Don't rule out Redskins in Vick sweepstakes

For now, it’s clear that multiple as-yet-unknown teams are pursuing quarterback Mike Vick.

It’s also clear that one of the teams that has pursued multiple quarterbacks this offseason is the Redskins.

And we’re beginning to pick up some subtle indications from a couple of sources with connections to the team that the Redskins should not be ruled out as potential suitors for Mr. Vick.

The thinking is that, if he were to land in D.C., Vick would not supplant current starter Jason Campbell, but that he instead would work in a Wildcat-type role for 2009, with an opportunity next year to succeed Campbell, whose contract expires after the season.

If the Redskins truly are interested, it could create an awkward situation for agent Joel Segal, who represents both players. 

Then again, Segal might be able to persuade Campbell that, if Vick makes the team better in 2009, Campbell will be more attractive on the open market in 2010, if the Redskins choose not to keep him.

For now, we’re not reporting that anything will happen between Vick and the Redskins.  But as other teams begin lining up for a crack at Vick, who’s living not that far from where the Redskins play their home games, how can the ‘Skins not at least do a little due diligence?

With a far less noxious degree of stink emanating from Vick given the incredibly fair manner in which the league office has treated him, selling Vick to the local fans suddenly has become a far easier task.  And given that the Redskins are nearly 18 years removed from their last Super Bowl win, we’ve got a feeling that anything that pushes the franchise toward the top of the NFC will be viewed as a positive development.

Bottom line?  The Redskins signed Albert Haynesworth, who is hardly a choir boy.  If they can justify giving him $41 million guaranteed, they can easily justify giving Vick a one-year deal.

To be clear, we’re not reporting that the Redskins will sign Vick.  But we’ve heard enough from a couple of trusted sources to believe that something could indeed happen.

And if it happens, it’ll be happening fairly soon.

51 responses to “Don't rule out Redskins in Vick sweepstakes

  1. Dear Jason Campbell,
    Who exaclty did you shit on to get this kind of love? Please let all of us know what steps NOT to take in our lives and careers. You always seemed like a good person with a decent amount of talent, yet you get shit on more than Mike Vick’s bitch stands. You must be a strong person to deal with the crap you have been dealing with lately. I don’t know you, but I feel for you! Do you suck that much that some of us are snowed?

  2. This would be so fine. Let the Redskins become the laughing stock of the league (like they’re not already). Vick being reinstated pisses me off to no extent. How many people in this land cannot get work because they have been convicted of a felony? And this man is not only going to go back to what he was doing, he’s going to make fraking MILLIONS! We live in a sick society. I can only cheer for his failure now. And if the Redskins fail in front of him, so much the better.

  3. “Segal might be able to persuade Campbell that, if Vick makes the team better in 2009, Campbell will be more attractive on the open market in 2010, if the Redskins choose not to keep him.” – Florio.
    Sometimes I wonder if you think before you type. Jason Campbell would have to be mentally challenged to be convinced that he would be more valuable as a result of another player making the team better. That logic doesn’t make sense at all.
    I understand that this is the rumor mill, but at least try to make the story plausible.

  4. I would be very surprised if this would happen. Vinny Cerrato and Snyder are apparently dog lovers, and have refused to even communicate with Segal on Vick.

  5. The Redskins don’t need Vick for anything. They have Colt Brennan waiting in the wings, the preseason phenom. As we’ve already seen, quarterbacks who sexually assault a woman can take a team far, even to a Super Bowl championship.

  6. Redskins make a lot of sense.
    Tampa Bay would have, too, if Gruden was still coaching them. We’re all familiar with his philosophy…quarterbacks are like Pokemon to him: GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!

