Vikings should punt on Favre and chase Vick

Their pursuit of a 39-year-old future Hall of Famer is all the proof that anyone needs regarding the reality that the Vikings don’t feel as good about their quarterback situation as they could or should.

But Brett Favre isn’t the only option.  Instead of going “all in” with a guy who can’t make a decision and when he finally does can’t stick to it, why not consider a man who is by all appearances determined and motivated to make the most of his second chance?

That’s our topic for today.  The Vikings should tell Favre to go fly a kite, and they should get in the front of the line to sign Vick.

For any Vikings fans who disagree, please step into the official PFT time machine, punch December 1, 2002 into the dashboard, and press the red button beneath the flux capacitor.

Or just watch this.

59 responses to “ Vikings should punt on Favre and chase Vick

  1. I’ll never forget that play, and if my memory serves me correct the play never should have happened. I believe the refs made a wrong call on a lateral that would have resulted in a Vikings win.

  2. Nice call Flo, replay from 2002? He is a gimmick QB thats been solved by D-Cordinators league wide (See Vince Young.) Skip Farve also, ITS BOOTY TIME!!

  3. I agree Vick deserves another shot but he isn’t any better than TJack. Jackson actually goes through his reads then takes off… Vick looks and goes. The Vikes already have Peterson and Percy, they don’t need Vick.

  4. Yes, because the all-run, no pass Falcons won all those playoff games with Vick at the helm……

  5. The Sportingnews is a day (actually 4) late… I made that comment on the 20th in the “Plenty of teams… thread”. Happy to see someone is reading my work 🙂 Wonder if next week they’ll run a story about Zygi selling the franchise to LA?
    “pkrjones says:
    July 20, 2009 12:38 PM
    Every single player that you rated Vick as “comparable” is better than Vick, if not physically, then definitely mentally. I don’t DISagree with anyone in your “worse” category, except possibly Garrard (get the man some WR’s) and Campbell.
    IF Minnesota had any “stones” they’d tell Brett to go ride his mower and sign Vick… but they don’t, and they’ll continue to suck until Zygi sells them to LA.”

  6. I will not attend a single game if they sign the dog-killer. There is a difference between making a poor decision and repeatedly demonstrating a lack of respect for innocent life. Mike Vick is just straight-up a bad person and doesn’t deserve to be reinstated.

  7. I have no room for anyone who kills defenseless animals for fun. People say that he has payed his debt to society by going to jail.. B.S. That does not change who he is. What he did is pure evil. Driving drunk and killing someone is a mistake. Getting into a public altercation is a Mistake. Getting caught with a boat load of prostitutes is poor judgment and a mistake. But what he did was Calculated, thought out, Evil. He actually set his property up to host dog fighting its not like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I could never except someone like that.

  8. The Steelers better make their move for Vick….they will probably need a back up for Batch once Ben is incarcerated..

  9. To put that into perspective, Priest Holmes ran for 1300 yards and 22 scores that year.
    So, it’s been a while.

  10. Oh my god, if they signed both the circus would be insane.. But with that aside, I think the Vikes should sign Vick, or at least look into him because even Vick is better than what the Vikings currently have. Plus I think Vick would fit in very well with the offense.
    They could sign Favre and Vick this year, and lets say if Vick is suspended for a couple games, they could just use him in the wildcat for this year to get his feet wet, then next year he could start and be in tip top shape again to do so. Yeah Vick will be 30 next year, but he is fresh and not beaten down.

  11. This would be a terrible idea. Vick is a great runner, but not a great passer. All he’d do is enhance an already great running game.
    The Vikings need someone who can take advantage of 8/9 men in the box to stop AD. Vick is not the one to do that.

  12. why not stick with the guy you have been chasing for 3 years, gave up a draft pick for, and signed to a multi million dollar deal?
    why not stick with that guy, and maybe it will appear that the front office knows what they are doing? instead of chasing down every has-been, MIGHT-still-be, and probably-won’t-be that you see walking down FA street? a week from camp and MN still doesn’t knwo who their QB is….
    but hey, THIS year is THE year, right?

  13. Second chance my ass. Vick should be in hell where he and his “friends’ belong. What kind of an “ASSCLOWN” would dare write such an article thinking the Vikings or the Viking fans would ever be desperate enough to have a piece of manure like Vick up here let alone on this team. You people and your second chances, you’re all sick. Talk about blind allegiance if Vick was white there is no way in hell anyone would even dream of being around him let alone back in the NFL. Roger Goodell needs to have some respect for himself let alone the league and stop wasting time on “Ick”. Let’em rot like the slug he is…….and don’t anyone write in and tell me something as stupid as haven’t I ever made a mistake before or he hung out with the wrong guys or this is his first strike or forgive and forget. Vick should be working where he belongs-at White Castles!

