Bengals don't want Vick

We’ve long suspected that the Cincinnati Bengals would be a potential candidate for the services of Mike Vick, given that owner Mike Brown has never batted an eye at the prospect of adding to the roster a man with a rap sheet.

But Brown said today that his team won’t be pursuing Vick.

Perhaps recognizing the irony that would flow from any effort to tie the lack of interest to Vick’s criminal misconduct, Brown focused instead on the fact that his team already has a starting quarterback.

Quarterbacks are like queen bees,” Brown said, per Geoff Hobson of  “Carson is the guy.”

We agree, but many league observers believe that Vick could resurface as a backup quarterback and a Wildcat-style option for 2009.  So the fact that a team has a franchise quarterback shouldn’t necessarily rule Vick out of the plans.

And, like we recently pointed out in the One-Liners, Vick could have come up with some new ideas for killing those pigeons at Paul Brown Stadium.

(Hey, the fact that the guy’s getting a second chance in the NFL doesn’t keep the stuff he did during his first chance from being fair game.)

24 responses to “Bengals don't want Vick

  1. haha i bet some tree hugging group would try to prosecute him for killing pigeons

  2. Of course, he would have to place some bets on some those pigeons before killing them (and in new and unusually cruel ways, too, I bet).

  3. Regardless of what Roger Goodell does (he’s a weasal for letting “Ick” back in the league) and regardless of what the NFL “brother”hood thinks. There is no team dumb enough to face fan alienation let alone fan wrath and risk losing business affiliation with companies that do business with respective NFL teams. “Ick” isn’t worth it, c’mon now step right up, what owner is dumb enough to risk losing millions and millions of dollars for a sadistic dumbass?

  4. “Hey, the fact that the guy’s getting a second chance in the NFL doesn’t keep the stuff he did during his first chance from being fair game.”

  5. It does get old after a while talking about what Vick did with first chance.

  6. When is this stupid “Bengals are thugs” storyline going to go away? Every single team in the NFL has guys “with rap sheets” on their roster, and every team in the league knowingly signs and drafts unsavory charcters. But, every chance you get you single out the Bengals for doing something that every team in the League does. It’s really weird.

  7. oh the fun they would have with him down at the dawg pound…
    if ya bring him in as a wildcat option… there will be some clubhouse controversy…

  8. “If he gets in more trouble down the line, then we’d be interested,” Mike Brown also said.

  9. Hey Furio, How many times are you going to fall back onto the Bengals line? When was the last time they had a player arrested? That joke is about as old as it gets. Maybe you should focus on trying to actually write an accurately spelled story.

  10. Hey Florio you need to give us that website with Mike Vick dog chew toy again. I’m thinking of giving them out as Christmas presents at my Pub.

  11. If I were Carson I would be a little worried that the owner called me a “Queen Bee”. Must be another one of the sensitivity courses Goodell implemented for NFL owners!

  12. Hey Bakersucks it been 3 whole months since a Bengal arrest. See Hall, Leon 4/09
    Don’t blame Florio for Mikey employing convicts, redemption is more important than wins.
    But that’s just a fan theme, ask loser Mikey.

  13. Roethlisberger’s Bitch Tits:
    Sometimes the truth hurts, doesn’t it??????
    Besides the Steelers only sign wife beaters!

  14. Roethlisberger’s Bitch Tits,
    One last thing silly jealous Bungal fan;
    6Rings, 6Rings, 6Rings, 6Rings, 6Rings, 6Rings,
    6Rings, 6Rings, 6Rings, 6Rings, 6Rings, 6Rings,
    Now don’t you forget it!

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