Patrick Willis takes up MMA

nfl_willis.jpgNot long ago, word emerged that Cardinals backup quarterback (and, until further notice, first-round bust) Matt Leinart had taken up mixed-martial arts training in order to, as FOX’s Jay Glazer put it, transform Leinart from a pretty boy into a killer.

So what happens when a guy who takes up MMA training already is a killer?

We’re about to find out.

Glazer tells us that 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis is the latest NFL player to work with Glazer and Randy Couture in an effort to improve his football skills via the 21st century’s answer to boxing and pro wrestling.

Willis started the program in early July.  And Glazer says that, though Willis entered and exited the program at the same 238 pounds, Willis has lost two belt notches in his midsection.

Willis likely will gain some of that weight back when he devours Steven Jackson.

11 responses to “Patrick Willis takes up MMA

  1. And Beanie Wells, and whoever the seahawks have, that no-name guy, and just about anyone else that runs at him, tries to catch against him, etc. Possibly a QB or 2. He’s Bam-Bam. Would LOVE to see him go against Leinart sometime… Show him what real toughness is…

  2. Willis is a punk. We all know his boyfriend made take the training.

  3. He is going to have the best punch in the league behind James “Pitbull” Harrison and Logan “Sack Destroyer” Mankins.
    As that Cardinals and Broncos(?) player.

  4. I’m sure Matt L will take your evaluation of his career to heart. Surrounded by hype, Leinart plays behind Kurt Warner, an Pro Football Hall of Fame caliber QB, who has thrown for 57 TDs in the last two seasons. He has played the basic equivelant of just over one seasons worth of football.
    Matt is in a tough situation, but luckly people like Florio who have spent years breaking down NFL talent and have watched countless hours of game tape are putting the tombstone to his career.

  5. “So what happens when a guy who takes up MMA training already is a killer?”
    Florio, that’s the #52 in Baltimore, not the #52 in San Francisco.

  6. It will definitely help him out with his tackling ability. Not that he needed it, though. Either way, PWillis isnt a guy I wanna run into on the field.

  7. stiller 43 dont get jealous that p willis is better than ray now and his career will out do rays too. Thats a fact especially right now ask woodson!!!! but what does he know right. Acc to him willis is the best in football right now……

  8. lol at fan49.
    ray lewis supp. killed someone lol well im sure he did. thats whats stiller is talking about dude…

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