  14. You fans are sick of the Brett stories…..I feel sorry for the team that signs Vick. He deserves the right to play as he as served his time….but the media shit will be unbearable. Brett said he’ll make his announcement before training camp…..why not just wait for it instead of all the hype of when he’ll announce.

  15. I wouldnt sign Vick at all. Im not saying he doesnt deserve a chance to play again, bc I think hes served his time, but he was never that good of a QB to begin with. Ask Roddy White.

  16. Brett Favre is the only NFL player i cant stand more than Vick. I say go for it. Except for the fact that Vick will be suspended at least 4 games to start the season

  17. Eff yea, I’d rather watch Vick out there then the old man. At least we dont have to worry about Madden slobbering all over him on every pass.

  18. “Get at me Dog” would’ve been a more ironic soundtrack to this overtime, game-winning run…
    although going with “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” could allude to all of the gay rumors that surrounded Vick, back in Atlanta…

  19. PLEASE tell me what is so great about a running back behind center that hasn’t played in 2 years!
    Also he has a 53.00 completion pct. (Not good)
    75.00 QB Rating (really not good)
    I think Favre is done, but I would rather have him then Vick any day

  20. Florio, this is the worst piece of garbage I have ever read. The only apparent reason for writing this trash is to get people to read it and respond. A pure ratings play.
    1. Vick couldnt hit the broad side of a barn. One of the most inaccurate passers in league history.
    2. Favre knows the offense.
    3. Favre played last year. Vick has been in jail for the last two.
    4. We already have a running back on our team. The best in the league. And we already have a Vick on our team, his name is Tavaris Jackson.
    5. Your time machine crap has no validation whatsoever as to why the Vikes should sign Vick over Favre.
    This is the worst display of commentary I have ever read. The Sporting News should fire you on the spot. The only reason I read this website is because of the great rumor insight you have. However, I most certainly think your opinions on the NFL are worthless. This is all the proof I need. Shut up and report the news. Dont interject your garbage to create a stir. It makes you look pretty stupid.

  21. Yes they should sign because he was the exact same player as he was seven (!!!) years ago. Seven years ago, Brett Favre was second in MVP voting to Rich freakin’ Gannon.

  22. By your reasoning, the Broncos should have went hard after Timmy Smith after Super Bowl XXII.

  23. That play against the Vikings is my favorite Vick clip of all time – back when the world was young and beautiful and Vick was an electrifying athlete.
    Now that we live in the cold, gray world where Vick is a dope-smoking, dog-fighting, convicted felon I’d say that suggesting the Vikings get him is just about the craziest thing I’ve heard today.

  24. GREAT IDEA… favre is the answer this year… vick is the answer next year… and he can still be used in a wildcat offense with favre on the sideline… could you imagine what you could do with formations/flip plays, etc with Favre, vick, harvin, peterson and berrian? WOW…
    And what would the NFC north do next year? This year we are defending a legend, next year we can’t because the boy is trying to win MVP a year removed from jail.

  25. Vick, Peterson and Harvin make for a pretty scary threesome. Any of them could break a TD on any play.
    Still, after the party boat incident, it’s hard to picture the Vikes signing Vick.

  26. They should play “who let the dogs out? Woof, Woof! The Vikings would never stoop so low as to sign Vick. We want Brett! We need Brett! We love Brett! (If he signs).

  27. OK, Florio’s take on Vick is like a dog with a chew toy who won’t give it up. No pun even intended…but let’s look at this objectively. I actually agree with Florio that Vick can, should, and will be given another chance in the NFL as a QB. But Florio can’t seem to make the leap from football academics into the reality: an NFL QB is first and foremost A LEADER OF MEN. Without being able to do that, no one can succeed as a NFL QB, regardless of his physical skills. Can Vick be that someday? Maybe, he never appeared to be a great leader with the Falcons, but only guys who played with him and coached him can really answer that. But right now, who’s going to respond to him as a leader?

  28. Why do people seem to think that Vick has a “right” to play football? If you worked for IBM, got caught stealing from the company and then served time in prison for it would you “deserve” to work for IBM again? Preposterous, I know.
    It is the same thing, Vick stole from the NFL and now somehow he has the “right” to play for them again just because he is too fecking stupid to do anything else to earn a living? I can not for the life of me understand why he should ever be allowed to play for the NFL again.

