Byrd agrees to deal, but will miss two weeks

The good news:  Buffalo reached a contract agreement with second-round pick Jairus Byrd on a four-year contract, including $2.4 million in guaranteed money.

The bad news:  Byrd will be on the sidelines for the next two weeks after surgery for a sports hernia two weeks ago. 

The Buffalo News writes that the Bills have “designs” on Byrd winning a starting job at free safety, but this setback will make it more difficult.

If Byrd is eased into the lineup, Donte Whitner and Bryan Scott should remain the Week One starters. 

The local paper believes Whitner will switch to strong safety when Byrd gets to play, despite a report to the contrary earlier this offseason that did not go over well in Buffalo.  (We’ve since hugged it out.  We think.)

[Editor’s note:  Hey, Rosenthal.  You made the mess with Whitner.  I cleaned it up.  Please don’t knock the dustpan out of my hands.]

Buffalo also waived former Patriots receiver P.K. Sam Wednesday.

6 responses to “Byrd agrees to deal, but will miss two weeks

  1. zzzzzzzzzzz…………..
    Someone wake me up when we find someone who give a shizz!

  2. P.K. Sam? No wonder Buffalo sucks. At least go after the good castoffs.
    It doesn’t matter who is back there at safety, it will just be fill-in-the-blank was once again burned by Randy Moss & Co. for 6.
    Week one is approaching, T.O.’s fuse is lit and it’s “only a matter of time” before he self destructs. I can’t wait.

  3. Jairus Byrd is a corner… Whitner and Scott are both safeties
    therefor Byrd’s status has no effect on whether or not they’re starters.. not to mention the fact that even if he is switched over to safety, he’ll be a rookie at a new position.
    Do you guys even pay attention to football or do you just cover the bullshit stories ESPN doesnt give two shits about?

  4. People should really get their facts straight, before they start to criticize your reporting. Although Jairus Byrd was a corner, the Bills drafted him to play Free Safety. The Bills are loaded at corner, but they hope to use Byrd at FS and Whitner at Strong Safety, because they have not been satisfied with Ko Simpson, who was replaced by Whitner at FS, but then Bryan Scott needed to take over at SS. Your reporting is on the mark with this. It is no different than the situation with Wood, he played Center, but the Bills drafted him to be a Guard.

  5. If you consider having Terrence McGee and a 2nd year Meckelvin being loaded you’re out of your mind.
    and like I said… even if they plan on switching him to safety, he’s a rookie in transition.. who most certainly would have no effect on said veterans status as starters.
    dont argue nfl with an american, puerto rican.

  6. afogg… im american but wish you werent….
    if you follow anything about the bills instead of being an ignorant prick, you’d quickly realize bob in PR is right and you have little clue what you’re talking about. Just cuz he pointed out your lack of knowledge doesnt mean you have to be a tool.
    and tj.52…. trying to make fun of the bills for WAIVING a bad player that used to be on your team? you realize Sam Aiken is still listed on your roster, correct?

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