Pinkston returns to the Eagles

One of our favorite players of the early years of the first decade of the 21st Century was receiver Todd Pinkston. 

Primarily because he looked (and at times played) like he had won a roster spot by having the lucky card taped to the bottom of his seat while in the audience at a game show.

Case in point:  Pinkston’s case of “alligator body.”

But what makes Pinkston a quasi-legend in these parts is that he was the subject of Len Pasquarelli’s classic “move on or move out” rant, during a truncated radio spot with Chris McClain and Sandy Penner of WFNZ in Charlotte.

If you’ve never heard it, here it is.  If you (like us) laugh until you pee a little every time you hear it, here it is.

Anyway, we were reminded of our affinity for Mr. “Stinkston” because Dave Spadaro of the Eagles’ official web site reports that the wideout has returned to the team, as a coaching intern.

Maybe he can teach the young wideouts on the team how to go over the middle against an NFL secondary.

In Playstation.

25 responses to “Pinkston returns to the Eagles

  1. THANK GOD! I thought you meant as a player!!!
    But they still shouldn’t have this guy near Jackson or Maclin. He’ll corrupt them. HE’S F*CKING POISON!!!!

  2. In fairness to Stinkson he heard Sean Taylor coming ant got scared. He is not the only reciever who was afraid of him see T.O. for another one. I remember that game against the Eagles and thought it was funny that he was scared like that.

  3. Stinkston thought it was Sean Taylor coming at em’, he was lucky it was Ryan Clark, Sean would have hit em’ anyway. That wasn’t the first time I saw Stinkston come over the middle looking for Sean Taylor. Hail!!

  4. Todd Stinkston Short Arm Pinkston is back. Maybe they would like to wish maybe Owens was still there. OH WAIT!! He is going to replace McDermott as secondary coach… I get it now……

  5. Why would the Eagles want this guy anywhere near their young receivers. This guy was absolutely terrible

  6. i hope someone takes freddie mitchell’s shoe laces and sharp objects away. cuz if i was tryin to make an NFL comeback, i’d kill myself if todd pinkston made it before me..

  7. My main man SEAN TAYLOR on one side and Ryan Clark on the other…..Yeah he better duck out of that

  8. the dude is an INTERN!! he’s just trying to learn about being a coach. he won’t be doing anything hands on.
    plus, the old motto is, those that can’t do – teach!

  9. You deadskin fans are really a hoot. Hail!!! And when was the last time you had a realistic shot of winning anything? Hail to the Deadskins, Hail Dannnnny, Hail to the Deadskins, Last is all you’ll see…..

  10. Well, Maclin and Jackson are officially gonna be busts now. Oh well.
    Why, Eagles, Why?

    That was Ryan Clark.
    Ask McGahee…you don’t want any of that. I don’t blame him.

  12. Ryan Clark will knock a p*ssy out of his cleats too, but yeah, either one, I’d be bailing too. However, I wasn’t ever getting paid millions to take a shot from either of those savages.
    Pasquarelli, however…granted, the host sounded pretty much like a pansy and said the nickname in a very snobbish kind of way. If I were him, I just would have made fun of the host, not made myself out to be like Pinkston had saved my life at one point or anything.

  13. It’s nice to see at little of PFT’s history.
    To go back to the time with only a few updates a day, all by Florio, and pissing matches with guys like Len and Chris Havel.

  14. I miss Sean Taylor and Ryan Clark. Frikkin’ made so many receivers pay for attempting to go over the middle.
    My favorite was Taylor’s rookie year when he put a couple of nice hits on T.O., only to see T.O. run out of bounds the next time he saw #36 (he wasn’t #21 yet) approaching.
    Sean Taylor.
    I don’t even know what to say. I just shake my head at the fact that he’s gone every time I say/hear his name.
    God Bless Him.

  15. “My favorite was Taylor’s rookie year when he put a couple of nice hits on T.O.”
    I don’t think Taylor was credited with any actual tackles on TO in either game. There was one play where says TO was forced out of bounds by Taylor. After a 19 yard gain.

  16. The beauty of this article, is that it was written by a man with never had to go over the middle against NFL caliber linebackers or safetys. Yes- Florio has the right to write about Pinkston’s nearly legandary lack of toughness, but it is another example of this lawyer’s disdain for the people who untimately give him a job. He is making fun on someone with the skills and guts enough to play a sport he can only write about (and badly at that).
    This is a bit like the overweight tuba player in the marching band calling out the football team for not being tough enough, yea he may be right, but could he have done any better?

  17. Senor Veritas:
    T.O. didn’t make a catch on one of the hits…I’m sure of that. But, pretty sure there was one other hit.
    But, hell…let’s say it was one hit. T.O. still juked his way out of bounds when Sean Taylor got within 5 yards of him.
    Guess the damage was done after one hit. All the better.
    And no dispute on T.O. getting 19 yards on that play. But, 8 catches for 70 yards in two combined games against the Skins with the Rookie painting a bullseye on him…I’d say those stats weren’t par for T.O. for the season. I’ll give him props for that TD in the game at Philly though. Nice grab (one of his two catches that day).

  18. “Guess the damage was done after one hit. All the better.”
    I guess. Don’t pretend that Taylor was the only one covering him. Redskins lost both games, and a big part of the reason why is because Pinkston hung a combined 205 yards on them. Smoot, Grant, Springs and Taylor… forget those guys, you give up 100 to a guy like Pinkston in two games and lose both, you’re doing it wrong. Any WR can be shut down, it depends on how much you’re willing to commit to accomplishing that.
    As far as scaring TO? Please. You know the really hard hits because guys don’t get up right away. You think that was the first time anybody hit TO hard? Pinkston was the alligator arms guy.

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