Cook: McNair's estate not an issue for family

Steve McNair didn’t leave a will, but his former agent Bus Cook says there won’t be a messy battle about his estate because of instructions he left before his death.

Cook told the Associated Press that McNair’s wife Mechelle is not trying to exclude anyone in McNair’s immediate family, including his mother and two children he had with other women.

It turns out McNair had wills drawn up two or three times but never signed them.

It was believed Mechelle McNair might question the legitimacy of the other children, but Cook says that court documents may have “confused” reporters.

2 responses to “Cook: McNair's estate not an issue for family

  1. key words “never signed”
    Don’t know if you can enforce something he never signed, but I guess we’ll see…

  2. Not to stir up trouble, but I would envision part of an agents job to be watching over the overall well being of their athletes. Placing them with a good financial manager, getting things like Wills in place, etc. I don’t want to put this on Cook, but it seems like they should be serving as a little more of a mentor. Maybe Agents simply don’t cross that line, give advice and walk away, but it seems like athletes entrust so much with their agent as it is, that they should be getting some financial oversight above and beyond contract negotiations. For all I know, Cook insisted on it, but McNair just didn’t sign it, but sure does seem crazy that someone worth north of 10M wouldn’t have a Will in place. Just my two cents.

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