The updated Anti-Vick List

Here’s the semi-official PFT list of teams who have stated unequivocally that they have no interest in Falcons quarterback Mike Vick.  Please let us know if/when more teams make their positions known.

Atlanta Falcons.  (We know it kind of goes without saying.)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  (The Bucs have been silent since Vick was reinstated; they previously have said they aren’t interested.)

Detroit Lions.  (Pre-reinstatement.)

New York Jets.  (Pre-reinstatement and last week.)

New York Giants.  (Recently.)

San Francisco 49ers.  (Pre-reinstatement and post-reinstatement.)

St. Louis Rams.  (Pre-reinstatement, and possibly post-reinstatement.)

Dallas Cowboys.  (Pre-reinstatement and recently.)

Washington Redskins.  (Pre-reinstatement and recently.)

Houston Texans.  (Pre-reinstatement and recently.)

Indianapolis Colts.  (Pre-reinstatement.)

Seattle Seahawks.  (Pre-reinstatement.)

Buffalo Bills.  (Post-reinstatement.)

Cincinnati Bengals.  (Post-reinstatement.)

Miami Dolphins.  (Post-reinstatement.)

Kansas City Chiefs.  (Pre-reinstatement and post-reinstatement.)

Philadelphia Eagles.  (Post-reinstatement.)

Jacksonville Jaguars.  (Post-reinstatement.)

Minnesota Vikings.  (Post-reinstatement.)

Chicago Bears.  (Post-reinstatement.)

Tennessee Titans. (Post-reinstatement.)

Oakland Raiders.  (Post-reinstatement.)

New England Patriots.  (Post-reinstatement.)

Cleveland Browns.  (Post-reinstatement.)

Denver Broncos.  (Post-reinstatement.)

San Diego Chargers.  (Post-reinstatement.)

133 responses to “The updated Anti-Vick List

  1. I think some teams like Indianapolis, New England, and Philadelphia also go without saying. Though the fans in Philly might lobby to convert him into a wide receiver.

  2. This is it? I figured there would be 20-25 teams on this list. The reasons why he should not even be looked at by anyone:
    #1 He sucked as a QB.
    #2 He has zero endearing qualities.
    #3 You just do not take a couple of years off from playing QB.
    #4 The media hit and fan hit and PR hit would be a nightmare.
    #5 The distraction would be unbelievable.
    #6 You may turn your team into the parriah of the league.
    #7 Going into another teams venue (especially a rival) will have more ammo.
    #8 The reflection on the fans of your team that have some self respect may be too much for them to bear.

  3. This dumbass will play football again one day. I would bet a whole paycheck.
    Run Mexico, Run.

  4. Could you imagine the protests at stadiums by PETA, The Humane Society, and the SPCA?
    That being said, it’s about dollars and sense. If there’s a way a team can turn signing Vick into mega dollars, then it will make sense. But there’s no way a team could pull it off.

  5. I’m extremely confident saying that the Green Bay Packers won’t want anything to do with him. I think that Atlanta will not be able to find a trade partner for Vick and will end up just taking the cap hit and cutting him.

  6. No way he’s gonna play QB for anyone. Not because of the dog fighting. Because he is probably the worst starting QB of all time. What’s his completion percentage, like 40% or something like that.

  7. How About a list of teams that would try him out

  8. The “reasons why he should not be looked at by anyone” in the comments above are exactly the reasons he will end up with the Raiders.

  9. I think Vick would be a nice fit for a team attempting to get out of a Stadium lease deal…

  10. Shackman is right.
    Put the Packers on the list. Vick is not what Ted Thompson calls “Green Bay People”
    Besides, not even Vick can out run a hunting dog, and I would guess there would be plenty of hunting dogs in Green Bay that would like to take a run at him.

  11. vick will only be booed for away games. if he were to take his team to the playoffs, people would stop booing. what he did was terrible but why cant we give him a second chance. ray lewis killed someone and america loves him.

  12. >>Shackman says:
    February 14th, 2009 at 2:30 pm
    I’m extremely confident saying that the Green Bay Packers won’t want anything to do with him. I think that Atlanta will not be able to find a trade partner for Vick and will end up just taking the cap hit and cutting him.<<
    I second that. We have Rodgers who played better in his first season than Vick did his whole career, and both Flynn and Brohm are going to make decent backups some day.

  13. Can you, in your wildest imagination, see Parcells/Sparano/Ireland signing him?
    I would say Miami will take a “NO” on this one.

  14. Add the Texans to the list of “never mind”. I’d rather have the “Rosencopter” then the mad dog!

  15. I would think the Raiders or Cowboys would be interested, they love making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

  16. The Millinocket Manure Shovelers hereby formally declare that we do NOT want Michael Vick on our bowling team.

  17. There are 45 million reasons why he won’t be traded.
    I also know Tim Ruskell of the Seahawks would never take him. Can you imagine all the coffee drinkers out here after a double tall mocha latte’? He would get thrown off the Space Needle.

  18. Cleveland. Seriously, the Dawg Pound? That could be bad. On the other hand, if he goes to cleveland, his first injury would result in a staph infection courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic, and possibly an amputation, ending the story of Michael Vick.

  19. Of course the Lions will not take the quarterback Vick, unless of course if Vick becomes a wideout.

  20. in all seriousness, i think the bears would take him. or maybe even the seahawks, reuniting with hc mora and oc knapp. it isnt so far fetched. especially with matt hasselback’s latest injuries and maybe even a rumored move to the vikings.


