Is a further suspension of Vick justified?

NFL_vick1.jpgAs all indications point toward a conditional reinstatement of quarterback Mike Vick and a four-game suspension to start the regular season, Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star makes the case for no further punishment at all.

It feels like double jeopardy,” Whitlock writes regarding the probability that Vick won’t be allowed back onto the field immediately.

We’ve actually seen that term used a couple of times recently in connection with the likelihood that Vick’s federal prison term will be followed by a separate suspension by the NFL. 

It strikes a chord with the average non-lawyer, but it has no real application here.

Vick isn’t being tried twice for the same conduct, which is what the term double jeopardy means.  Instead, his employer is determining the appropriate penalty for the conduct in which he admittedly engaged.

In this regard, it’s important not to presume that doing his time equates to squaring himself with the NFL.  The league needs to fashion a final decision based on his full range of actions, so let’s consider what he did. 

Vick pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges relating to interstate gambling and dogfighting.  Both are felonies. 

He also pleaded guilty to dogfighting under Virginia law, another felony.  Prosecutor Gerald Poindexter, whom we and many others believed lacked appropriate zeal when investigating Vick in 2007, argeed to allow Vick to plead guilty to that charge without tacking additional time onto Vick’s federal sentence.

Then there’s the issue of Vick’s admitted killing of dogs, in various grotesque, bizarre, and arguably psychopathic ways.  Drowning.  Slamming to the ground.  Hanging.  Electrocution via the attachment of electrodes to testicles.

Vick admitted to involvement in those killings as part of his federal plea.  He then tried to lie about it while strapped to a polygraph, presumably because he realized that even Poindexter might not be able to bungle a prosecution for multiple felonies counts of killing dogs, given a crystal clear admission of the crime from Vick.

But bungle it Poindexter did, failing to get even an indictment on charges that could have sent Vick away for a lot longer than 21 months.

And let’s not forget the fact that Vick lied to Goodell regarding his involvement in dogfighting.

Or the positive test for marijuana, which occurred while Vick was free on bond, awaiting sentencing.

So we think that Vick should be thrilled if he’s only suspended four more games.  Indeed, his prior suspension was a no-brainer, unless the folks at Leavenworth had planned to allow him to leave on Sundays in the fall.

As we’ve previously pointed out, Pacman Jones was suspended a full year without ever spending the night in jail.  How can the purposes of the Personal Conduct Policy be served if a guy who went to prison for nearly two years receives no separate punishment from the league? 

We have a feeling Vick won’t see it that way, due in large part to the fact that many folks not connected to the case declare he has been punished enough for the things he did, without fully appreciating the heinous (or, as the prosecutor in our favorite courtroom comedy would say it, “high-anus”) nature of Vicks’s actions.

We’ve recently been making the case for Vick regaining his position as an every-down quarterback, arguing that he’s better than many guys who already serve as NFL starting quarterbacks.  That’s because we’ve been trying to separate our disdain for what he did, which remains significant, from his talent and potential, which also remains significant.

We initially believed that Goodell would suspend Vick for at least a full season.  Public opinion has favored Vick much more strongly than we thought it would.  Coupled with the possibility that Vick would give instant legitimacy to the UFL, we can understand why he’s poised to get back into the game with an additional suspension of less than half a season.

Folks who think he shouldn’t be suspended at all need to look at the case more broadly, and realize that it could have been — and maybe should have been — much, much worse for Vick.

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  1. If the Commish suspends Vick after he just served 18months for it shows he has no respect for the laws and punitive actions by law enforcement outside of the NFL. The man did his time, lost most of his money, his contract, his supporters, his credibility and wont be considered easily for anything. Why give him a suspension on something that has already been dealt with extensively already. Besides hes not going to get into a team that easily, nor be accepted. I think what he did was disgusting and inhumane, but the man did his time and apporpriate measures were taken to punish him.

  2. Public opinion has favored Vick much more strongly than we thought it would.
    Is it public opinion or is it the opinion of several current and former NFL players? Those guys are never going to throw one of their own under the bus.
    I’d like to see an actual public opinion poll on the matter… Not just the opinion of NFL fans, but a real cross-section of America. I’d like to believe he wouldn’t fare so well there.
    And as far as this statement is concerned:
    “That’s because we’ve been trying to separate our disdain for what he did, which remains significant, from his talent and potential, which also remains significant.”
    His potential is NOT significant. Not unless he plays another position. He.. is.. not.. an.. NFL.. caliber.. passer.
    I don’t know why people still can’t grasp that fact. On top of that, durability has never been his strong suit, either. He’s started 16 games once in his entire career.

  3. Couldnt agree more Florio. Cant stand Whitlock… this is the same guy who wrote that the only reason people cared about the Erin Andrews video was because she is white.
    I hate the argument that Vick has been suspended for 2 years already, it is so incredibly stupid. He hasnt been suspended he has been in PRISON. To me a suspension is denying a player the right to play when they would actually be able to… obviously Vick was not able.

  4. Vick doesn’t deserve to be suspended at all, I don’t understand why some people think, he should still be suspended how evil can you possibly be, can any of you clowns spend a day in jail, the man spend 2yrs in jail for gods sake. let the guy play ball already jezzzz. Vick should have a team by now especially with all these sorry ass QB’s we have in the league now. Vick is better than 80% of the present QB’s in the league.

  5. The piece of shit doesn’t deserve another down.
    His 2nd chance is getting his ignorant ass out of jail.

  6. “high-anus” nature of Vicks’s actions
    I just spit Dr Pepper on my computer monitor…. lmfao… that’s hillarious…!

  7. How about the fact that, technically, Vick hasn’t even SERVED an NFL suspension? All the games he missed while “suspended indefinitely”, he would have had to miss anyway because he was otherwise “detained”.
    Vick has gotten off SO ridiculously light already it won’t be surprising to see the NFL puss out too.
    24 months. Nothing for cruelty to animals, and nothing for breaking Virginia law. 24 months in Club Fed, and then, at best, a 4 game suspension. Boo-effing-hoo.

  8. Why should Michael Vick not be suspended by the NFL? Players who get in trouble with the law are now routinely suspended by NFL for some period of time. Vick’s situation is no different.
    In Vick’s case, his breaking of the law got him 2 years in the slammer. The NFL is absolutely within its jurisdiction in adding their own punishment (and it should). Don’t forget, Vick lied directly to both his former employer (Arthur Blank) and Goodell about the dog fighting charges.
    The Commish should suspend Vick for all of this upcoming football season if he had any guts but he won’t and will most likely suspend Vick for 4 to 8 games. If Vick doesn’t like that, let him go play in that other league the UFL.
    Vick has no one to blame but himself for all his problems. He’s the poster child for throwing it all away FOR KEEPIN’ IT REAL WITH HIS HOMIES.

  9. Florio:
    When he said double jeopardy he means more than Vick simply being punished by the criminal justice system and now Goodell. Keep in mind Vick was already suspended by Goodell and missed almost one full year of playtime before he plead and was sentenced. In that sense he would be punished twice by the NFL.

  10. Man, Vick only killed a bunch of dogs. Pittbulls at that. He didn’t kill a human being. Besides, Vick was already suspended indefinitely. No more suspensions are necessary, but we are talking about Goodell here.
    He is inconsistent in handing out punishments and only suspends black athletes that get into trouble.
    Goodell has been a piss poor commish thus far.

  11. That’s because we’ve been trying to separate our disdain for what he did, which remains significant, from his talent and potential, which also remains significant.”
    Have you seen him work out? If you have, I apologize. I missed that post. But if the last time you saw him throw a football was two years ago then you have absolutely NO idea what his talent and potential may be. Since Vick wasn’t exactly lighting it up on the field when he went in, it’s reasonable to assume his skill set has not improved as result of being in jail. I’m guessing he’s lost just enough speed to essentially end his career as a starter since he can’t do anything at all with his arm unless a defense is completely focused on his legs.

