Vick to the Steelers?

nfl_tomlin.jpgLast week, a Steelers source offered up a tongue-in-cheek plan for reducing the potential distractions arising from the civil lawsuit filed against quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

“We’re going to sign Mike Vick and Plaxico Burress,” the source said.

Though the latter isn’t happening with the Steelers (or likely any other team), the former isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem.

We’ve actually been toying with finding a way to float that possibility without provoking a caravan of pitchforks-and-torches-style Steelers fans to drive down to PFT headquarters and remove the limbs from my torso.

And we’ve finally found an opening:  Tom Curran points out that the Steelers and the Patriots are regarded as the favorites to land Vick, with odds currently at 4-1 for each team.

So let’s consider the objective evidence that might support Mike Vick landing with a team that makes an annual visit to the Dawg Pound.

First, coach Mike Tomlin grew up in Newport News.  So did Vick.  And Tomlin has a well-known affinity for players from his neck of the woods.

Second, Tomlin has plenty of juice after winning the Super Bowl in only his second year.  If he starts lobbying for Vick, the powers-that-be might listen closely.

Third, outgoing Steelers chair Dan Rooney has very close ties to Commissioner Roger Goodell, who seems to be committed to helping Vick make the best out of his second chance.  There aren’t many organizations in football (or sports) better than the Steelers, and Vick would potentially thrive under the umbrella that the Rooneys have created over the decades.

Fourth, Charlie Batch is their backup.  (I probably should stop right there.)

Fifth, Tony Dungy played for the Steelers and started his coaching career there.  He presumably has a great relationship with the Rooneys.  And Dungy is going to bat for Vick like he has for no other player.  Dungy could work directly with Tomlin to convince the Rooneys to give it a try, with both men staking their reputations on Vick not getting into trouble.

Sixth, Tomlin is a member of the Tony Dungy tree.  Though they haven’t worked together since 2001 in Tampa, the ties that bind the two men are likely very strong, and presumably run very deep.

Seventh, the Steelers were using the Wildcat long before it was called the Wildcat, with Kordell Stewart creating all sorts of excitement in his “Slash” role some 14 years ago.

Eighth, no member of PETA in his or her right mind would protest the Steelers at Heinz Field.  Or at any other stadium where their fans show up in droves.

Ninth, despite his long-term contract, the Steelers aren’t tied to Roethlisberger for the next ten years.  Even if the salary cap survives the next CBA, we recall assessing the contract as a deal that could have a practical duration of three years, given that the annual base salaries hit eight figures in 2011.  So Vick could do the Wildcat thing for a couple of years, and then possibly become the starting quarterback for the Steelers that Kordell never was able to be. 

Tenth, the Steelers have seen the high end of Vick’s abilities on both occasions that they have faced him.  In 2006, Vick led the Falcons to a 41-38 overtime win in Atlanta.  Vick threw four touchdown passes, ran five times for 40 yards, and generated a passer rating of 96.1.  Four years earlier, Vick and the Falcons managed a 34-34 tie in Pittsburgh.
All that said, we’ve heard nothing to suggest that the Steelers are interested, or that they aren’t.  But they haven’t become 4-1 favorites to get Vick because the folks in Vegas don’t know how to set odds.

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  1. I should go into blogging. That way I can make a living just conjuring all manner of ridiculous nonsense out of my ass such as “4-1 odds Vick ends up with the Steelers or Patriots” using the flimsiest of logic and reasoning. The Steelers would bring back Bubby Brister before they’d sign Vick.

  2. Florio’s next story———————-
    Vick to the Cardinals?
    or Vick a great fit for Seattle.
    just keep naming teams and writing nothing of substance

  3. And, if James Harrison’s pitbull attacks anyone else, Vick would be readily available to take care of it 🙂

  4. Works out perfectly, your starting QB is a rapist and your backup is an interstate gamblin’ dog killer. Congrats Steelers!

