Mack deal is done

After an unexpected delay once Browns first-round pick Alex Mack showed up Friday with a deal supposedly in place, a league source tells us that Mack has finally agreed to terms.

The problem, we’re told, is that the Browns’ have a new contract negotiator, which created confusion as to some of the terms and wording.

Per the source, Mack will receive guaranteed money (including the option bonus) representing a 12.2 percent increase over the same spot in 2008.  [Editor’s note:  We initially misunderstood our source, and accidentally described the deal as having $12.2 million in guaranteed money.  We apologize for the error.]  The increase over the contract given to last year’s 21st overall pick is roughly 7.5 percent, when comparing the core deals.

So it’s three down, 29 to go in round one.

9 responses to “Mack deal is done

  1. Not running my mouth, just asking a question for the browns fans. Is mack in line to start this year?

  2. I’ll bet the last $200K was tacked on with the following language included:
    “Two hundred thousand to be placed in escrow for all staph and staph related illness. The monies in this account may also be disbursed for all mental health issues surrounding the fact the signee, Mr. Mack, will likely be playing out his career dogding staph and playing for a perennial sub-500 organization.”

  3. To answer eDreedforprez Question . Yes he will more than likely be the starting center or possibly At Guard .

  4. Yeah, they want him to start this year, thats why they’re getting the contract done so soon… Fraley is a servicable backup but he was getting blown up by the big tackles in the division.. Mack has the size and strength to better deal with those guys.. Mangini really bulked up the line this year and Mack is a big part of his plans.. Now, if the Browns could just get a strong running back they’d be in good shape.. I’d love to see a trade to bring Michael Bush from the Raiders over.. That guy is a perfect fit for what we’re trying to do..

  5. @ Ed Reed
    not a browns fan, but mack was considered by many scouts to be the best prospect at center the last 10-15 years, so yes, i would fully expect him to start. now if they only had a RB, they would have a scary running game with mack, eric steinbach, and joe thomas lining up next to each other…

  6. good call blmonroe, bush would be perfect.
    it will also be interesting to see if steinbach falls out of favor with mangini, considering he is more of a finesse player.

  7. Yeah he looked like a good prospect, I would keep him at center. Pretty athletic shouldn’t have trouble grabbing backers.

  8. This is a good move for the Browns. Fraley could be traded or used as a solid backup to Mack..This team needs to stay healthy but may turn some heads down the road.

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