  7. As a Redskins fan, I feel that having an impatient owner has made me more of an impatient fan.
    With that being said…I wouldn’t mind bringing Vick in. I agree with what is being said in the article. You give him a year to run specialty plays (not necessarily Wildcat), and be the back-up then give him a chance to win the starting job the following year.
    There’s almost no chance that Campbell is returning, and as I previously stated, I’m impatient. I don’t want to draft another quarterback and wait for him to develop. Especially since the organization would probably give up on him after a year or two.
    You will find a lot of people complaining about Dan Snyder, but most of those people are now accustomed to the quick fix, and it’s really hard to go back to the conventional method of drafting and developing most of your players.
    Bring Michael Vick to DC.

  8. “Incredibly fair”? How can a ruling be incredible if it is plainly fair? Is Goodell demonstrating some sort of Solomonic judgment?
    I’m guessing Mr. Florio would rather call it “incredibly lenient,” which it isn’t. In addition to having been incarcerated for nearly two years, Vick’s name is mud. Four, five, or six games just add insult to that injury.
    Yes, he brought it all upon himself, and I’m not suggesting anyone shed any tears for him. But if a team is willing to sign him then they should be permitted to without waiting six weeks to activate him.
    I’ve just discovered PFT and enjoy it quite a bit, but don’t understand the potshots Mr. Florio takes sometimes.

  9. That isn’t surprising with the unsettled circumstances of Jason Campbell’s position as quarterback. I imagine that the Raiders and the Cowboys would also be in the running due to the owner’s history of player selections. Perhaps, any club that has issues at the quarterback position?
    Vick has been out of football for some time now. He won’t be ready to play football right away. If Vick sees playing time this year, I imagine he will be used sparingly. It will only be a matter of time. What goes around comes around.

  10. As an Eagles fan I don’t need any more reasons to despise the Redskins. This, however, would do nicely…

  11. WRONG, thanks for trying to start a rumor but if you really knew the redskins, you know that zorn has never run 1 wildcat play and said this offseason that he studied it up and decided against using it citing many negatives(like it only averaged 3 yards a carry the last half of the year)
    the front office also discussed vick and officially said to the media they werent interested after team officials and coaches were against the idea.

  12. If we have Vick we dont have to worry about him taking unnecessary sacks……..( ALA Campbell )

  13. Florio, your sources are as reliable as the stock market….he will not be a redskin, since Snyder has full confidence in Campbell…..he will not be a starter this year (as your sportingnews column indicates), but hopefully will land on a roster and play, somewhat

  14. Haynesworth and Vick. A psychopath for each side of the ball!
    Come on Snyder. Do it! They will balance each other out.
    Everybody knows it’s just a matter of time before big Albert loses it again.
    Vick can console him. Tell him to kill dogs, not people. Roll a phattie and chill. Then, get a bottle of Grey Goose and cruise around Miami.

  15. Oh. No.
    As a lifelong ‘Skins fan I sure hope they don’t go anywhere near Vick. And it’s not that I don’t think he deserves another shot. It’s just that I think Campbell is the real deal and if we run him out of town we’ll be regretting it soon enough.

  16. You also forgot that both Portis and Hall both love Vick and are probably lobbying for him.

  17. Comparing traffic violations and the stomping of the face of a player to what Vick did is hardly logical. Vick systematically engaged in sadistic activities and reapeatedly lied about it. He is a scum bag in every sense of the word were as haynesworth seems to be or have been a young imature punk. Time will tell with Haynesworth but the jury is out on the kind of person Vick is. As a skins fan please keep this douche away from my team and town.

  18. This would be a big mistake. Here’s hoping the Skins don’t continue moving in the opposite direction of the course Gibbs 2.0 set for the team…

  19. Not going to happen. Zorn not only would not want to deal with Vick, but he said he doesn’t like the Wildcat, and wants to concentrate on installing the normal offense. Snyder does what he does because he thinks he’ll generate more money and viewers, but I don’t think he’ll go for this kind of controversy which could really alienate fans and even turn them against the team.

