Report: Vick, Goodell conduct meeting in New Jersey

2107.jpgFormer Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday afternoon in Allendale, N.J., according to Don Banks of

Per the report, the meeting was held at Buckley Peterson Global Inc, a security firm.

The meeting wrapped up around 4:00 p.m. ET when Vick and Goodell were both seen leaving the office, Banks reported.

The report didn’t indicate what Vick’s outlook for potential reinstatement is at this time.

“We’ve been consistent about that throughout this process,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told while not confirming or denying that the meeting took place. “We’re not responding to any of the questions surrounding the review. Once a decision is made by the commissioner, then we’ll make a statement.”

Per the report, Goodell and Vick both appeared “rather somber,” when departing the meeting, according to an “eyewitness.”

Vick reportedly had a “huge entourage” with him.

Earlier today, former Falcons teammate Joe Horn expressed hope that Vick will be reinstated.

“Goodell is a hard, tough commissioner, and he should be,” Horn told PFT.  “He’s taking a stance in the NFL that I think everybody respects.  I hope the meeting will go well.  I hope he’ll see that Mike is sincere.  I think he’ll give him that second chance.”

14 responses to “Report: Vick, Goodell conduct meeting in New Jersey

  1. He has a “camp” and a “entourage”!! Wow, can this guy take a piss by himself?

  2. “Vick reportedly had a “huge entourage” with him.”
    Entourage, huh? That’s a french loaf isn’t it?

  3. Per the Report…Ron Mexico and his “entourage” were seen piling into a rusted out 1989 Ford Aerostar as George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” blasted from the 3 remaining speakers not previously blown out by excessive bass.

  4. Florio writes “…we’re hearing rumblings that such a meeting might not happen yet, after all.”
    I guess those rumblings Florio heard were just some form of hot gas escaping….

  5. “Per the report, Goodell and Vick both appeared “rather somber,” when departing the meeting, according to an “eyewitness.”
    What, no cocker spaniels to hook up electrodes to for entertainment?

  6. What the hell does this guy need an entourage for? Does he have his own entrance music too?

  7. Florio is a jack ASS – didnt he report about 3 hours ago that ESPN was wrong in reporting that Vick and Goodell would meet this week – he said something like – “in fact there is no plan for goodell to meet this week” Nice reporting Floriosis

  8. He should have taken Goodell to meet with A.I. at the strip club. Buy Roger a few good lappers and it could be a completely different outcome…

  9. i’m sure the sight of the “entourage”went well with the commish.

  10. Yes Zombie, Costa…cause visiting this site DAILY, most likely multiple times, and bitching about/blasting Florio is the BEST revenge.
    Clicks = $$$ for all involved with this site.
    Wanna hit em hard? STOP COMING!
    Even INTRO TO ECON flunkies like yourselves can see the logic here methinks.

  11. Somber ?
    Thats fantastic, Mikey the dog killer would be smiling from ear to ear if it went well. If it’s true its great news.

  12. OMG people. the entourage is probably his managers, lawyers and such. That name has many meanings, not just bad things, like “gang” or possies. Also probably a body guard for those who are haters and will attack, which make them just as bad if not worse!
    I hope he comes back. everyone deserves a second chance. He did his time, took responsibility and now speaks out for PETA. Now to me, that is wonderful and great news. He is a good person, just got side tracked
    GO VICK!

  13. So thats why we are silly lambs do you people understand that the media doesnt care about the truth.The media will report anything whether its true or not oo man silly silly people.So you all will believe anything the media prints.Like i said yesterday haters will hate.Yeah like Tam says those people could be anybody they said entourage not gang,frikin haters.

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