  12. “we and many others believed lacked appropriate zeal when investigating Vick in 2007”
    There are TOO many over zealous prosecutors in this country. What did you want to see happen to Vick? 3,6, 9 years? Overall he is a man with a family that has done good for his community.
    And people are making a huge deal out of Vick lying to the commissioner. Would YOU seriously openly admit to the crimes when nothing was proven up to that point?
    If Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth can kill HUMAN beings with ignorance and be allowed to play, then the crime of body slamming or electrocuting a CANINE (on of the most viscous types of canine at that) to death must be viewed as the same or a less degree.
    Come on back MV7. There’ll be more cheers than jeers. Everyone makes mistakes. Some huge, some minute. live and learn

  13. mobb says:
    July 26, 2009 12:16 AM
    Vick is better than 80% of the present QB’s in the league.
    You need to turn in your man card now. You are unqualified to watch football. I’m sorry.

  14. Folks who think he shouldn’t be suspended at all need to look at the case more broadly, and realize that it could have been — and maybe should have been — much, much worse for Vick.
    But the FACT is that it wasn’t worse. You’re the Lawyer (Labor law, NOT CRIMINAL) so blame your lawyer brethren for not lynching Vick. It seems that’s what you’re aiming for , FLORIO

  15. Dick may of did his time, he has shown no remorse for anything that he has done.
    He is arrogant and narssisitic and could care less.
    He is pure garbage and will continue in his ways.
    The NFL has crossed the line on this one.
    Get rid of him. The NFL doesnt need this piece of vermin.
    Dick , I hope you read this.

  16. i am a falcons fan, but never a fan of vick…. he could run, but was never close to a tru nfl qb. and for the dog fighting, i think he should never be allowed to play again… the dog-fighting is bad… but the extermination of dogs that were not good enough fighters FOR HIM… is just plan horrific.
    and i dont care if they were ” only pit-bulls”, as the above poster stated… thats total bull****… i am a pit owner, and its the best dog in the world… pits are as mean as the owner makes them, and in vicks case, if he couldn’t make them mean enough… well, he just killed them…. LIFETIME BAN IN THE NFL!!

  17. He has already been suspended. The allegations broke in July, he was suspended before camp started later that month. He didn’t plead guilty & start serving time until after Thanksgiving. That sounds like more than half a season.
    Then he was out of the league for the entire next season.
    IF the majority of fans in a given city didn’t want him on their team, then he wouldn’t find work in the NFL. He has been suspended, & served his time.
    Let the market decide.

  18. I would swallowthe 4 game suspension and take my game to the UFL. They are paying. He’s not going to get the contract he really wants until he proves himself again. He would ride the bench for those 4 games in the NFL anyway.

  19. The NFL is a private business, so it has discretion as to who it allows to participate and who it can exclude, assuming of course that it otherwise follows federal employment law. But we would largely accept that a private business could terminate an employee for this type of legal fracas, so the NFL could as well. The constraints on Goodell then seem to be that CBA and public opinion. Based on the conduct policy in the CBA it seems clear that Goodell has the authority to levy a suspension, so public opinion seems to be the most salient point. If Goodell thinks that the majority of fans would prefer that Vick be let back in sooner than later, then it’s in the league’s interest to impose a short suspension. If Goodell thinks the majority of fans would lose respect for the league by allowing Vick, convicted of pretty heinous behavior against animals many fans have as pets, then Goodell should impose a longer sentence. As Florio said, double jeopardy or Vick’s “debt to society” are irrelevant. The government can’t try him again, but the NFL only has to be concerned about what best serves its interest relative to its fan base, and not any sense of “justice” or double jeopardy.

  20. The man has served his time for his mistake, I am a animal lover just as well as other people, but some people place an animal life over human life, and that’s real. He made a mistake, he has paid for it, let him play football so that he can provide for his family. No he should not be suspended, and the NFL should let him back in the league as soon as possible. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just a hater.

  21. BTW, there is no WAY Whitlock would have written that article if Vick was white.
    Yeah, I said it.

  22. jason whitlock is such a douche. he was on the jim rome show talking about how great emmit smith is as a broadcaster. so that shows you how much he knows.

  23. The dude cannot pass. Did you notice what happened to the Falcons wide receivers after Vick left? And even in 2007 with Chris Redman and Joey Harrington at the helm most of the year? That’s right, they broke out. Roddy White became an NFL star, and Michael Jenkins stopped looking like a bust and started looking like a real NFL receiver. That’s not coincidence. The only guy Vick ever looked at or could hit was Alge Crumpler. He could not hit his WRs, he is too inaccurate and too quick to run rather that roll in the pocket and finish his progressions and look to secondary options. Stay retired Michael, or go to the UFL. Whatever you do, please leave dogs alone from now on, thanks.

  24. i agree goodell has been a bad commish so far and i also agree his punishments have be inconsistent from blakc & white players, hell matt jones was caught cutting coke and got 1 or 2 games…but as a pet lover as i am, even tho i hate pitbulls its still a living thing and deserves to be treated the best possible way just like humans expect to be treated in such a way. so id find it more than just for him to be suspended for atleast a whole season. my thinking is this: pacman at the time wasnt convicted of any crimes and got a full season, chris henry was arrested several times and convicted if im not mistaken and got 8 games. and tank johnson same as henry but served time in prison and got 8. so if jail time got tank 8 and he was in prison for like 3 months shudnt some1 who was in prison for 4 times as much shud be suspended atleast 2 times that of the player who was suspended 8 games

  25. Fans tolerate it when their owners and GMs pursue these P’sOS cause talent and the potential of more wins is valued more than things like, you know…soul and character and integrity.
    You’d cheer for Hitler if he could generate 500+ yards of offense per game for your team. And not only would you pay him 12 million a year, you’d buy a Fathead of him to put on your kid’s wall.
    Admit it you would.

  26. That’s wierd….because I thought this was a football site, not an intro to law site. Obviously he is not being tried twice….because the NFL is not a court of law. This is one of the stupidest stories that have been posted on this site.

  27. Personally, I can’t stand how the NFL (specifically Goodell) thinks theyre an independent judicial system — double jeopardy is the perfect term to describe this. The man already served the punishment deemed by the US Judicial system, so what further punishment is deserved? None.
    I would say let the man play football, but I have a hard time thinking of a team that would sign him

  28. Mobb- better than 80%? please name the 25 current starting qbs that he is better than…

  29. I honestly dont give a flying rats Arse what happens to Vick…As long as he stays clear of Minnesota………

  30. Florio, give it a rest. Any excuse to state your opinions over and over and over again ad naseum on this topic. Do you think there is still one person alive who doesn’t know your opinions on Vick?
    If you want to put your education to work, why not simply debate the topic of “consecutive vs CONCURRENT.” Criminals routinely serve sentences concurrently, yet you fail to ever state this as a reality of justice.
    The NFL is 32 team owners, not one. If one owner wants to hire Vick, let him. Whatever backlash there may be will fall on that team. Arguing to continue to deprive Vick of his right to work and any owner’s right to hire after a man did his time and paid his debt to SOCIETY is unjust.

  31. Hey Bazooka joe, it isn’t a race thing at all. When will people learn that the world is not out to get black players/people. i am so sick of the whining about it all. you get the same if not more recognition than “white guys”. How many white players get in trouble??? 2!! Jared Allen, and Matt Jones. However I do disagree with matt jones’ punishment. he has had many legal issues and he got off way too easy from the NFL. both of these guys had DUI problems. If you think the commish is suspending black players and being racist, then you are in turn being racist. I have had enough of white people being called racist, when there are just as many racist black people. i have many black friends and white friends, and i could care less about skin color, and the rest of the world needs to learn that most people are NOT racist!

