Raiders ink Shaughnessy

Last year, we asked the Raiders to put us on the list of press releases announcing player transactions, which are sent out via email to the media. 

We were told that the team uses no such service.

We later learned that the Raiders do have such a program, and we were placed on the list.

We’ve since learned that they rarely if ever use the service to announce player transactions.

And thus no one knew that the Raiders signed third-round pick Matt Shaughnessy five days ago.  We’ve learned that the defensive end inked a four-year deal, which included a signing bonus of $852,250.

The fourth-year salary escalates to the higher of the $1.308 million or the low restricted free agency tender if Shaughnessy participates in 35 percent of the defensive snaps as a rookie, or 45 percent in 2010 or 2011.

Amazingly, no one noticed that the deal was done.  Indeed, there was a report that a contract between Shaughnessy and the Raiders was “close” . . . two days after the deal was completed.

We’re not sure why the Raiders don’t take advantage of these fairly basic opportunities to inject the franchise’s brand into the never-ending news cycle.  But, then again, some would say that they don’t know what the Raiders do many of the things they do.

5 responses to “Raiders ink Shaughnessy

  1. Mike,
    The Raiders aren’t the only club in sports to not do this. I’ve noticed this a lot in Major League Baseball, it’s the old guard against the new guard. Guys who don’t really know how the internet works are afraid to embrace it.
    I guess they don’t feel that what happens on the internet affects anything about how the Raiders are reported in the National Press. I feel like it does.
    It’s interesting that Lane Kiffin said this week that his main goal in this offseason was to get the Tennessee logo in the national spotlight as much as possible, no wonder it didn’t work out in Raidernation.

  2. Travis, I think the Raiders know what the internet is and how it works. They just don’t care what anybody thinks or says.
    If you notice, they never confirm or deny rumors either.
    Also, the Raiders as a brand are one of the most recognizable sports teams in the world. Not the most loved necessarily, butthey certainly don’t need to worry about getting their logo out there.
    People who know nothing about the team and just like the logo are everywhere.

  3. The Raiders don’t make use of such services for one simple reason, they don’t trust the press, for good reason. Reference the hacks at espnis.

  4. They dont release shit because they know reporters like you will only skrew something up ,or just lie to start shit.

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