Ravens haul in Drew Bennett

Veteran wide receiver Drew Bennett has agreed to terms with the Baltimore Ravens on a one-year contract for the veteran minimum, according to a league source.

Bennett worked out for the Ravens today along with D.J. Hackett, Chris Hannon and Justin Brown.

Bennett caught one pass last season with the St. Louis Rams due to a foot injury.

Now, the former Rams and Tennessee Titans starter has recovered from his injuries and passed a physical this afternoon.

“I’m probably healthier now than I was two years ago,” Bennett said following the tryout. “And two years ago I was the hot commodity. People were asking to fly me around. Now, it’s like I’m begging to get in the door.

“It definitely makes me a little bit hungrier to prove myself. When it’s low expectations, I seem to do well. I think it’s a good spot for me. Hopefully, I can get in the door and impress some people and play.”

16 responses to “Ravens haul in Drew Bennett

  1. Nice pick up Ravens. I hope our defense can handle that outstanding receiving corp this year!

  2. If he does better with low expectations he’s about to set the world on fire… I expect him to be injured before preseason ends.

  3. I’m going to make a superstar out of this man with my huge arm. Oh and I’m going to throw some footballs to him as well.

  4. So lets see if I get this straight my Titans pick up the Colts garbage and the Ravens pick up the Titans garbage.

  5. come back mason i really want to see the steelers lose that division. Ed reed is hands down without a doubt the best saftey in the game. Hes got B. dawkins beat i think and sorry steelers but Troy P. doesnt have shit on ed reed. I’m not a ravens fan either i just hate the steelers they stole larry fitz’s ring last year. Ray Lewis go knock roethlisberger out

  6. that’s a steal for the Ravens. he’ll be the best value in football this year. mark my words. I wish the Cowboys would have gotten him.

  7. Corps moe… I’ll teach you hillbilly shitsburgh fans spelling one at a time.

  8. I think it’s a good pickup. Drew Bennett is a talented white boy.
    But yeah seriously where is the ratings system? Bring it back please. Thanks.

  9. wow! a 30 year old white receiver! i want him for my fantasy team.

  10. @EdReed4prez: You are still around reading posts today? I thought all you Raven Fags would be out celebrating!

  11. Are steeler fans the most angry individuals ever?
    Apparently all that it takes is to not do anything all year long and then make one lucky catch in the superbowl to be a “legitimate receiver”…right Sandubio???

  12. I’ll save my celebration for when worthlessburger settles out of court with that ugly bitch. But thanks for asking buddy.

  13. Sorry that was out of line I got a little steelerish in my response. I hope he didn’t actually assault that woman, and that if she is indeed lying that she faces some sort of stiff penalty(pun intended). It wouldn’t feel right this year when we stomp them if they’re not 100% with queen ben at the helm.

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