  32. Vick is asking for a job back. He has no right to the job and his completion of club fed (Leavenworth “camp” is not the real lock-up) has nothing to do with his job other than making him unavailable for work.
    The man needs some serious counseling as a leopard cannot change it’s spots. He must be monitored like a precocious child. He is sadistic and dishonest. He is not an example for my children.
    My taxes (look it up), tickets and merchandise support his employers. I want them to know I am angry that any of them would even consider allowing Vick to dilute the integrity of their franchise.

  33. If Vick was a white TE would the public and media be on his side they way they seem to be?

  34. The main ones who seem to be touting Vick’s immediate reinstatement are former NFL players who are now commentators. Some of those people even felt that the initial outrage over Vick’s crimes were wrong. Deion Sanders and Emmit Smith have both been quick to point out that Vick killed dogs, not people.
    As others have pointed out, there’s never been a poll of NFL fans. Never been a poll of season ticket holders of every team. What’s happening is that “he deserves to be reinstated immediately” is just repeated over and over to get people used to the idea that it’s going to happen.
    The NFL has the right to protect it’s brand image. Allowing Vick to return will definitely damage their brand. Playing in the NFL isn’t a right. Vick has no Constitutional right to be a multi-million dollar quarterback.
    One of the arguments presented is that players who have been involved in much worse incidents, Pacman Jones, Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin … have been allowed to return without an issue. Michael Irvin stabbing a fellow player with a scissors (and nearly killing him) wasn’t even a blip on the media radar when it happened. The logic then continues on to say, what was good for Michael Irvin should be good for Michael Vick.
    My response is that old axiom everyone’s mom taught them as a kid, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
    The NFL should have come down on Michael Irvin like a ton of bricks, but it didn’t. That doesn’t mean that it should now tolerate all acts of violence.
    The fact that Donte Stalworth got away with a slap on the wrist after killing someone doesn’t mean that his behavior was acceptable or tolerable.
    If the NFL had it’s way, we’d forget that OJ committed double homicide, and just watch the highlight films. The league has a long history of having an almost sociopathic disinterest in player’s violent behavior off the field.
    As fans, we need to push back and say that we prefer not to see sadistic behavior rewarded with wealth the likes of which most of us will never see. Being able to play the game of football at an elite level does not give anyone a free pass to behave however they wish.
    We have to continue to remind the league how we feel about Michael Vick’s penchant for torturing animals. Likewise, any team that hires Vick should feel the wrath of every dog lover in the US.
    Likewise — any network that hires Michael Irvin should be subjected to questions about rewarding Irvin for being a psychopath.
    It would be nice to set a tone that told players, and everyone, that being a complete a**hole is just unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.

  35. Leonard Little killed a woman and was subsequently charged again for drunk driving. I believe he served three months and got a suspended sentence. No millions lost.
    Donte Stallworth killed a man while jaywalking. We later learned he smoked marijuana that same night along with taking shots of tequila. He only received a 30 day sentence and community service, with a good lawyer and a settlement for the victims family. He is still under contract with the Browns and is suspended indefinitely.
    I am missing something here! Michael Vick has lost everything. Yes he deserved it. He was stupid, he paid the price and did his time. But I am sorry he did not take another HUMAN BEINGS life. He will never regain those millions. He probably will not regain the same form he had prior to serving his sentence. And probably will never earn a starting position at quarterback again.
    He deserves a second chance and I think it is totally stupid to now impose a suspension on him on top of serving time (yes Florio I get the rational for your argument) . If he is suspended, that will further limit the opportunity he will have to catch on with a team. His chances are already very limited.
    The policy regarding suspensions is already questionable, when you consider Pacman Jones case. The policy is not clear cut and I believe totally based on a response to the media coverage (i.e. sensationalized and overblown depending on their like or dislike of an athlete), the fan-base and the American public at large.

  36. Little and Stallworth never intended to kill anyone…You dont have to be a moral bankrupt to do what they did, which isnt the case regarding Vick..What he engaged in involves deliberate savage cruelty on a regaular basis, and bear in mind that most bigtime dogfighters do it as a way of surviving thru poverty…He didnt need to do that to make money, he did it because hes a G.
    Comparisons to players accused of crimes but not convicted, and/or comparisons to players who were convicted before Goodels term as commish, are irrelevant.
    Perhaps Mikes contrition would seem more palpable were it not being packaged and sold by the media before his arraignment occured.

  37. No that he is out of prison,
    1) One year for gambling( examples ofAlex Karras, Paul Hourning).
    2) One year for involvement with organized crime in the drug business, illegal dog fighting, and illegal gambling (Have there been players heading up organized crime rings? Certainly this warrants as much or more time than gambling).
    3) 6 weeks for making the NFL look bad under the personal conduct policy. The publicity has hurt the NFL’s image (That seems in line with Tank Johnson who did much less offensive conduct and publicity than Vick).
    4) 4 weeks for the positive marijuanna test.
    One wonders if Mike Florio ever reads the comments anymore! 2 and a half season’s is light considering the herpes/ Ron Mexico bad press, the stolen property at the airport, the flipping off of paying NFL customers, the illegal drugs at the airport, Lying to the Commissioner, lying to the team owner, and no repentance.

  38. Playing in a professional sports league is a privilege. Many athletes of today don’t understand that you not only have to have great athletic ability but should also comport yourself as good citizens in order to play professional sports.
    Roger Goddell (and all other commissioners in sports) have the right to decide who represents their leagues to the public. So Mike meets with Goddell, says he’s sorry and he gets back in? Words are cheap, actions say a whole lot more. Let Mike spend a year out of trouble, giving talks to kids (and adults) about doing the right thing and staying out of trouble to prove that he menas what he says.
    Also, Mike is an average quarterback at best. Great athlete, no question. Great arm, ditto. But he’s not a great quarterback. There’s more to being quarterback then ability and he’s never proven to be a consistent great quarterback. Let’s not act like he’s the next coming of Elway, Marino or Manning.

  39. Hey. I was in the Navy and we had two sets of laws. We had civilian law and the military law (UCMJ…google it). If you even got a dui in the city you would get punished by both the military and city and the reason is because you are held to a higher standard than normal people. Michael Vick got paid MILLIONS of dollars to PLAY football and he decided to flush it all down the drain for some dumb crap like fighting pittbulls. He deserves the double punishment. And if you want to complain that he is receiving to much because of the second suspension of 4 games then think again…if he is suspended indefinitely then wouldn’t that include into the season and therefore only be one suspension? Even if he is allowed to play preseason there was on final judgment so its the same punishment.

  40. for all you morons who are saying its okay for him to be suspended by DICTATOR gordell because his jail time has nothing to do with him being punished by the nfl for his crime, did you forget when this first came out he was then suspended by the league. So after he spends almost 2 years for dog fighting in FEDERAL prison he should be suspended again?. Oh yeah and its okay to give Donte stallworth 3o(thirty) days in JAIL for hitting a man with his car whiles drunk!!!! Are you people serious?????

  41. Whitlock is the most articulate racist in today’s media.
    I don’t see Vick making it in the NFL even if he is reinstated. Then, when he flunks out because he sucks worse now than he did when he was killing dogs for kicks, he and tools like Whitlock will blame it on backlash against him that wouldn’t have happened to a white guy.

  42. Of course Mobb is incorrect when saying Vick is better than 80% of the NFL starting QB’s. However, Vick IS better than a few current NFL starting QB’s and that’s all he needs to be. I’d like to see him back on the field. He wins games and he’s exciting to watch.