  29. Good work Florio, I have been saying this the past few days.
    And for all you malcontents on this site talking about how Vick is like TJack, are you kidding me? I hope you are just trying to illustrate a point, because that is certainly not a legitimate comparison.
    Vick could win games for the Falcons…and I want to mention a nugget that is probably forgotten by many: Childress was McNabbs QB coach for his first couple of years, back when he was known for his legs more than his head and arm. Childress was intrumental in coaching McNabb into a pocket passer, and I dont doubt that he could do the same for Vick. For as much crap as Florio gives Chilly, you gotta admit, the guy is proven in coaching somebody who has some form of talent, as opposed to Jackson, who just may not be a good QB, plain and simple.
    Or they just throw it all out and go with Sage Rosemaryandthyme.

  30. Mike Florio, respect man. YOU have been on point.
    Any Viking fan that would think with their head can see that signing Vick would be a no brainer.
    According to speed and conditioning coach Tom Shaw , Vick is in good shape and can still run a 4.4 40-yard dash.
    Yesterday, Guest blogger Brian Burke of Advanced NFL stats had a article on NYT’s NFL blog, ‘the Fifth down entitled Vick as a Quarterback? He’s Underrated. Here: (
    It’s clear that he understands, what Vick could mean for a team. But it has to be for the right team.
    The Vikings would be DUMB, not to consider this.
    Now read below, Vick NEVER had a offensive line, good RB’s or WR’s. It was HIM, he was the focus, and that is why players…his peers respected him as a football player.
    “Falcons | Forney complains about ex-coach’s rules
    Sat, 14 Apr 2007
    Steve Wyche, of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reports Atlanta Falcons OG Kynan Forney was critical of former offensive line coach Alex Gibbs’ policy of making offensive lineman weigh less than 300 pounds. Forney said the rule resulted in some players drastically cutting weight a night or two before weekly weigh-ins. “Everybody’s glad that you don’t have to be sitting around and stressing about starving yourself all week to make some weigh-in on Friday morning because somebody likes the way it looks on paper. They would tell you that you have to weigh 295 [pounds] so you’d be sitting up Wednesday and Thursday night starving sometimes. Sometimes you’ve got 330-pound, 340-pound [defensive tackles] across from you and as the season goes on, that can weigh on you. You had different guys starving themselves. That’s crazy to me. We’re not naturally sleek and lean. We were made to be sleeker and leaner,” Forney said. Forney added that nobody raised issue because the Gibbs-taught zone-blocking scheme resulted in the Falcons leading the league in rushing for three consecutive seasons.”
    “I don’t know offensive line-wise would he be still running for his life or not like he was in Atlanta,” (DeAngelo) Hall said.
    The Falcons *never* had an offensive line. This is something that folks (haters) conveniently ignore. Their offensive linemen were usually very smallish, had to starve themselves (which would make them weak and unnatural) and were mostly late round picks or undrafted free agents. This is what the Falcons did for Vick. NOTHING.
    For (Matt) Ryan, they actually started to build a real offensive line, one that did not starve itself before a game. It also included drafting 1st round offensive linemen, something they never did for Vick.
    “He could be great,” Hall said. “Because he can make every single throw on the field. I think a lot of what they asked him to do was so limited because he was such a great athlete. They wanted him to still be able to use all those tools and still be able to kind of use his feet. We had coaches at the time a little bit one-track minded and ‘This is Michael Vick, we want him to be able to use his legs.’”
    —DeAngelo Hall
    The Falcons passing game had no third option (or number 1 reciever), nor many plays with backs out of the backfield. Unlike the offense that Dan Reeves (who should have never been fired) used under Vick. Look at the stats, you will notice the drastic decrease in passes to Dunn out of the backfield. Where before (2003) the back out the backfield was a staple of the offense…Greg Knapp’s (J. Mora’s) offense foolishly eliminated it. The third option was Vick running, per Mora and Knapp. They were really incompetent. Thus fired as they should have been.
    Also, Vick really did not have any weapons on par with A.P or Harvin…guys that were just as scary as him. No one that could carry the offense. Dunn could not, he relied on Vick’s presence on the boot, to set up his runs. Teams that where good enough, simply made Dunn, Duckett or someone else beat them… Dunn never punished a defense, neither did Duckett, who was a soft running powerback.
    A.P does, Taylor does. Just image how A.P would look with Vick at QB. Vick made Dunn look way better then he was. That would be 2,000 yards easy for A.P.
    Farve takes the ball out of A.P hands…teams will make Farve beat them. I would rather take a chance on Vick, who can beat teams with his running, while also created HUGE holes for A.P to exploit, since teams will respect Vick on the backside of the running play.
    Put it this way. The bootleg scheme (which is a part of the WCO) , the Spread, and the Wildcat would make it really hard to stop the Vikings. With this offensive line, and defense it will become really hard to stop this team.
