Panthers lineman wins strongman competition

Panthers offensive lineman Mackenzy Bernadeau, a 2008 seventh-round pick from Bentley College, is one of the more unlikely players in the NFL.

He’s also one of the scariest.

Bernadeau recently defended his title in the Overtime Sports/DeFranco’s Training “World’s Strongest Athlete” competition.

He was pushed for the championship by recent Texans first-round pick Brian Cushing, who came in second.  Bernadeau won a tiebreaker during a 20-yard race where they had to push a sled loaded with 230 pounds of weights.

Bernadeau also enjoys pulling trucks with a rope instead of simple weight lifting.  (Who doesn’t?)

For the title, Bernadeau received a giant sword, which will be paired the huge battle axe trophy that he received last year. 

So to review:  Bernadeau is an insanely strong 300-pound man with a burgeoning collection of medieval weapons. 

Opposing linemen have been warned.

5 responses to “Panthers lineman wins strongman competition

  1. NFL linemen have been pulling trucks with ropes for years. Mike Morris the Vikings long snapper from years ago used to do it. So did Matt Birk. They used to train together all the time, before Birk left town.

  2. NFLfanforever:
    he didn’t tow the truck with the rope. He pulled a truck uphill from a SEATED position.

  3. Bernawho? You will soon find out. Just like no one had an idea who Tom Brady was his first 2 year in the league.
    Mackenzy Bernadeau (Ber-na-doe) will be a star in the NFL if he does not have any major injury.

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