  22. Hopefully this list will have 32 teams on it real soon. And all of the the CFL and Arena teams to boot!

  23. I think you can add the Carolina Panthers to that list. Considering his dogfighting ring was in Carolina. No way the people would allow that.

  24. If he is cut loose, How about them cowboys, they need someone to throw to T.O. since Romo wouldn’t do it.

  25. The Giants would never bring in Michael Vick. They are already weary of bringing back Plaxico Burress and he didn’t even do half the crap Vick did and was committed for.

  26. i really see this dog-killer ending up in san fran. seriously, is there anyone who could convince you that he could handle vick more than singletary? plus their need at quarterback after the alex smith fiasco, is high.

  27. Well I’m hoping the Raiders take a good shot at Vick. They could use a “spill back” to get on the Wildcat since they have the original cat

  28. I just watched a 1 hour show yesterday, about an organization that is trying to heal and rehabilitate the dogs from his “kennel”. Its sick what this man has done… ie surgically removing teeth from breeding stock females so they can’t fight back when put into the rape stands he had. Its sickening to see these dogs that are literally shredded to bits… physically and mentally.
    I will immediately lose respect for any organization that chooses to be affiliated with that sort of a cruel, heartless individual. I don’t care if he’s done his time… I would not in a million years be offering him a job. Playing in the NFL is a priveledge.

  29. The Oakland Raiders should top the list for Vick. The Raiders do not seem too concerned about PR stuff.

  30. wherezwaldo says:
    February 14th, 2009 at 6:30 pm
    in all seriousness, i think the bears would take him. or maybe even the seahawks, reuniting with hc mora and oc knapp. it isnt so far fetched. especially with matt hasselback’s latest injuries and maybe even a rumored move to the vikings.
    Really, did you even pay attention? He was called the Coach Killer and you think he will get back together with the Coach who he killed in Atlanta? Besides Ruskell would never put this guy on the team. Way too much bad press and PR to have him. I truly hope he is banned from the league forever. Hasselback won’t be going to the ViQueens, he has a few more years in Seattle before he retires.

  31. You could add the Browns to this list for sure. Not sure Vick would survive the fans, which are considered the “Dawg Pound.”

  32. The Vikes will take him so Zygi can use the fan outrage to fuel atema move to LA he’s looking for any excuse out of Minny.
    As a Falcons fan I’ll take a happy meal to get the guy off our roster.

  33. Please add the Pittsburgh Steelers to the list of teams that would never entertain the thought of Michael Vick wearing their black and gold uniform! The franchise and organization is all about character and class. Hint…Plax and Cedric Wilson…o yea and 6 super bowl trophies!

  34. someone said, “Could you imagine the protests at stadiums by PETA, The Humane Society, and the SPCA?”
    Yep, that all inclusive liberal party of Tolerance. 🙂
    Paid his dues, should be given a chance. Other people are involved in the murder or killing of PEOPLE and don’t get the heat this guy will get. But he has the right to try again.

  35. Figuring out how Vick gets back in, when and with who, is like trying to unravel the story in the tv show ‘Lost’.
    My prediction:
    Vick will be seen on Oprah and Dr. Phil,
    he’ll then will actually join PETA to gain public approval,
    he’ll play defense for the cowboys in 2011,
    and is actually Charles Widmore’s son.

  36. “New England Patriots” – Mike Florio ( with his little man chest sticking out and lips puckered on a picture of Belicheat)

  37. Coach21 says:
    “Please add the Pittsburgh Steelers to the list…..The franchise and organization is all about character and class”
    Don’t forget HGH and steroids.

  38. I can not see my Steelers,Patriots or Giants wanting him either. Like someone else said, amongst other things, the team who gets him will be a parriah of the NFL in the eyes of the public and the animal rights activists. The team who is idiotic enough to take the dope will be picketed and Vick will be a major distraction.

  39. The Eagles must be added to this list. What makes you think that the owners would allow a person like vick on that roster. Also, what would make you think that the city of Philadelphia would allow such a thing to happen?

  40. Ok let’s be mature he did not suck in any way shape or form when he did play. Immaturity is no way to argue, stick with facts.

  41. Here is another aspect that has been overlooked by the media. If Goodell wants he could theoretically keep Vick from taking another NFL snap. Illegal Gambling+playing in the NFL = Ban on a permanent basis. See Art Schlicter……nfirm=true
    Following are excerpts from Commissioner Goodell’s letter to Vick:
    » “Your plea agreement and the plea agreements of your co-defendants also demonstrate your significant involvement in illegal gambling. Even if you personally did not place bets, as you contend, your actions in funding the betting and your association with illegal gambling both violate the terms of your NFL Player Contract and expose you to corrupting influences in derogation of one of the most fundamental responsibilities of an NFL player.”
    » “You have engaged in conduct detrimental to the welfare of the NFL and have violated the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.”

  42. You have rapists playing (Jerramy Stevens), drunk driver who killed a woman (Leonard Little), defensive MVP who hit his girl (James Harrison) and there is this big deal about Vick? He served his debt to society, all those guys got second chances, he should get a second chance too. Protesting won’t bring those dogs back. What he did was wrong but it’s time to move on! By the way, if you don’t believe me, look up all those players I mentioned.

