivery, we might just see him in the White House someday…

  3. My problem with Andrea McNulty not pressing criminal charges in fear of being fired. Say she got fired and got fired, wouldn’t she have a larger financial case for being fired without logical reasoning?
    If I got raped being fired would be farthest from my mind, i would want this sexual pervert brought to justice.

  4. Can the guy get his day in court or are we going to simply assume he is guilty as charged? It’s not like anyone would simply be after his money, right? I’m no Steelers fan either, but the smugness of this article sickens me.

  5. You are a moron. Do you know ANYTHING about the legal system and the difference between criminal and civil court?

  6. This just in upon entering a steelers game you would be handed a rape whistle to be blown in place of waving that terrible towel

  7. I agree with your analysis, Florio, but apparently the statement was good enough to get covered on the 4-letter. Disgusting.

  8. Florio, I think it was totally obvious to all that Ben was reading a prepared statement.
    According to your own comments, letting Ben do anything else would be very risky, given that it could be used against him in the trial. So I’m not sure why you’re criticizing him for it.

  9. O Florio, ye of the trained eye, why even read a statement at all? Why not just issue it to the media rather than go through the histrionics? Does having him come out and read it really have that much of an effect in the court of public opinion? Questions questions questions?

  10. Actually to my eye, his statement means a lot.
    It means he is guilty.
    He neither stated that he never had contact with his accusor, nor claimed that there was contact but it was of a consenual nature.
    His failure to be clear on that point was done because his atty did not want to back themselves into a corner come trial time on which of the two elements of rape they would challege.
    Those two elements being.
    1. nonconsenual
    2. sex

  11. What struck me as odd was his comment that he first learned of the charges on Saturday. The complaint indicates letters were going back and forth between Harrah’s and the woman’s attorney regarding the assault back in April. At no point, they would let Ben or his counsel know about this?

  12. ” I did not have sex with that woman…. She looks like Mr. Ed….. Actually she looks like my seeester. Hey… Hey gringo …. How much for the little girl…. OHhhhh… tooo much…. How much for the wife…… OhHhhhh toooo much…. How much for the grandmother……. Ohhhss dats more like it….

  13. I’m shocked that Florio has more negative BS to say about Ben. As Florio continues his smear campaign on Ben and ESPN, I’ll shall just sit back and wait for the case to play itself out. And if Ben is found innocent, what are you going to say then Florio? “Ben is innocent, for now.” Then you’ll probably site some legality by which she can reverse the verdict if she chooses to…
    To the trained eye….so, the rest of us on here are morons? Well I am an expert at being able to notice when someone is being biased against another person, and “to the trained eye” you’re destroying your own integrity, but continuing down this path.

  14. That last sentence is ridiculous. You’re implying that we would smirk at the video because we would have learned that Big Ben was lying and really had raped her. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say no one will be smirking if that happens (which it won’t).

  15. God that was some awful public speaking. Did he make like Dwight Schrute and take Jim Halperts advise on how to give a meaningful speech?

  16. To the “trained eye”? You’re not referring to yourself are you Mikey? Your post is nothing more than lumping Ben in with two men who lied. On what basis, are you making this connection?

  17. That rapist is guilty as hell. Better set some of the $100 million away for Ms. McNulty.

  18. I have a feeling if this was Vince Young, or any other black player this would have been huge news.
    Kobe was guilty before his trial, and Pacman Jones.
    Ben is innocent because hes white, plays in Pittsburgh, and the biggest Sports network in the world decided he was innocent.

  19. So it would seem to me that we shouldn’t need to hear, or read, about any of this for quite a while since both the plaintiff and the defendant are now waiting for their day in court. They do not intend to discuss it through the media, and who cares what the media wants to postulate. Nothing more to dissect. And there is not any good reason to regurgitate. Move along…
    Besides, Favre and Vick still give us lots to mull over (yawn!).

  20. Wow. That sure was convincing. From the heart, dude.
    Any clue why he decided to point downward for effect while uttering the words “this civil case!”? (I think this QB missed his read).
    GUILTY! In the court of body language.