  5. I think he will go to Tampa bay, Buffalo, Oakland or Vikings (If you-know-who isn’t signed)

  6. i think people r really overrestimating the PETA thing..i havent seen any protests and nobody takes them seriously. so far i think the majority of people are in favor of vick returning.

  7. I honestly don’t think Vick will play in the NFL this year.
    That being said, the case you just made for him ending up in Pittsburgh is outstanding.

  8. All solid arguments except for #9, which is completely ridiculous. Why in the world would they be looking for a future BR replacement now?
    That being said, I’m still hoping my dream scenario plays out: Reinstatment, which is proper, and then unamimous rejection by all 32 teams, which is just.

  9. Never happen. Dennis Dixon can do the same thing without the negative PR. Stupid Article!

  10. I. LOVE. IT.
    I agree with all your points except #9. If it wasnt for the bogus sexual assult charges that wouldnt even be mentioned. All Steelers fans want Ben as their QB for the rest of his career. Tomlin is a players coach who can relate to Vick better than most other coaches. I personally belive he has done his time and I think he can be a great improvement to the Steelers.

  11. Again, another Florio story trying to get Ben out of town. What are you smoking??? Even with the 10 reasons you stated, you have left off the biggest reason why they shouldn’t take Vick… He’s just not that good. To suggest the Steelers should take Vick over the guy who led them to 2 Superbowls is just irresponsible. Who cares what Tony Dungy wants. How the hell did this guy get the job of being Vick’s babysitter? I don’t care if Vick plays again, but he is not good enough to take Ben’s place. Let the pitchfork march begin!!!

  12. No effing way. Steelers wouldn’t put up with that kind of crap. Are you serious with this article? There is no way the Rooney’s would do this.

  13. BTW this story isnt appearing in the Rumor Mill, just a heading link on the front page.

  14. Remember, its only a wildcat formation if Big Ben plays Wide Receiver or is still in the game – Otherwise its just a fast black guy coming in for the starting QB for a play.
    When Miami runs it, its a surprise, cuz the huddle looks the same, with Vick, a QB, this would not be the case.

  15. Florio,
    4 teams down and 28 more to go…… If this is what the rest of the day is going to be like I will see you tomorrow!

  16. The Steelers won’t sign Vick. They already have a guy, Dennis Dixon, who has the Wildcat/Spread offense skill set. They’re not going to bring in a guy who can run 2 or 3 plays a game for only part of this season. Especially when they already like Dixon.
    #9 is pretty dumb. Vick is two years older than Ben Roethlisberger. He’ll be approaching his mid 30’s by the time Roethlisberger’s contract is up (even in the shortened scenario mentioned above).

  17. PETA isn’t and has never been the issue. The issue is the every day football fan who is a pet owner and what their reaction will be if and when Vick gets signed by their favorite team. The other issue will be advertisers and their reaction to a Vick signing.
    All of these talking heads want to throw out the PETA card, I firmly believe that it is a non-factor.
    I would like to see a complete list of who the Cryptkeeper thinks might have interest in Vick.
    I don’t think Vick is going to be signed until after the season starts, if then.
    There is no logical reason for the Patriots or the Steelers to sign Vick. Both teams are set at QB, and I don’t think anyone will bring in Vick just to be a backup. What would be the point?

  18. yea but Vick wont want to go there. That arrogant POS still probably thinks he is god’s gift to football. Has he really accepted he wont be a starting QB? i think not. Why would he want to go to a team where they are so high on their overrated QB (vick should recognize this) that there is no way he will even have a chance to compete for starting QB.

  19. #9 may be the most laughable sports related arguments I’ve ever seen. Releasing a 2 time SB winning Qb in favor of a convicted felon with a 50% completion rate who is 2 years older than the released, Super Bowl winning QB. This is the kind of logic I expect from a WVU grad.

  20. Can we just go ahead and get the Raiders to sign him and end the madness?

  21. Any Vegas “odds” are a sucker bet unless you can bet the other side of it. They may list Vick as going to the Steelers at 4-1 but they won’t let you put down $10,000 to win $2,500 if Vick doesn’t go the Steelers.