  43. “Little and Stallworth never intended to kill anyone…You dont have to be a moral bankrupt to do what they did, which isnt the case regarding Vick.”
    THANK YOU!!!
    Why is this so hard for people to grasp?!?
    And hey, I’m ALL FOR harsher penalties being handed out to players that kill people drunk driving. Or just plain being caught DD. But let’s not pretend there isn’t a huge chasm between the actions and intent of a DD vs what Vick did.

  44. FWIW (I know, not much) I would suspend any DD 8 games and give out life time suspensions to anyone killing or maiming someone in an accident DD.
    Plus I’d give Vick, who I”LL never forget was a sadistic sociopath POS, a life time suspension.

  45. Allowing Vick to return to the playing field would indicate that the League condones Vick’s actions. Any player found guilty of commiting a felony criminal offense should be barred from the League for life. The day that the NFL reinstates Vick is the day that I become a FNL – Fan No Longer.

  46. Quite honestly, anyone thinking he should ever come back is out of his mind. There are plenty of professions in which convicted felons can’t get jobs…a league as big as the NFL needs to be one of them or it’s a major black mark and the league loses respect around the world.

  47. I think there’s way to many people out here who just think with their own wants on certain subject matters… Would you, being the father of some childeren that are ages 6-18… and easily influenced.. Fans of football, and baseball, and others sports… Want to see someone like Vick be reinstated?? And have something as popular as the NFL basically look the other way on crimes as Vick committed, and show our kids, who are influenced as easily as that, It would be A-ok to slaughter, torture, and kill dogs… FOR NO GOOD REASON? And then get a light minimum sentance out of the whole deal? Lie to employeers faces about the whole thing?….
    Honestly… This isn’t a darn race issue!!!! Think about it… And those of you who claim it to be one, are some of the most ignorant people in the world! This is a matter of being a role model, and a positive influence on kids.. Who do watch and follow professional sports more than what you think!
    I would want my kids to follow people like Peyton Manning… how about Donovan McNabb… Or Adrian Peterson… Maybe players like them.. As far as i know, you never hear of them getting into trouble.. They are the ones that positively influence our childeren. And that’s the type of image the NFL should uphold. Everyone deserves a chance to turn their life around… Yes, i totally agree.. But if you kill someone, or torture things… move on, i don’t care how broke you are! You do not belong in a position where you can positively or negatively affect my childeren! Who are the ones that follow you as an athlete, they buy your jersey, or the shoes you endorse, or the softdrinks you drink.. And next… they do the things you do!!!!!! And i don’t want them thinking the stuff you think is ok to do, because your attitude stinks, and because you think you have a huge bank account that you can get away with it! You athletes aren’t above the law, your no better than myself, or any of the other posters out here… So get over yourself! Vick, you don’t deserve another chance… You deserve to start flipping burgers or whatever else you can do… (maybe with the college education you have, you can figure out how to pay back your debts), These guys need to realize this. And we need to quit being stupid enough to support them, and follow them, and support their endorsers.. Grow a pair!!! His attitude stinks, and he thinks he’s better than the NFL and his former employer, and lied to them… Get rid of this scum bag!

  48. On this one issue Florio, you have been absolutely on target from day one, IMO. Double Jeopardy? What a joke. I’ll go one further about support for Vick being from players only….I truly believe if Vick was white, he would NOT be reinstated so quickly.
    He has skated from so many things, marijuana in his cup, stealing….and the killing of dogs. He didn’t do any time for that. People don’t get it right and ESPN is a joke as for their reporting.
    Vick is only sorry he got caught. There isn’t a genuine bone in his body. How many of us could do what he did and then “deserve” to be given a 2nd chance by the same employer. I’ll tell you how many…ZERO.

  49. Just like O.J. there was a criminal trial and a civil trial. Vick needs to know that he represents the NFL, the team he plays for and the city where that team plays. I see no double jeopardy. I see a jerk that got off light with with 23 months. If you or I did what he did we’d still be in jail for a long time. I have never seen a picture of him smile. He, like his brother is a disturbed individual who should be wearing Red and Yellow and asking me if I want to Super Size the fries.

  50. You guys are crazy. Mike committed a CRIME which was not a mistake. If it were a mistake then why did he have all the dog fighting equipement?
    Its not the color of the skin of the player that the commish is going after to suspend. He is going after people who violate the rules of the NFL and of this great country. (GOD bless the USA)
    (DO the crime do the time)
    I thought this country had gotten past the color of a persons skin to place blame. But I guess not.

  51. “If the Commish suspends Vick after he just served 18months for it shows he has no respect for the laws and punitive actions by law enforcement outside of the NFL. The man did his time, lost most of his money, his contract, his supporters, his credibility and wont be considered easily for anything. Why give him a suspension on something that has already been dealt with extensively already. Besides hes not going to get into a team that easily, nor be accepted. I think what he did was disgusting and inhumane, but the man did his time and apporpriate measures were taken to punish him. ”
    That does not logically follow suit-the N.F.L. Is not a governement mandated or run organization.
    The N.F.L. is a private employer and private employers do not have to re-hire someone whether or not he or she pays a debt to society-and the hiring policies that the government does mandate to business that get governement funding or heavy tax breaks are centered around things like affirmative action and I believe the N.F.L. will fufill their requirements for affirmative action whether or not Vick is reinstated.
    What Micahel Vick did could potentially cost the N.F.L. millions of dollars in sponsorship (if people who really really don’t like Vick stop watching the sponsors will go away)
    and the Commissioner can also keep Michael Vick suspsended until he can show that he has gotten out of the “wrong crowd” he was in before or that he will no longer flip fans off during games or carry water bottles concealing illegal drugs into airports.
    Michael Vick could potentailly be an image problem and could cost the N.F.L. money.
    That’s the question Goodell has to answer, not whether or not he paid his debt to society becuase let’s be honest the N.F.L. is widely popular and was popular when Vick wasn’t playing these past two years.
    The question Goodell has to ask is what does Vick do for the N.F.L. that not having him in the league could do?
    and what potential damage could Vick do if he was reinstated in terms of lost endorsements?
    If Vick would bring in the N.F.L. more money than not playing Michael Vick should be hired if Vick will cost the N.F.L. money he should not be reinstated

  52. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated.” — Mahatma Gandhi
    There is so much scum in the NFL…well, all sports really. Does Roger Goodell need to add more?

  53. Dogfighting is one thing BUT even by the standards of those who think of this wickedness as a “sport” Vick was thought of as unusually cruel. He paid his debt for interstate gambling and transportation of animals for bloodsport but let us NEVER forget… in a country where 2 out of 3 homes have pets most of the country will be unable to stomch hi. because …. he killed HIS OWN DOGS with HIS OWN HANDS – up close and personal – looking them right in the eyes as he drowned, strangled, electrocuted and beat these animals to death. He showed no mercy – found it FUNNY. The animals could just as easily have been killed humanely instead of with his bare hands. Obviously Vick enjoyed their suffering and the sick power of ending their lives. What kind of subhuman does these things and what organization would want such a person as a representitive? – I wont watch – the mere sight of Vick’s smug face causes me to change the channel instantly regardless of what is on. He is owed as much mercy as he showed ——–ZIP

  54. He’s lucky if he’s better than 10% of the starting qb’s, and there are backups I’d rather have starting for my team than this mental midget sociopath.

  55. Playing in the NFL is not a right, it’s a privilege. The NFL is a business and if they don’t want to employ former criminals and appear to condone their behavior they don’t have to. PERIOD.
    The man conducted and engaged in highly illegal behavior over almost a decade. He didn’t drink one too many beers one night and get in an accident. His behavior was premeditated and he worked hard daily to hide it. To me that says this guy has got a seriously messed up moral compass and serving 18 months in prison doesn’t mean that’s been corrected. If I was the NFL I would have no assurance at this point that this guy wouldn’t do something else very stupid very soon. He needs exhibit some evidence that he’s actually changed.