  21. Florio has mastered the art of stating the obvious. NBC has found the perfect replacement for John Madden.

  22. Hey Mike Florio–when did you become someone trained to look at how someone’s statement means nothing. You are not the one beinf accused od sexual assault. You are not the one that stands to lose out on this, even if the allegations are false. All you are is a moron with a e-mail address. The funny thing about this, and oh yes, I am a Steeler fan, is that I have worked around athletes and have seen the Andrea Mcnulty types. I worked at the Forum in Los Angeles in the heyday of the Lakers when they won their five NBA titles in the 1980’s. It was not uncommon to see women throwing themselves at these athletes, knowing that if they landed the right person, they were set for life. The bias that you are showing is unbelieveable and you should be pulled from this story and let someone who has no agenda or issues with this story take over. And your Bible comment shows that your maturity level is lacking. The way that you are writing this story and your coverage of it or lack thereof shows everyone that is reading the coverage of this event, that you could not have written any books of the Bible also. As a matter of fact, what online school did you go to? With this economy being the way that it is, maybe I can go there, graduate and then work for a company as good as this one. You seriously need to step aside because as of right now, in your eyes, Ben is quilty and may as well pay up.

  23. Never said he didn’t know her. Never said he didn’t have sex with her. You know where his defense is going to be. It was sex and it was consensual. So much for Ben’s promo money. It just went up in smoke, like the last doobie done by Michael Vick. Sorry squealer fans, just based on what he did not say, you have to wonder what the real story was.

  24. RavensFan don’t forget your boy RAYRAY stabbed a guy and killed him. Where was he when McNair got shot?

  25. Food for thought …..
    I could very well be wrong … but … IMO …. Ben is going to go for the consensual sex angle.
    My question is ….. do you think this is the ugliest girl he has done? — Let’s just say since he turned pro and got rich and famous. — Or do you think he has done much worse?
    I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say this is the worst. Put yourself in his shoes. Just imagine if the ugliest girl you ever did all of a sudden became a MAJOR NEWS EVENT and the whole world found out about it?
    That has to be rough on a dude.

  26. Florio, you are a friggin moron.
    If Ben doesn’t say anything, you would say his lack of a response would indicate guilt.
    So he responds and you still try to convince everyone of his guilt.
    You are the biggest hack in the country. That;s no small feat. Congratulations.

  27. Let me clarify what I said in my prepared statement. Reading between the lines, here is what happened:
    – My tv done broke (I wasnt familiar with the mute button)
    – I asked her to help me
    – When she hit the mute button, and the sound came back, I got so excited, that I had a flashback to my days on the farm, and thought she was a sheep
    – I jumped on board, and did what I do with sheep
    That should clear it all up for you guys

  28. So exactly what could Ben have said that would have impressed you Mike? If you were in his shoes and falsely accused, what would you have said differently? Given the nature of the allegations that he was responding to, do you really think that it was strange or unusual for Ben to look uncomfortable? The fact is that your zeal to smear Big Ben is nauseating.

  29. SteelersSB44 says:
    July 23, 2009 3:15 PM
    “To the trained eye….so, the rest of us on here are morons?”
    Not sure about the rest of us, but YOU are a moron, SteelersSB44. Big Ben can’t possibly be “found innocent”. There is no way to prove innocence. That’s why our legal system is built around the question of whether the evidence of guilt is strong enough to convict or establish liability.
    In a criminal case, a defendant is found guilty or not. Not guilty doesn’t equal “innocent”. Since this is a civil case, Big Ben will be found either liable or not. Being found either not liable or not guilty doesn’t mean the defendant definitely didn’t committ the crime. See “Simpson, OJ”.

  30. The most likely scenario of how this is going to end:
    – Ben settles out of court to make all this go away. Doesn’t mean he did anything, but most likely he won’t fight it out.
    – NFL doesn’t do or say anything meaningful in this situation. It was handled out of court NFL/Goodell stays out of it.
    – Steeler fans all claim the girl was just a gold digger.
    – Ravens fans will all claim Ben is a rapist.
    The end.

  31. Question for all the legal experts out there: Criminal conviction requires unanimous agreement of the jury. Civil liability requires only a simple majority, if I’m not mistaken. Could it be that the accuser is taking the claim to civil court rather than criminal because of the perceived difficulty of obtaining a unanimous verdict from a he-said, she-said situation, and a failure to convict criminally could be used to undermine the civil complaint, despite what OJ has taught us? Just a thought…
    That being said, as a Bengals fan, I’m ready to assume Ben’s guilty and demand he should be thrown out of the league well before anything occurs in the courtroom, only out of retribution for the crap us Bengals fans have had to put up with. Steelers = Criminals! (caution, sarcasm included)

  32. Kobie rapes the white girl. wheres the racism? I think benny boy did it. Does any body know how far up Bens kazoo Goodell has already marched?? If pacman was out for never being convicted the NFL should flush Ben NOW.