  22. Ohh please no !!!
    I dont know what i would do !!
    Michael Vick A Steeler… HELL NO !!!!!
    Michael Vick is an idiot !!!
    I have to agree with the comments by
    Reality police “Reinstatment, which is proper, and then unamimous rejection by all 32 teams, which is just.”
    I would have to consider the unthinkable.. becoming a Ravens fan, or suicide !!!

  23. Dear lord…. I don’t ask for much, please let mike vick be a squeeler. That way all of my hatred is lumped together.
    Ps. We all know the ravens could use all the free possessions that mike vick fumbles would bring.

  24. CaptainFantastik says:
    July 28, 2009 2:06 PM
    I should go into blogging. That way I can make a living just conjuring all manner of ridiculous nonsense out of my ass such as “4-1 odds Vick ends up with the Steelers or Patriots” using the flimsiest of logic and reasoning. The Steelers would bring back Bubby Brister before they’d sign Vick
    —Pretty sure he cited an article which stated those were the odds in Vegas. How do you get “conjuring all manner of ridiculous nonsense” from that?
    And as to:
    Big Stretch says:
    July 28, 2009 2:06 PM
    Florio’s next story———————-
    Vick to the Cardinals?
    or Vick a great fit for Seattle.
    just keep naming teams and writing nothing of substance
    ——Once again, he cited an article that stated Vegas odds. He didn’t just make this up. However, he does go on to list 10 reasons why it would make sense. Some of which make some sense. So just because you don’t agree with him means it’s not of substance?
    Like George Carlin said, imagine the average American, and then think half of Americans are even more stupid. Scary thought, huh?

  25. Let’s throw some crap at the wall and see if it sticks.
    Seriously though, if it happened, I’d have a real hard time rooting for them this year and I’m a life long Steelers fan.
    I don’t even like James Harrison all that much and he’s practically the best player on the team because of all his shenanigans last year (and this year as well).

  26. brdmann says:
    July 28, 2009 2:22 PM
    Maybe Mike can teach Big Ben how to use those rape stands.
    My thought EXACTLY, except I was going to say:
    And 11th, Vick and Ben can share the rape stands.

  27. Florio,
    You are grossly mistaken in your statement,

    “Eighth, no member of PETA in his or her right mind would protest the Steelers at Heinz Field. Or at any other stadium where their fans show up in droves to play”.

    Peta will show up, ASPCA members will show up, individuals who believe, as I do, that Mr. Vick went beyond the bounds of humanity (as did Mr. Stallworth) and does not deserve to play in the NFL. We will be there, in force, with our pets to demonstrate. To make it uncomfortable for any team that signs him. Money is everything in the NFL. Bad PR, and signing this Bozo is PR of the worst kind, is not what the NFL needs.
    And yes, I will be wherever he plays, home or away to drive the point home. To think a “home” crowd would dissuade the demonstrators is just silly, wishful thinking.

  28. The Steelers would lead the league with headline making QBs. 2 QBs with a history of legal issues? Don’t count on it

  29. I am just impressed you were able to come up with that much reasoning from the “4 to 1 odds”. Its fairly impressive. You are definitely showing off your lawyer skills. I guess it depends on what side of the jury you are trying to fool, ha.

  30. I tell you what Florio, not bad and pretty convincing although #9 is simply retarded. Being a die hard Steeler fan and living in the Pittsburgh area (born and raised, no bandwagon crap), I really don’t think people would care about Vick’s past. Seriously, Yinzers are pretty forgiving as long as the Stillers are winning. You have to admit, assuming Vick still has the skills, seeing him in on 15-20 plays a game would be exciting. In any event, I just can’t see the Rooney’s doing this, but it would take attention away from Ben…

  31. He that is with out sin let him cast the first stone. We all have done things that we are not proud of and truth tell it if your curtains were pulled back, I bet 4-1 we will find dirt! Now let the man play BALL!