  43. I grew up with three dogs…I love dogs as much as anyone. But all this Vick bashing has to end, and it has to end NOW!!!!! The man did his time in prison. Two years. For killing and maiming dogs. He served more than enough time for the crimes he committed. He deserves a chance to compete for a spot on an NFL team. If he has the skills, he should be allowed to play. PERIOD!!!! Now, if it is a close call and it is between him and another guy who DIDN’T do jail time, then, YES, let him get cut. But if he has MORE SKILL, you HAVE to let it go and allow him into the league. I am sick of all this “it is a privilege” GARBAGE. The fact is that he has a specialized skillset, and if he is not allowed to compete fairly for a position utilizing that skillset, I would sue the NFL if I were him. And if I need to cite examples, I would start with Ray Lewis, Marshawn Lynch, all the various DUI that injured, maimed and killed people. YES PEOPLE. There are people playing in the NFL who killed PEOPLE. Yet you would have Vick blackballed forever for killing DOGS??? What freaking sense does that make? I want to see outrage whenever you show Ray Lewis and his million dollar offers. I was to see outrage when we see those people who have DUIs and DWIs and Cocaine busts, etc, etc, etc.
    Stop all the hating on Michael Vick already. He did his time. I SAY ALL THIS AND I HATE THE GUY. HE IS A PIECE OF GARBAGE. BUT THIS IS AMERICA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

  44. The Raiders will no doubt sign this turd and Al Davis will make him the highest paid QB in the league…probably with guaranteed money…and then cut him after week 8 next season.

  45. I would let Lewis play because he no doubt killed another turd. Butm DUI’s who injure or kill people should be banned.

  46. As a keen dogfighter, I’d just like to say how much Michael Vick has tarnished the image of our sport. If he signs for the Raiders it would be a new low for the image of Bad Newz Kennels.

  47. Seriously, I honestly think the Saints will not want him either. I’d be very disappointed in them if they did go after him. He’s the reason I hated Atlanta since I got into football five years ago. He’s the reason I’ll hate wherever he goes when he finally goes somewhere

  48. Can’t imagine the holier than thou Green Bay Packers considering Vick-ever!! Bunch of hypocrites….

  49. discosucs2005 says:
    February 18th, 2009 at 3:23 am
    Ok let’s be mature he did not suck in any way shape or form when he did play. Immaturity is no way to argue, stick with facts.
    Yeah, he didn’t suck in any way. Except for passing. He sucked big time when passing the ball. Other than that he was a great NFL QB.

  50. I absolutely hate it when people say that it is a “privilege” to play in the NFL. People use this cliche all the time to justify holding athletes to a higher standard of behavior than an average person. It is complete BS. Being a professional athlete is not a privilege, it is a job. NFL players have unique skill sets that help their teams succeed, just like employees in any other field. After Vick completes his prison sentence and serves his probable suspension from the league(which I believe he deserves), it will be up to each individual franchise to decide whether Vick still has the ability to help the team win games. If he displays the same electrifying skills that he used to have, I’m sure that he will be hired. Hired, NOT privileged.

  51. I can see the Redskins giving him a try. Seems to be a match made in hell. Owner who likes to stir the pot and a team that doesnt seem happy with their current collection of QB’s. I hope Vick never plays again but my guess is if he does its with Washington

  52. Vick may not have been the greatest passer, but he sure was exciting to watch. Being a Bear fan, I’d watch the Bears, then record games with exciting players like Manning (Payton), Brady, Carson (two years ago), Favre (years ago), Brees and yes Vick. Does he deserve a second chance? Yes but only if he’s repentant. That doesn’t mean an apology, but a change in direction in his personal life. He does that, then he’s sincere. Take a look at the “TURD WATCH”, how many of those thugs apologize then do the same thing the following week? Give me a guy who’s repentant and I’ll forgive him any day. You can keep the rest.

  53. If Barry Bonds can’t get a job as a DH, there is no way Vick is getting hires, sans an endorsement form the SPCA.

  54. To the idiots who think he will be a Raider…
    The team has already stated that they have no interest in Vick. For some reason all of you dumbshits and Florio have decided to avoid this little fact. The team has made the statement more than once, and since they have done so, they should be on this list.
    Vick will not be in the NFL for the 2009 season. You can bet on that.

  55. It’s not just the drowning, burning, electrocuting, etc. of dogs in this case, which many seem to forget.
    We should all think about how the NFL is going to treat a man who ran a friggin’ gambling ring from his house. Period. And not a small one either. A friggin’ gambling ring. The NFLs policy is a “policy against …. associating with gambling in a manner that discredits the league.”
    They’re not stopping someone from going to Vegas and playing Blackjack. That’s fine. Betting on games, a la Alex Karras and/or Pete Rose if you want to jump sports, is one area they focus on. Running an illegal ring between multiple states would be another, I’d hasten to guess.
    And he was busted for pot after he was suspended. (not the water bottle thing – he actually tested positive while suspended before going to jail, folks)
    And he lied about everything, directly to Goodell’s face, until he was absolutely nailed to the wall by the Feds.
    I hate when I hear people, especially the vapid tools on ESPN, talking about how he “made a mistake”. A mistake is a single act. (DUI, car crash, etc.) Vick has a long and detailed history of lying, drug use, gambling, and of killing animals. That’s not “a mistake”.
    That is his character. That sums up his life.