    The Bootleg and the Play Action off of it with Berrian and Harvin running deep would be insane to stop. A.P going front-side on a running play, while Vick going the other on boot-action will be insane to stop. If you choose to Stop A.P, Vick will make teams pay. If you focus on Vick (breakaway running going one way). A.P will go the distance the other!!! If you stack the box, Berrian will burn your corner.
    The difference this …. A.P is the best back in the NFL. Vick has *never* played with a player of that level while in ATL, or in college. That is fact.
    Atlanta’s issue was not Michael Vick. Anyone saying that is using revisonist history.
    While he was far from perfect, and had some major flaws…at the same time… that team had huge issues that Vick covered up a lot. The way they built their team was so wrong for him, and Dan Reeve pointed it out.
    They had it all wrong. The wrong scheme, the wrong players, whereas Dan Reeves had the right idea. Vick needs a explosive running back with power, and a big and good offensive line…with a scheme that is built on play action, that take the focus off of him and only using him as a threat as the last option, not first. As a surprise not the main weapon… (This is what Reeves wanted to do).
    Not a scheme that was totally based on a gimmick. The cut-blocking, and smallish starved and hungry offensive line men that would get pushed around by bigger, faster and more talented defensive linemen. Not the undrafted journeymen offensive linemen…that could not block to save their own lives. Not the smallish Running back (Dunn) who only got yards based on Vick freezing the defense back side of the defense or a power back that would not run with power (Duckett).
    Greg Knapp was *not* a good offensive coordinator. Running with Warrick Dunn up the middle twice then passing is stupid. Passing with plays that only had two options is stupid. He would never mix it up. Smart teams simply choose to stop Vick and make Dunn or someone else beat them.
    Ed Donatell was -piss poor as a Defensive coordinator, with his very soft and non aggressive zone defense…with his corners playing off like safeties.
    No one talks about these issues. It’s popular for some folks to forget and/or blame it all on Vick. He won in spite of these things.
    Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff has done a better job then McKay. Pure and simple.
    Michael Turner was the MVP of the falcons with his 1,699 yards rushing and his 17 touchdowns on the ground, that everyone seems to ignore, while praising Ryan. Turner is a explosive runner with breakaway ability to take it the distance and a runner that would punish defenses…unlike Dunn or Duckett. Turner is the type of player that could carry the offense(like he did last year), whereas Dunn, Duckett, or anyone else could on that team could not. They also upgraded the line, with better talent based on blocking. When Vick played, there was no one that could carry the offense but him. With the Vikings, that would not matter. He would have A.P and Taylor.
    “The offense that benefits Vick is a non-traditional pro offense. I give Jim Mora huge props because when he was the head coach of the Falcons, he sent his offensive staff to the University of West Virginia to learn the spread attack. Mora was searching for ways to make his offense Vick-compatible. The perfect offense for Vick is not completely the Wildcat, but it must have some elements; it’s not the West Virginia spread attack, but it must have some elements of that, too. And it’s not the West Coast, but it must have some elements of that.”
    —Michael Lombardi
    In my opinion, the Vikings would be idea for Vick in pure football related discussion. This is football, PR my ass.
    First, Adrian Peterson is the focal point of this team. The Vikings are a running team, and A.P would be insane lined up with Vick in the back field. Again look at what Vick did with Dunn (who is no where near A.P). The fear of the bootleg would freeze the backside of the defense, not allowing teams to flow to A.P. …this would in turn open huge holes for cutbacks him or would end with Vick going for a big gain if the weak side of the defense crashed down hard. This variation of the West Coast would work well with the players on this team. Yeah, you got Jackson, but really there is not comparison between the two. Vick is a first tier runner, with incredible agility and has blazing 4.33 speed (that he will retain). Jackson ran a 4.75. Not even close. The Vick/Jackson excuse does not work here.
    Second, the addition of the Wildcat formation…this formation would cause serious issue with Vick at the helm and A.P lined up beside him. Add the Speed of Harvin and Berrian, and folks would forget about Miami’s version very quickly. Vick lining up in a regular formation then shifting to the wildcat would cause defenses a lot of issues. In this formation, Vick is a weapon. The shifting between the spread, the wildcat and regular base formations will/would give teams nightmares.
    Third, the Vikings are a running team. Say it with me…THEY ARE A RUNNING TEAM. You are NOT going to ask any QB to come in and put up Peyton Manning/Tom Brady/Drew Brees like numbers. That would be foolish and take the ball out of your most dangerous weapon hands (A.P).
    With Vick, A.P would continue to be the focus, and actually still hurt teams who put eight men in the box. Vick lead Falcons lead the NFL, with suspect running backs for 3 years straight…just think if Vick was with A.P and Taylor…they would smash records, and the Viking running attack would be pretty much unstoppable.

