Clouds gather between Niners, Crabtree

NFL_crabtree.jpgWe mentioned last night that the guy picked just in front of Bills’ holdout defensive end Aaron Maybin might be hunkering down for a fight with the 49ers.

And we continue to hear, from multiple sources, that receiver Michael Crabtree might not be agreeing to terms at any time soon.

Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat wrote about the issue today, and we suspect that more and more will be written and said about the looming holdout.  (Like Matt, we used to refrain from calling players without contracts “holdouts,” since the term implies that they’re doing something wrong.  Gregg Easterbrook of eventually persuaded us that, since they are “holding out” for more than what the team is offering, any guy who is withholding services in search of a new deal is technically a “holdout.”)

Agent Eugene Parker, we’re told, has dusted off the time-honored (but usually unsuccessful) argument that Crabtree is better than his draft position indicates, and that he should be paid accordingly.

Sorry, Gene, but that’s not the way it works.  Guys get paid based on where they got drafted, and the process has yet to recognize a “diva premium.”

Indeed, it was both the perception that Crabtree is a high-maintenance pain-in-the-butt (we can still say “ass” despite the NBC thing — we just chose to go with butt this time) and the ill-timed revelation of a stress fracture in Crabtree’s foot that fueled the slide to No. 10 overall.

It’s possible that Parker believes he can cram his position down the 49ers’ throats, given that the guy calling the shots now, Jed York, isn’t much older than Crabtree.  And we suspect that Parker has a separate goal of stretching the windfall nature of the first-round deals, which currently peters out at No. 7 or No. 8, all the way down to No. 10.

Regardless of how it turns out, it’s unlikely the Niners will cave quickly, if ever.  And so Crabtree — who already is behind the curve due to the rehab of his foot injury — will miss valuable time in training camp, and he won’t nearly be as effective in his rookie season as he otherwise could have been.

Bottom line?  Everyone loses in this one.

Except for the other teams in the NFC West — and the other teams that play San Fran this season.

38 responses to “Clouds gather between Niners, Crabtree

  1. So…………. can the Raiders say Hayward-Bey was not really a #7 pick and tell his agent they want to pay him like a 2nd rounder?

  2. I agree with everything you said, assuming he does indeed hold out. The Niners are still a week away from training camp, and for all we know, he could be signed and in camp on time.
    Now, I’m asking very kindly, Mr. Florio…if Crabtree holds out please, PLEASE tear him a new one! Holding out because you think you should have been drafted higher is despicable. If he holds out, please criticise the hell out of him.

  3. He is a jackass. Mangini was the 1st to see. Al Davis may have finally called one right.

  4. 18 th 2007 leon hall got 5 year 13 mil , 18th pick in 2008 joe flacco got 5 years 30 mil

  5. A “diva premium” for Crabfoot is going to cost the 49er’s BIG TIME! BAAAAHAAAAAA!

  6. So any guy drafted can just declare themselves a higher value than the position they were drafted? What evidence do they have to back up their desired slot? Mel Kipers mock draft? General speculation?

  7. These guys just don’t get it. Rookies tend to lose far more than they gain from holding out. Look at Brady Quinn-if he had been in camp on Day 1, he would very likely have been the starting QB. By holding out, he ensured that Derek Anderson got the starting job. Three years later, he still isn’t the starter.
    Give up a few million early on, get into camp, play your ass off, and sign a huge contract later.

  8. Wow! I wonder if all the Niners Fans are still thanking Al for taking Heyward Bey and sending Crabtree to SF. Who is laughing Now???

  9. Actually, it should be referred to as pulling a more rational “Brady Quinn,” considering he was still drafted in the top ten unlike Quinn who fell to the 20s and wanted top ten money?