  56. Actually, this is the easiest decision of Goodel’s term. All of you are forgetting that Vick showed up for his sentence AND FAILED A DRUG TEST. Was he ever tried and sentenced for this? This would automatically garner him a suspension under the drup policy which he would presumably have already been in because of his ‘water-bottle’ incident that occured at the airport just before the dog-fighting broke. Revisionism is rampant here, just stick with the facts…

  57. What bothers me when I read or listen to the Vick reinstatement debate is the fact that most people think Vick has a God given right to play in the NFL. If Vick were a lawyer and was convicted of the same crimes he wouldn’t be practicing law upon his release. If Stuart Scott were convicted of the same crimes would ESPN welcome him back with open arms? If the CEO of say Sprint did two years for the same crimes would he waltz right back to the corner office upon his release? I know I wouldn’t have my job and I’m betting alot of you wouldn’t either, including Florio. I’m not saying Vick should be homeless and pan handling. He did his time and he can get on with his life as a free man. That doesn’t mean, however, that it has to be in the NFL.

  58. He still has potential? Potential to be what? And Vick didn’t make a “mistake”, he lived a “lifestyle”. Huge difference from a DWI, fight or testing positive……….

  59. My son recently went to an ice cream place next to a highway. Another customer was there with their german shepherd puppy. The dog got off the leash and ran into highway traffic and got killed and my kid and the other customers were horrified at what they saw. Now imagine a guy INTENTIONALLY killing dogs, or any animal, for whatever reason – and the methods employed to kill them, it’s just plain sick. Those of you who feel that Vick somehow deserves to be within a country mile of a football field are obviously not thinking clearly. They don’t have pets, do not care for animals, and need to experience the cruel torture those animals suffered.
    White, black, asian, hispanic, star athlete or not, no matter how talented, anyone who commits these types of crimes shouldn’t be anywhere near a playing field for our children to see. He had his chance and blew it. Don’t say he made a mistake and served his time. A mistake is an UN-INTENTIONAL act. Do you think at some point in time Michael Vick would’ve thought to himself “this is wrong” and halted the dog fighting business? No effin way! He knew exactly what he was doing and he knew it was wrong and did it anyway. And tried to lie about it. By the way, I’m sure he was enjoying it and would still be doing it today.
    Whats Daddy going to tell his children when they’re old enough to understand? I wonder if they have a dog running around the house? A pitbull terrier maybe. If so, I seriously hope it’s a good dog. And there is nothing wrong with the breed, it’s the owners, plain and simple.
    Michael Vick needs serious therapy, before he is allowed to go anywhere near a football stadium.

  60. Home Depot (Arthur Blank’s company) will ban you from working there for a positive piss test alone, and people are shocked that the NFL would consider banning Vick for being a convicted felon, habitual drug user, proven liar and massive PR liability?
    As for the “it was dogs, not humans” argument, that’s perfectly valid. But you also have to look at intent. Did Little & Stallworth intend to kill anyone, or was that an unintended result of their recklessness and criminal negligence? Vick absolutely intended to create an illegal dogfighting operation, built a compound to house it and participated in it for years before being found out. There’s a huge difference between a lapse in judgement and the calculated planning required to do what Vick did.

  61. Mike I’m not sure it’s accurate to state that the
    NFL is Vick’s employer. The team that provides
    him with a contract to play is. To use an analogy;
    if a lawyer was suspended by the Bar, after a
    certain known time the lawyer can go back to
    work. Vick did all the aforementioned horrific
    things and deserved what he got. However to
    suspend a man indefinitely with one man being
    the judge and jury for how long he is out of work
    can be construed as cruel and unusual. The Bar
    sets a standard and states a suspension time…
    well what does Goodell do. Place himself as the
    Bar determining what he wants in what many
    might call arbitrary. We don’t want our season
    to start with focus on Michael Vick etc…..That
    is arbitrary. If an Insurance Agent is suspended
    he or she knows how long the suspension is by
    the Insurance Dept. The Commissioner needs
    to come up with written standards. Indefinite
    suspensions as done with Donte’ Stallworth is
    an area the union should be arguing with the
    commissioner to limit and standardize.

  62. Goodell should have suspended Vick for 2 years. And he was to serve those 2 years concurrently with his prison sentence. Vick needs no further punishing.
    Now Goodell is in a position where he didnt get to punish Vick. Oh poor Mr Goodie Two Shoes Goodell.
    He really pisses me off.

  63. Some lawyer. It’s simple. It’s wrong to take the law into our own hands. The wheels of the system turned, judgement was given and punishment meted out, and Vick paid the debt to society that the legal system demanded. Even though we might not like the system’s results, we don’t have the right to a mulligan on them. That’s making ourselves judge and jury after the fact, taking the law into our own hands. So the NFL doesn’t have the right to re-do the criminal process and pile on its own punishment for the dog killing. BUT, what the NFL DOES have the right to do, is suspend him for being convicted of a crime, any crime, any suspension it chooses. And they’d better make the distinction, and they’d better not show with their punishment that killing animals is worse than killing pedestrians or motorists or pregnant girlfriends. That’s No Frickin Laughs.

  64. To use Florio’s own words….
    “Vick isn’t being tried twice for the same conduct, which is what the term double jeopardy means.” And..
    “Vick pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges relating to interstate gambling and dogfighting. Both are felonies.
    He also pleaded guilty to dogfighting under Virginia law, another felony.”
    What Vick went thru in the legal process was absolutely double jeopardy…facing dogfighting charges in federal court and then the exact same conduct in Virginia state court. Using Florio’s own definition, Vick was a victim of double jeopardy: charged twice with the same conduct.
    That has nothing to do with whether he should be reinstated now or later but Florio should be more careful with his logic.

  65. For those who have trouble separating fantasy from reality becuz they are still infatuated with the “star” michael vick (even that is sic becuz the guy is an anthlete but not an nfl caliber qb which speaks to your qualifications in judging football talent) it is no wonder that you people can’t understand the issue at hand of whether he should be further suspended. Maybe it would help you if you thought of it this way: it’s YOU and you are found guilty of the crimes vick was, YOU spend 2yrs in prison, are a felon, you also lied to your employer before you were charged, were caught doing drugs by employer, pissed off your employers customers by “flippin them off” etc. etc…….do YOU really think your employer would give YOU another chance when you got out of prison???? I don’t think so either!!!! Vick should consider himself lucky if he were to get by with just a one year suspension. People who are sticking up for Vick are the same type of individuals who have michael jackson on a pedestal for being a great songwriter/singer but let’s just ignore all the other stuff……kids, drugs etc.

  66. I don’t see where public opinion has favored Vick as much as it stated in this article. sure, on sports sites and the likes of, Vick has been getting a little over half of the support, but for the rest of the country, he has far less favor.
    Despite any of that, Vick should get a one year suspension.
    He broke the substance abuse policy, lied to the commissioner’s face, and is a convicted felon. That alone is enough of a reason to ban him for life, but a year seems like a good middle ground. Anything less would make Goodell look weak, as well as leave a bad mark on the league. The NFL shouldn’t be in the business of making scum millionaires. It’s time to clean up the league and send the thugs packing.

