Rotoworld football draft guide is on time for camp

NFL_turner1.jpgIt’s been almost three weeks since we last mentioned that the Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide is available.  (Which is about two weeks too long for our corporate overlord’s tastes.)

With training camps gearing up, it’s about time for serious fantasy owners to do start doing their own version of two-a-days:  research.

The draft guide has more content, numbers, and rankings than you probably have time to devour.  But instead of continuing to pimp the guide in these posts, I thought some actual fantasy content would be appropriate.

Michael Turner is going to be overvalued as a top-three pick this season.  And it’s not just because he had 377 carries last year.

That total elevates his risk for injury, and the Falcons seem to know it.  They want to drop his workload significantly.   So even if Turner does stay healthy, he may see 60 fewer carries.

Also concerning is Turner’s schedule, which gets much tougher.  The Falcons face both Eastern divisions, which have strong defenses overall. 

Turner was prone to terrible games early last year (four times under 60 yards with no scores) and did a lot of damage in monster games against cupcakes.

Finally, the guy simply doesn’t catch passes.  That crushes his value in leagues that give points for receptions and erodes his margin for error each week.

Turner is still a solid first-round pick in non reception leagues, but he’s not in our top five.  You can find out who is, of course, in the Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled PFT programming.  Until next week.