Is T.O. talking up Vick in advance of a Buffalo run at him?

NFL_vick_250.jpgIn hindsight, we should have realized it was only a matter of time before T.O. shared his two cents on the Mike Vick situation.

The Bills receiver thinks that Vick should be immediately reinstated with no further suspension, calling further penalties the equivalent of “kicking a dead horse.”  (Or, as the case may be, slamming to the ground a dead dog that didn’t fully die after being drowned by a dogfighter who thought that the dog wasn’t fit to fight other dogs.)

Owens also proclaimed that Commissioner Roger Goodell’s treatment of Vick has been “unfair.”

Really, T.O.?  Goodell met with Vick two days after Vick was released from federal custody, and Goodell is poised to conditionally reinstate Vick as soon as Monday.

If Goodell wanted to be unfair with Vick, Goodell could have done so in a manner that still would have looked fair.  Really, who would have faulted Goodell for waiting until the middle of August to make a decision on Vick’s status?  The fact that the league office will, by all apearances, have a decision within a week of the removal of the bracelet from Vick’s ankle is beyond fair.  It’s more like bending over backwards.

As we explained last night, Vick could have (and perhaps should have) gotten a far stiffer penalty, in light of everything that he has done.

Still, we think it’s nice that Owens is willing to go to bat for Vick to get a second chance.  Then again, T.O. knows the value of persuading someone to overlook past misdeeds.  Despite tearing apart the Eagles’ locker room in 2005, the Cowboys overpaid Owens in 2006, at a time when no one else wanted him.  And despite helping to obliterate the Cowboys’ chances in 2008, the Bills gave him $6.5 million guaranteed for 2009, at a time when no one else wanted him.

Speaking of Owens’ current team, we can’t help but wonder whether the Bills have enlisted the man who’s already bizarrely beloved in Buffalo in advance of continuing its “all-in” run for a long-coveted Super Bowl title in the 50th season of the AFL, and the 91st year of owner Ralph Wilson’s life, by signing Mike Vick in the hopes of providing the ultimate answer to Miami’s Wildcat attack.

43 responses to “Is T.O. talking up Vick in advance of a Buffalo run at him?

  1. Wasn’t it just yesterday that TO was talking up Trent Edwards?
    And today he wants Vick?
    Trent should be “gay” by Wednesday at this rate.

  2. I’m not sure how you would conclude that Buffalo is going “all-in” for a run at the Super Bowl. Because they signed Owens? That’s all-in?
    1) They traded away their Pro Bowl LT
    2) They were relatively quiet during free agency, signing only one player that’s slotted for a starting position
    3) Allowed arguably their best CB to walk
    4) Drafted a player at #11 that isn’t likely to have a huge contribution this year
    5) Go into the year with 5 new starters on the O-line
    6) Did nothing to address their SLB other than draft a college safety in the 5th and wait for last year’s 5th rounder to get healthy
    7) Have the same head coach that’s led the team to 3 consecutive 7-9 seasons
    8) Didn’t even sign Owens until he was a surprise release by the Cowboys anyway
    So what did the Bills do that indicates they went “all-in”? This is something someone from ESPN would say because of the effect of one player on the media.

  3. Vick would be perfect for the bills, he could run wildcat formation, be an occassional WR, and even play a little bit on special teams, vick is an ideal fit, plus with buffalo close to Toronto, he could always line up in the CFL, if the NFL doesn’t work.

  4. Fact: Anything T.O. wants, I want the exact opposite.
    So this just solidifies my position that Vick should not only not be reinstated, but the exact opposite should happen…..He should be forced to watch every Browns game for the rest of his life.
    I don’t know how that is exactly the opposite, but it sounds pretty harsh to me.

  5. Florio…the Bills already said they have no interest in this scumbag…get a clue, moron!

  6. Fact, anything TO wants…I want totally. That is because if he gets what he wants, he goes off. And I LOVE when he blows it.
    This is the LAST place Vick should go, if nothing else…just because TO is there. The last thing vick needs is to be around this guy.

  7. vick has too much ego to play wideout. his supporters are too emotionally tied to him being a qb to fathom much else.
    if buffalo, or most any other team, picked him up – instant clubhouse controversy. and the current white starter and/or backup… well they would have to forfeit their free speech rights.
    let vick do construction and/or the upstart league for a while.

  8. Hey Chandler, maybe T.O. needs to shut his junk holster and quit saying dumb shit.
    It’s my firm belief that T.O. wants a sweet bromance with Vick and his seasoned balloon knot.

