Another suit against Marvin Harrison

NFL_Harrison_250.jpgLast week, at about this same time, we sent an e-mail to ESPN’s news desk alerting the Worldwide Leader of our report regarding a civil suit filed against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger by a woman who claimed that he sexually assaulted her.

And, as we all know, ESPN opted to ignore that report, initially floating the patently ridiculous notion that the network doesn’t report on civil cases that haven’t triggered criminal prosecutions.

So it’s fitting, we suppose, that ESPN is reporting that receiver Marvin Harrison is the subject of a second civil lawsuit regarding an April 2008 shooting . . . even though he never has been charged with any crime.

Harrison, according to Shaun Assael of ESPN The Magazine, has been sued by Robert Nixon, who claims he was shot by Harrison, as Harrison tried to shoot Dwight Dixon.

Assael also points out an intriguing development that ESPN ignored last week — that Dixon was shot seven times on Tuesday, and that he told police before slipping into a coma that he believes Harrison hired the gunman.

Prosecutors have not yet charged Harrison, due in part to concerns regarding Nixon’s credibility.  But Assael reports that Nixon was placed in protective custody for two weeks at one point, which tends to lend some credence to Dixon’s allegation that Harrison arranged for last week’s shooting.

Bottom line?  While this story has slipped off the NFL’s radar screen given that Harrison currently isn’t under contract with any NFL team, it has the potential to eventually explode.

And, as a practical matter, the simmering possibility of a criminal prosecution might cause interested teams to shy away from him as training camps open.

15 responses to “Another suit against Marvin Harrison

  1. Credibility of the witnesses sides clearly with Harrison.
    The other guys are criminals with bad character.
    Harrison had no trouble at all until he interacted with the people no suing him.

  2. GUILTY!
    I’m out of order? You’re out of order! The vending machine in the cafeteria is out of order!
    Harrison should have hired a bodyguard for this guy until his name was cleared (if it could be).
    And then have the bodyguard kill him. Would have been cleaner then this mess. Where’s Dungy in all this? He’s always looking for another son.

  3. You don’t “hear” too well “P ditty”. NOBODY in the Vikings organization expressed any interest in him. It was the media.
    And what is that supposed to mean anyway? The Vikings have been nothing if not VERY careful regarding the character of people they have signed in recent years.

  4. Harrison has become the godfather of a section of Philly that no one really wants to live in. They have no way out. Harrison runs the show with his money, family and minions.
    Amazing what a thug he remained over the years. He may have blown his HOF chances.

  5. Regarding ESPN…
    Can’t we just cry racism for old times sake? Florio, forward this to Al Sharpton, stat!

  6. According to the Pissburgh fans, Rapistburger is innocent of all chargers, simply because there are no criminal chargers.
    Since there are no criminal chargers against Harrison, I guess he is also being set up by a money grubbing whore?

  7. Florio writes: “Last week, at about this same time, we sent an e-mail to ESPN’s news desk alerting the Worldwide Leader of our report regarding….”
    While everyone hammers ESPN because it is a huge and biased corporate organization, the truth is it has many, many reporters and is the first to report numerous stories on a daily basis. If they sent Florio a copy of every original story it would burst his inbox.
    Read through the articles on this site and see how much is opinion, unsupported rumour and reprints and spins on something someone else came up with. You will come away looking at Mr. Florio in a different light. He is easily as biased and agenda driven as ESPN.

  8. harrison doesnt belong in the nfl or the hof.
    he’s a frickin crime boss. hate to say it, but he is startin to make vick look like a choirboy.
    is there any doubt that this guy who is suing harrison will end up dead someday shortly?

  9. Dear empty13,
    He’s yet to be charged with a crime, he’s a 3-time All Pro and he’s in the top 10 in virtually all Career WR stats.
    You are an idiot.
    Best Regards,

  10. Marvin has no charges against him (yet) so he is still HOF bound. Heck, he’s statistically the 2nd greatest receiver of all time and a SB champ. His record of 143 catches in a single season may never be broken, even if the NFL goes to an 18 game schedule. So, until he’s convicted, he’s still a HOF lock. I mean, OJ is STILL in the hall, right? Isn’t the hall of fame based on what you did on the field???

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