  33. Fans of the Ravens, Steelers, Browns and Bengals should simply refrain from replying to this topic altogether as it’s obvious 99% of you can NOT leave your bias support for your team out of your comments.
    Hopefully Ben did NOT do this, but if he did he deserves whatever he gets. It turn, if he did not and has been falsely accused, Ms. McNulty certainly deserves whatever counter suit comes her way (and I suspect it could be big for deformation of character at the very least).
    This is a very serious situation. I’d be nervous speaking about it too, guilty or not.

  34. Big Ben is going to the Big House for this one!
    There will be plenty of TV repairmen there waiting to visit his cell.

  35. “I would never, ever force myself on a woman.” I believe Ben’s attorney got that line from Kordell.

  36. 4 years statute of limitations in Nevada for sexual assault. If he is guilty, I hope she waits until the last minute. We sure could use 3 more rings.

  37. The bitch is crazzzzzyyyyyyy, year too late dumbass, won’t file criminal charges cuz she knows shes a psychotic liar. I don’t like the steelers and i don’t care for roethlisberger too much but the man is not guilty of anything. However Mcnulty should prolly be in a mental institution.

  38. To the trained eye, Florio has become the Danny Devito character in “L.A. Confidential.”
    The unrestrained scandal-mongering on this website in the last few days has been comedy gold. Yellow journalism FTW!

  39. Florio sure knows how to stir things up. LOL.
    He didn’t come out and say he didn’t know or have sex with her, so guess what??? He did. He’s using semantics for the future trial. He’ll be acquitted due to lack of evidence I’m guessing (just like Koby a few years back), but this will be a real blow to his rep and taste in women. Geezus Ben you’re an NFL QB and you nailed that?

  40. @tuckerm83 – you mean we shouldn’t comment on Jen just like you squealer fans never commented about Ray or any of the Bungles who had criminal trouble. I’ll thank you to take your opinion on what I should comment upon and shove it.

  41. username,
    He didn’t mention if he had contact with her because that’s not illegal. And by saying in his statement that he didn’t sexually assult her tells you right there that if they did have sex, it was consensual. Because that’s the definition of rape. C’mon dude, you’re better than this.
    Also, you’re 2 elements of rape are inaccurate as well. Sex actually has nothing to do with proving rape. It’s the definition of rape. If there’s no sex, there’s no way there could be rape. It’s all about it being consensual or not.

  42. Coming from a Ravens fan!!!! Of course you would think he is guilty. Sorry about the Ravens SUCKING so bad! With your murderer linebacker. Obvious lame attempt to get money. Anything else anyone says just revolves around hating the Best team in the NFL. Can’t wait to ruin the Ravens season again next year!

  43. Does anyone else here see that the real case is against her fellow workers. It’s going to be hard for her to win a case against Ben without any witnesses. However, if she did tell the head of security, they are screwed.

  44. He would have been better off issuing a press release. That was terrible, he looked really nervous and talked like an idiot.

  45. Big Ben can’t possibly be “found innocent”. -EastBayRay
    Excellent Ray, thank you for enlightening me. And for taking everything I ever say as literal as possible. I was simply saying that I don’t expect Ben to have to pay any money or whatever the correct legal term is. I’m no lawyer, so please no more emails about how I was inaccurate in my statement.

  46. He needs a teleprompter like the “savior of the country” – all that looking down at his notes makes it less convincing and easier to drink the kool-aid.

  47. Can’t quite see where so many people are claiming Florio is implying Ben is quilty. He views most statements from a “yeah but” perspective.
    Someone stands up and reads a statement claiming someone is gulity of something, Florio looks at it looking for loopholes in the accusers statements. Stand up and make a statement claiming innocence, he looks for loophooes and double speak in the accused statement. Someone stands up and makes a statement about retirement, taking, or not taking, a coaching job for another team, or turning pro he looks for loopholes to point out the speaker did leave an opening to back peddle.
    So I dont see him showing he feels Ben is gulity, he’s evaluating his words as someone who is not taking everything spoken at face.
    (Florio would point out that in my last statement I left it open that maybe he does think he is guilty – Cause I don’t see him as showing how he feels, he could feel either way)

  48. Question for all the legal experts out there: Criminal conviction requires unanimous agreement of the jury. Civil liability requires only a simple majority, if I’m not mistaken. Could it be that the accuser is taking the claim to civil court rather than criminal because of the perceived difficulty of obtaining a unanimous verdict from a he-said, she-said situation, and a failure to convict criminally could be used to undermine the civil complaint, despite what OJ has taught us? Just a thought…
    I think you bring up a great point, she’s only in a civil court because nothing happened and it’s harder to lie about nothing happening in a criminal court where they actually use stuff like evidence. I’m far from a legal expert, just ask EastBayRay, however, I think you need 9 out of 12 in SOME cases to deem someone liable. I have no clue what the difference is, but I’m guessing Ben’s lawyers would be pushing for that if possible.