  9. Florio your flip flopping on your opinions now, first Vick should be reinstated, now you got angry at him again, his deeds are quite heinous but thats the penalty our legal system deemed appropriate, is it always right? You know better than I that its not but he is by standard “rehabilitated.” All winter long the Cowboys used TO as a scape goat said the media, now he destroyed the Cowboys season. TO should have been on Romos ass, he played like an amature last year. What were doing to now is saying he was a scapegoat when critiquing the Cowboys, and he was a cancer when critiquing him. What is the purpose of sports at the end of the day? Entertainment. Whos the most entertaining person in the NFL, thats right T.O. Wheather you love him or hate him he is always giving you something to talk about, and he puts up numbers.

  10. Wow Florio I’ve lost alot of respect for you. You’ve become like all the other reporters, seems like you have nothing better to write about.
    If you actually watch the real interview with T.O. you’ll understand why Florio is becoming an idiot. I’m actually starting to think T.O’s past isn’t as bad as everyone is made to believe, just a load of crap from reporters.

  11. If Vick is an idiot, he pales in comparison to the idiot known as T.O. – I think Vick should remain suspended for a period of time, and Owens claiming he shouldn’t be suspended just reinforces my belief. Whatever Owens thinks has to be about 180 degrees away from what the truth dictates. It’s a shame, because Owens could be such a talent. He never will realize that talent because being a moron will always counteract any good he could do. Somehow that’s someone else’s fault, too.

  12. Florio,
    T.O. is rught. Goodell has not done anything is the Vick situation. Goodell has not only been unfair to Vick but to every organization in the league and the fans. We are subjected to endless speculation and the organizations do not have enough info to plan for their future. If Goodell wants to make a stiffer penalty – fine – then he could have done it immediately. He could have said that Vick would be suspended for 1 full year after he gets out of prison. That would be treating Vick fair.
    Also, TO did not do anything to ruin the Cowboys – they already sucked. TO did not make the owner/gm a jackass (altough his signing proves it), he did not make the QB a choker and did not make the coach a puss who could not handle the players on the team.

  13. The league has had 2 years to figure out whether or not to suspend Vick – Whats there to talk about? Why should it take more than 1 second at this point? Pick a number of games from 0 to 16 and lets get on with our lives…….
    Dont tell me the leauge is bending overbackwards – Thats bullshit.

  14. Speculation. Wow. Take the words of one guy, then imply that the whole organization backs up what he is saying. Another story where there is no story.

  15. Florio, do you really think the brass of the Bills sent T.O. out to talk up Vick or do you really think that T.O. knows the organization’s plan. That is a little far fetched.

  16. Vick deserves a minimum of 1yr suspension, anyone who thinks different must also think that michael jackson was a saint.
    Qualifications wise i can’t believe the idiots that can’t evaluate vicks skills for what they are…..he can run (at least that was his skill set prior to prison). he has absolutely no other nfl qb skill sets. zero, none, nada, zilch. in fact it is the combination of his lack of other qb skills + his inflated ego that he is a star qb that necessitates his need to “run”, one ineptitude feeds into the other. i don’t care where he ends up as long as it’s not in Minny….i would rather have TJoke than vickdick.
    talk about a kettle calling the pot black…..buffalo overpays for a has been star wr who now is only average and with a less than avg qb. how can anyone say fubbalo went all in for a SB when they are the worst team in their own division with or without the morale breaking ownes on their team. just wait til edwards doesn’t see owens open the first time,LMAO
    I think the B.S. about will he or won’t he farve is more justified and interesting than the discussion of vicks qb qualifications and whether he “deserves” to be reinstated which is sick thinking. It’s this type of rationale that runs far to rampant in our country, it is indeed a sad sad commentary on society today.

  17. Vick and TO damn that would be one fun melt down to watch
    And if they let that dirt bag Vick play again what better team then the bills
    The city is a hole the team stinks and its barely in the USA
    And before you bills fans get your panties in a knot I have one thing to say
    WIDE RIGHT !!!!!!!!

  18. manitobabillsfan,
    I agree, but not because I’m a Bills fan or a TO fan. TO’s actions in San Fran and Philly were arguably pretty shameful, but I think the Dallas situation has been poorly reported in the media. Partly because of “the players” checkered history and partly because the situation in Dallas is such a mess anyway. Management, Jones in particular, was in such a rush to find a scapegoat for two seasons of failing to live up to expectations, and the chemistry argument (one that I think holds little water in professional sports) was the easiest and most cost-effective in a poor economy. We’ll see how the situation plays out in Dallas, but I’d be willing to argue that the Bills put together a better record than the Boys this season (and I say that despite being a Pats fan).

  19. T.O.
    I use to think you were a giant tool without a clue. As it turns out you’re a master manipulator the idiot media. T.O. knows that every time he says something dumb guys like Florio will wet themselves and talk about him for days. Tell me, how does it feel to be out smarted by T. O. ?

