Burgess, DHB not present for first day of Raiders camp

NFL_heyward-bey_250.jpgAs the Oakland Raiders begin their quest to reverse an ever-mounting recent history of anything but excellence, they’ll do so without two key players.

According to David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Raiders opened camp (meetings only on day one) without defensive end Derrick Burgess and receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey.

DHB’s absence is excused; the seventh overall pick in the 2009 draft has yet to sign a contract.  (And with receiver Michael Crabtree hoping to blow the curve from the tenth spot, DHB’s agents likely will wait to do a deal until they’re sure it’ll compare favorably to Crabtree’s.)

Burgess, however, is a different story.  He’s under contract, and so he’s subject to a daily fine in excess of $17,000.

The Raiders reportedly tried to trade Burgess in the offseason, but they found no takers.  When Greg Ellis was signed several weeks back, some thought that Burgess would either be dealt or released.

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  1. Cable said in his press conference that DHB is in the Bay area and hopefully will be signed and ready to go for Thursday’s practice. Why no mention of that in your little summary, Florio??? Ah, wait… I know why. The same reason you wont post this message.
    And as for Burgess – well, he’s got to shutup and play. He wants his big payday. Be a man and play out your contract Burgess. You missed most of last season anyway, so I figure you owe the team as it is.

  2. Who needs them anyway.. Trade Burgess for a 3rd round pick to the Pats..
    DHB probably isn’t gonna make an impact right away anyways.. Besides Louis Murhy signed, so he is gonna get some extra working-time..
    (Both Murphy and Slade Norris signed, according to raiderbeat)

  3. “Darrius Heyward-Bey is in the Bay Area, and Cable hopes he’ll have his contract signed to be at practice Thursday.”–per, Jerry McDonald’s blog.
    Step your game up!, Florio.

  4. Theyre better off keeping Burgess this season and letting him contribute with 10+ sacks as a 3rd down specialist. He’s in a contract year, so he’s gonna remain healthy enough to stay on the field. The AFC West is a joke, so if a lot of things bounce the Raiders way they can win the division with a 9-7 kind of record.

  5. Two other notes: WR Arman Shields (failed physical )and QB Danny Southwick were waived and Andrew Walter only has about another 48 hours before he gets sent packing..

  6. If Burgess is looking for a “big payday”, he’ll have better luck finding it in the candy aisle of the Stop ‘n’ Go than with the Pats, so that trade seems unlikely.
    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the AFC West is a joke. Probably none of the teams are gonna post big win totals this season since their out-of-division schedule is against the NFC East and AFC North. SD has strong personnel but will likely under-perform again with Turner as coach. Denver, IMHO, is most likely to surprise, but only insofar as they edge past SD for the division title (and maybe win a wildcard game). KC still has a lot of work to do – they’re making progress but .500 is probably a real stretch.
    IIRC, the over/under on Raider wins is, like, four. I took the under. But, hey! I still play the Powerball every so often, y’know. Anything’s possible.

  7. Burgess had what (?) 4 sacks last year. He also had that “mysterious” arm injury that kept him out of 8 or so games? Yet, all he has done is cry about the contract that HE signed. He should just play. If anything, he OWES Oakland a refund.
    He is about the last of the ingrates left on the squad. We should trade him to the Bengals.

  8. This is the part that cracks me up.
    “two key players”
    Wasn’t every writer including you Florio saying what a reach it was taking DHB at #7 and now all of the sudden he is a “KEY” player.

  9. Hayward-Bey isn’t a “key” player. Most first year wideouts don’t do much.

  10. Over under is 5.5 for Raider season wins. You got jobbed. But your bias is intact, if not your wallet. Great job being a fan of the game.

  11. Look at all the Raiduh’s bloggers,,,,,,Decked out in the star wars jackass costumes………Yeah Babay…..Here’s to another double digit losing season…..will it be 6 or 7 in a row?……Buttipwes

  12. 909RaiderLifer says:
    “Darrius Heyward-Bey is in the Bay Area, and Cable hopes he’ll have his contract signed to be at practice Thursday.”–per, Jerry McDonald’s blog.
    Step your game up!, Florio.
    It dont matter that DHB is in the Bay Area. His agent is going to make sure that his deal is better than Crabtree’s. DHB can make it rain in Al Davis’s office. But until Crabtree signs dont expect DHB to be dropping, I mean catching, any balls in training camp. Get with the program you big dummy.

  13. I’m guessing EskinSux always posts in the nude. And types with one hand. Behave yourself, you little Cutler.

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