Florence wants the Bills to chase Vick

When quarterback Mike Vick was transferred from Leavenworth to house arrest, a source with his finger squarely on the pulse of the league suggested that the Bills would be a dark horse candidate to pursue Vick’s services, given among other thing the team’s decision to pursue receiver Terrell Owens at a time when a grand total of, um, zero other teams were interested in coughing up $6.5 million guaranteed.

If one fairly new arrival to the team has any say in the matter, the Bills will indeed make a beeline for Vick.

Cornerback Drayton Florence is trying, Twitter style, to rally the fans to clamor for Vick:  “Let’s go get Vick who else is with that up in buffalo
I want signs at practice tomm let’s start our own vick campaign

If Florence truly wants to see Vick join the Bills, Florence’s best bet is to recruit one of his high-profile Buffalo teammates to get behind the cause.

And then there will be another reason to have a wheel barrel full of popcorn whenever the Bills are on television.

31 responses to “Florence wants the Bills to chase Vick

  1. i see that ending like the erring brooks years did in n’awlins.
    except sooner. much sooner.

  2. he and vick can ‘get crunk’ on that purple drank!
    has Terrell Owens chimed in on Florence’s comments yet?
    if they get Vick, they might as well sign Burress and Pacman Jones to complete the Training Camp Turd Signing Trifecta!

  3. Oh well… it’s not like the Bills put any emphasis on team chemistry anyway… 🙁

  4. I hope this happens. As a non-Bills fan living in their TV market I need some incentive to watch their games.

  5. Way to go Drayton. Nothing like isolating the qb who is currently your starter. Im guessing Florence will not be receiving a Christmas gift from Trent Edwards.

  6. As a Bills fan, I feel like our team is already heading towards the circus and this would send the bus over the cliff. Remember when the Bills actually built a playoff-caliber football team through the draft, trades and solid coaching?
    I really miss Bill Polian.

  7. I like him in Buffalo for a wildcat formation Him,Evans,TO,Parrish,jackson,and lynch would be some sick offensive speed

  8. Vick is a terrible quarterback and a worse human being. He is an oxygen thief and a waste of carbon who should have been smothered at birth. He has no “right” to anything other than a slow, painful, humiliating death. Any team that signs him deserves the ultra-mega-super-gargantuan-extreme sh!tstorm that will pummel them into ignominious bankruptcy once he f^cks up yet again. Any person who supports him in any way only proclaims their rampant, glaring stupidity and utter lack of simple decency (this means YOU, Tony ‘holier than Jesus’ Dungy).
    All together now… The Almighty Dollar is KING, evrything good and true and right goes in the pit with Vick’s dogs.
    And people wonder why “they” hate us…

  9. Vick’s going to be a doggone good QB for somebody. You sholdn’t be so rough, rough on him…

  10. So are you going to write a story about every player who wants Vick on their team now?

  11. Drayton Florence should be careful about who he wants to bring on the team. Vick might take his spot.

  12. Mike Florio is the worst part of PFT. Mike do you have to rip on T.O. in every single post? Please just stick to reporting. Its obvious you hate the guy, we get it. Now just do your job.

  13. erring brooks = aaron brooks
    he once said (circa 2004) that some young qb would not reach his level of greatness.

  14. If you listen closely you can hear dick jauron sobbing softly as he cleans out his desk.

  15. I want Michael Vick on my team.
    Q: What is…a way to show you are ignorant about football and a morally bankrupt person at the same time?
    I’ll take…The world is going to shit for $200 Alex…

  16. If the coaching staff & front office make their personnel decisions based on Drayton Florence’s fantasy football mindset, they DESERVE to lose their jobs.

  17. C’mon Jbell, Florio IS doing his job. Along with reporting he also entertains, why else would we come here rather than just go to some football rumor board. And when he rips on T.O., its all the better since T.O. is without a doubt the biggest douchbag in the NFL, and second place isn’t even close. I think you’ll agree with my by mid-season when Trent Edwards has been reduced to a quivering bowl of jello after being berated and ripped by the lovely and talented T.O. on the sidelines for the 7th time in 7 games. T.O. is about T.O., always has been. Just ask Romo, McNabb, Garcia. Just how many teams and QB’s must he destroy before every team in the league finally figures it out.

  18. Lumas101 says:
    July 27, 2009 9:23 PM
    As terrified as I would actually be of watching the Bills try to survive a season of Vick AND T.O., I wouldn’t mind seeing this in a Bills jersey once or twice….
    Hmm, I dunno…tough call, dude. If the soundguy can actually pick up the computer glitch noises when Vick or TO fakes someone out…AND if the camera guy picks up the gatorade canister/huge thing of TNT that manages to fly out onto the field (around the 50-second point in the video clip) … then I’d watch it.

  19. florence is so stupid,he dosent even realize that he just sighend his deat warrant….i mean,his i dont want to play football anymore warrant. what a stupid mf. maybe he will be bagging my groceries later this year in my favorite grocery store! double bag that shi*!!!!

  20. The Browns should sign him. Vick and Stallworth together. You could have a TV promo with them in a caged prison match with a “It’s Dog eat Dog” angle. Professional wrestling, be warned, you’ve got competition!!!

  21. Well Bills fans, if you don’t win anything this year at least you’ll be entertained.
    What a tool Florence is. Edwards is showing he is a very capable QB. So he doesn’t pull the ball down and run in circles like Vick, but at least he can you know, complete passes.

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