  56. Mike Vick has a better chance working for you at PFT than he does playing for the Steelers!

  57. Lewis is not the person that killed that guy in Atlanta. He knew who did it and didn’t report. There is a big difference.
    As for Little, he should never have been permitted back in the league, but he was. Vick should have to spend a one year suspension, then anyone that wants his should sign him. Remember, he really wasnt that good at QB. If he is going to have a future in the NFL it is going to be at a different position than QB>

  58. Forget about it! This guy is a big loser, and he’ll say whatever he thinks the public wants to hear, not because he’s sincere because, it’s all about the money. I’d even say he probably doesn’t care all that much about the game, just the money. Time to give the guys in national sports a moment of pause…start thinking of the young lives they impress, and try living their life by example. It’s all part of the package, and they knew the job was dangerous when they took it! I for one will be one of the people booing if he plays! I have seen many athlete’s make mistakes and change, this guy has no remorse that is very clear! Sorry but us everyday people have lines you just don’t cross, like abusing innocent helpless victims whether they are human, or not.

  59. No way DA BEARS would take Vick. Chi-town folks aren’t that forgiving. Think about how they feel about Grossman LOL. Seriously though that would be a hard hit for any NFL team because, all Vick could possibly inspire to do is create chaos, and take away the true sport of the game.

  60. The Oakland Raiders stated they had no interest in him moths ago, yet they aren’t on this list. What a crock of shit!

  61. Why all the haters?
    At the end of the day this is about football. Who cares how many PETA activists stand outside the stadium. Who cares whether or not you as a fan quit watching or supporting a team because they feel that the franchise could benefit from it. For every fan lost there might be another one gained. My money as a dog drowning weed head is just as good as the white collared yuppie’s.
    Truth be told Michael Vick was a maturing QB in the league and was making steady gains each season despite aquiring Roddy ” stone hands” White towards the end of his time with the Falcons. He’s a THREE time Probowler as well. What he gives up in passing accuracy he has always made up for in the rushing category. Who wouldn’t want a QB that can put a defense on it’s heels with their ability to adapt during the play.
    Quit hating on Vick and get off your own couch and do something productive like lose that extra 40 pounds of holiday fat that you’ve been putting off for the last ten years!!
    Keep practicing HATERS!!

  62. # mahofam1 says: February 14, 2009 11:09 PM
    If he is cut loose, How about them cowboys, they need someone to throw to T.O. since Romo wouldn’t do it.
    um….if Vick is a cowboy throwin to TO the he has the biggest arm ever….do your homework

  63. Some team will ultimately be desperate enough to sign him. He served his time, Goodell should back off.

  64. Roddy White didn’t seem to have ‘stone hands’ when his ROOKIE QB was throwing the ball his way last year. I see his rushing stats two-fold. Yes you do have to prepare extra/different against vick, but his high running stats only help to prove that he is a lackluster passer.

  65. Vick will not be a Raider. Al Davis has enough on his plate.
    I’m with you Bellebottoms – except I have already lost respect for NFL and Roger Goodell. But then again, I guess it takes a liar to know a liar…

  66. Reading this is like talking to morons! I hope Vick plays again and I can’t wait to see it happen. We are talking about DOGS! We have murderers, drug dealers, guys who take LOADED guns into clubs, guys who drink and drive and kill people. Nothing Vick did hurt another human being but everyone makes a big deal about it when we have guys in the league who put PEOPLE at risk and we don’t say anything. Guys with multiple DUI’s run the risk of killing someone everytime they get behind the wheel. Yet they get slaps on the wrist. I just hope that when Burress and Stallworth come back into the league that they are met with the same hostility and same hate that you guys show Vick!

  67. stnmmc, as you’ve even copy and pasted into your own post, dude said that back in February.
    Do your own homework.

  68. Just for the people above that have no clue and think Vick being cut makes a difference um he was cut about June 12th. That’s not holding him up or changing the amount of teams after him

  69. beanman,
    I know what your saying but some of us are sick of all these idiots that think they can get away with anything just because of their stature as a professional athlete. You shouldn’t minimize what Vick did either. It wasn’t just one or two dogs in his back yard that he tortured, beat, battered and killed. He did this to hundreds. Like I said I understand your point but I’m in the thought that Vick, Stallworth, Lenard Little, all should lose the privilege to play at the NFL level. They are put in the public image too much there. If they want to play Arena, Canadian, or something like that fine but they should lose the right to be in the nfl.

  70. Maybe the Steelers should screw up their dynasty by grabbing Vick and revealing the secret plan they have been working on:
    SLASH 2 – The Return to Mediocrity

  71. @ Beanman
    “Reading this is like talking to morons! ”
    The only morons around here, are those who think felons should be given a chance to be in a position of influence over our children and regain the wealth they already proved to stupid to have to begin with.
    Face it, those who see no wrong in what is going on with Vick’s reinstatement, are those with low moral standards. It’s proven when one of you spews your pro-thug, liberal BS about how criminals deserve nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

  72. the wiseman says said:
    “It wasn’t just one or two dogs in his back yard that he tortured, beat, battered and killed. He did this to hundreds.”
    Hundreds? Quit making stuff up, dude. He was involved in the murder of something like 5 or 7 dogs.
    Not people.
    I type this with the beautiful broad head of a 70 pound golden retriever in my lap. Michael Vick served TWO YEARS in prison, not to mention being taken advantage of by so many people during this time.
    What he did was wrong. He did his time. He paid his debt.
    It’s OK for him to play now. Get off it.