  20. Think about how funny it would be to have Vick trying to throw to Owens. Owens has dismantled better quarterbacks in Garcia and McNabb for not getting him the ball enough – just think of the hissy fit he’ll throw the first time Vick misses him completely or decides to tuck the ball and run. If he signs with Buffalo, I take back everything bad I’ve ever said about Vick. The comedy would be worth it.

  21. If Owens said it, then by all means listen because we all know the great wisdom this diva has!

  22. For those fans that can’t judge talent (or lack of), players who are a cancer to team chemistry, or who think they are bigger than the game or can’t follow rules/laws of society much less the nfl, who have had a multitude of chances and still don’t learn etc. then lets form a new team: QB Vickdick, RB Travis Henry and M. Lynch, WR’s T.O, P.Burress and B. Marshall , Stallworth and TE J. Stevens with defense anchored by A. Haynesworth, PacMan , Ray Lewis, L. Little and deangelo hall etc. Why any fan from any team wouldn’t want the NFL (or any professional sports team) to clean up their sport is beyond me. 20+ years ago sports were just that….sports whereas today they have become “entertainment” and only about a notch above all star wrestling. skirts on qb’s, droids in baseball, etc. etc. the inmates are definitely running the asylum.

  23. “Well, why not?,” Owens said. “Again, Michael Vick is a guy that really hasn’t had any character issues besides that that he got a prison sentence for, so why not?”
    For one – that “that” is a pretty fricken huge character flaw and two – he has MANY other character issues.
    LMAO at Owens.
    He’s gay btw…NTTAWWT
    Word has it he saw Garcia at a bath house in SF and is why he called him out on it. But someone also saw him.

  24. T.O. is just supporting his friend. That’s it!!!
    Owens told Jimmy Kimmel in 2007 that he and Mike Vick are friends and that he called him around the time Vick pleaded guilty.
    People, if we had a friend in need of support we would make those kinds of comments.
    Plus majority of people want Vick back because 2 years of hard time for dogfighting is at least 10 times worse than an actual 2-year suspension from football. In addition, the first guy who turned on Vick got 2 months and the next two, after pleading not guilty and then getting plea deals, got over a year.

  25. This is a big fat FAIL of an article.
    If you saw this interview you will see that the reporter just asked what do you think of the vick situation. And he just said he served his time and that he doesn’t deserve to be suspended any more.
    Where the hell do you get this crap from… man no wonder why TO always looks like such a bad guy. Why does the media have such an in for him. He has been completely fine for the bills.

  26. Why are all these people talking about Vick getting “additional” punishment? As far as I know, he was suspended indefinitely. That means there wasn’t a defined length to the suspension. The only way it could be “additional” punishment would be if he is not currently suspended, in which case there would be no need for him to be reinstated.
    He should be grateful that Goodell is even considering giving him another chance to play in the NFL. How many companies do you know of that would welcome back a convicted felon after serving his time?

  27. I luvs me some Mike Vick! Micheal vick deserves to be back in the NFL but TO is the last person he needs to be near!

  28. Let me get this straight, Vick serves two years in a federal pen for dog fighting and everybody thinks he deserves more punishment. You have another player in the league that gets drunk and kills someone and gets 30 days in jail. I don’t hear anyone talking about him at all. I think Vick served his time and if he is able to play he should play.
    Why is everybody hating on T.O., it wasn’t Owens that fumbled a playoff game winning field goal snap. It wasn’t Owens throwing up all over himself in the Super Bowl. Owens leaves philly and they haven’t made it back to the Super Bowl. Dallas won’t make the playoffs this year without Owens.

  29. Vick and TO? I’d actually feel sorry for Vick in that case. Vick deserves a chance to play AWAY from the pit bulls for a while, not with one barking and chomping his back side. Can you say TURN ON YOU or BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU? Whoop, there it is.
    NC – hating on TO??? TO is a forest fire, whose greatness is far overshadowed by his unique ability to burn down everyone in his path, and burn up more relationships than turf. Sad sad sad.
    NC – hating on TO??? Nobody hates TO, we just can’t stand his childish antics. Maybe he’ll take a page out of Ocho Cinco’s book and legally change his name to M.E. TO has no use for anyone in the world who doesn’t throw the football to him. Team destroyer, relationship shredder, train wreck.