  10. He’s not a diva, he’s a PUNK. Shut your mouth, take your millions, and get to work, WTF. Go Lions!!

  11. flacco is a qb, a 14-5 qb.
    diva… dumbass ought to have a tv special in pink chiffon with celine dion. choreographed by giorgio moroder.
    if he thinks he should have been drafted higher they should tell him to go bitch at the teams that drafted higher. and pound sand. they can go 7-9 again with or without his bawling sorry ass.

  12. Wow, I’m shocked, yet another “report” from Florio about how Crabtree is a diva. Yet such “report” includes no conduct of his yet, ALL speculation.
    If he holds out and hasn’t signed after the first few days of training camp, fine. But let’s hold off on preemptively criticizing the guy.
    Try and cover up your bias please, Florio. I’m a loyal reader, but this Crabtree stuff is terrible and baseless until he actually DOES something. Yeesh.

  13. How about offering him the slot figure for the 10th pick….only insert incentives that can raise it up to the value of the 7th or 8th pick if he really performs beyond his draft position?
    That makes sense and it gets him into camp quicker so he’ll have a better shot. Incentives aren’t used nearly enough.

  14. “Mike_in_Texas says:
    July 25, 2009 8:36 PM
    Wow! I wonder if all the Niners Fans are still thanking Al for taking Heyward Bey and sending Crabtree to SF. Who is laughing Now???”
    Everyone who is not a fan of either team.

  15. I’m glad Mike had the good sense to use the word butt instead of the word ass. I personally am not offended by the word ass, but there are many who are more sensitive in this regard and whenever they read or hear something they deem to be of questionable taste, their corn holes tend to get all puckered.

  16. empty13 says:
    July 25, 2009 8:36 PM
    time to stop paying these guys on “potential”.
    AMEN that! Imagine sports figures getting paid for actual performance like the rest of society, not just a gimme. 2008- Oops, I had a bad season, thanks for the 10 mil though… 2009-Hopefully next year things will work out better for us, thanks for the additional 10 mil though… 2010- Hey, I had a GREAT season, you bet I’m standing out for a renegotiated contract, hey I’m worth the 15 mil, and they better show me the money or trade me somewhere I’ll be appreciated!!! 2011 – wow, you know, we lost a lot of guys during the off season, and one man can’t carry the team on his back, right? BTW, thanks for the 15 mil though.

  17. “Mike_in_Texas says:
    July 25, 2009 8:36 PM
    Wow! I wonder if all the Niners Fans are still thanking Al for taking Heyward Bey and sending Crabtree to SF. Who is laughing Now???”
    1. I’m pretty sure Heyward Bey hasnt signed yet either
    2. Everyone is still laughing at the Raiders

  18. I first read this on mobile and thought someone else wrote it. Knowing Mike wrote it, I’m shocked. It doesn’t matter to a player if he sucks his FIRST year cause he’s banking millions. Jamarcus Rusell sucks because his franchise sucks. The rest know they have at least 3 years guranteed so they can make it up. At least if they are smart they do.
    As a football fan, holdouts suck because I know my player sucks next year. But as a player, I know this is the only time I will truly get paid. Jamarcus will still bank over $50 mill.
    It’s on the teams to want their players to get the work and be future HOF material. Last summer, I hated hold outs. One year of life and the NFJ(non fruity juice) I understand the business side of the NFL.
    This guy is not that good anyways. If he can get $15-18 mill guaranteed, I don’t blame him. If the team that drafted him truly believed he’s a game changer they play ball. Otherwise, 9ers fans know their teams priority isn’t winning.
    Oh, and for my usual nonsense, I am scheduled to hook up with a 44 y/o cougar tonight. Looks 35 and drives a range rover. I’ll be sure to scream “NFJ”(non fruity juice) for you guys. You’re welcome.

  19. @Antneejay2
    Ass butt anal cavity poop shoot crapper male baby machine (add at ur discretion) mikey is legit NewB. Grow up. This corner is for adults. Mikey’s a man! He’s 40!