  67. Obama even said Vick acted stupidly…Have him over the House for a beer and play fetch with BO……

  68. Aside from whether he has already served enough time and missed enough games (even though he hasn’t missed a single game due to an NFL suspension yet); aside from whether the NFL has a legal right (oblifation) to tack on any justice of its own that it deems necessary; aside from whether Vick is even talented enough to play in the NFL today regardless of his “right” (WTF is THAT all about, by the way?)to play; regardless of all of that, there is one simple thing that stands head and shoulders as to why Micheal Vick shouldn’t be allowed right back into the league after leaving prision (think about that, by the way, parents: your kid’s “role model” did time in a Federal Prison!).
    That reason for a lifetime ban?
    He admitted that he ran a GAMBLING ring.
    Gambling is the critical strike in any serious sports league. You just cannot overlook that.
    Sorry Vick lovers, but you “he’s done his time” spiel doesn’t trump the gambling sin.
    He’s out, Mr. Goodell, and in your heart you know it. You just need the courage of your conviction to overlook “public opinion” and pressure from the media, ex-coaches, and current and past NFL players.
    They all know that gambling is the unforgivable crime too; they are choosing to ignore that.
    Ban him for life on that alone, and forget everything else.

  69. “Overall he is a man with a family that has done good for his community. ”
    You have got to be kidding me!! I live in his community. Vick hasn’t done a damn thing at all! Get a grip! The only thing he has done, is make kids think that dog fighting is cool and being a thug won’t get you into all that much trouble. The ghetto youth of Newport News thinks he’s a hero now, because he spent time in prison and is a felon.

  70. It’s apparent to me that if the NFL wants to maintain any sort of legitimacy with the ever shrinking portion of polite society that still considers crime a bad thing, it needs to draw a line in the sand at some point and then stand on principle.
    Here is how it should go: If you are a convicted felon, you are not eligible to play, coach or otherwise be employed in the NFL organization. Simple and all-inclusive.
    That simple rule would define the organization as one that values acceptable cultural behaivor over passing ability or total sacks. Further, and perhaps more importantly, it would negate all of the slack jawed discussions regarding the value of a “canine” life in relation to a human life, whether running someone over while you are drunk is “really murder”, etc. You people should be ashamed.
    There are a multitude of organizations in this country that preclude convicted felons. It’s time for the NFL to join that club, especially in light of the last 10 years league headlines.
    Perhaps if the future classes of excessively pampered, over paid, under socialized deviants making their way through the NFL’s felony farm system (that’s college footbal fyi) knew that the gravy train derailed at the courthouse, young women might have a chance at walking by the fieldhouses in this country without being assaulted. Well, maybe a better chance.

  71. A couple things:
    1. If Vick was a Computer Programmer or some other profession, he would never be able to find a job again; 4 weeks is no big deal
    2. Public opinion may not be so cut and dry; monitoring or ESPN may not be accurate
    3. How can anyone state he was one of the best 32 QBs without seeing him in uniform. There is so much conjecture at this point, it is ridiculous.
    He is a complete wildcard. He wasn’t accurate when he was practicing every day. I hope he has cleaned up his life and becomes a productive member of society. But the level of support he is getting is over the top.

  72. I think part of the idea that Vick has already done his time is that very few NFL players who do get in trouble off the field actually go to jail, and when they do, it’s such a short time they can do it during the off season. From that perspective, Vick has served a 2 year/32 game suspension, albeit involuntarily.
    Many people look at that as the suspension and feel more on top of it for everything he did is unwarranted. The thinking is along the lines of if Michael Vick somehow got only probation, how long would he have been suspended? It’s hard to do now 2 years removed from the incident since many have acclimated to what he has done and aren’t nearly as outraged.

  73. People in this world need to wise up. he went to JAIL, which means he did a really BAD thing. which means he is Much worse than the other people that get the casual 1 to 4 game suspensions. he does not deserve to go back to the NFL… the NFL does not OWE him a second chance. He is lucky they are even considering letting him back. Lets say if You or I went to JAIL for let say 2 years do you think our previous employers are going to welcome us back with open arms. people need to get thier head out of there…. I mean if he only gets a 4 game suspension if i was Pac man Jones I would be filling a lawsuit against the NFL for unfair treatment… he did not even spend a single day in Jail

  74. Will people stop with this whole “it’s a privilege to play in the NFL” already. It’s not a privilege. When you are good enough to play in the NFL, teams want you. That’s why there’s a draft where people are taken based on their skill. That’s why players get cut. That’s why the former players are suing because they feel that they weren’t taken care of. If it was a privilege and not a business, every players salary would be equal. These guys are professional athletes. Just like people go to school in order to become lawyers or doctors, these guys train all of their lives to become football players. Sure, to the person who can’t fathom being able to play a sport for money we will say that we would give anything to play a sport for money, but these guys worked hard to get where they are and get paid based on their production/marketing value, etc. For all of the supposed transgressions that T.O. has had, do you think that teams would rather have a good character guy like Troy Brown or T.O.? Teams want to win so they pick the players best for their system, and who they think will give them the best chance at winning. Which is why when a team is changing from the 4-3 to the 3-4, they’re going to get players that fit that system and get rid of the ones that don’t. If it was a “privilege”, the NFLPA would not exist and there would be no collective bargaining agreement. You want to know what a real privilege is? Anything that requires licensure (lawyer, doctor, etc.) and serving in the Armed Forces. When they start giving people licenses to play football, let me know.
    Players get paid when they can play, get cut when they can’t, get cut when they’re perceived as being paid more than they’re worth. You’re going to tell me that players shouldn’t hold out when a team will them when their on field production no longer matches their salary or they get too old, but when they have a contract that doesn’t pay them what they’re worth they’re expected to wait because they should feel “privileged”? Give me a break.
    As for Vick, he was suspended before he went to jail, when he could have been playing. All of these other guys (Tank Johnson, Jamal Lewis) served their jailtime in the offseason if I’m not mistaken which allowed them to be back in camps (I know that Jamal Lewis did for sure). Mike Vick killed animals. It’s not like he was picking up hookers and chopping them into pieces. He is a long ways away from being the worst person in the world. It doesn’t matter if he shows remorse or not, because it is impossible to know when someone is truly remorseful, and the prison system isn’t set up for that. It’s set up for punishment. I don’t think that he’s remorseful, he probably thinks more about quitting before he got caught than about feeling some moral burden for what he did. But that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters for him is to not get into anymore trouble once he gets out. He could be the most unremorseful bastard out there, but as long as he doesn’t show it and doesn’t get into trouble, what are you going to say about the guy? Sure you can keep harping about his dogfighting and all of that, but if you want to spend your life hating someone, I feel sorry for you. Is he really worth that much of your time? Animals are killed everyday, and while the manner in which he killed them was heinous, PEOPLE REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT ANIMALS UNTIL THEY WANT TO. Who here boils crabs to kill them? How do you kill fish after you catch them? Do you know precisely how the animal that you ate yesterday was killed or do you not care. Once again, the way he killed the animals was dispicable, but dogs are put down everyday because nobody wants to adopt them and space needs to be made for new dogs who will ultimately meet the same fate if/when they aren’t adopted. If you really cared about animals, you’d be against any animal losing its life. He bred the dogs to fight just like people breed horses to race, and some chickens are genetically designed to grow bigger and taste better. Mike Vick is just one of the many who have taken advantage of the life of an animal (albeit he killed them like children kill bugs and frogs). The lack of respect he has shown for humans consists of lying, giving people the finger, and giving someone (probably others) herpes. As far as I know, Golden Retrievers aren’t playing wide receiver.

  75. ” I wonder how the construction job is going?
    Any updates on that?”
    It didn’t last long. He no longer works in construction.

  76. One way for Goodell to handle this is to impose something like a 37 game suspension for the totality of his actions (dog fighting, gambling, killing dogs, lying, etc.). Then just count all the games he was indefinitely suspended for (33 if you include the one playoff game). You would also have a base line (that hopefully would never need to be referred to again) if a player were to do something similarly egregious and somehow managed to avoid jail.

  77. I just hope that all the vitriol, hate and disgust for Michael Vick IS OF THE SAME VEROCITY when it is CLEAR that Ben Rothlisberger actually RAPED A WOMAN!!! Will all of you “law and order” people have as much hate for Ben???? You gonna kick Ben Rothlisberger out of the NFL permanently??