  32. He that is with out sin let him cast the first stone. We all have done things that we are not proud of and truth tell it if your curtains were pulled back, I bet 4-1 we will find dirt! Now let the man play BALL!

  33. Florio, sometimes saying nothing is better than blogging a column just for the heck of it. Uggh.

  34. What a great gig this is for Florio, all you need is an attention grabbing headline and whamo you get tons of hits even if the content is mostly crap. Whats the matter, have people stopped clicking on the Favre/Vick articles ?
    You truly give a new meaning to the word whore.

  35. cowboyup, I get the impression from your comment that you are black. If so, are you implying that the black community has given Vick a pass on his criminal actions because he’s black?
    Way to hold your boy to higher expectations

  36. Dug, I owe you one dude. You put up the funniest post I’ve ever seen.
    I undestand you PETA people are bitter because nobody takes you seriously (me included) on a topic that is clearly important to you. Incase you’re wondering why….it’s because normal adults are not willing to drive cross country to stand out in front of a sports stadium and protest on behalf of household pets.
    You beliefs are noble enough, but you discredit yourself by being so agressive and emotional to the point that it’s comical. GET A LIFE!

  37. Someone will take Vick, I am not sure about what the writer says above. Let’s see how he does, the fact that he served his debt to society and the commissioner is willing to offer him a path back to the NFL, he has to prove himself and I personally hope that he has changed and wish him the best moving forward.
    I think that the San Diego Chargers would benefit from someone like Vick, he may be the tool they need to win the Super Bowl!

  38. I do not condone dog fighting or anything remote to it, but the last time I check this is america. The land of forgiveness and second chance. Mike Vick made a mistake he has paid his debt to society. I think the least we can do is give him a chance. There is an olympic gold medalists swimmer that was caught using drugs and you guys accept him for what he’s done.He is still the face of many indorsement products and roll model to you and your kids.

  39. Florio, do you ever get tired of the assholes who visit your site on a regular basis only to post comments on how horrible your site is?
    Granted you have a knack for twisting headlines to grab attention…which can be misleading. But obviously that’s the point of the twist, to make people read. Some people are so damn stupid they don’t even realize you’ve got them dancing like a puppet. They say they hate your site, but they keep coming back. If I were you, I would love every minute of it.
    I personally find some of your half-truths entertaining. Not so much informative, but certainly entertaining.

  40. Man u white people hate Vick with a passion…Forget u and your dogs!!!!
    Man u black people love Vick no matter what… Forget u and your dawgs!!!!!

  41. I like it. To all the Steelers fans thinking this is the craziest idea they’ve ever heard? I love how you guys always think the Rooneys only ever have sparkling reputations walk through those doors. I won’t get any further into it, but wake up.
    I’ve been thinking about the possibility of Vick on the team for the past couple weeks and warm up to it more and more everyday. Bottom line is, as Florio pointed out, they have everything in place to reach out to the man, and the reasons to sign are plenty. And who better person to forgive, forget, and give a second chance than Dan Rooney?
    Florio, don’t forget, running the Wildcat with Vick in it can help give to a boost to a somewhat shaky offense (despite the players they have). Well imagine those multi-talented players (Ward, Holmes, Parker, Mendenhall) with Vick on the field? All Steelers fans will forgive the guy by week 10 once they see what he can do with their team.

  42. All that said, I still doubt it will happen.
    It’s nice to dream though.

  43. florio kept saying the public wants him back in the nfl.
    the black public, the public of vick creditors and tie suckass media… do not make a majority of americans. no way.
    his 2nd chance should be in that construction job his all-so-contrite agent was bleating about.

  44. Hmm… maybe the Steelers could use him on kickoff returns.

  45. @Bubby Brister
    You make good points. In the end the decision will be based on the almighty dollar. If a few teams start bidding for Vick and his price goes up, the Steelers are out. They already have a poor man’s Vick in Dennis Dixon. (For non-Steeler fans who don’t know Dixon, he was the Heisman Trophy Candidate from Oregon two years ago. Similar build and playing style to Pat White. Coming off a knee injury in college.)

