Cowboys still not interested in Vick

NFL_vick1.jpgAs suspended quarterback Michael Vick awaits word on whether he’ll face additional punishment from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, he can apparently cross the Dallas Cowboys off his list of potential employers.

Jerry Jones said today that Vick isn’t going to be joining the Cowboys.

Jones, who employed troubled cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones last season, has no plans to acquire Vick if he’s reinstated by Goodell.

According to the Associated Press, Jones was asked if he had changed his mind about Vick.

And Jones repeatedly said: “It hasn’t.”

That reiterates what Jones has been saying for a while, too. So, perhaps he really means it.

13 responses to “Cowboys still not interested in Vick

  1. i was thinking the reason jj released pacman and tank was so he could sign vick without the fans saying he had a team full of criminals

  2. and Francisco Franco is STILL dead, after all these years.
    Trying to ‘make’ a story where there isn’t one, Mike?
    I’d bet Dallas ‘still’ isn’t interested in Jim Brown either. In fact, why don’t you post an article abot which players ‘Dallas ‘still’ isn’t interested in?
    It is more likely that Dallas will resign Pacman than it is that Dallas will sign Vick.

  3. Cowboys don’t need him… Kitna and McGee are good backups… and this is Romo’s year to prove himself.
    plus, like Vox said, we have a hell of a backfield in Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tashard Choice.
    and apparently Isiah Stanbach is going to be running the wildcat(razorback) formation.

  4. I don’t get why the Cowboys (or any team for that matter) will not sign this guy. He’ll make the league minimum but has a much higher ceiling then other league minimum paid players, such as most sucky offensive linemen. So what if PETA shows up to your games, you get more paid tickets and if they act rowdy you kick their a$$es outta the stadium

  5. My posts on all news related Vickey are usually just “F Vickey”.
    But please cowgirls please sign Vickey.

  6. Romo in Dallas and Campbell in Washington may both be on the bubble this season — but I’d still rather have either one of them than the spectacularly disappointing Ron Mexico at QB.

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