  20. Please let the season start so we can get away from the manuufactered hype. This is total unabated BS.
    Write something factual, with merit.
    You waste a lot of time speculating on thugs and Farve, Jailbirds and divas. Does football really interest you anymore? Or, is that what football has become?

  21. Tanner Cooley’s twitter account said something about Vick being around Ashburn. Could just be a joke but certainly makes you think.

  22. Florio,
    Look at your “Days with Arrest” meter and see how many Redskins cause it to reset. Not too many. And if you look at our points in your Turd Watch they’re pretty low too. So look to your own site about the character of players the Redskins sign.
    Two, you reported back in March/April that the Redskins said they were not interested in Vick.
    And Three, Jim Zorn said he’s not running the Wildcat.
    So that’s 3 strikes against your “hypothesis”. Good blogging today.

  23. This could be THE turming point in Redskin history. I’ve followed this franchise for 26-27 years and rooted for this team like it was a religion. Watched this owner change the name of the stadium to make a buck, when it should have been named Jack Kent Cooke Stadium or at least Redskin Stadium. I will never watch this guy if he ever puts on a Redskin uniform. You lose me for life Snyder. Hail!

  24. The NFL has been more fair that Vick deserves, considering his history of idiocy. If he screws this up, then he is truly one of the dumbest people on the planet.
    Good luck to whoever signs this guy – they’re going to need it.

  25. If the fans that listen to DC101 have their way, Vick would be on his way to DC right now.

  26. Campbell is a joke, the only thing campbell can do is hand the ball off. They better get Vick

  27. Whats real interesting about this “reporting” is that Jim Zorn has said about 1,000 times this year that they have no plans of running any type of wildcat offense. Considering they already have a guy who could potentially run it, in Antwan Randle El and they still have stated they’re not going to run the Wildcat should tell you everything you need to know about this.

  28. I guess the theory now is that every team will run the Wildcat this season and needs a Wildcat coordinator and a Vick-like athlete to do it.
    Far as I know the Redskins don’t run it, and won’t be running it.
    But if they do –> Antwaan Randle El is already on the team. The former Indiana QB, you know, the guy who threw a touchdown in Super Bowl XL.
    It’d be a sight easier to do a gimmick play with ARE than trotting out Vick and having every camera in the place on him.

  29. ham1 says: Write something factual, with merit.
    So that’s what you come to the friggin’ RUMOR MILL for? Facts and merit?
    Welcome to disappointment.
    And TheMagicIsYou!: Maybe Vick should have thought about all this before he commited federal crimes and lied, literally, to the Commish’s face about it.

  30. “For now, we’re not reporting that anything will happen between Vick and the Redskins” – Florio
    So why write a story about it then?

  31. My $80 seats 2 miles from the field, skins 5-4 record its 50 degrees windy a bunch of drunks yelling and cursing while i’m at the game with my family = game day experience at fedex field SUCKS. But if they put Vick and take out scaredy cat Campbell it’ll make those few minutes VERY exciting. And confirm why I spend a whole sunday going to games. SIGN HIM!

  32. In my mind Randel El can probably read a defense now as a WR better than Vick ever could as a QB.
    Florio, your putting Vick with the Redskins is about to lose you one fan that used to donate to you back in your fledgling beginning days.

  33. All you guys that are slamming Campbell get a clue.
    #1 Our offensive line sucks.
    #2 Our short WR’s need time to get open, time our offensive line can’t provide.
    Campbell will be a great QB, and the more I see you guys cheer for Vick and against Campbell the more I just want to leave the Redskins as a fan.
    I mean, it used to be said the Redskin Fans were the most intelligent. Now they have to put up “Cheer” signs when the Redskins are on Defense and “Quiet” Signs for when they are on Offense.
    You all are brilliant.

  34. I definetly think its a very realistic possibility. Fans around here (I live right outside of DC) would defin welcome Vick. I like it b/c I think its one of the worst places he could go and I like watching the Redskins repeatedly shoot themeselves in the foot, act like how did that happen, then do it again. AS an EAgles fan its quite fun to watch.
    But seriously most you on here are dismissing this as if its not a possibility but it defin is. A very realistic possibility.