  46. Florio just poll vaulted right over T.O. for jerk of the century with this one. Worse than any NG troll with this kind of garbage. You actually get paid for writing this crap?

  47. @Dug
    What exactly would you be protesting? Vick went to prison, lost a good chunk of his playing money, suffered public humiliation, and now he’s looking for a shot at a minimal contract.
    Are you suggesting that Vick deserves to be subjected to more punishment?
    The argument that Vick would be banned from any other profession is a crock of b.s. If he were one of the country’s best surgeons, or stockbrokers, or librarians, there would be job opportunities all over the place for him.

  48. Dennis Dixon will run the wildcat if we want to. He has all the talent in the world and is 2 years removed from his knee injury.

  49. This is not as crazy as it might seem. Big Ben has a rape charge pending. If that sticks, Pittsburgh will be stuck in a bad position!

  50. You know I’m a little torn on this one. Being a die hard Steelers fan since the late 60’s it’s hard to see him coming to the Steelers, BUT I think the man deserves a chance anywhere he goes. If Tony and Mike feel that he has atoned his sins and plays the game then give the man a chance. I have 4 dogs, they fight like hell with each other, the neighbors but I never trained them in that type of sport. And as long as I can remember there have been dog fighting fom coast to coast. What about the cock fighting (Game Coccks isn’t that a college mascot. What is that telling the kids today). Get over it. let the past go and if Vick is stupid enough to blow this 2nd chance then let him go on his own. Don’t down the NFL nor any team willing to take him. If he goes here or somewhere else and wins a Superbowl everyone will jump on the band wagon and rave his praises. By the way I will be with PETA at every Steelers game if they supply the tickets!!!

  51. Blacks giving Vick a pass because he’s black ? You bet your a$$ that most will. Just like the blacks that stood with O.J.
    Let the name calling begin but it won’t change the truth.

  52. steelers,one qb getting out of prison and one going to prison,can’t make this stuff up,oooey.

  53. Citizen Strange,
    Vegas would have to make it $10,000 to win $2,000…not $2500.
    1+4 = 5
    1 time it is the steelers
    4 times it is not.
    that’s 1/5….

  54. if vick goes to pittsburg the development of dennis dixon will be hindered.i watched dixon in college,this guy has greater potential than vick every day of the week and twice on sunday.

  55. Killachap: Thank you for your congratulations but hold the applause until after the Steelers win this years Super Bowl. WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?

  56. I don’t abhor Vick because he is black. I abhor him because he is an animal abuser. DOG KILLER!
    DOG FIGHTER! DOG ELECTROCUTOR! A despicable human being! Nice role model for the NFL!
    Any team that signs him will regret it.

  57. Lets be honest here people, if dogs tasted better than pigs and cows we’d be eating them. How many drunk drivers out there still have their careers, not just in the NFL but in society as a whole. What Vick did was wrong, but in the larger scheme of things the only one hurt was Snoopy, Lassie, and Ole Yeller. Let the man ge back to work and do what he does, I for one hope he wins the super bowl.

  58. Hey, He’d fit right in with all their other criminals and lowlifes. Why not?

  59. This Florio guy is a joke.
    First, the reason teams like the Patriots and Steelers win is because they avoid distractions, and with a few exceptions, players that can’t stay out of trouble. Needless to say, Vick doesn’t fit the mold.
    Second, I agree that PETA is a joke. Nobody cares about the sanctity of a fly’s life – see PETA’s response to the Barack swat. However, dogs don’t need PETA to go to bat for them. Estimates are that there are 75 million dogs in the U.S. with 40-50% of households having a dog. In many of these households, the dog is treated as a member of the family; frequently the most loved member of the family – see current divorces rates. Notice how many now have human names as opposed to Rex, Fido or Spot. Rape, DUI, drug trafficking, etc. = no problem; bodyslamming dogs to death (PETA will be there to remind us) = massive alienation of the fan base.
    Third, can Vick even still run? He was never a good passer. The threat of the run should’ve opened up the passing game, but he still wasn’t very good. He hasn’t played in two years and spent much of the time in prison. The last time I checked, it was pretty hard to stay in shape in a 6 x 8 prison cell.

