Panthers lineman wins strongman competition

Panthers offensive lineman Mackenzy Bernadeau, a 2008 seventh-round pick from Bentley College, is one of the more unlikely players in the NFL.

He’s also one of the scariest.

Bernadeau recently defended his title in the Overtime Sports/DeFranco’s Training “World’s Strongest Athlete” competition.

He was pushed for the championship by recent Texans first-round pick Brian Cushing, who came in second.  Bernadeau won a tiebreaker during a 20-yard race where they had to push a sled loaded with 230 pounds of weights.

Bernadeau also enjoys pulling trucks with a rope instead of simple weight lifting.  (Who doesn’t?)

For the title, Bernadeau received a giant sword, which will be paired the huge battle axe trophy that he received last year. 

So to review:  Bernadeau is an insanely strong 300-pound man with a burgeoning collection of medieval weapons. 

Opposing linemen have been warned.