Signing status of NFC North draft picks

Chicago Bears:  DE Jarron Gilbert (third round; signed June 10; four years); WR Juaquin Iglesias (third round; signed June 10; four years); DE Henry Melton (fourth round; signed May 30; four years); CB D.J. Moore (fourth round; signed May 29; four years); WR Johnny Knox (fifth round; signed May 29; four years); LB Marcus Freeman (fifth round; signed May 29; four years); FS Al Afalava (sixth round; signed May 29; four years); G Lance Louis (seventh round; signed May 29; four years); WR Derek Kinder (seventh round; signed May 29; four years).

Detroit Lions:  QB Matthew Stafford (first round; signed April 25; six years); TE Brandon Pettigrew (first round; signed July 31; five years); FS Louis Delmas (second round; signed July 30; four years); LB DeAndre Levy (third round; signed July 25; three years); WR Derrick Williams (third round; signed July 31; three years); DT Sammie Lee Hill (fourth round; signed July 31; three years); RB Aaron Brown (sixth round; signed July 16; three years); T Lydon Murtha (seventh round; signed July 23; three years); LB Zack Follett (seventh round; signed July 20; three years); TE Dan Gronkowski (seventh round; signed June 26; three years).

Green Bay Packers:  DE B.J. Raji (first round; unsigned); LB Clay Matthews (first round; signed July 30; five years); T T.J. Lang (fourth round; signed July 6; four years); FB Quinn Johnson (fifth round; signed July 21; four years); T Jamon Meredith (fifth round; signed June 24; four years); DE Jarius Wynn (sixth round; signed June 16; four years); CB Brandon Underwood (signed June 16; four years); LB Brad Jones (seventh round; signed June 16; four years).

Minnesota Vikings:  WR Percy Harvin (first round; signed August 2; five years); T Phil Loadholt (second round; signed July 29; four years); CB Asher Allen (third round; signed July 23; four years); LB Jasper Brinkley (fifth round; signed June 30; four years); FS Jamarca Sanford (seventh round; signed June 19; four years).

14 responses to “Signing status of NFC North draft picks

  1. Of all these teams, why on earth wouldn’t the Lions have gone all out to get the guys they selected with (presumably) high hopes for the new season, SIGNED UP?

  2. Since the Cedric Benson holdout the Bears have made getting picks signed a priority.
    Since the Cedric Benson they have been one of the best in the NFL if not the best at getting rookies signed.
    The Vikings ought to not pay Harvin any money and just let him go. Why waste money on a bad pick. The guy has bust written all over him.
    Don’t compound the mistake.

  3. The Lions will get all their picks signed before camp. Unbunch your panties. Camp doesn’t even start till Saturday. The new front office guys know what they’re doin…just give it a couple days.

  4. This F*get Bob Nelson praises the ablilty to sign rookies…That about all you got for the bears buddy? What about their great ability to sign a cry baby B*tch of a quarterback…Seriously as a Vikings fan I would have been more afraid if you would have gone out and got one of these vet. receivers…Kyle Orton was pretty close to getting the job done last year with sh*t receivers..Now Orton has Marshall, Royal, Sheffler, who have great receiving skills(route running, ablility to get open, great hands) Cutler has who to throw to?? Greg Olson…only guy who kind of maybe scares me…but hes a tight end…devin hester can run fast…i guess thats cool if you wanna return kicks but he doesnt do that anymore does he? Seriously Bears fans are you happy with cutler trade? I thought i liked that doosh bag until i saw a game last year where he threw 4-5 picks and bombed the game for the broncos and after each time he slowly walked off the field hanging his head…looking like some rich kid…coaches son who just blew the game 5 times…then he cries like a b*tch cause denver thought about trading their losing quarterback…if he could blow denvers division lead last year i am certainly not afraid of him with the bears receivers…go vikes..our time baby!

  5. Isn’t it worth mentioning that the bears didn’t have a first or second rounder to sign? Wow, the bears do such a wonderful job of signing their patients, I mean players to standard contracts when they won’t be with the team by this time next year. Although they’ve probably learned their lesson over the years with the likes of Cedric, Cade, Rashaan.

  6. The Bears have been the first–or among the first–to have all of their draft picks signed the past several years because it gives them a distinct contractual advanatge–it helps THEM set the market/terms for those players, rather than having to follow what other teams are doing.
    It shows they know how to handle their bid-ness.
    The irony is too thick to avoid, so I must address your moronic ravings:
    The Bears sign/trade for the most talented QB available during the off-season in YEARS, making perhaps the biggest and best off-season move in the whole league…
    Meanwhile, the Dikings desperately pine for the Bratt, held hostage by his womanly whims and indecisiveness, hanging onto every news tidbit and rumor, HOPING that his health will hold up, that his hip won’t give out, that he won’t fracture your fanbase OR your locker room too much, for what? ONE YEAR?
    QB-wise, you’re HOPING to put a band-aid on a bullethole, while the Bears already have a LONGTERM answer at the position, a guy with undeniable talent and unlimited potential, someone to lead the franchise for YEARS.
    You’ll be lucky if Favre gives you half a good season.
    So, yeah–go ahead and mock our QB situation, you dumbass, but the ENVY and FEAR that underlies your words is obvious to me.
    You can lie to everyone else and talk about how bad you think Cutler is going to be, but you can’t lie to yourself, you jealous douchehole.
    Oh, and good luck with Favre.
    And with that sh!tty unimaginative wanker of a coach.
    And with fairweather fans who can’t even sell out a home playoff game in that sh!thole homodome.
    And with the hop-head Harvin.
    And with your Williams sisters and their suspensions.
    And with the move to L.A.
    And with Stuart Smalley as your Senator.
    And with a franchise that’s never known anything but futility, failure, scandal, and disappointment.
    Talk all you want now, horn-sucker (you queens do it every off-season), but get ready for more of the same this year.