  60. Sigh I guess the Steelers would have a secret weapon for when they visit the dog pound….(badda bing)

  61. I am a die hard Steelers fan and a WVU Grad- therefore I am not a fan of Mike Vick. But, he is an outstanding athlete and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be able to find most of that athleticism again. If the Steelers can get him for dirt cheap he could at least be used in the wildcat and also at WR where the Steelers have little to no depth. I agree he should go to a team with great ownership if he wants to stay out of trouble. I could see New England or Pittsburgh at least making some behind the scenes queries. But he should go to Cleveland and hang out with the Dogg Pound!!!

  62. I don’t play or watch football. I live in Canada (god help me) and I doubt Vick would want to play here, (CFL) no dogfighting for starters. But how could anyone watch a football game where you have an animal abuser to cheer for. Didn’t anyone bother to see what atrocities him and his partners committed on these poor animals. This man is never going to change and the minute he gets to play on the idiot team that accepts him, he’ll be right back at it. Those people that cheered him on to get back in the game, what a sorry bunch you all are. I guess football rules, regardless. This freak deserves a second chance, right on.

  63. What Vick did was not a simple mistake or a one time lapse in judgement. What he did was not for money or a fight over a women. No, he engaged over a long time in cruel act after cruel act for no purpose other than his own fun. He had the money to have any sort of fun, women, trips, expensive toys….he choose to torture animals.
    That is a mentally sick person who does not deserve to play in a league with dog owners, kids, etc. as fans. Let him go earn a living in the carnival.
    In the end though I just refuse to believe any NFL team will touch him. I just hope the overall bad taste is not worth it to them.

  64. Tell that to Lassie! Cruelty is cruelty. No place for it in a civilized society.

  65. Lets look at some objective evidence.
    First, All you give is bunch of links of relationships between Michael Vick and the Steeler’s Organization like it is an conspiracy to get him to 6-Burgh. NFL is such a small organization that you can EASILY play 6-degrees with any two random players throughout NFL history and make a match.
    Second, Tomlin has a well known affinity for players from his area ?? What? In the 2007 and 2008 draft there was 19 players born in Virginia that played in the NFL. Guess how many were drafted by Pittsburgh. That’s right. ZERO. Three of those players were picked by Miami.
    Third, Why would Tony Dungy have ANYTHING to do with helping Mike Tomlin to talk to the Rooneys??? You mean that Mike Tomlin is unable to talk to the ownership by himself?? Tony Dungy’s reputation would be on the line??? That is a load of crap. Lets say he does vouch for Vick and Vick bombs out .. what happens to Tony Dungy? NOTHING!!!! He already has a job for as long as he wants it.
    Fourth, While Charlie Batch is not a household name, Charlie Batch’s Lifelong rating: 77.9. Michael Vick’s rating: 75.7.
    (Maybe I should stop there)
    Fifth, Who cares about Tomlin’s and Dungy’s ties back to Tampa? Ridiculous.
    Sixth, Kordell Stewart was good as a slash player, but as soon as he was dedicated as a QB, he bombed out.
    Seventh, The only point I agree with is PETA. They are a bunch of wimps but they can still dominate the press and still be a distracting force to 6-Burgh in the media.
    Eighth, Steelers will maintain their historic trends and as long as Big Ben produces wins and good games will leave the 2nd string on the bench.
    Ninth, Steelers did see Michael Vick’s high end of his abilities, but that was it, his high end. He just happened to have two good games and they were against 6-Burgh. Steelers are not dumb enough to ignore the rest of this mediocre stats.
    Tenth, Steelers avoid trouble players. When a player is unable to follow the team rules and fails to demonstrate discipline, they are moved to another team. Hmmmm, Isn’t there a certain FORMER Steeler that is facing gun charges in New York now?
    Eleventh, 2 years in prison, he might be strong as an ox pumping iron all day, everyday. I wonder how far his 4.36 40 time has slowed down. He might have the center chase him down from across the field.
    Twelfth, How do I get a blogging job with NBC? Apparently it does not take any football knowledge to get it.