  31. Try Again. Flo that clip is from 2002, cant be many players still on that squad who couldnt tackle left on the team. Also, Vick is a Gimmick QB, that can be stopped by any D-Cordinator in the league (See Vince Young.) They ought to skip Favre also. ITS BOOTY TIME!

  32. Tarvaris Jackson has always been a broke ass Michael Vick.
    time to get the real one.

  33. It would be Mossy Cade all over again. (Released by the Packers after he was convicted of sexual assualt on a woman he was related to by marriage, then signed by and released by the Vikings almost immediately.) There would be so much public outcry in this “politically correct horror of a metro area,” that he would be released within a day.
    You think the Vikings are having trouble selling tickets now. If they signed Vick, they wouldn’t fill half the stadium.

  34. “Talk about blind allegiance if Vick was white there is no way in hell anyone would even dream of being around him let alone back in the NFL.”
    Haha you really believe that garbage? If Vick was white he never would have went to jail.
    And to someone that said driving drunk and killing someone is a mistake and killing dogs is much worse? REALLY? I will never understand why getting drunk and killing A HUMAN PERSON is excusable but killing a dog is not. It makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

  35. So not it’s the players that are stopping Farve from signing? WTF
    Flo 100 % right. The Vikings should PUNT Farve NOW…because it they do not, it will backfire big time…and Chilly will not have a job in 2010.
    How is that going to go over. He would have signed if not for the players. LOL
    “Brett Favre is apparently having second thoughts about playing at Minnesota.
    ESPN says the former Green Bay quarterback is seriously thinking about staying retired but he’s torn because of a strong effort by some of the Viking players to get him to join.
    That’s said to include Adrian Peterson, Steve Hutchinson and Jared Allen.”
    Anyone that thinks Farve is the best option is stupid.

  36. so many of you need to get the F**K off your high horses. i’ve never liked michael vick, but classifying vick’s actions as “pure evil” and defining him as a truly terrible human being is so far out of your jurisdiction, you’re right to do is not even within sight.
    you’re not from where he’s from, you haven’t had to live the life he’s lived, and the worst you’ve had to struggle through in your youth was most likely your pre-adolescent awkwardness. What he did was awful, but you MUST keep it in perspective (oh, and side note: studies show that it’s the true sociopaths and violent criminals that have the greatest soft spot for innocent animals…so maybe YOU guys are the problem).
    also, if you really think it’s up to you to communicate just how black you think his soul really is, at least make a half-assed attempt at doing so. Example: stealing from IBM/getting another shot with the company. I won’t go into how nonsensical or nonparallel the analogy is, because a simple “zuh?” oughtta say it all, but i think the whole ‘dog fighting = stealing from the NFL’ as the centerpiece of the argument does enough to compromise any credibility.

  37. Lol, I actually laughed at that Florio. Nice.
    But entertaining the fact of Vick playing as a starting QB for anyteam this year is rediculous. Hes been away from the game for 18months + He won’t be any good, well as a passer anyway..

  38. He doesn’t have to start…they just traded for a starter…let him start and use Vick in the wild cat until he is ready.
    Dude is a franchise QB, period.
    TeflonDon IS 100% correct.

  39. I actually got sick to my stomach reading this.. I’d rather the Vikings sign a blind homeless guy to a $12 million dollar contract to play QB over bringing in that degenerate piece of shit.. Here’s to hoping the Commissioner grows a pair over the weekend and suspends him for the next 5 years!

  40. Dgrimes, Just a clarification. I am not saying that a dog has the same moral weight as a human. Of course I value people more, but what I am saying is the decision going into it. One is a stupid thoughtless mistake that is horrible. A mistake which that person will have to live with forever, A mistake that could never be repaid. He should go to jail. But I could forgive a drunk driver as being a mistake. What Mike Vick did was thought out and Calculated. If he would have just been caught betting on dog fighting I would have been disappointed, and angry, but I could eventually forgive. What he did was not only doing something stupid. He Financed it, Ran it, Aided killing dogs with his bare hands just for the reason they didn’t preform well. He built special fighting buildings then painted them black to keep them from being seen. What he did was beyond what I have a capacity for forgiveness.

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