  7. Dewey…Fair arguement buddy…few problems…first who won the division last year…boom…vikes…who was our quarterback? Second boom…now moving say…”The Bears sign/trade for the most talented QB available during the off-season in YEARS, making perhaps the biggest and best off-season move in the whole league” Tell me with a receiving corp like he had and he was still unable to accomplish a damn thing besides a pro bowl…but didnt brett make the pro bowl last year too….hmmm talk about irony doosh…bottom line that cry baby b*tch has a good arm but i am yet to be impressed by thing that matter…division titles…playoff appearances….mvp’s..leading a team…being a mature non doosher…if you think brett favre is bad now…lets fast forward a few years and see what this b*tch is like…You chi town f*agets act like you got peton manning or tom brady…hes just jay cutler my friends…no mvp…no playoffs…not even a damn division title….even after the chargers won it with 8-8 record…i am but the least bit afraid of that doosh…shout out to aaron rodgers..respect his talent…i think hes better than cutler…but then again all packers are sister f*cking cheese raving F*gets….go divsion title winners!!!aka your vikings…oh and good luck stopping ap this year chicago…its always fun watching you try…

  8. Yup, all that great talent up in Minny, and what have you got to show for it?
    ONE 1-and-done playoff appearance?
    I noticed, as it was conspicuously absent from your list of “thing that matters”: no mention of SUPERBOWLS, eh?
    You’re just one more annoying voice in the cacophony of off-season horn-blowing, chest-thumping, Biqueen superhype.
    Same as it is every year–a bunch of sound & fury, signifying nothing.
    I thought you guys were supposed to win it all LAST year (and the year before, and the year before), and the Bears were gonna be lucky to win 6 games and blah blah…what happened?
    As usual, Vikes disaapointed.
    And as usual, Bears surprised.
    The Bears were neck-and-neck with you guys up until week 17, and that was with Kyle freakin’ Orton (and if HE tore up your secondary, what will Cutler do?), so I wouldn’t go tooting your purple horn too much over that Childress-hair-of-a-difference, okay?
    (And remember how you only got by the Lions after the refs gift-wrapped the game for you? So there’s that one game difference…)
    So besides having a moronic argument, you’re dumb. And illiterate. And you over-depend on the ellipsis … (most likely because you don’t understand any other type of punctuation).
    Volume doesn’t equal validity, wizard.
    Why am I even responding here? I might as well debate a mollusk–equally spineless and brainless, like any fan/fanbase that would go from hating Favre as a mortal enemy to opening up wide for him…
    Typical Queens fans–no dignity or character, you blow whichever way you’re told to.
    Enjoy the off-season. Reality will hit you soon.
    (And Larry, maybe you can use some of that spare time to practice your spelling and work on your literacy…people will take you more serious then, okay?)

  9. Ya Dewey, I’ll be sure to send my comments to our prep department at work….you f*cking dumbass…only pathetic *ss losers like you care to critique spelling and punctuation of a god damn sports website in the comments section…seriously could I have heard more a f*ggety thing to say on a football website? with that said all you have left to say is but..well..ugh..err…maybe this year….listen here loser of the divsion…its just Jay Cutler…once more its just Jay Cutler…I haven’t seen the slightest bit of maturity/leadership/and above all a person I can call “the man” at all from this dude….hate to say it but rodgers blows Jay doooshbag away in every category…Id like to see you argue…Im gonna give it to you one last time….The Minnesota Vikings won the divsion last year with Gus Ferrotte and T Jackson…read that once more….Gus and T….Now i might be F*cking Crazy but brett favre may have more experience/wins/mvps/super bowl under his belt than them 2 combined yet we managed to own the divsion… You do nothing to upgrade your team all year but sign a kyle orton with slightly more speed and a stronger arm…as this f*get is scrambling around for his life as our top 3 F*cks him up who does he throw to…Angelo? haha…all im saying is damn were the team to beat in the north…do some homework…every single power rankings has your main man mr. viking ahead of the bears…you know why? BECAUSE WE WON THE F*CKING NORTH WITH GUS FEROTTE!!!!!THAT SHOWS YOU HOW GOOD THE REST OF OUR TEAM REALLY IS….ESPN/NFL NETWORK/ HELL…PROFOOTBALL TALK EVEN KNOWS IT…AND I HAVE THIS DEWEY DOOSHBAG HERE TELLING ME IMMATURE BABY ASS JAY CUTLER IS THE BEARS SAVIOR?? GO INVEST IN SOME DEFENSE CHICAGO CHERS! WE HAVE AP THAT YOU CAN NOT F*CKING STOP…ONCE MORE….ADRIAN PETERSON HAD AN NFL FILM DEDICATED TO HIM AS ONE THE BEST GAMES EVER BECAUSE HE TORE EVERY OLD GUY ON YOUR TEAM A NEW *SSHOLE…SO SHUT THE F*CK UP AND WATCH US DO WORK ON THE NORTH AGAIN THIS YEAR..