  66. nobledictator says:
    July 28, 2009 6:07 PM
    Sigh I guess the Steelers would have a secret weapon for when they visit the dog pound….(badda bing)
    Damnit, I was going to post this at 4:45pm today, but couldn’t because I had to leave the office. Beat me to the punch.
    At any rate, why the hell is this on the frontpage of, as though it were actually real news or had the potential of every occurring? I would keep Charlie Batch (what up, Steel Valley) and Dennis Dixon any day over having to ever see Vick in a Steelers uniform. Get outta tahn.

  67. Ugh. I think I just vomited in my mouth.
    I’d be embarrassed if Michael Vick suited up in the black and gold.

  68. This is really wild and extreme.
    How ’bout this one Vick to the 49ers or maybe the Raiders?
    I wonder what the odds are for either.

  69. I agree, Vick should be back in the league, but any team that signs him will become a PR nightmare…think about this, you’re signing someone who’s been out of football for essentially 2 1/2 years, giving him all that cash, and if he tanks, which he will, you’ll be out X amount of money…not good for a league whose middle name is “Profit”.

  70. The Steelers have a magical knack for “selling high and buying low”, and Vick would definitely be an example of “buying low”.
    The organization got rid of Bam Morris just after he got into legal trouble in the mid 90’s, and Plaxico Burress is fresh news (and fresh trouble for the G-men). Many of the ‘has-been’ stars on other teams have (or had) the title “former Steeler”in their resume.
    And how about “buying low”…that trade from the St Louis Rams, that guy I can’t remember his name…eight 1,000-yard seasons…Jerome Bus, or something? Two draft picks to the Rams, and he was wearing the black-n-gold.
    The Steelers aren’t used to picking up legal baggage; more like dropping it off for someone else to deal with. But there’s potential with Vick, and if he crosses his t’s and dots his i’s, he’ll be a monster with the Steelers.

  71. The Rooney Family would never go for the negative PR. Vick could never replace Big Ben. Vick sucks to being with and he hasn’t touched a ball in over a year. The chances of this happening are about as good as Florio never writing a stupid article like this again. Sports radio was all over this joke of a story today.

  72. Florio,
    Congtarulations you have now written the dumbest blog ever written in the history of the internet. You make my Golden Retriver look like a Rhodes Scholar. (That is an award for really smart people.)
    If you are really this stupid I assume you are a Browns fan.
    Please get a real job.

  73. Vick signs with the Steelers the same day that O’ddonel (spelling I know) and Tomzack re-sign

  74. Florio, you and your web worms are really crawling way out on the limb with this ten fold concept. But, there seems to be an growing wave of agreement that you are a just bunch of small minded sportswriters that need to float ridiculous stories because you have nothing of substance to write about.
    Perhaps, NBC should be thinking twice about using PFT if you continue to depend on false tips to spread weak crap like this on the web.
    Remember two basic rules, Mike. 1-Garbage in, garbage out. 2-KISS.

  75. Why would Vick want to play for the Steelers? Their white fans are the most racist fans in the US. These red-necks tolerate the black players as long as they are somewhat servicable.
    Black Steeler fans know this and so do ALL of the black Steeler players. Rooney is not a racist but their red-neck white fan base thinks that Michael Vick is a typical gang-banging, criminal, no-reforming black guy who should work in a Burger King like he should.