  73. Florio,
    There is no way in hell the Vikings would ever take Vick. As a Packer fan, I know you would love nothing more than to see that happen, but there is no way that the fan base would accept a guy with his history at QB.
    You know it too.

  74. MICHAEL VICK is the dog fighter. No amount of legal obligation to society will ever remove that stain. OH GOD PLEASE DON’T LET A DOG FIGHTER BE THE ROLE MODEL FOR OUR CHILDREN. Young people love those bad boys and will want to be just like Vick and get their own dog fighting rings and spread crime, vice, illegal weapons and dope in the communities. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!! PLEASE DO NOT LET AMERICA CHEER A DOG FIGHTER FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!

  75. This anti-vick stuff is really out of control. He comitted a crime, did his time and is trying to get a job. End of story. If you let the children in your life see vick or any pro-athelete as a MORAL role model, you’re doing a disservice to them, not vick, goodell or the nfl.

  76. This whole thing on not letting Michael Vick play is outrageous. I dont understand people arguement… What is the purpose to of sending someone to prison and then releasing them if that is not their repayment to society! The man did his time now its not time to forget but its time to forgive…
    As a society we complain often at how criminals always seem to become repeat offenders and that they are just troubled people. Not that I blame companies for not wanting to hire ex felons but were not talking about some gangbanger or dope dealer, were talking about dog fighting. Was it horrible what he did yes. But what he punished and sentence to prison YES (And Prison I dont care who you are is not an easy thing).
    This man is an entertainer and thats all. Every sunday u sit down and watch him play FOOTBALL and enjoy the amazing plays. He is not a role model by any means but us as parents are responsible for teaching our children what is right and what is wrong not Michael Vick or anyone else for that matter…
    I dont understand why u would call letting him play again Liberal BS…
    On the radio here in Washington DC a DJ made an excellent point and that is if u sent a chef to prison who makes 25,000 a year to prison got out and wanted to become a chef again are u going to say you can only make 15,000 now max??
    Stop looking at how much money he is going to make and look at the facts did he serve the punishment our society decided was appropriate and the answer is yes!! Because if ur saying well fine he is a felon so we should limit how much he can make a year well I am pretty sure ur opinion is closer to liberal BS than any other arguement out there!

  77. WAY TO GO VIRGINIAN13! I agree and let me add this,if people can go into such a frenzy over a man who KILLED dogs,where are they when a human life is taken? The man broke the law,he was sentenced, he did the time, and he is still on probation walking a thin line yet some of you want him to do things you can’t even do! He has recognize that he made a error in his life,and he wants to get it right, why do you want to deny him the chance to do so? Do you really have so little forgiveness in your heart that a person any person can’t get another chance? Now i have one final comment to make, you animal lovers are really going after mr. vick but was he the only one responsible for killing those dogs? But because he has a very recognizable name to further your cause you have made him the sacrificial lamb,maybe you should be lookin in the mirror.In closing, if i owned a team and needed a quarterback i would be calling him now because it would be the right thing to do so that people like you who hate would not have a chance to destory a young man based on hatered. If your child did something wrong would you hold it againist him for the rest of his life? would you tell him that because you did this you can no longer do what you are blessed to do,or would you give him a chance and give him the tools to do better?

  78. Really some of these people need to get off their high horses here, what he did happens everyday here in America but the same people whining about Vick’s reinststement and what he did dont give two shats about about it in honesty the people complaining dont go help out at the humane society and donate money to PETA so they can quit the act anytime now, and for the record to hell with peta they are a bunch of disgruntled college students who are extremists looking for a cause. yea I love animals and i love to eat them too. I would love to have Vick on my team and dont give me any of that role model nonsense it cliche as well the NFL isnt a role model place though some players might be but college players are the real role models they show that youcan do it for the love of the game. Besides if you are so worried about your childs ‘role models” maybe you should watch all the beer and sex ridden commercials that come on between the games. Im goona wear my vickings jersey with a vick em sign and im gonna carry a stuffed dog with a pair of jumper cables attaches to its nuts and im going to cheer for the team just to peess off all the naysayers. Vicktory is immenent. PS pitbulls arent that great anyways its not like he was kicking poodles and collies.

  79. Appalling!!! You people that think 2 years is enough for the ALL the crimes Vick committed, are just as inhumane and barbaric as he is. Learn some morals!!!

  80. You nay sayers that are againt Vic from returning to play football are really sad. If you are with out sin then cast the first stone. Who are you to judge him without judging yourself. I love animals just like the next person, but come on this is over kill. pardon my pun.
    Let him make a living, look at all the other plays not just football, basket ball and swimming look at phelphs smoking pot and he didnt loose any endorsements athletics having affairs dressing up in womens clothing and you still rally around them and their not suspended or kicked out, what makes one crime better then the other ?
    PETA made a big deal about president obama swatting a fly, come on now get off of your high horse. Let the tables be turned on you what would you do and how would you feel when things were going great everyone loved you and when your dirty laundry is aired and you have to do sometime then everyone hates you. The media eats this shit up, and gives you their opinion and you adapt theirs with out you using your own intellengence.
    Do something useful with your time, go and volenteer your time or donate to a dog shelter and then you can complain.

