Favre calls remaining retired the "hardest decision" he's made

Brett Favre, who has made the decision to retire from football twice in less than 18 months, says that his decision to respect the status quo was harder than either of his prior two back-and-forth thought processes.

It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made,” Favre told Ed Werder of ESPN.

“I didn’t feel like physically I could play at a level that was acceptable,” Favre said. 

In other words, Favre realized that the aging face with the graying hair and beard in the mirror is attached to an equally aged body.

So what’s next for Favre?  If/when another high-profile quarterback blows out an ACL, like Tom Brady did in Week One of the 2008 season, things could get interesting.

The later it happens in the year, the more interesting it’ll would be, given that with each passing week the grind that Favre would face over the balance of the year will shrink.

Things could get even more interesting if the guy who goes down for the year is named “Aaron Rodgers.”

And if it happens in December, with the Packers in the hunt for the NFC North title.  

39 responses to “Favre calls remaining retired the "hardest decision" he's made

  1. It’s the hardest decision he’s ever had to make, until the even harder decision three weeks from now to come back.

  2. “Things could get even more interesting if the guy who goes down for the year is named ‘Aaron Rodgers.'”
    If that happens, a guy named “Matt Flynn” will step in. You may recall Matt Flynn from such TV shows as “the LSU Tigers 2007 National Championship.”

  3. Things could get even more interesting if the guy who goes down for the year is named “Aaron Rodgers.”
    And if it happens in December, with the Packers in the hunt for the NFC North title.
    I like that Idea!….BUT I KNOW KING FAVRE WILL PLAY………………It’s NOT over!

  4. I’m sure it was a lot harder than where to throw that last pass that put the Giants in the Super Bowl.

  5. I love the smell of vindication in the morning. (well it’s morning somewhere)
    were you Florio.
    You were sooooo smug, yet wrong…..AND MIKE VICK IS BACK!!!

  6. He is a douchebag either way. This time it’s for leading on the Vikings. Maybe he figures he’ll get the love back from Packers fans.

  7. I don’t respect the fact that Favre, as always, waited this long to make his decision. This guy acted like the world simply revolved around him and I take offense to such a notion. Accordingly, I think his reputation should be tarnished for such an affront.
    That being said, I believe he made the right decision to stay retired. He would have been an absolute laughing stock if he came back and failed miserably.

  8. Great. Now every time a QB goes down this season, we’ll have endless speculation about whether or not Favre’s phone is ringing. Can’t wait.

  9. Ha. Interesting speculation, Florio, but I highly doubt that Brett would return to Green Bay or that the Packers would even take him.
    But that would be pretty crazy.

  10. Jesus Christo, Mike!! Are you just trying to throw out every outlandish scenario so you can take credit for predicting it? I mean seriously, the likelyhood of A.R. going down in December in the midst of a playoff run is way out there. Cut the crap and get this site back to where it was before the Media giant took over. You are coming off desperate these days.

  11. u mean compared to retiring, unretiring, reretiring and reunretiring last year… and for several years?

  12. Smart move by Lord Favre. This way he may preserve at least some of his rep moving forward. Many MN fans, including this one, were pretty ambivalent about the whole deal. However, the entertainment factor on a Lambeau appearance in purple sure would have been big from both sides of the field.
    I suppose we will have to listen to the same cheesers who anxiously awaited Favre’s return, claiming Favre would throw INT’s/ruin the Vike’s season to now shift their logic and contend that his loss is a huge blow to the Vike’s and the season is over.

  13. “And if it happens in December, with the Packers in the hunt for the NFC North title. ”
    That’s more ridiculous than the new blue font on the site

  14. Jesus F*ckin Christ I am so sick of this guy…go the f*ck away Brett Favre…go the f*ck away

  15. So when was the last time Favre actually, you know, made a decision? The kind you stick with?

  16. If you think for one second that Brett Favre would ever play for the Green Bay Packers again you are even dumber than I already thought you were. Favre isn’t welcome in Green Bay as a pedestrian much less a player. The guy has you so wrapped around your finger it is a disgrace. The only way you will ever let Favre go is if he ends up like McNair – dead.

  17. As I recall from a book on Favre he didn’t pass his first physical to become a Packer. Wilf (?) had to have it repeated . Favre been hurt alot and often. Last year was brutal. For his sake I think it was a good decision though he’ll regret it and personally I can’t even imagine the season without him. It looks like
    bayless was right. I don’t care that
    green bay is happy-they got to watch the most charismatic athletete ever for many years. Brett,good luck and don’t be afraid to unretire at any time!

  18. This guy is something else. 3 retirements in what, 16 months? How you you retire when you’re, you know, already retired?
    And, the same question I ask Tony Dungy, how can your fans (which I am NOT, never have been and never could be on of) miss you if you just…won’t…go…away? These are questions that I ponder.

  19. I don’t think the Favre story is the least bit interesting. It’s an easy play for the dopes in the media, that’s all.
    I’m sure there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of more interesting stories across the NFL that are never even investigated, let alone reported.
    Jim Johnson’s passing, for one. It gets a single blurb on PFT, while Vick has dozens and Favre has a bunch, too. Johnson’s the only one of the three who is worth talking about.

  20. I can’t believe how some of you slam Favre so hard for considering playing. He’s tougher than any of you losers who think you even have a say in the matter. He may not have completed every pass he ever threw, but the guy is one tough S.O.B. and he proved it by NEVER being knocked out as a starting QB. I guarantee when you have 250-300 lb men with SPEED coming at you for all those years, it separates the men from the whiners who think he’s tarnished something in his legacy by wanting to play. And let’s not forget that he had a GREAT season in 2007, and through 11 games in 2008 there was talk of MVP and super bowl for the Jets. I am proud to have watched him all these years. He has been a great member of the NFL, and anyone who slams him for testing the waters is either envious or else letting the media jerk you off, or both.
    Favre is a top-5 QB of ALL TIME. And he’s tough as nails. He deserves a mountain of respect from anyone who claims to be a fan of the NFL.

  21. pilly says:
    “Favre is a top-5 QB of ALL TIME. ”
    >>>Laughable. He’s not in my top 10
    “He deserves a mountain of respect from anyone who claims to be a fan of the NFL.”
    >>>I have more respect for a guy who busts his ass to be the 53rd guy on a roster than a narcisstic egomaniac who is so enamored with himself that he can’t stand to be out of the spotlight.
    That whole never being knocked out as starting QB you mention? Yeah, that’s great until he breaks his thumb on his throwing hand, and his selfish ‘put himself before the team’ mentality rears its ugly head. That’s not being tough. That’s being an asshole.
    Do I respect Favre? Sure, I guess. But not more than any other player who sacrifices his body to play in the league. Extract your tongue from Favre’s taint, please.

  22. @pilly: No one’s questioning his toughness. We’re all just sick and tired of his waffling.
    @hayward: If he’s not in your top 10, then I don’t think your top 10 is worth a damn. I agree on Favre being an narcissistic egomaniac. But don’t forget he’s the NFL’s only three time MVP and was in rarified air at the top of league for a very long time.

  23. people need to layoff…you don’t just give up your life’s passion without a struggle.
    I’m a Jets fan and I’m not happy about the way the season ended, but give the man his due and let him go out when he wants to go out

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