  78. I am not going to read all of the reasons why or why not..but we there sure are a lot of experts on this sight with opinions. The man has served his time and he should be allowed to move forward and if he is talented enough to earn a position on a team and at team wants him he sould be given the oppportunity to play. You all need to stop being the judge and jury the courts have spoken what he has done is between him and his God. After all there are a lot of players in the league before him, currently and after him that will never pay the sam price. If you don’t want to see him turn your televsion away when he is playing or don’t go. Otherwise go leave your perfect life after all you probably have never done anything wrong or pay the price.

  79. Until the NFL adopts a policy that states convicted felons can not play in the league then he should be back in.

  80. He did his time for the dog fighting etc activities and that part is over. now he needs to pay for lying to the owner and the commissioner.
    These activities require to be addressed and Vick should be ban from the NFL.

  81. Double jeopardy’s over Whitlock.
    It’s time for
    …..Final Jeopardy…..
    This POS former NFL player should never be allowed to play in the league again.

  82. Herr Goodell can justify suspending Vick, fairly easily too.
    I am not gonna read all 76 replies, but Michael Vick did test positive for Marijuana. That puts Vick in the substance abuse program and what at least 4 game suspension?
    So all those whiners saying Vick paid his debt to society for his crimes, they are right he did for all the dogfighting incidents, but he has yet to atone for his positive Marijuana test.
    Vick will be better off in UFL this year…..

  83. “What Vick went thru in the legal process was absolutely double jeopardy…facing dogfighting charges in federal court and then the exact same conduct in Virginia state court. Using Florio’s own definition, Vick was a victim of double jeopardy: charged twice with the same conduct.”
    That’s incorrect. It’s not hard to check these things, you know.

  84. The funniest is when people try to pull the race card. “What if he were a white TE, then would he be suspended” lol. You’ll never know, white people aren’t stupid enough to do the stuff you boys do.

  85. Vick only spent bar time for breaking the law. Now it’s time to face employment consequences.
    The NFL had no action against him yet since he was serving the criminal phase by the courts. He deserves to be punished just as others have been dealt with for their conduct even if there was no criminal prosecution. The NFL should impose a severe penalty on him just as they did with Alex Karras and ‘Golden Boy’ Paul Hornung. They got 1 year for betting. ‘Pacman’ Jones? We know that story all too well. For Vick’s inhumane offense, he deserves a lifetime ban. He consistently and deliberately killed countless LIVING creatures on this earth. I don’t think we have seen the last of his mentality!

  86. I find it hilarious to read the comments of you douche bags opining at the mistreatment of dogs, which is wrong, as you stuff your faces with bacon and eggs and burgers and brats. Absolutely hilarious!
    You can rest assured that those cows, chickens, pigs, etc were gently coaxed into death (of old age) in a meadow full of wildflowers, near a rolling creek.

  87. “He consistently and deliberately killed countless LIVING creatures on this earth. I don’t think we have seen the last of his mentality!”
    As do farmers, hunters, workers at animal shelters, and even me by way of eating meat. What’s your point?

  88. He has NOT paid his debt to the animal society. Not one penny. Oh sure, he can throw money to them and attempt to look good but, facts still remain about what he did. IMHO I would bet he is more PO’d about getting caught than anything else. Plus, any team that would bring him on is gonna have protestors and demonstrations at the games. Do they want to subject their team image to that? I would think not. And, what kind of message is that sending to youth? You can tie animals up to car axles, leave them there and then of course make money at teaching them to fight other dogs? That is disgusting. The one thing that came out of this is that many of the McVick dogs have been rehabed. How much did vick pay to those people who spent countless hours rehabbing these dogs? What about their vet bills? People that are convicted of animal cruelty should have their pictures posted on shelter walls so they don’t have any chances of adopting any animals from shelters.

  89. The only thing more hillarious than douche bags opining about the mistreatment of dogs are the douche bags who somehow think there is an underground ring of cow and pig fighting. Because apparently we get our hamburgers, brauts, etc. from farm animals used in fighting.
    With that, how can Vick not miss a year of football? Like the article said, Jones missed a year without ever being convicted and Goodell’s approach so far to the Conduct Policy has been to suspend guys for a year (Stallowrth).
    Also, it’s a dream world if you think after serving time for an illegal gambling ring you may not face further punishment from your work place that is very sensitive to the issue of gambling and the appearance that you could be compromised by organized crime and the possibility (even if remote) that you could have or end up throwing games.

  90. Where did the comparison to eating burgers / eggs / chicken, etc come into play?
    I worked at a packing house for a few years so, you are talking to the wind if those comments are going to make a dang bit of difference to me.
    He is and will always be a disgusting human being to me for what he has done.
    IMHO he has the mentality of just being po’d that he got caught. Then he stands up there all on the pitty pot like anyone should give a rats ARSE about his life at all.
    I would truly like to know how much money HE has spent outta his pockets to help the people that rescued whatever dogs they could from his disgusting place. Those people are most likely spending a ton of money on them to help.
    No excuse.
    Any of the sportstime people that are commenting that he should play – don’t worry honies, there will be another guy to come along that you will all fall in love with again. Let him to and rot.

  91. I plan to avoid any team that signs this poor excuse of a man. Sorry. There’s something really wrong with a person that can do what he did, and a short stint in a cell is NEVER going to correct that. The only change of thought process in his mind over that time was his disappointment that he got caught. That’s it.
    I wouldn’t let this guy work as a drink vendor in the nose-bleed section.
    The NFL has lowered its standards over the years, but bringing this human trash back is truly alarming.

  92. “The only thing more hillarious than douche bags opining about the mistreatment of dogs are the douche bags who somehow think there is an underground ring of cow and pig fighting. Because apparently we get our hamburgers, brauts, etc. from farm animals used in fighting.”
    A specious argument and an intentional misinterpretation of my point. Also, way to leave out chicken (cock) fighting rings!
    My point is that you’re a hypocrite and a self-identified douche bag. When you stop eating mass murdered animals, and stop boiling sea creatures alive, and stop eating venison, then you’ll have some credibility on this topic. Until then, take your righteous indignation and kick rocks.

  93. Quit glorifying these misfits in the sportsworld as there are plenty of athletes to fit roster spots. Weed out this brainless & criminal segment, and as mentioned, boycott a team that stoops so low to employ one of them. Maybe then the message will get through to the owners; a few empty stands would shake their core.
    But that would be impossible because too many fans only want to get that ‘rush’ regardless. For those who don’t get it, perhaps you got the bucks or you don’t have a conscience.
    And most players appear to protect their own, but don’t fool yourself, in reality many of them wouldn’t miss that segment. They have families and morals too.
    At least most sponsors have drawn the line and we can too. Engaging in that lifestyle, how long would your employer put up with that? Vick is scum and doesn’t deserve a second chance. Let him find out the difficulties in getting employment!

  94. “My point is that you’re a hypocrite and a self-identified douche bag. When you stop eating mass murdered animals, and stop boiling sea creatures alive, and stop eating venison, then you’ll have some credibility on this topic. Until then, take your righteous indignation and kick rocks.”
    Wow, a pussy plant eater has an opinion, what a surprise. Am I to believe that only vegetarians are allowed to offer an opinion about tortured dogs? Because they deny nature and eat plants, they have a superior morale scope from which they only can empathize with tortured animals. There is a big difference between the useless killing and torturing of animals in a fighting ring and killing for sustenance. Should I assume that the beef I eat comes from a cow that was electrocuted by having wires attached to its testicles? It must be fun sitting on your pedestal. Go eat some tofu and leave the sports commentary to the men.