  81. @Raiderlvr
    U are killing me…
    First I am by no means a Vick fan to be clear about that.
    What I think an appropriate punishment for Vick is, is not important. In this country we elect officials to do what we the people generally want done. Sometimes we disagree with these officials but the whole point of electing them is to get stuff done. We cannot all have an opinion on every issue all the time, because nothing would ever get decided on.
    A judge gave out a sentence to Michael Vick. That sentence represents the will of society. I just dont understand what you think we should do.
    Everytime someone disagrees with a punishment are we all going to debate it until we can all come to an agreement cause that wont ever happen. And this is what brings me back to my original point… This is why we have people to make these calls because in a democracy we have the right to disagree and will never ALL AGREE.
    I am not saying Vick should not have done more time or been punished in another manner. All I am saying is when is enough a enough and who gets to make the call on whats right and whats wrong or whats appropriate and whats not?? Is it U or is it Me??
    Society gave him 2 years, he served his 2 years that means he gets another chance at becoming another useful member of society with the sames rights as U and I (except he cant own a gun). That is what the laws of our land say.
    On a final note I suggest everyone judging Vick take a look in the mirror… Do you complain about every felon or criminal punishment or is it just because its Michael Vick and he’s famous and he had millions of dollars?

  82. Check out this site dedicated to encouraging NFL players to make life rough for Vick once he returns.

  83. the washington redskins already have a bunch of thugs on their team, i wouldn’t be suprised if they take on this loser vick! what’s another thug added to their team, not a huge deal. loser vick would fit right in : ) hey maybe the nfl could start a new team called team oj : ) go vick!!!!!

  84. @ Virginia 13 – You are absolutely correct in that society, elected officials, etc… gave him his punishment. That’s why we live in America … the land of the free. I am also free to speak out and feel the way I do. You don’t understand what more I think should be done? I can only speak for me and if Vick plays I will boycott the NFL and all of the NFL sponsors. I have this right! I will continue writing and speaking out because the animals he brutally killed cannot. This is what more I can do. Vick did not make mistakes. Read in detail the things this man did and ponder whether or not he could do these same things to people. I AM looking in a mirror and I am complaining about the horrific things he got away with. I could care less how famous he WAS or his millions. In my opinion, if Vick wants to redeem himself. He should volunteer at the Best Friends Dog Rescue and if we’re lucky maybe one of the dogs that were rescued from his hell home – will recognize him. 🙂 Karma Baby!!!!
    @BigBear123 – Love the site!!!

  85. Vick is probably going to land at the Colts..
    – Peyton has no backup worth mentioning
    – Peyton, one of the most cerebral and best QBs ever (could teach Vick a few things)
    – Peyton isn’t getting any younger (So Vick could learn for a year or two or until he retires)
    – They are two complete opposites in playing style (nightmare gameplanning against them)
    – Tony Dungy is Vick’s mentor, appointed by the commish.
    – Tony Dungy’s history with the Colts and relationship to Polian. He could probably put in a good word for Vick and promise to keep him on a leash.
    – Colts said no interest, pre-reinstatement and pre-DungyMentorToVick..

  86. Some of you really do not get it. Cruelty to animals can not be separated from cruelty to any other living creature. It is cruelty. Plain and simple. Only a coward would torture a living creature so small, so defenseless, so confused as to why their skulls are being crushed on concrete or why they are being electrocuted or drowned. Raiderlvr said it well. Redemption does not mean spending a few months behind bars and then saying I am sorry and going back on the field making millions. Damage control is all Vick is interested in. He needs to prove his “remorse” by spending a few years in the service of rooting out fighting clubs, rescuing beaten dogs. And I am skeptical that would alter his soul. He is a monster. Not even worth the label “animal”. I will guarantee that if he thought he could get away with it – he would be watching and betting on the pits in a heart beat. He is scum. Let us just hope he doesn’t escalate to slamming children’s heads on the pavement. He does not deserve to live like a real human being. He deserves to live like a beaten, tortured, defenseless animal. Michael Vick’s demise – slow and painful is the only thing that can bring joy.

  87. Alright some of you people have just gotten to be flat out stupid. I will point out the two recent posts Raiderlvr and SusanneD. What is wrong with both of you? You complain about how cruelty is cruelty weather it’s to a dog a person or any other living thing and how wrong that is. The at the end of both of your posts wish cruelty upon Vick?
    I have had dogs my entire life and if someone tried to attack one of them I’d defend my pets like they were my children. That however does not change the fact that they are dogs and not people, they are different. Vick spent his time in jail and paid his price and should be allowed to play if a team is willing to sign him.
    Where is your outrage and threats of protest for Ray Lewis who killed a person and continues to play in the league(don’t bring up that he wasn’t convicted, neither was OJ but we know what happened).
    When it comes down to it you both sound like PETA members to the T. I am sure PETA will protest any team that signs Vick despite them killing more dogs every year than Vick did in his life. I’m sure they could have used the millions of dollars they used to produce the super bowl ad that never air’d to save the lives of some animals but in the end they decided it wasn’t worth it for them to do.

  88. Vick enjoyed torturing dogs. He hooked jumper cables up to their testicles. He slammed them on the ground. He drowned them. He put house pets in with his trained killers to watch them get ripped to shreds for his own enjoyment. This is far different than just fighting dogs.( which is also repugnant) The thing is, he got his jollies from watching animals in excrutiating pain, the same animals that trusted him to at least feed them and showed him unquestioned loyalty, as all dogs do. I don’t care about PETA. I think they are way over the top but, the point is Vick has something seriously wrong with him mentally and emotionally. Yes he did his time. Yes he shouldn’t have to pay for his crimes for the rest of his life but he also doesn’t have a RIGHT to play in the NFL again.

