Rattay will back up Losman in Vegas

After weeks of rumors that former NFL quarterback Tim Rattay will be playing in the UFL, Las Vegas coach Jim Fassel tells our pal Todd Wright of Sporting News Radio that Rattay will be playing for the Vegas team, as the understudy to J.P. Losman.

The unnamed team, which Fassel says will have a name within two weeks, might need Rattay.  Since Losman signed before August 1, he’ll be permitted to jump ship before August 1, if an opportunity arises in the NFL.

Rattay, who started nine games for the 49ers during the 2004 season, last played for the Cardinals in 2007.  He threw 714 passes during an eight-year NFL career, completing 60.5 percent of them for 4,853 yards, 31 touchdowns, and 23 interceptions.

11 responses to “Rattay will back up Losman in Vegas

  1. I live in Vegas and don’t care. No one will watch these teams. Is it not past your bedtime?

  2. I agree, Rattay is actually smart and can read a defense. Fassel should be starting Rattay. Foolish

  3. Rattay should be on an NFL team, not backing up some scrub on a team that doesn’t even have a name

  4. These 2 are probably the best 2 players in the league, and they put them on the same team?

  5. lol are you kidding me, rattay is backing up losman? shouldn’t it be the other way around? rattay shouldnt even be in this joke of a league, hes actually pretty good

  6. no wonder jim fassel hasnt gotten an nfl job yet. losman is useless, any nfl team that picks him up is going to get laughed at. i hope its a team the bills play

  7. Hmm. That email address for the fantasy startup seems to have a problem…I keep getting my emails returned. Anyways, my first round pick is HeHateMe.
    Isn’t backing up Losman in the UFL like being a part of the cast for Caddyshack II? Even if anyone notices you, they won’t have found memories of it.

  8. Why is everyone hating on the UFL. I live in Vegas and Im stoked to go to some UFL games. Its still football and football is awesome. Go Las Vegas *name to be determined later*!

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