Bills don't want Vick

Despite strong support from receiver Terrell Owens and an open effort by cornerback Drayton Florence to get the team to sign the man who was reinstated by the league on Monday, the Buffalo Bills aren’t interested in Mike Vick.

We wouldn’t have any interest at this time,” G.M. Russ Brandon told the Buffalo News.  “We’re comfortable with our roster as it stands right now.”

In unrelated news, a well-built shirtless man wearing tights and a ski mask was seen following starting quarterback Trent Edwards with the same weapon used to blow up Nancy Kerrigan’s knee in 1994.

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  1. i have no idea why anyone would think the Bills wanted him. Edwards is only in his 3rd year….2nd as fulltime starter, and he looks like he could be a good player….
    Vick is very inaccurate imagine him in 30 degree weather with the wind blowing….TO is an idiot if he thinks Vick would be better than Trent, oh wait he is an idiot. ( still gonna have a good 1 year stint though)

  2. Looks like you were WRONG in your assesment Florio. Im shocked though, you have a Bills post with out bashing Owens. What happen did your popcorn machine break?

  3. @ bigjoey46us:
    I would also be shocked if he had managed to make it through a bills-related post without bashing Owens……but I’m pretty sure that T.O. was the “well-built shirtless man wearing tights and a ski mask” that Florio was referring to.

  4. Man Florio, for a guy who “hates” MV as much as it appears you do, you sure act surprised when we knock another team off the Vick List.
    ” The (name your city) (name your mascot)’s have confirmed that they don’t want Vick. We thought for sure they’d at least want to try him our using the Wildcat or as a backup.”
    If anything, this is really starting to make your “Only 10 QB’s in the league currently are better than Vick” article look pretty dum dum dum dum dum.

  5. He did take a shot at T.O.
    “In unrelated news, a well-built shirtless man wearing tights and a ski mask”
    Who did you think he was referring to? Marcus Stroud?

  6. The man in the ski mask is the secret weapon for the Monday Night game against the Patriots. The Bills are planning to give Tom Brady a “Wilfolk”, similar to the one received by J.P. Losman a couple years back. It would be sweet if Brady could be taken out for another season.

  7. did T.O. ever actually say he wanted Vick on the team?? he said he should be allowed back in the league and that he would welcome him as a teammate – Not, ” I want him throwing me the ball”. C’mon lawyer, get the facts straight. Did you ever mention that TO has been signing autographs for 45 minutes after practice??

  8. instant
    and following the logic that edwards is better than vick…
    just where could vick land where he is not only better than the current starter/competition AND his presence wouldnt foul up the development of a young qb…
    tampa. frisco. unless he is brought in under the most unusual incentive / disincentive laden contract… and pigeonholed in as rb/wr/kr/wildcat qb.

  9. @ bigjoey46us
    Who do you think the well-built shirtless man in tights is referring to?

  10. Why wasn’t the well-built shirtless man’s RACE mentioned?
    Just asking…
    (because if he’s black–and something tells me he is–and he gets caught, and you know, thrown in jail, then Dungy will be his mentor, and everything will be okay).

  11. He could have been referring to anyone. Im personnaly going to guess John McCargo. Ok ok I was wrong, thanks for pointing it out. Im on night shift in Japan and didn’t catch it right away.

  12. So far Carolina, Washington, Cinncinati, and Buffalo are for sure NO’s right?
    Come on rest of the NFL. Make Vick prove himself over the course of the next year. He can play in the UFL if he wants.
    I’m tired of hearing people on ESPN claim that Vick has stayed out of trouble and deserves to come back to the NFL. Are you kidding me, the guy has been free for a week. When exactly has he had a chance to keep out of trouble? In the slammer? Under house arrest? c’mon!

  13. Is there any big secret either Vick plays in the UFL or The genius Davis gets him for the Raiders. There is no owner in football dumb enough to take this guy and deal with the fire storm of protesters camped out in front of offices, homes and the stadium, until he’s fired or retires.
    Personally I would love to see him as a Steeler, Brown or Raven so my home town town team can face him twice a year. Plus in Cleveland’s case Vick with the dog pound backing him would be so sweet.

  14. there’s already Vegas odds where to land, mine is Minnesota when Brett decides NOT to come back!!!

  15. Would anyone even care if he worked for McDonald’s before his crime and was going back there? I’ll bet no one would have a problem with him going back to work then…football is his job…the rest of us can only dream of making the money he’s made and will make…I think that bothers people more than the crime! lol

  16. How many times, Florio, does a team have to say they don’t want Vick, before you stop posting on it. I’m pretty sure most, if not all, the teams have stated they don’t want him. How many different lists are needed before you stop this asinine commentary?

  17. excons dont automatically go back to their old jobs unless they are entry level / grunge.
    vick’s (black) man-love crowd ought to realize he isnt royalty.
    going back to what he did (poorly) before isnt an act of contrition.

  18. Drayton Florence ?? after seeing him do what he did to Jacksonville I would not listen to him i fI was the towel boy, Maintenance, Custodian or just an innocent bystander watch out for that train wreck.

  19. mrbuster1962
    Football WAS his job. Playing in the NFL is still a privilege NOT a right. Everyone who loves Vick seems to forget that. Yes I agree he has every right to try and make a living……….just not in the NFL. If you are a convicted felon, do you think an accounting firm would hire you back????? It’s their right to hire you or not hire you……..just like it’s the NFL’s right not to hire him back. And I’m sure somewhere someone will call me a racist. Whatever, I still don’t think he has a RIGHT to play in the NFL.

  20. No team should want the dog torturer. Not only that, but he’s not that good anyway as a qb. If somebody would use him as a rb/wr he could be useful because running in the open field he is good.

  21. Why is everyone still debating this?
    For one… Every poll you see anywhere you go has people IN FAVOR of Vick playing now. Not week 6, but now. Punishment served, time to move on and find another person to slander weekly.
    Two… PFT and other gossip sites are really going to have to find another story now that Favre is done and Vick is back.
    Three… I think most people already know Mike Vick will end up with the Redskins. AND START.
    Oh… and when can we start talking about TO in a good light? or is that even possible with all the negativity out there? Those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and I know a bunch of you have a lot of windows to break!

  22. Some of you guys seem to think he was/is a good quarterback.
    Where does that come from?

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