Little or no communication between Bills, Maybin

It’s Day Two of the Aaron Maybin holdout, and multiple sources tell us that the Bills and the eleventh overall pick in the draft aren’t even remotely close to doing a deal.

In fact, we hear the two sides barely are talking.

Maybin, however, is communicating with at least one Bills employee, through Twitter.

Bills safety Donte Whitner tweeted this morning at Maybin, “can’t wait 2 get u here!”

Maybin’s response?  “cant wait 2 get there man…im killin it out here but i need 2 be out there with yall as soon as possible.”

And so Twitter becomes another thing about which agents need to worry.  A big part of the game is to keep the clients from going weak in the knees.  In Maybin’s case, his Twitter conversation could cause him to eventually to tell his agent to get the best deal done ASAFP.

3 responses to “Little or no communication between Bills, Maybin

  1. I know it’s business but these chess matches only end up hurting the player in the long run. I would venture a guess that most players would be signed by now if it weren’t for the bad advice and greed of their agents. The Bills need to stop screwing around and get it DONE, if the o-line doesn’t gel this year DICK Jauron can kiss his job goodbye.

  2. I’m skeptical as to how much this really effects the negotiations. Its no secret these rookies want to get their contracts done ASAFP, not so much that they want to be in training camp but more so that they can collect their money. I don’t think Maybin stating the obvious (that he wants to get to practice and his contract done asap) is really giving the Bills any additional ammunition. I think ALL rookies should be in training camp with or w/o a contract. Can’t they get them some kind of insurance policy to protect them against a serious injury, that would also protect them from loosing out on most if not all of their potential income due to injury?? I dont know I’m sure there are a lot of issues with that approach but I hate rookie holdouts, I think its just bad for everyone (the player and the team).

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