  49. From a Browns fan. Hopefully if he is innocent, he is found innocent. Hopefully if he is guilty, he is found guilty. One thing I am sure of… Pro athletes should never be alone with a female that they don’t know very very well and completely trust! Even then, they are at risk of somebody making up a story. At this point, I think the truth is probably a mixture of both of their stories.

  50. Has your trained eye read Ms. McNulty’s claim, Florio? It’s about as convincing as OJ looking for the real killers.
    But yeah, spend all your time busting on Ben reading his prepared statement, you whackjob. How much heart-wrenching detail did you expect from the guy if he didn’t do what he’s accused of? You wanted, what, tears, a quivering chin, hugs from teammates? You are such a queef.

  51. why are we even debating this? We all know he will be found not liable because the Squealers get every call they need from the officials.

  52. Florio, you are such a cynical, instigating jackass at times. No wonder you went to law school.
    Of course I am biased and I do hope that this is untrue.
    But my criticism is rooted in the seeming absence of any attack on her credibility and opposing attacks on Ben and ESPN only by this site.
    So, she gets the benefit of the doubt because she claims to be a victim and Ben and the corporation she works for can afford to take the financial hit?
    No one seems to be willing to point at the holes in her story which includes the 8 people she works with that contradicted her story during the April ’09 in-house Harrah’s investigation and are co-defendants in this civil case because of it.
    Even if this is untrue (and I truly hope it is), he is going to be carrying this stigma for the rest of his life. That’s a pretty awful place for any guy to be, much less a public figure. If she made this up, then he is a victim. I wonder if that turns out to be the case, will you spend as much time and energy covering that angle and trying to do what you can to repair Ben’s reputation?

  53. Let’s see,,,she was allegedly raped by a very well known person that was pointed out to her that he was well known. She tells Harrah’s security about it. They ignore her, but she claims that was the same as telling the police. And then by the way, she continues to work for this same company that supposedly ignored her alleged rape. Worked for them for another year.
    If you are sane and you are raped, you go right to the police with the evidence that is still in your body. Case closed. She is lying.
    LOL. I wonder if she does consulting for the Ravens too?

  54. To all you Squeerler fans, it will be great to have the D-Players of the Ravens, Browns and Bengals, yell at Rothlishomo, “RAPIST!!!!” twice this year.

  55. Florio said it, so it must be true.
    To my trained eye, this place has pretty much lost whatever small amount of soul it may have had.

  56. At least wear a tie!
    Big Ben looked like he was heapig big chunks in the bathroom before he walked out there the way he looked.

  57. I take this ridicule from Mike Florio with a huge grain of salt. If you read Sports Illustrated, he is the same idiot that said the Penguins would lose the Stanley Cup again this year like they did last year. It must have killed him to write the next article acknowledging the Pittsburgh win. He obviously hates Pittsburgh sports teams.
    “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, write”
    Idiot. With Ben’s money he could have any hot chick he wants. This girl is ugly. Why would he stoop so low? Think about it. With one phone call he can have a hot girl.

  58. Your “reporting” of news filled with your commentary is about as useful and unbiased as the hate-filled bile that most people post under your stories.
    PFT is perhaps simply a reflection of society today but the cesspool that most of the posters on PFT have created is an awful thing.

  59. Reavens Fan,
    “To all you Squeerler fans, it will be great to have the D-Players of the Ravens, Browns and Bengals, yell at Rothlishomo, “RAPIST!!!!” twice this year.”
    Um. You guys should probably make up your minds. Either he’s a homo, or he raped this chick. Odds are pretty low that he did both.

  60. oh hey yeah–I remember the Clinton video. he was accused of lying about—ummm getting a bl*w j#b—right? That was back when the economy was booming & we all had good jobs. Was also before subsequent lies by others about WMD that has cost the lives of over 4300 US soldiers and 92,000 innocent citizens—not to mention–what’d they do to the economy?. Hey—FUNNY STUFF!

