Clayton: "The phones are ringing"

During Monday’s NFL Live on ESPN, John Clayton reported that calls are being made to agent Joel Segal by interested teams.

“The phones are ringing,” Clayton said.

Clayton also says that Vick is elated.  But we doubt that he’s feeling quite so good.  Our guess is that he wanted no suspension.

Then again, maybe the possibility of emerging from the process with no suspension will make him feel better about it.

18 responses to “Clayton: "The phones are ringing"

  1. “Hey, you got MV7, what up!”
    “Mike, how long until you’re back in?”
    “Couple months”
    “Perfect, we’ll start the training”
    “Make sure you get a better breed this time”

  2. I hope one of those ringing phones are from the Minnasotta Vikes. Maybe that will allow them to stop ringing Bretts phone. Because he is not your answer just ask the New York Jets.

  3. teams that need Vick… San Fran., St Louis, Denver, Minnesota, Oakland, Houston, Jacksonville & Tampa!!!

  4. I’m glad he got reinstated because I want no excuses when A. he doesn’t get signed or B. gets signed but doesn’t do squat. If you have to have a “mentor” at 29-30 yo and you need other people to speak to the media on your behalf because your as articulate as a 5th grader, “here is your sign”. Wear it with pride.

  5. longrodvanhungendong:
    I assume that you meant to write “you’re as articulate as a 5th grader.”

  6. because your as articulate as a 5th grader, “here is your sign”. Wear it with pride.
    That’s YOU’RE, Mr. Articulate.

  7. The phones are ringing. Yeah, Mr. Vick I am calling from the Consumer Credit Counseling Center, I understand you have a lot of debt….

  8. I find it sad that the only people who feel the need to respond are those that wish to slam a person even further down.
    Let the man play, everyone can reform and hopefully he has.
    What I want to know is what people want him to do to make them move on. This is not the end of the world if he plays, and if it is the end of your world, damn I think you are more messed up than Vick.

  9. This is simple. Man did a crime and paid his time. We should never hinder someone from trying to earn a decent living. He should be able to play. All the losers talking bad about Vick are doing it to make them feel better about themselves. By putting Vick down they are saying how great they are. But the true reality is that they would kill to live in Vick shoes for 1 day than continue their sorry ass existences.

  10. a bunch of killed and tortured dogs arent moving on.
    i find it ludicrous that brian among others just wants his homeboy back.
    if the clown was really contrite he would perform a service, not just try to get back an old high paying job he wasnt good at.

  11. Phone is ringing, eh? It’s probably Vick’s cousin calling, “Hey cuz you need someone to watch the house? This time I promise I won’t cause a drug bust that leads to a police search that finds your illegal dog fighting operation out back. Call me!”

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