  95. Even more, Empty13, if you’re going to go with the whole notion that American blacks are spoiled, stupid and violent, wouldn’t it be fair to say that American whites are racist, cruel, and violent? There’s far more history to suggest that white people have a tendency of being racist (and are the most racist) and even going as far to kill other races (small pox blankets, lynchings, etc.) because they did not like them. So why wouldn’t I go around making the asinine statement that all white people are racist, given that forty or fifty years ago I could not walk into some establishments without being called an n-word, sixteen years ago I was called an n-word by other kids while playing ice hockey, there are still segregated proms going on in Mississippi (a state I would be scared to drive through because I am black), and there are a bunch of other race inspired crimes by whites that go on? Yes, there are black people who are racist, just like there are Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc. people who are racist. Doesn’t dismiss the fact that racism still exists, which I know you’re shocked to hear considering the type of stuff you write on this site.
    Once again, you’re an idiot who just hates black people, or at least the ones who speak out of turn, because, you know, black people are supposed to act the way people like you want us to act. I bet you miss the good ole days when we were refined to our slave quarters and the n-word was how you referred to us stupid, spoiled, violent people. I know you must hate that there’s a black guy running this country, and while I don’t agree with everything he does, I love the fact that he is in office just because of people like you. President Obama. Ahh, don’t you like the sound of that? A black man secured enough of the vote to win an election. I know you love it.

  96. “american blacks are spoiled. and stupid and violent.”
    Bet you wouldn’t say that to Donovan McNabb’s face, bubba.

  97. “My point is that you’re a hypocrite and a self-identified douche bag. When you stop eating mass murdered animals, and stop boiling sea creatures alive, and stop eating venison, then you’ll have some credibility on this topic.”
    $10 says you’re wearing some kind of leather right at this moment. Peta types usually do. Love it when the “save the rainforests” people protest with paper signs nailed to wooden pickets, too. Now go eat a defenseless tomato or something.

  98. His 2nd chance is him walking his ignorant ass out of prison.
    With that in mind I want to buy the felon a table dance.
    Ms. Kazemi, go to the dunce table and perform your duties.

  99. “Wow,
    So much for America being the land of second chances. Tell me something, what in your eyes constitute a second chance?”
    This is still the land of second chances. Vick is a free man and can attempt to live the American dream as he sees fit. However, I don’t understand how his second chance HAS to be the NFL. They are an independent and elite institution and can place restrictions on who can join. There are any number of occupations which Vick may pursue, up to and including, the UFL. Where is the outcry for all the other felons who cannot pursue their second chance with their previous employers?

  100. “Little and Stallworth never intended to kill anyone…You dont have to be a moral bankrupt to do what they did, which isnt the case regarding Vick.”
    THANK YOU!!!
    Why is this so hard for people to grasp?!?
    Um, excuse me, but….Why is it so hard for you people to grasp that drunk driving accidents are NOT “accidents”! Over 20,000 people are killed each year in the US but for some stupid reason, idiots like Stallworth think that somehow it won’t happen to them. You get behind the wheel drunk and you are intending to kill someone. Keep your drunk A## at home!

  101. “If Vick was a white TE would the public and media be on his side they way they seem to be?”
    Even more so, actually. Who’s that white kid who was on the Jags (Matt Jones, I think), who couldn’t get off the drugs. All the freakin’ talent in the world but wasted on drugs. If he were black, he’d be all over the sports pages. But not for Jones. So much so, that I’m not even sure I’ve got his name right.

  102. Totally incorrect. I hate PETA as much as other self-righteous turds.
    I have eaten damn near every kind of animal (not dog, but something close). Animals taste good. However, the meat my family eats, I killed them. The tomatoes we eat, I grew them.

  103. If Vick was a Computer Programmer or some other profession, he would never be able to find a job again; 4 weeks is no big deal
    True, but he could still occupy a seat in US Congress!

  104. With the list of idiotic things HE chose to do and did them with such disgrace and no respect for the animal society. He should be treated just like any other felon the just comes out. Go to the half way house for a few months, prove yourself and then IF they feel like it he can live with a family member until the parole officer clears him to live someplace else. Why should he be any different?
    Oh, and interstate gambling?
    hell – let’s finally admit Pete Rose in the baseball hall of fame. Look at that second chance he ain’t getting?
    I would not change my opinion about McVick.
    With that said.
    With so many other comparisons to what the superstar athletes do and get convicted and seemingly just sweep their crap under the carpet. Just when is enough going to be enough? Just because things were handled differently does not mean it should continue that way. someone has to say NO! enough is enough.

  105. Unionite says:
    July 26, 2009 10:40 AM
    I just hope that all the vitriol, hate and disgust for Michael Vick IS OF THE SAME VEROCITY when it is CLEAR that Ben Rothlisberger actually RAPED A WOMAN!!! Will all of you “law and order” people have as much hate for Ben???? You gonna kick Ben Rothlisberger out of the NFL permanently??
    As soon as Roethlisberger strangles her to death I’ll be right there with you.

  106. muchmaligned says:
    July 26, 2009 12:37 PM
    I find it hilarious to read the comments of you douche bags opining at the mistreatment of dogs, which is wrong, as you stuff your faces with bacon and eggs and burgers and brats. Absolutely hilarious!
    You can rest assured that those cows, chickens, pigs, etc were gently coaxed into death (of old age) in a meadow full of wildflowers, near a rolling creek.
    Are you implying Vick killed those dogs for food?

  107. Why in the world do some people defend bad/mean people? What happened to the desire to be judged on the “content of their character”? Most of the defenses involve trying to point out situations where some one did something worse – ignoring intent, and received a lighter punishment. Really? We’ve stooped this low? Most agree that the people in those instances should have been punished much more severely. Talent trumps character for some of you? Geez, you must be the same people that think “street cred” is a good thing. The moral decline continues. Second chances are for mistakes. Mistakes are unintended. What he did was planned, and financed. Those of us in the real world have to deal with real consequences. For those of you who defend poor character – what does that really say about you? Now that you have reacted emotionally, take a moment to thing abouot it rationally.

  108. First before you comment on the NFL and Vick, ask yourself this! Would you still have your Job if you comitted similar crimes as Michael Vick!
    I know I would lose my job, and never be allowed to work in that job again! In fact any felony would cost me my job!

  109. As a Denver fan I know how valuable a quality QB could be this next season.
    However, my family and I will never watch the NFL as long as M. Vick is a part of it. I will burn my season tickets rather than resell them.
    If Denver signs Vick than our new Sunday family tradition will be protesting outside the stadium. Football is changing from the great american sport to a lesson for our kids on how to never act. When the transition is finished it will be a dead sport. If you want to save football for future generations, SAY NO TO VICK.

  110. I agree with Major13…I too am a pit bull owner and there is no dog out there as loyal. Vick should never be allowed to play again and if he wants to redeem himself, he should volunteer at the Best Friends rescue. If were lucky… maybe one of the pits there will recognize him. Karma baby!!!

  111. idiots. vick was banned indefinitely from the NFL before he pleaded guilty. That’s more than being suspened. Suspension carries an automatic reinstement.
    If you want beat a dead horse go ahead.

  112. @ eagledan-
    You’re an idiot. I you had a skill that very few had and you committed a felony worse than killing dogs. You would get your job back because of the profit making potential you bring. You are in America.
    The only way you wouldn’t is if the job couldn’t hire felons.

  113. mr Mike florio. u were very kind in listing all the wrong deed’s Vick had committed leading up to his arrest, and eventual conviction. but, there also lays the ignorance to consider the list of all he had lost every since. tho, justifiably so because his heinous or “high-anus”! acts are blinding to anything else but indignation. but the fact is that YOU are a JOURNALIST! and ur disdain for his high-anus acts should’t blind you from telling the facts from both sides. there also lays the ignorance off all the mickael Vick condemners. no one is “saint” enough to condom that blindly!.

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