A little belated PFTV Favre talk

On Tuesday, we taped a new five-pack of PFTV segments.  At the time, the reports were that quarterback Brett Favre would announce a decision on whether he’d join the Vikings by the end of the week.

And our failure to post the video promptly has made the thing a bit obsolete.  But there’s still some potentially useful insight in the 10 seconds or so that isn’t premised on Favre making a decision by the end of the day Friday.

Then again, it’ll still be Friday for another hour in Minnesota.

7 responses to “A little belated PFTV Favre talk

  1. When is Werder going to answer for this garbage? How many BS reports before someone calls him out? He has some “source”, who’s been wrong what, twice? Three times? Making definitive statements that clearly weren’t the truth? ESPN is a joke, and Werder loves throwing crap against the wall.

  2. He is still officially retired and he doesn’t owe the vikings anything.
    The vikings are wringing their hands over what they are going to do at QB when they should have done something years ago.
    Even if he gives an answer that he is open to hearing offers, negotiations can still go on for weeks. At least until another team loses a QB in preseason.
    In a battle of wits between the nitwit vikings and Bus Cook, I ‘ll bet on Bus Cook everytime.

  3. Favre, Favre, Favre, Favre…Favre – Favre – Favre – Favre…FavreFavreFavre and then Favre…Who gives a rip….

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