No offer yet from Crabtree camp

So with the 49ers and receiver Michael Crabtree hunkering down for what could be an extended holdout, how far along have the negotiations progressed?

Um, they haven’t.

Per multiple league sources, agent Eugene Parker hasn’t even communicated an offer to the team, even though rookies are due to report tomorrow.

There’s a theory making the rounds that Crabtree’s injured foot hasn’t completely healed.  And since he couldn’t practice anyway, it isn’t hurting him to hold out.

If he’s healthy, however, he’s hurting himself badly by not being there.

Or, as one source delicately put it, “He needs to get his ass in there.”

29 responses to “No offer yet from Crabtree camp

  1. Enjoy. Niner fans.
    All the nonsence of T.O. without the production.
    Posture all he wants, if he were that good he would’ve been taken top 5.
    And by the way there’s no such thing as niner nation.

  2. The Negotiation, Episode 1:
    Eugene Parker: My client Michael Crabtree not only could have been the first overall draft pick…
    Scot McCloughan: But he wasn’t.
    Eugene Parker: …but he could have been the first overall draft pick next year..
    Scot McCloughan: But he wasn’t.
    Eugene Parker: …or even the year after that!
    Scot McCloughan: But he wasn’t.
    Eugene Parker: …therefore, on behalf of my client, I request not only a top rookie contract, but what a top rookie contract will look like in 2011, factoring in both inflation and the increase in cost of living in the Bay Area.
    Scot McCloughan: Yeaaaahhhhhhh, ummm… that’s sort of, uh. Not happening.

  3. INVAIDUH, really what statements have you ever heard where you could compare Crabtree to TO. Kinda funny your only getting these contradictory reports a lot from this website really meaning nothing. So your ignorance is pretty astounding if you think we won’t enjoy having a very good WR for years to come.

    What a ridiculous comment. If he was that good he would have been taken top 5?? How about Randy Moss? I could go on and on, but look at Heyward-Bey. NOBODY had him on the board in the top 20 and he went to the Raiders at 7. Obviously anything can happen in the draft and it certainly isn’t always indicative of talent. Bey will be out of the league or a #3 receiver by his 3rd year, just like most of the Raider draft picks.

  5. Ill take DHB’s question marks any day over
    Crabass with a prepetual bad wheel.
    Even when it was fine he was still S-L-O-W…
    Product of the system….Whaa.
    Bask in it dumps.
    All teams have fans dress like its Halloween…
    Is it our fault we look the best?
    You strive to look like us….That’s how good it is.

  6. Kinda funny how this crappy site is already flip-flopping from it’s previous stance that Crabs is asking for top three money to his agent hasn’t even put in an offer. This site and the people buying into the diva thing are lemmings.

  7. Hahahah yea keep telling yourself that INVAIDUH. I’ve got $1000 that says you were alreadying ordering a black and silver Crabtree jersey when your skeleton of an owner went ahead and once again wasted a 1st round pick.
    Oh and why have silver when I can have GOLD!

  8. Game’s over for Crabtree once he reports. Singletary will work him like the spoiled little punk he is.
    I think he’ll respond and contribute.

  9. You haven’t heard of the niner nation? They are the ones that fall asleep by halftime and leave in the third quarter.
    Crabfoot, biggest bust of the 2009 draft.

  10. You had to have seen this coming after draft day when he had that sour look on his mug because he fell nearly out of the top 10.

  11. Slap him hard 49’ers.
    See how much the punk wants to enter next year’s draft.
    That dumb rookie needs to be cut down to size.

  12. Funny, I though Andre Smith was going to be the only holdout according to your previous reports. Amazing how that happens.

  13. Mullester has it right. Florio and his “sources” are not gospel. Crabtree hasn’t signed yet, but neither has almost ANY first round draft pick. Why hasn’t he submitted an offer? Maybe he’s waiting for Raji’s contract (Pick 9) as agents generally due to get a starting point?
    Not a single person has attached their name to this holdout rumor. Even if he does miss the first few days, don’t blame Crabtree if the picks in front of him haven’t signed making it harder for him to sign.
    As for the diva thing, give me one person who has first-hand knowledge of any diva conduct of Crabtree, and whose name is not freaking Mangini. Mangini is the king of liars, and the comment was PRE-draft, where nothing said can be taken as worth anything.
    Florio is pushing the Crabtree diva thing – he’s the only one left doing so. Wake up people.

  14. Bey has 1000 % more practice time in the NFL than Crabfoot and none of the self entitlement.
    For all his stats, Crabby’s QB is sitting home. The system is to blame.

  15. Mike, any chance your mysterious source was once a middle linebacker who used to stare at QBs with Kermit the Frog eyes?

  16. “If he was that good he would have been taken top 5??”
    You mean like Jerry Rice? Oh, wait, he was lower than that. You mean like Montana? Oh, wait, he was way lower than that. You mean like Brady? Oh, wait, etc. etc. etc. Just because they are projected to be at the top and aren’t doesn’t mean a thing, nor is it visa-versa. Its all in the development and the analysis.
    Have the Raiders shown ANY prowess in drafting in the recent past? The Lions? So many teams have made bad desicions. Maybe they got lucky on 1 or 2, but, like the Skins, they suck at the off-season (and in season).

  17. This is the dumbest things I’ve read here:
    “There’s a theory making the rounds that Crabtree’s injured foot hasn’t completely healed. And since he couldn’t practice anyway, it isn’t hurting him to hold out.”
    Ofcourse it hurts him. Lets ignore for a minute the fact that not being on the practice field taking reps with his QB slows his progress down. Purely on the financial standpoint, with the type of contract he will get at #10, he will be missing out on $15,000 a day paycheck, maybe more, for each day he misses training camp.
    On top of that, this hold out could go into preseason, where the paychecks are bigger, because of the nature of his demand.
    In the end, he will get his #10 money or he might get #7 money (where the first WR was taken). The differences is a few million, but he will lose a chance to start the season.

  18. Woah, 49er fans are talking about wasted first round draft picks?
    Kentwan Ballmer
    Patrick Willis
    Joe Staley
    Vernon Davis
    Manny Lawson
    Alex Smith
    David Baas
    Frank Gore
    Rashaun Woods
    Kwame Harris
    Mike Rumph
    Andre Carter
    Julian Peterson
    Ahmed Plummer
    Reggie McGrew
    R.W. McQuarters
    Jim Druckenmiller
    J.J. Stokes

  19. Florio and Yahoo are the main ones claiming Crabtree is holding up the draft. Why not complain about the nine people in front of him that haven’t signed?
    The Diva stuff has no merit either. I can’t understand why all the negativity about Crabtree before he has done a single thing wrong.
    Give the kid a break Florio or is your job to destroy a kid before he has been given a chance?

  20. “Woah, 49er fans are talking about wasted first round draft picks?”
    Out of those, 4 are/were solid, (Peterson, Carter, Willis, and Staley) if not great starters, 3 are still undetermined (Balmer, Lawson (due to injury), Davis (due to whining), 2 weren’t first rounders (Gore and Baas), but the rest, well, yeah, they are busts.
    However, you can probably line up MOST team’s first rounders and say the same thing. It really is like playing craps.

  21. Umm vox… I’d be happy with a few off of that list.
    Willis and peterson.
    That’s all I think I’d spend a 1st rounder on, on second thought good point vox.

  22. I’ve never seen Raider Nation either though, must be because I don’t go to the ghetto or TJ.

  23. “However, you can probably line up MOST team’s first rounders and say the same thing. It really is like playing craps.”
    Playing Craps = when the Raiders are on your schedule. Good luck with Vick, you puke buckets…

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