  10. For all you Bear and Viking fans, you can argue the football side of the arguement all day, but 10 games into the the season all the cards will be on the table. Cutler will one day be considered a top 5 qb, just not today. The Viking have the best RB in the league and a good defense. I think the real arguement here is the fans. The Bears are diehards and have shown they supports for an up and down franchise, having one of the best records in the league over the last four years, with marginial talent. The Viking have tried to do that. Last year they won the division, big deal, go to the SuperBowl once and prove something. I think the key to this arguement is they couldnt sell out a home playoff game, that just sucks, and that is on the fans. Larrybird8 come back when you have something more than one playoff game, one and done, with a sellout and then blowoff.

  11. Fairybird18–
    Glad you are so proud to dominate all the offseason power rankings…that and a nickel might buy you a gumball, you delusional pole-smoker.
    I wonder where the Steelers and Cards were in all those grab-ass meaningless power rankings last year? How about the Dolphins and Falcons?
    We both know it–they mean about as much as YOUR ALL CAPS RANTINGS. NOTHING.
    Is AP a talented rusher? Sure. But he’s also lousy at catching out of the backfield, has doubled his fumbles from one year to the next, and is a piss-poor blocker.
    Have the Bears had trouble with him in some games? Sure. But then again, Favre used to torch the Bears, too–but more recently he’s thrown 3 TDs to 13 interceptions in their last 10 matchups.
    But you keep on living in the past, Corky.
    And since you REALLY want to dwell on the past:
    -9 Championships, including one Superbowl
    -26 members in the HOF (more than any other franchise)
    -More regular season and overall wins than ANY other NFL franchise (reached 700 in Dec. 2008)
    What have the Vikes got?
    1 Championship in 69 and the honor of being the FIRST team to appear in and LOSE 4 Superbowls.
    (And it’s been nothing but disappointment-following-hype ever since).
    So do us all a favor and STFU about the past.
    You have the Love Boat, Tice scalping tickets, guys running the wrong way on the field, the Wizzinator, draft picks failing drug tests, Childo, and now the greatest traitor/sell-out/Judas/overrated/primadonna/wishy-washy attention whore/interception machine in the history of the game…and you’re PROUD about it?
    Any shred of diginity your fanbase may have once had you’ve sold out for the unlikely POSSIBILITY of a few solid games, sprinkled in among the int-fests.
    Yep, the Vikings are a classless organization from top to bottom, including the fans.
    No integrity, no honor, no standards. Which is why they never live up to their hype.
    You think Bratt is the messiah, but Cutler is a nobody, huh?
    I bet back in March/April when the Cutler trade rumors began you were stroking your little Viking horn in the desperate hope that the Vikes landed Cutler…but then, just as quickly as your feelings changed about Favre, suddenly you opened wide and swallowed (a practice you’re used to, I’m sure) EVERY phony, negative, made-up thing the media said about him.
    But we’ll see. You put all your faith in those Power rankings, and the media hype, and the possibility of one old man who hasn’t played at a consistently high level in YEARS, and I’ll back my Bears.
    And once again we’ll see which franchise disappoints, and which surprises.
    Thank God–the game’s not played on paper, or in the media, or on the message boards, but on the field. (Otherwise the opinion of spineless gullible cheerleader b!tches like you might actually mean something).
    Now go run off and tell your mirror some more self-deluded lies…maybe you can tell yourself that “you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you”, you delusional purple-helmet-polishing dolt.

  12. 1. The Playoff game sold out so this almost…or maybe would have been blacked means nothing to me…i dont blame any vikings fan for not wanting to pay the ticket prices to watch t jack hand over our playoff game…
    2. The power rankings are a evalutation of who is the best team right now. They are based on last season..offseason upgrades..and the upcoming schedule. Last year we were the best in the North..At this time were still considered the best…so shut the F*ck up and pile your wishes and hopes into a bag for the season because as of right now you have not anything to comeback with..
    3. I understand why you bear fans hold on to the 198o’s so much….THATS ALL YOU HAVE IS THE F*CKING 80’S….Now with the history of our bad coaches and ownership i cant disagree with all that has happened…but I havent seen that latley so your still holding on to the past because…THATS ALL YOU HAVE.. Nonetheless when we last year and when we do it again this year (win the division and send you home early) none of that means a f*cking thing to anybody but the people who lost…hence why you are here and hanging on so desperatly in the past.
    4. Best D in North…..Best RB/Run Game/ in the game…Sounds like Black and Blue divison winners to me…again

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