  20. I just wish all football fans got to pick between $15 and $16 million guaranteed. All of you would, rightly, hold out. But when you make $90k or less, it’s soooo easy to judge. Step YOUR game up.
    And I hate the niners and know this guy sucks as #1 reciever. Which is why he wants to get paid now. Football is a business you commies.

  21. Mr Florio you should wait until the player doesn’t report to camp before you resort to name-calling. You should report the facts and let the readers form their own opinion.

  22. @Eddie Drycleaner.
    I also wish “all football fans got to pick between
    $15 and $16 million guaranteed.” For the WORK
    we do.
    Ill take it. No holdout needed.
    What country are you from?
    Judging from your posts… Mexico?…Japan???
    Congrats on working a computer either way.

  23. Eugen Parker is classless and terrible agent.
    He held Cedric Benson out for no good reason and Benson never really caught on and performed for the Bears.
    The reason Crabtree fell as far as he did was because he was a jerk. Too much Deon advice.
    Eugne Parker is going to mess up his client’s career with a holdout.

  24. So, yet another sign that the currernt ‘salary wage’ for rookies is completely wrong.
    It used to be that as a diehard football fan the draft was the best time of the offseason, aside from free agency, because your team could get better immediatly (Matt Ryan, Adrian Peterson). Not to mention it was the only thing on from January to August that actually had more then three minutes of air time regarding football. Now, you just have to wait and see how long your prized 1st round pick will hold out out of training camp for.
    And so next year the beloved draft will move from Sat. to ‘prime time’, well thats good. Now I won’t have spend four hours of my Sat. afternoon waiting to see who’ll end up holding out well into training camp for more money then Johhny Unitas, Walter Payton, Reggie White, Joe Montana, Bruce Smith, John Elway, Cris Carter and Dick Butkus ever could have made COMBINED.
    And people wonder how the NFL could actually come to a work stopage.

  25. Crabfoot is an overrated diva and he he will be the draft’s biggest bust. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha haters.

  26. 29 other players in the first round haven’t signed contracts.
    “Clouds gather”
    The guy was one of the highest rated players on
    the “experts” draft boards. He put up amazing numbers in college. There are no salaries slotted before and after him at this point.
    Of course there is a chance that he might not make it in on time. It sucks, but it happens every year. It doesn’t mean drafting the most explosive college player was a mistake. Talk about mountains out of mole hills.
    And Raiders fans-You can keep your DHButterfingers who can’t even catch in practice. But if it makes you feel better to speculate about Crabtree’s possible “holdout”, more power to you.
    Ill take Crabtree stormclouds over Heyward_Bey Rainbows, and Florio Skittles any day.

  27. Hey Florio cut Crabtree some slack! He hasn’t done anything to cause all the scorn. He took a bunch of family to the draft and eveyone called it an entourage and that he is a diva. It is so far from the truth. He is a great guy and will be a great NFL player.
    Why don’t you say anything about the other 30 1st rounders that haven’t signed. You just want to stir up controversy which is your job I guess but calling him an ass when he hasn’t done anything to deserve it makes you one instead.
    Go Niners 6-0 in the Superbowl is our goal!

  28. Eddie Drycleaner is about as sharp as a beach ball. I wouldn’t have thought it possible for my previous post to fly over the head of any still breathing human being. I even went out of my way to make the satire obvious in spite of my appreciation for subtlety.
    Mencken made a good point about underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Don’t you agree Eddie?

  29. Who’s laughing now when they didn’t draft Crabtree? Dee Raiders!!!! He never wanted to play for them to begin with. He’d have held out wanting millions for someone with no NFL experience. How many wanna-be’s highly drafted turned out to be busts? Does Ryan Leaf come to mind, maybe Brian Bosworth? Guess Bey doesn’t seem like such a bad pick afterall. The people who predict the draft needs to do more homework on not only how a college player plays, but how they will be when it comes to being a hold out. Go Raiders!!!!!!

  30. Is this same article going to be posted about the other first rounders who haven’t signed, or is just because Crabtree is such a sexy topic?

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