  76. Chuck Noll is probably rolling in his grave over the idea of bringing even more of a “criminal element” to the Steelers.
    First Harrison and his wife, then Santonio’s history as a drug dealer, then big Ben’s rendezvous? And now this?
    They may be winning, but at what cost? My how things have changed in Pittsburgh…

  77. Etl868 says:
    July 28, 2009 10:20 PM
    Rooney is not a racist but their red-neck white fan base thinks that Michael Vick is a typical gang-banging, criminal, no-reforming black guy who should work in a Burger King like he should.
    … pretty sure it’s not just the Steelers’ “redneck white fan base” who would endorse your Vick comment. Maybe I’m wrong on that, though.
    By the way – nice generalizations there, pal. Someone’s not bitter.

  78. Florio,
    Dude are you just really bored or are you high?
    The Rooneys would never go for that.

  79. bmac187 says:
    July 28, 2009 2:54 PM
    … Like George Carlin said, imagine the average American, and then think half of Americans are even more stupid. Scary thought, huh?
    Strong post bmac. Florio indicated he refrained from hucking out that story, but a credible source that he cited opened the door – so it was not irresponsible blogging. And that Carlin quote was a beauty. I’ve heard a lot of Carlin, but I missed that one — sounded just like him though. Good post!
    And as for Vick to the ‘Burgh – I’m not down with that at all. Though as a lifelong deeply impassioned Steeler fan, I want nothing to do with Vick – regardless of his on-field upside.
    There are many things completely effed up by what Vick did. I get it – “he did his time,” and supposedly “paid his debt to society.”
    No way. Lots of garbage he pulled over years, and would be still pulling — even lied repeatedly to the highest authorities in the land and the League to duck accountability.
    And though Vick had a number of ways to kill dogs who no longer made him happy (drowning, hanging, beating, slamming them to the concrete), one really sticks out. You just can’t zap fry man’s best friend by the testicles — that goes far beyond putting a dog down who is no longer “useful,” (i.e., profitable). That carries deep elements of sadism at its cruelest – particularly to an animal whose paramount goal is to please its master.
    Though I doubt it’d ever happen, no way I want us to do a deal with the devil.
    P.S. OF COURSE, he’s going to say “all the right things” NOW. All his lies previously were motivated by PURE SELF-INTEREST. What is so shocking that he’s now going to float anything else out his piehole that isn’t also motivated out of PURE SELF-INTEREST? It’s what he does — he’s proven that time and time again.

  80. Rural Juror……Chuck Noll rolling over in his grave? Really??? TOOL!!!
    Etl868……Your comment is so ignorantly RACIST that your post cannot be taken seriously, now don’t forget to hold the mayo on that Whopper, bro!

  81. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Rooney’s sign Vick.
    Hell, they own a dog racing track and it has been well documented over the years what goes on at those kinds of places.
    Yea, yea, I know, “every track except the one they own” or “the Rooney’s had no knowledge of what goes on”. Huh, sounds familiar, doesn’t it. That’s what Vick origianlly said when questioned about dog fighting.

  82. First off, I happen to be a dog parent and PETA supporter and I would be one of the first to protest at Heinz. And I know MANY others that feel the same way.
    Secondly, I have been a die hard Steelers fan my entire life, but if this sick SOB comes to my team, I will NEVER support the Steelers again! He is a disgrace for a human being.
    These people are paid millions to pass around a football. You can be a complete idiot and be in the NFL. Meanwhile there are people with jobs that require a great deal of skill and intelligence who get paid next to nothing compared to these guys.
    So now you want to give this guy a second chance after the disgusting crime he was involved with? And he can continue to make millions all the while children watch and see that no matter what you do, you can get away with it. What kind of role model is that?
    He makes me sick, along with all of the other wife-beating, drug-doing morons that are still for some reason allowed to play in the NFL. Any other person wouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. What makes these guys so special? They are in the limelight and I feel it’s more important to get these bad apples out of the bunch and have real men kids can look up to.

  83. Check out this site dedicated to encouraging NFL players to make life rough for Vick once he returns.

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