Union continues to gird for a lockout

Earlier this month, the NFLPA rolled out the “25/25 Campaign,” aimed at persuading players to set aside 25 percent of their net income in 2009 and 2010 in preparation for a lockout in 2011.

(Apparently, Chad Ochocinco didn’t get the memo, unless he plans to live in the back seat of his new car.)

A source told our own Aaron Wilson earlier today that the union recently sent a questionnaire to all NFLPA-certified financial advisors regarding their efforts to prepare players for the possibility of one or more weeks in 2011 without game checks.

Topics include whether the advisor has spoken to his or her clients about a possible lockout, and the steps the advisor is taking to prepare the clients for a sudden, dramatic drop in their primary income.

On one hand, this can be seen as further evidence that the union is calling the owners’ possible bluff as to a work stoppage.  With the debt that many of these teams now have, we simply can’t imagine the league voluntarily shutting off the revenue faucet.

On the other hand, prudent planning can’t hurt.  If enough players are having financial trouble come 2011 because they didn’t save enough money in 2009 and 2010, the players collectively will be more inclined to cave in the face of a lockout — like they did only three weeks after they went out on strike in 1987.

Though the union has a multi-multi-million-dollar strike fund, the money will go fairly quickly, given the sizes of the mortgage payments these guys make.  The key is to get them to quit spending $135,000 on earrings (like T.O. supposedly did in the first episode of his unreality show) or otherwise pissing away money on stuff they don’t need.

10 responses to “Union continues to gird for a lockout

  1. Roger Goodell
    “How can I kill the golden goose?”
    DeMaurice Smith
    “Hmmmm, maybe less hitting and less games?”
    Roger Goodell
    “I got it! Let’s outlaw the wedge, practically ban tackling the quarterback and then let’s have a labor strike!”
    DeMaurice Smith
    “That’s perfect, good thing I’m a douche bag lawyer!”

  2. the union will cave even quicker this time, whether a few players cross the line (like in 87) or not.

  3. Peter King reported that the new DirecTV deal pays $1B in 2011 games or no games. $31.25M/team isn’t bad.
    Plus, in either situation (lockout or strike) they can hire replacements for much less and collect all the other revenue.
    I think the players will have a tougher go of it. These guys have minimum salaries of nearly $300k. If they are living beyond their means (they’re in a profession where their career could end suddenly) they won’t get much sympathy from Joe Public. But on the upside for players, they may qualify for unemployment if they’re locked out. 🙂

  4. You are so pro union Florio. I’m sure the owners have some rainy day money sitting around, and they will continue to receive the TV money against future years.
    None of the players, even the minimum amount players, are clipping coupons to get by. They should be happy with what they have. I would be.

  5. It is an absolute disgrace if these people let the most popular hobby/sport/pastime in America today cease because they can’t decide how many millions of dollars they should make.

  6. this jerkoff lawyer demaurice smith needs to get canned. i think he wants a lockout just so everyone will talk about him.

  7. Some of us are happy with having $20.00 in our pocket in these economic times..

  8. Lock em out and start over with the max pay any player can make at one million. Sure some guys would be insulted but they could always go get real jobs, or could they ?

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