Draft-style workout coming for Vick?

NFL_vick_usa.jpgLet’s assume for now that the reports of quarterback Mike Vick’s conditional reinstatement to the NFL followed by a four-game suspension to start the regular season are accurate — notwithstanding strong indications that no decisions have been made by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

If that’s the case, what will Vick’s next step be?

At this point, it’s not clear.  Multiple teams are expected to emerge from the shadows to pursue him, but some might be reluctant absent proof that Vick can still run like Randy Moss as once described by Bobby Bowden.  (You’ll understand why we put it that way if you click the link.)

It’s our understanding that Vick will convene with trainer Tom Shaw, who contrary to reports has not yet officially been engaged to assist Vick’s preparations to return to football.  Shaw will then advise Vick on whether he is ready, or whether he needs more time to get in pre-camp football shape.

And we’re hearing that it’s possible Shaw and Vick will decide to invite interested teams to watch Vick run, cut, jump, throw, etc. — just as he would in a pre-draft workout.

There’s some skepticism in non-league circles that Vick’s extended layoff will leave him rusty and out of shape.  The other side of the coin, however, is that Vick’s legs have avoided an NFL-style pounding for more than 30 months. 

That said, if a team is willing to sign Vick without a tire-kicking, then there might not be a multi-team workout.  But given that the decision to welcome one of the most notorious players onto a team is the kind of thing that will get people fired if it blows up, we doubt that anyone will ink Vick without getting a look at whether he still has the uncanny footspeed and agility that helped overcome his deficiencies in the passing game.

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  1. Sign him ‘Skins. Just do it Snyder…Offensive line is iffy, so you might as well grab a QB that doesn’t need one.

  2. His legs have avoided an “NFL-style pounding” for more than 30 months, but other parts of his body have endured “prison-style pounding” for the past 23…

  3. He does need one…the been the knock on him in my opinion. Give him time and he can make the throws…but when you have DT in your face just after you snap the ball, that is kind of hard.

  4. What happens if Vick performs poorly? Will teams have power supply’s ready to electrocute him?

  5. Man we have so many perfect americans never made BAD decision never had a BAD lifestyle….and steadily trying to play the role of Supreme Court Judge in this situation…..LMFAO!!!!!!!! Freekin Hilarious…..
    Vick will be fine he has been workin out an Tom will get hiim in shape…..Skins, Vikings, San Fran, Buffalo, St Louis, Jacksonville should be 1st in line….

  6. Florio writes “…Vick will convene with trainer Tom Shaw, who contrary to to reports has not yet officially been engaged…”
    One of these reports was on this website: ”
    Respected trainer Tom Shaw, who has known Vick since his days at Virginia Tech and who has been working to get Vick back in football shape, has offered up a similar assessment.” https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2009/07/20/dan-reeves-tom-shaw-see-vick-as-a-quarterback/

  7. It’s a smart strategy.
    If he has a great workout, many fans will forgive him.
    If he has a crap workout, the naysayers will still dump on him and the sycophants will continue to love him for whatever reason.

  8. I have to say, at least this is more interesting the Favre the Diva.
    I keep hearing reports that “interested teams will emerge,” but I can’t imagine an owner other than Jerry Jones that would be willing to suffer the firestorm of protests and bad publicity for a third-string quarterback that will probably miss 4 games due to suspension.
    The other thing to keep in mind is that Vick had his success under Dan Reeves’ relatively simple offense (save the comments, I know how bad it sucked). The plan was pound the running game, have a simple passing game, and just let Vick improvise if the play fell apart. As silly as it sounds that was really when he was at his best.
    If some prospective team is running a complicated, west-coast, multi-progression-read, throw-to-a-spot-on-the-field passing game they can forget it. He’ll never succeed in such a system. If you watched carefully his last two years Atlanta the wide-receivers always ran to a spot on the field and stopped. They would literally stand there and wait for the ball. Apparently he couldn’t hit anyone in stride.
    It’ll be entertaining no matter what happens…

  9. Tom Shaw will be working with him on his physical conditioning.
    Cesar Millan will be working with him on his behavioral challenges.
    It is a Win Win.

  10. I look at every single picture I see of this jerk and without exception think to myself “Yeah, he looks like a guy who has learned from his mistakes and is ready to be an upstanding member of society.” Rotsa ruck to any team stupid or desperate enough to sign him. (And I’m sure there will be one.) You will richly deserve the disease you’ll be getting.

  11. You lost most everybody with the first sentence.
    He is an STD carrier knowingly infecting people.
    An employee that flips off his employers customers.
    A lying employee with drug problem.
    An employee involved with bankrolling organized crime in illegal gambling, drugs, and dog fighting.
    His dark hearted evil ways do not belong in the wholesome family oriented business of the NFL.
    You are a sicko to even write the very first sentence.
    Break it dwon Mike!
    1) The drugs are a 4 game suspension.
    2) The gambling is at least a one year ban.
    3) The personal conduct is at least an 8 game suspension.
    4) The whole package of conduct to financing organized crime adds up to a lot more.
    5) now that he is available to play (out of prison) those suspensions can BEGIN.
    He should be suspended for at least 2 years from today and that would be a light suspension.

  12. I realize the guy is not in football shape but after spending all that time in Federal prison, he should be a physical speciman at this point.(have you seen some of the dudes in prison. they get that freaking huge/cut without a GNC store!) That is if he didn’t get lazy and stop working out.

  13. How about they let him see if he can out run some rabid pit bulls ? I hope this POS never plays again. I think PETA is joke but I’d join them in boycotting this A$$hole.

  14. In the link: “Moss also drew heavy criticism when he said he didn’t know much about the 1970 plane crash that wiped out Marshall’s team in 1970, and while calling it a tragedy, he said it “wasn’t nothing big.”
    Moss, like Vick, just another class act piece of trash.

  15. Ken West says:
    July 24, 2009 4:19 PM
    “I still think there is some fight left in that dog.”
    Raider Pride says:
    July 24, 2009 4:30 PM
    “Tom Shaw will be working with him on his physical conditioning.
    Cesar Millan will be working with him on his behavioral challenges.
    It is a Win Win.”
    Absolutely Classic…

  16. Yo, jwill007, is 007 your IQ?
    There’s a BIG difference between being an “imperfect” human being and being one who runs an ILLEGAL dog-fighting operation for SEVEN YEARS.
    When you consider the rest of the baggage that Vick carries – at least one failed drug test, the “water bottle” incident, the finger in the Dome incident, the Ron Mexico incident – you have the recipe for a miserable human being.
    Of course, as long jock-sniffers like jwill007 continue to exist, scumbags like Vick will never be lonely.
    I wish the both of you a happy life together.

  17. Are they going to run broken plays also? That’s what he’s made a career out of, broken plays.
    Put him in an offense like N.E. or IND, and watch the deer in the headlights syndrom take full effect.

  18. I hope he comes to the afc north… Guy is a fumble machine. Must have been a huge problem at shower time in the penn.

  19. I hope he comes to the afc north… Guy is a fumble machine. Must have been a huge problem at shower time in the penn.

  20. LOL.
    Florio, you definately pulled that out of ass. That article is 12 years old. Loser. Who would even remember that? Well played.

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