  89. Very well said pantherdan89 and SusanneD! Your absolutely right.
    @mikecal645 I am in no way associated with PETA. However I do hope they protest every team, field, and sponsor, as I will.
    I am just a Raider fan football mom of 2 boys, who rescues dogs that sick people like Vick ruin. I spend every day trying to repair the reputation of this breed. As I said before, if he wants redemption, then work with these dogs. He should hand feed the dogs that have had their teeth extracted so they couldn’t fight back while on the rape table or the dogs missing eyes, ears, and limbs. The dogs nobody wants because they are either afraid of them or their disfigured in some way. Give Vick money, status, and fame again, then mark my words Vick’s cruel behavior is a precursor of what more he could do. I believe he will be just like OJ or Ray Lewis. And for the record I can’t stand either one of them. They are both worthless.
    You said “However that does not change the fact that they are dogs and not people, they are different. Does that make it right? Just because he didn’t electrocute or drown a person, I am suppose to say “its ok …it just an animal?” In my opinion, that was STUPID as you so delicately said in your first paragraph. We are all Gods creations.
    I am not sure if the last sentence in your first paragraph is a question or not. I merely said “Karma Baby” …. hence O.J. Simpson and I’m still waiting for Rays. Good luck with you dogs…they will need it!

  90. I have heard he might be going to Seattle with his former coach.
    Let Michael play! Everyone deserves to be able to earn a living. He has done his time. I know what he did was bad, but we have people in the NFL that have taken someone’s life.

  91. I think a suprise team would be the Pittsburgh Steelers. Just think about it, the Steelers are a great franchise and signing a player with his background wouldn’t hurt the teams image. I doubt it will happen, but it might. I think in the end Vick will go to the UFL.

  92. 99.999% of people earn a living outside of the NFL. Yes there are people in the league that have taken someone’s life by driving drunk. These were one time, HUGE mistakes. Vick and his boys premeditated gruesome and inhumane ways to torture and kill animals that had no way to defend themselves and all for their own personal enjoyment. Had Vick not been caught, do you folks think he would have stopped ? Of course not, He only stopped because he got caught. I have a hard time believing Leonard Little or Dante Stallworth would still be driving drunk and killing people since these were one time mistakes that they realized were their mistakes and they turned themselves in for. Vick can find another way to earn a living rather than running from linebackers…………..and the truth.

  93. Hey Floorio, that’s a pretty misleading blog title. You label all the NFL teams that are not interested in Vick as “Anti-Vick”? That makes you pro-dog killing then right?

  94. for those who think vick should get a second chance imagine he was an accountant who got caught embezzling-went to jail-and was a model prisoner– how many financial firms do you think would be bidding for his services?

  95. He served his debt to society, all those guys got second chances, he should get a second chance too.
    No one is saying he doesn’t deserve a second chance, just that his chance should start with “your order, please” and end with “do you want fries with that?”

  96. 99.999% of people earn a living outside of the NFL. Yes there are people in the league that have taken someone’s life by driving drunk. These were one time, HUGE mistakes. Vick and his boys premeditated gruesome and inhumane ways to torture and kill animals that had no way to defend themselves and all for their own personal enjoyment. Had Vick not been caught, do you folks think he would have stopped ? Of course not, He only stopped because he got caught. I have a hard time believing Leonard Little or Dante Stallworth would still be driving drunk and killing people since these were one time mistakes that they realized were their mistakes and they turned themselves in for. Vick can find another way to earn a living rather than running from linebackers…………..and the truth.
    I agree Dan, this is PERFECT – this wasn’t a ONE TIME mistake. It was intentional REPEATED sadistic animal torture! That is never brought up in the pro-Vick arguments. The real crime is to torture non-violent animals for pure personal fun. He deserves to have to make a living out of the NFL for being a sick, sadistic creep.

  97. Mike s that doesn’t make any sense because he wasn’t betting on football games, he was killing dogs. gruesome, yes, but it doesn’t threaten the integrity of a football game.
    if an employer is willing to hire him, he should be hired. lines are not drawn in the sand for other ex-cons saying, “ok, you’re free to go, but you cant get a job that pays too well”

  98. what vick did is no more disgusting than what factory farm workers do for 8 hours a day.
    none of them are sent to jail or considered abnormal community outcasts.
    if you think what he did was wrong, i hope you are a vegetarian.
    I enjoy eating meat, and therefore have little to no regard for universal animal rights. I have some personal disdain for what Vick did, but I also realize I’m a contributor to the same type of violence, so I have no right to condemn him legally or socially.

  99. Why would an NFL franchise risk so much for a QB who is a PR nightmare, hasn’t played the position in 2 years, and may be better suited to play somewhere other than QB?
    It is irrelevant whether his crimes were “worse” or whether he has paid his debts to society. The only question for a team is whether he is worth the risk of alienating a fan base.
    Vince Young had a hard time with the booing. One can only imagine the reception Vick would get, particularly on the road where there would be every reason to try and get into his head. Sorry, Pass.

  100. malgorthewarrior, My bad, I didn’t realize that Vick killed his dogs for public consumption. I also didn’t realize that factory farm workers electricuted the animals with jumper cables attatched to their testicles and actually did this as their hobby, you know, for laughs.