  35. I,m A die hard skins fan and I feel it would bring negative attention to the team YET! …………..with Cooly , Fred Davis , Big Mike , CP and Betts wooooooooo it could be sick, and Vick don’t need a line to do his thing, I like JC but just cant see the guy doing much with are O line and are WR’s………F the boys , Get a ring Philly and Suck my balls Giants fans GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I love how all these Redskins fans think that Campbell sucks so bad. He really isn’t bad maybe he isn’t a great QB but he is all you’ve got. If you watched Vick play you would realize that he was a great athlete not a great QB. Never even came close to getting 3000 yards. He will give you a running QB to go with Portis but how long is that gonna last. If Jason Campbell keeps improving he will take your team farther than Vick.

  37. “If we have Vick we dont have to worry about him taking unnecessary sacks……..( ALA Campbell )”
    Um…Campbell’s actually pretty good at avoiding sacks. Problem is we had an offensive line averaging 33 years in age (or something close to that when Jansen was in…when Stephon Heyer was in, it dropped by a couple of years…but still) and they blew last year.
    Patrick Ramsey (or someone like David Carr) would have broken the “sacked” record if they had played behind that line.
    Hope the addition of Dockery helps, and the rest of the line can stay healthy. (Wishful thinking???)

  38. Cerrato Says ‘No’ on Vick
    For what it’s worth again, I just got a text message from Vinny Cerrato about the latest Vick rumors/reports.
    As I mentioned previously, Cerrato gave me a response of “no” when I asked about a possible Vick-Skins union last week. I put the same question to him today, and his response was the same — “no.”
    Now, could Daniel Snyder do a deal with Vick’s agent, Joel Segal (who also happens to represent Jason Campbell), without telling Cerrato? Anything is possible, but I don’t see that happening. At this point, if Vick were bound for the Redskins, the executive vice president of football operations would know about it. That’s The Mayor’s take at the moment.

  39. oops… forgot about them!!! Snyder is a chance taker too!!! Vick will get picked up!!!

  40. LET THOSE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. What Vick had done was definitely wrong, but there is something in everyone’s life that they have done, and now regrets. Michael came from a broken home with no positive fatherly role model to raise him properly, plus being from an area that was not positive as well, then on top of that, being 8 years old he was introduced to this ungodly activity, who knows what else he may have been involved with? But, every man who has paid the price that the LAW has recommended, deserves a chance, know matter what you or I might feel about what he had done. The Commissioner made a decision, and that is the business of the NFL. I am no angel, and neither are you. Killing dogs, cats, etc… is wrong, killing a human is wrong, and killing a man who has repented and paid the price that the law required of him is wrong. You nor I have the right to judge his repetitive state, he has paid the price according to the law of man. I say give him a chance.

  41. “Killing dogs, cats, etc… is wrong, killing a human is wrong, and killing a man who has repented and paid the price that the law required of him is wrong.”
    Maybe I missed something. Did somebody kill Michael Vick?

  42. It’s amazing to me how angry people get over a few dogs…geez! I’ll bet those so adament about that probably eat meat! I wish people would put that much effort into helping their fellow man and were that enthusiastic about it…this world would be awesome then! Not that I agree with what he did…but he served what the courts deemed appropriate for the crime and just like any other person once he/she is released it’s time to go back to work…it’s not his fault that his JOB happens to pay millions of dollars. I guess people would be happier if he were returning to work at Walmart or some other low paying job. Now as a sports fan…I wish him the best of luck and I really wish my team would pick him up. The dogs are dead now…the hell with them…time for some exciting NFL action!

  43. Sorry, this is hardly a sweepstakes. Vick will be lucky if any team picks him up, and then I suspect they will try to change his position, he never was that good of a QB to begin with.

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