  61. Something is wrong with the system when a person can go right to the civil courts with out being backed up by the criminal judicial system. The same level of proof shout apply to both. We know why this person didn’t file a complaint, she would have to back it up with real evidence. Now all she has to do is prove to twelve impartial “right” jurors that she was wronged and should get rich. Much like most of the people that are posting garbage on this blog, you’ve all assumed that Ben is guilty. This is not a laughing matter so, to the haters for what ever reason, get a life.

  62. first off, i don’t think it honestly matters what team you’re a fan of. if he did it, then he should be tried, suffer the consequences, then move on. The NFL obviously isn’t going to condemn him for life… second off, if he didn’t “rape” her then he obviously put himself in some sort of predicament that pi$$ed off this girl. (although falsely accusing a pro athlete of rape isn’t the proper way to seek out revenge). either way you look at it he will still come out a winner(he’s still headlining!!). the fans will still support him (whether he did it or not), the NFL will keep a job open for him somewhere, and he will be able to move on with his life.

  63. Geek, you now have every Rats fan reading this thread scratching their head.
    >>FBGeek77 says: July 23, 2009 5:12 PM
    Reavens Fan,
    “To all you Squeerler fans, it will be great to have the D-Players of the Ravens, Browns and Bengals, yell at Rothlishomo, “RAPIST!!!!” twice this year.”
    Um. You guys should probably make up your minds. Either he’s a homo, or he raped this chick. Odds are pretty low that he did both.

  64. Florio is pretty much a laughing stock.
    How many more “insightful” reports are we going to get on this, Mike?
    None of them have added anything new, and there are several statements that reveal your desire to blow this up. Do you have something against Roethlisberger?

  65. In the address Ben said he wasn’t going to answer questions in the media so the fact that he didn’t say anything about the case during the news conference (media) is exactly what an intelligent person would expect… nothing about the case. Period.
    One thing I have not heard about… injuries. For men with wives/girlfriends, regardless of size, in a PLAYFUL manner have your significant other lay on her back on the bed and try to “pull” off her panties… with her PLYAFULLY resisting your efforts.
    My point is that it is nearly impossible to do this without severly restraining (with much force) a woman perhaps even incapcitating her… that is unless there is no resistance.
    Speaking as a victim… you fight back and you never return to the scene… mentally or physically. If you can avoid it.
    Did she scream… claw… scratch… kick… knee… poke… tear… anything??? Where there noticable marks on anyone??? Did she throw things or bang on walls??? For Ben to do what she alleges he put himself in a very vulnerable situation (exposing his genitals) and she did what???
    Read her statements for yourself and her choice of words… I think she may be a romantic at heart.

  66. TheVillain112 says: July 23, 2009 3:37 PM
    The most likely scenario of how this is going to end:
    – Ben settles out of court to make all this go away. Doesn’t mean he did anything, but most likely he won’t fight it out.
    – NFL doesn’t do or say anything meaningful in this situation. It was handled out of court NFL/Goodell stays out of it.
    No. Goodell already stated that he was going to look into this. Ben can’t necessarily settle out of court because he could risk being suspended by Goodell. Since serious allegations have been filed in a court, it is a public legal document. I’m certain Goodell already has a copy (just like I do, from downloading it). The NFL (and Goodell) wants to protect their brand. If Roethlisberger doesn’t fight this to the end and win, but settles out of court instead, it could give the Commissioner the impression that he was, in fact, guilty. That could prompt Goodell to act by suspending him for a period of time or even indefinitely.
    Ben gains nothing by settling out of court.

  67. SteelersSB44 :
    Im the first one to call out florio for his dumb remarks and his clear bias attitude but I have no idea where your getting your info from.
    I think florio has treated this sitution with more caution, majority, and impartiality then any other major story he has ever covered. He has said mutiple times (in other words) not to jump to conclusions. To not assume that McNulty is lying or that Ben is lying. Also he said its either Mcnulty is completly making everything up or Ben is lying through his teeth that there is no middle ground b/c of all the detail in the reports.
    This article he is simply pointing out that Ben’s statement is prepared and it COULD end up coming back to haunt him if in the end he is found out to be lying. But he also pointed out yesterday that there is inconsitencies(cant spell that word) in Mcnulty’s story about her going into the loony bin. So hes not just pointing out what he sees wrong with what Ben is saying sense the story broke but hes doing the same for Mcnulty. But in no way did Florio at all hint that he thinks Ben is guilty or try to make his readers think Bens guilty either.
    I think your just feeling a lil sensitive to the whole thing b/c hes your favorite teams golden boy QB. Which i dont blame you b/c I think if it was Mcnabb in the sitution I would feel the same way. But the difference is I wouldnt try to make Florio out to be the bad guy. People that are bias shouldnt call other people out for supposedly being bias. Because your point of view is skewed and you cant see straight.