  101. You don’t have the Saints on the list even though they said they were not interested TWICE (first by Payton before reinstatement then by Loomis after reinstatement).

  102. Ok ok, All this talk about Vick being away two years. Anybody remember what Kurt Warner was doing before he won the superbowl? MV was never that big of a passer anyway, along as his legs still work he would still be hard for defenses to deal with. Look I am a Falcons FAN to the HEART! That said we don’t need him, I just pray no NFC south team wants him. What a nightmare it would be to have that dude running around the field. Go Matt Ryan!

  103. Thoughts on Vick –
    well I am torn on this whole vick into the league deal. On one hand what he did was beyond the pale, and he should be hated for all time. On the Other hand we have Ray Ray killing 2 people and is considered a pillar of the NFL, Leonard Little kills someone while driving drunk and is still in the league. Donte Stallworth kills someone while intoxicated. and he is still in the league just to name a few.
    I will say Donte did the stand up thing from the start and to my knowledge did not do anything to try and get out of the deal.
    So while what vick did was disgusting and ugly I can see why he is in the NFL again.
    Having said that I agree with the gentleman who said Minney. Great way to break a lease deal, and Sage only has a Trojan behind him and well USC QB’s have not exactly lit the league on fire lately.
    Another Team I think could take Vick would be the Cheaters and the hood. I think it is easy to see just how far they will go to win, ala filming illegally. On top of the whole cheater deal, the Cheaters have had good success in rebranding players who were less than ideal teammates see Corey Dillon and Randy Moss. For Gods sake they still have Kevin Faulk on their roster. He is decent but there is no way this guy should have 3 rings. As an added bonus vick would be an ideal person to jam the “Wildcat” formation down parcells throat.
    the last team I could actually see taking a shot at him would be my beloved Steelers. Again see the top part of my post, it would be with mixed emotions, but the one plus they have for them is they do not have problems with a player. If they do they cut his ass and quick.
    I believe the Steelers have the fan support to ride the rough times if, and it is a big if they bring him into camp.
    He if has truely turned his life around (whatever) then it would be a big plus to the steelers as an organization, if not well than the rightoeus michael vick would be done. If you can’t toe the line in Pittsburgh where senior/veteran leadership is at an all time high in the league than he never would.
    obiviously New England fans would care less as long as they won another ring.
    Too bad they still are three behind my steelers.

  104. Some of these comments are ridiculous…you can’t compare vick dog fighting to an accontant stealing money, that’s apples and oranges. Obviously had vick been convicted of cheating he wouldn’t be allowed back, but dogfighting and pro football have zero relationship. Also, if you are THAT worried about your kids idolizing vick; act like a real parent and talk to your children. Don’t let espn raise them. I’m a proud dog owner who thinks what vick did was terrible, but I’d much rather spend time with him instead of some of the self righteous d bags on here. Whatever happened to he who cast the first stone?

  105. No, but you can compare two employees that publicly embarrassed their companies by getting convicted of a felony after lying to their boss and CEO about it.
    Everyone makes mistakes but getting a second chance doesn’t entitle you to go back to work for an employer that you shamed publicly.
    Jsaxdubv, since you’re such a forgiving soul, maybe you should go hang out with some convicted child molesters and give them moral support and encouragement. Sounds like the perfect calling for such a forgiving and understanding person.

  106. Pantherdan, never claimed to be a forgiving person, it’s just neither of our places to judge vick. Is it cold up on mt. Pius this time of the year?

  107. Vick has a right to resume a normal life after paying the dues that society deemed proper for his punishment.
    We, as citizens, also have the right to free speech which includes expressing our displeasure with him and any team or sponsor that provides him support.

  108. Vick is Baltimore bound. It makes perfect since for Vick to go to the Ravens. Baltimore is a mostly African American community, and look how he was embraced in Atlanta. Colored people there, and around the world, idolized Vick. The Ravens passing game has always lacked a little and throwing in Vick and the wildcat into the playbook would lighten the load a little on Joe Flacco and the passing game. Baltimores the perfect fit.

  109. Why don’t you put the list in alphabetical order Florio? It would be a little more user friendly.

  110. Not sure why Arizona isn’t on here yet. Graves said this a while ago (from Darren Urban’s blog):
    “Briefly talked to general manager Rod Graves now that he has returned from the owner’s meetings, and brought up the report floating around – apparently through ESPN speculation – that the Cards could have some interest in Michael Vick if and when Vick is reinstated. Uh, no. While Graves said he wishes Vick well, as for the idea of the Cards might look into Vick’s availability, ‘We can put that to rest right now.'”

  111. Not all blacks idolize this idiot. I’m black and I think that by reinstating Michael Vick into the NFL, it will send a wrong message out there to all. “Hey it’s okay to have dogs fights and if they lose, electrocute, starve, bash them upside their head and drown them. Hey Michael Vick did it and he served little time and was given his job back making millions.” Some may say well others have done worse and they were reinstated, my rebuttle, we have to start somewhere. Others may say, he was punished and he feel sorry for what he did. Let him be. Oh really, well think if he had never gotten caught, would he have been sorry for what he did. I’m not going to have someone’s back just because he was a black icon at one time. Wrong has no color with me.

  112. sure he did his time. Would your job be waiting for you after you were in jail for a couple of years for committing a heinous crime?

  113. i want mike vick to to body slam drown and electricute mike florio

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