Maybin likely will be a holdout

With the Buffalo Bills opening training camp tomorrow, they’ll apparently do so without the services of the eleventh overall pick in the 2009 draft.

We’re hearing that Penn State defensive end Aaron Maybin isn’t close to agreeing to terms on a deal, and that the two sides in the negotiations have not yet demonstrated the kind of urgency necessary to get a deal done.

Maybin’s agent, Joel Segal, has a reputation in some circles for refraining from doing a first-round deal until the floor and ceiling are set by the players picked before and after his clients.  If Segal applies that approach here, Maybin could be out for a while — word is that agent Eugene Parker is hoping to break the bank for receiver Michael Crabtree at No. 10, under the theory that Crabtree should have been among the first five players drafted.

And so the Bills are facing one of the lesser-known drawbacks to appearing in the Hall of Fame game.  By playing a week before the first official preseason weekend, the Bills are opening camp a week before most other teams.  With most other teams still dragging their feet on doing first-round deals, it could be a while before Maybin agrees to terms.

7 responses to “Maybin likely will be a holdout

  1. Florio – Dont forget the Bills have 2 first rounders. Maybin aint gonna play much anyways but the Bills need to get Eric Wood signed and second rounders Andy Levitre and Jarius Byrd. They are expected to contribute. So screw Maybin, we need wood and levitre.

  2. Crabtree’s agent is going to claim Crabtree should get top 5 money? Because he should of been taken in the top 5? Well he wasn’t. Hey Crabtree ordinary folk all around you are losing their jobs and their homes because of this economy. Don’t be the dick everyone thinks you are and holdout.

  3. Florio brings up an interesting point about the Hall of Fame game that I could use some clarification on.
    If the Bills get to open a week early due to the Hall of Fame game, they still would finish camp the same time as everyone else, due to having five preseason games instead of four, right?
    So technically anyone signed within the next week would be “on time” for a normal team. Getting players signed now is just an added bonus.
    Am I correct on this, or is there more to it than that?

  4. just another reason why the slot they are picked should have a contract allocated to it. make it a 3 year deal, at the end you are a restricted free agent. allow the player and team to restructure after the first year or whenever. this will allow teams to keep their investments, and avoid these bs holdouts every year.

  5. So Crabtree “should” have been a top 5 guy? That’s a great theory. Hayward-Bey “should” have been a bottom 10 guy, so that’s good news for the Raiders. They can save a lot of money in negotiations by applying that logic.

  6. I always think that argument of “well he should have been a top 5 pick” is complete crap. Why should he have been a top 5 pick? Because thats where he was in everyone’s mock draft? Well, this is why we have the actual draft. No matter how crazy the Raiders were to take DHB over Crabtree… they did. Didn’t Brady Quinn try this same crap when he thought he was getting picked #9 by the Dolphins?

  7. Russ Brandon couldn’t be too worried about signing his draft picks. He was out at Oak Hill yesterday morning playing. Must be he has it all under control.

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