  68. lajimmy says: July 23, 2009 3:58 PM
    Florio sure knows how to stir things up. LOL.
    He didn’t come out and say he didn’t know or have sex with her, so guess what??? He did. He’s using semantics for the future trial. He’ll be acquitted due to lack of evidence
    The problem with Ben being “acquitted” is that he’s not the only person being sued. Eight other persons, all employees of Harrah’s, are also being sued. She works there. If she has accumulated evidence or if there are other employees there who will testify and which proves that some or all of these eight employees at Harrah’s conspired to cover up everything related to her being raped by Ben, then it will also prove that Ben did rape the girl.
    This case becomes even more difficult for Roethlisberger because he will have no way to know how McNulty’s attorney intends to prove that the eight employees conspired to keep information related to a rape, and McNulty’s attempts to report it, from being exposed.

  69. Mike good points.
    I think another comparision can be made to the Rick Pitino Lawsuit. Pitino only had to issue a press release to tell us it didn’t happen, and that was that and the FBI moved in.Granted that was not a sexual assualt issue but still. It he really didn’t do it I would say he would be able to very calmly say it’s unfourtunate, but not this did not happen.
    The fact that he would even read a prepared statement makes me think that he realizes he had better try to win the public opinion early because once the trial starts the accusers lawyers will have some evidence.

  70. If this was so devastating when it supposedly happened she should have went to the police immediately, not her co-workers or hotel security. So a year later she’s going after all these people yet she still won’t go to the police. Sorry, this is a joke and it’s sad that it’s at the expense of Ben’s reputation.

  71. Florio, you are an idiot and your statement doesn’t mean anything either. This forum has turned your program into the National Enquirer Football Talk. Leave lawyering and judging to those who actually know what they are doing.

  72. It seems to me that Big Ben has been given the “benefit of the doubt” that most African American athletes never receive. Innocent until proven guilty seems to be an exclusive club that doesn’t include minority athletes. I’m not saying that Ben is innocent or guilty, I am saying that every athlete should receive “equal treatment under the law” be it the court of law, or the court of public opinion and certainly the court of media exposure. There were no criminal charges levied agains Pacman Jones, yet he was convicted in every public forum, including ESPN (whether it was deserved or not) and so was Michael Vick, well before his trial. I hope that Ben did not rape this woman, but if he did, he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Rape is a grevious crime and should not be treated so callously and lightly by you so called “sports fans”.

  73. No matter Ben’s outcome… The Bengals have been out of trouble, healthy, and re-built. But now when we’re ready to compete and possibly win against the Steelers. People will say, yeah the Bengals got lucky because Ben and his team are so distracted. Damn It! I want my team to face the steelers when they are at their best not when Ben is facing possible rape charges! Damn it Steelers!!

  74. If Ben supposedly raped her in April 2008, why is she just now conplaining about it? Answer me that Florio. And yes i am a die hard steelers fan.

  75. Crip2nknight…
    It is clear that you do not understand football and you may be a bit insensitive towards the central issue.
    If anything this whole ordeal will bring the Steelers and Steeler nation closer together as they rally behind their natural leader. Besides nothing involving Ben is going to magically fix the Bengals defense or replace TJ. Arizona has a much better offense than your Bengals and it took them 3 quarters to get started.
    I would suggest you go back and review last years schedule and what the Steeler D did to teams with much better offensive players/coaches and their D is better this year.
    Be careful what you wish for… you may just get it.

  76. From a loyal Pats fan all I can say is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hee hee ha ha ha ha . Just interesting that ESPN chose not to say Anything. Yet they had no trouble convicting and executing the Pats over Spygate. Oh and by the way, He is Lying! Discuss!

  77. PaulCole…..your Patsies were found GUILTY of ILLEGALLY videotaping their opponents signals, for the purpose of gaining an UNFAIR advantage, which is why the vast majority of NFL fans outside the N.E. region refer to them as the Cheatriots & ALWAYS will……even worse is, you the arrogant fans of BeliCHEAT & Co., condoning such behavior & in effect sending the message to those that view YOU as role models, that cheating is not only acceptable, but worthy of defending as well!

  78. Hey sixburgh just cuz your corners can’t cover moss the boss doesn’t give you the right to start typing words in all caps

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