  30. MIKE FLORIO we get it!!! You hate T.O.
    Can you please just report the story and leave your bias at the door.
    You bash the guy for years about being a bad teammate, yet when he tries to go for bat with his teammate (in regards to the players union) he’s still wrong. At least be consistent. Is he out of line? Yes. Does he have all the facts straight? No. But at least he’s on the side of the players and speaking up for a guy when everyone else is scared to. Donavon McNabb and the Eagles cheap way of doing things (as you have alluded to) had as much to do with his departure from Philly then anything else. It remains to be seen what effect he had in Dallas, but I think Tony Romo, a sub par secondary, and a push over coach who commands zero respect had more to due with Dallas’s demise than a WR who was among the leaders in TD’s the last 2 seasons. Get over it Mike.

  31. cuz we all know that TO dropped the ball on that extra point after 06 or how he threw the INT against the giants in the end zone… oh wait! that was the golden boy Tony Simpson er i mean ROmo. Of course TO will get bashed while Romo gets no blame…. we will see what happens when roy williams cost a ton of picks and a big fat contract and he disappears in big games too…. he will be worth it when he catches 65 passes for 957 yards and 6 td’s….. oh and i forgot…. TO didnt cost anybody any draft picks

  32. ncplayer1977 says:
    Why is everybody hating on T.O., it wasn’t Owens that fumbled a playoff game winning field goal snap. It wasn’t Owens throwing up all over himself in the Super Bowl. Owens leaves philly and they haven’t made it back to the Super Bowl. Dallas won’t make the playoffs this year without Owens.
    I must have missed the part where the Cowboys were good with TO… Remeber, they couldn’t win a game against the “Eagirls” to make the playoffs?

  33. Vick to Owens, incomplete
    Vick to Owens, incomplete
    Owens attacks Vick
    Vick turns the dogs loose on Owens
    OBoy, what a great storyline

  34. OK several things:
    Vick has little if any talent as a quarterback and the only way he was able to complete a pass was because of the threat of his ability to run. He would probably be able to contribute best as a situational player put in at tailback or as a number 2 or 3 guy at QB, but based on talent alone doesn’t need to be a #1 guy anywhere in the league and this is all considering he comes back with the same ability that he had before he went to prison.
    T.O. has no talent. He is big and fast and that’s about it. Is he responsible for the “collapse” of the Boys last year? Hell NO. Coach should have set his ass on the bench the first time he decided not to block or alligator armed a catchable ball, and when that didn’t happen his teammates should have been riding him like a cheap whore until he got his stuff together.
    As for all of the complaints about the media getting stuff right or wrong……….well I’ll just say they must be doing their job because we are here reading their slop and then putting in our 2 cents worth.
    I’m a Cowboys fan and I’m glad T O is gone…..PERIOD.

  35. We as both fans of the NFL and defenders of
    animals must be assured Vick will never hurt
    any animal again. Being “reinstated” does not
    go nearly far enough to assure violence by Vick
    toward animals will never happen again. I pray
    Vick is in an outpatient treatment setting to
    get the counseling and care he needs and make it
    absolutely mandatory he attend. The Michael
    Vick story is about the violence aganist animals
    first then the NFL story second.

  36. I don’t undertstand how anyone can read articles by you “Sportswriters” with a straight face.
    We get it, no matter what T.O. says or does you will vilify him as if he murdered your wife.
    I’m an Eagles fan, and I think one of the dumbest moves they did was realease T.O. to cover up their QB and coaching problems.
    Almost all of the negative publicity that T.O. causes is due to the fact that no matter what small thing he says you “reporters” will blow it way out of proportion and not let it be.
    T.O. is probably one of the hardest working people in the NFL, he does what he is paid to do (Very well despite how much you guys like to focus on the occasional dropped ball). It’s time to get a new line…

  37. You guy’s really there is 32 starting quarterbacks better than Vick?
    Panthers(my team) give me Vick
    Vikings- Vick
    tampa Bay- Vick
    San Fran- Vick
    Seattle- Vick
    Rams- Maybe?
    Buffalo- Vick
    Browns- Vick
    Jaguars- Vick
    Okay maybe not all these teams he could start right away, but by the end of the year he would have a good chance at it.

  38. Anything T.O. says is sh** to me I am A DIEHARD Eagles fan, so that is undrestandable.
    Getting out of Frootball asec Rose got a lifetime
    ban from bb for betting and lying, I think
    vick should get as much. I am sure V lied and bet
    on the dogs. Rose was not responsable for the
    death of a living creature. If V gets back in
    Rose should too. Kick T.O. out for being a

  39. Anything T.O. says is sh** to me I am A DIEHARD Eagles fan, so that is undrestandable.
    Getting out of Frootball asec Rose got a lifetime
    ban from bb for betting and lying, I think
    vick should get as much. I am sure V lied and bet
    on the dogs. Rose was not responsable for the
    death of a living creature. If V gets back in
    Rose should too. Kick T.O. out for being a

  40. Check out this site dedicated to encouraging NFL players to make life rough for Vick once he returns.

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