Eagles expect Westbrook to begin practicing by middle of August

The Philadelphia Eagles remain optimistic that running back Brian Westbrook will be healthy enough to practice by the middle of August.

Westbook is recovering from offseason ankle surgery.

“I think he has a chance to be back by mid-August and then we’ll just take it from there,” Eagles coach Andy Reid told reporters today in comments distributed by the team. “You never know on these things.

“Everybody heals a little bit different. Some people heal faster than other people. We’ll just see how it works out.”

Westbrook reported to training camp today along with rookies and other selected veterans.

However, Westbrook’s activity for the next three days will be confined to rehabilitating his surgically-repaired ankle.

“Brian’s actually up here now, or going to be up here now for these three days,” Reid said. “He won’t do any work on the field. He’ll just do his rehab work. He won’t go to any meetings.”

Meanwhile, defensive end Victor Abiamiri is sidelined after straining a pectoral muscle a few weeks ago while lifting weights.

Reid indicated that Abiamiri will be out for at least a few weeks.

8 responses to “Eagles expect Westbrook to begin practicing by middle of August

  1. In my opinion Westbrook has become more of a Dawkins type player as opposed to a serious threat. Needless to say I love Westbrook. He has been the heart of the eagles offense for quite some time now. But I think the Westbrook era in Philly has ended. Westbrook has clearly taken on some wear and tear over the past few years as our primary back. I think it is all finally catching up with him. It is becoming more and more obvious that the eagles are looking for the next westbrook. Whether it was Ryan Moats or Tony Hunt, we have been searching for a long time. All I can hope is that Brian plays well over the next couple of years when he is under contract with us and then retires from the NFL leaving LeSean McCoy to take over his role. I wish Brian the best in getting healthier so he can help the eagles this coming season.

  2. Iggles: You make some valid points. I just believe Westbrook should be used as a hybrid between his current role and a Reggie Bush role. He runs between the tackles better than Bush, but his “hard” running should be more limited. Hopefully, McCoy can catch on to things quickly, so the offense can run smoothly.
    This year shapes up nicely for the Eagles. The Skins aren’t going to scare anybody (though we have problems with them). The Giants can run, but their WR are somewhat shaky. And the cowboys won’t do anything.

  3. “This year shapes up nicely for the Eagles. The Skins aren’t going to scare anybody (though we have problems with them). The Giants can run, but their WR are somewhat shaky. And the cowboys won’t do anything.”
    Interesting that your opinion on the Eagirls is predicated on the rest of the NFCE not being any good. I don’t disagree with the notion because I can’t think of a time that the Eagirls were dominant when there was another really good team in the NFCE, but I see them as more lucky than good. Fact is the Eagirls won’t be able to run without Westbrook being able to carry a full load, *and* their WRs are somewhat shaky. Even shakier than normal with Westbrook, the best receiver that the Eagirls have, pulling up lame.

  4. Eagles fans need to quit getting their hopes up for this season. We are in for a rude awakening. History suggests it will be awhile before we have another viable RB. And it won’t be the one we expect. Just like Westbrook. I think last year was a total fluke, and if we had played anyone else on Thanksgiving night the entire season would have been different. You can’t just write off Dallas and NY and Washington seems to have our number since we can’t stop Clinton Portis. It just sucks to see people with this high expectations, then when it doesn’t happen they’ll all start tossing blame around. When in reality we are exactly what I thought we were. 9-7.

  5. Cincy all you ever do is talk down on the Eagles … I don’t wanna hear from you when we are running away with the division … We have a talented, young team and to think that you are soo negative drives me nuts

  6. iggles: I would say that 14 TDs last year, would make him a little MORE than an emotional leader only. I would say he just needs a break once in a while and I think the WRs a GOOD TE group…and the addition of shady should suffice in that category.
    not to mention the most under-rated free agent pick up all year=FB – Leonard Weaver….who can play some tailback too!
    VoX: 6-44 ….your so Pathetic. Get a life dude. its a shame that you need to comment all the time on EAGLES articles, because all that can be said for the ‘Boys is “another year missing the playoffs, with one of the highest payrolls and the most high-maintenance players” Enjoy Homo!
    Cincy: I will tell you what I have been telling the rest of the “NEGA-delphia” fans for the past 10 years…..if you are a season ticket holder, I will be more than glad to take the “Burden” of paying for those tix off your hands, I would love to jump the 5 year waiting list…so please, contact me!

  7. Nice argument “RealPhan”. Enjoy another year of the Eagirls not winning the Super Bowl, just like the Bengals.

  8. I have to disagree with the notion that Westbrook is done. They replayed the Eagles Giants playoff game from last year on NFLN last night. He had quite a few plays where he looked like the Westbrook of old. Hopefully with his knee and ankle cleaned out, plus a lighter workload, he can play another few seasons at a high level.

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