Cowboys get cracking on contracts

The Dallas Cowboys had no picks on the first day of the draft.

On the second, they had a dozen of them.

As of only two days ago, none had officially agreed to terms.  Now, half are in the fold.

According to Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News, under contract are fourth-round defensive end Victor Butler, fifth-round cornerback DeAngelo Smith, seventh-round receiver Manuel Johnson, sixth-round safety Stephen Hodge, sixth-round tight end John Phillips, and seventh-round cornerback Mike Mickens.

Six players are unsigned.  For their names, and for a look at the status of the draft picks of the three other NFC East teams, click here.

8 responses to “Cowboys get cracking on contracts

  1. “all of Cincy’s starting CB’s”???
    while this maybe a true statement… it is a poorly worded one considering there are only 2. Maybe ‘both’ would have been a better choice there. I suppose choosing 2 CBs from separate teams is any “wiser”.
    But regardless….no one cares what you think.

  2. Cinncinati’s defense was actually pretty good last year considering they’re a smaller school and Mike Mickens, the better corner of the 2, was hurt most of the year. I think they did great with their picks. Go Cowboys! They may not be the best team, but they’re my team.

  3. Spytdi, if Romo, Felix Jones and Ken Hamlin had been healthy, they would’ve been amazing. I wouldn’t rule out them being the best team in football.
    I suppose the benefit of not having any first or second round draft picks is none of them are going to wait around for the guys before and after them to sign because they really have no leverage.

  4. Every other team simply gets contracts done as they get done. But per Florio, the Cowboys “get crackin”.
    And now instead of being half done, half are “in the fold”. BS catch words/phrases for his favorite team.
    Most teams already have their 3rd round or lesser picks signed. (Yes Florio, that includes the Cardinals).
    Looks like the Cardinals have got “crackin” too Mike. And so have A LOT of other teams.

  5. The Cowboys almost always wait until the week before training camp to start negotiating with draftees, danlinker. They’ll go from 0 of 12 signed Friday morning to all 12 signed by the start of training camp on Tuesday.

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