Del Rio doesn't want Vick

NFL_delrio1.jpgOn Monday, folks like Adam Schefter and Mike Lombardi made compelling cases for the Jaguars to be very interested in quarterback Mike Vick.

The stadium without a name — and with a healthy representation of tarp at every game —  could have plenty of non-tarp-covered empty seats this year, and as a result many local blackouts.

With the Georgia state line not too far away, plenty of folks whose weekly clothing rotations still includes a black and red football jersey with a 7 on the front and back would gobble up season tickets.

Then there’s David Garrard, who played a lot better before he got paid. 

Then there’s Jack Del Rio, who might get paid for a few years of not working if the team doesn’t turn things around this year.

But, alas, Del Rio doesn’t want Vick.

No” was his answer via text to Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times Union.

Then again, Del Rio likely has less juice than he possessed a year ago at this time.  So if others in the organization recognize the potential financial and competitive benefits, Del Rio might not have a choice.

After all, the boost in ticket sales could help fund Del Rio’s eventual buyout.

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  1. The notion that people will buy tickets to see one guy play is foolishness. However, I think the opposite is true. I know that I’m planning to see a lot of Jaguar games cheap this year, but forget it if Vick is on the team. A man does what he does because he is what he is. And I will not support a team that would allow what that man is to be part of their organization.

  2. I’m sorry, but getting Vick isn’t going to put any more butts in anyone’s stadium seats. His fan base isn’t as large as his supporters believe it is. The backlash of his reinstatement on non-sports sites is rather intense.

  3. That coach is most likely on the chopping block and I would have thought that he really needs to be bold and do something to give this team some hope and a chance to be better. If one doesn’t take chances they usually are destined to get the same lousy results.

  4. Mike, you are completely out of touch with America on the Vick issue.
    He’s hated. He’s despised. He sucks at playing QB.
    The dude isn’t going to help anyone sell tickets and he’s not going to help anyone win football games. The fact that more and more teams have to come out and say so aloud speaks only to the ignorance of the media about the sport they report on and the country that they live in.
    You folks is stoopid.

  5. David Garrard “played a lot better before he got paid” because his offensive line fell apart last year. Why do you think they signed Tra Thomas and used their first two draft picks on offensive linemen? Plus he had no one to throw to. Why is it that when a team does poorly it’s always the Quarterback’s fault?

  6. I guess PFT is going to beat this dead horse until it moves . This is almost as bad as the daily Farve watch. Every single minute of every single day sitting around wondering if anyone is going to sign Vick, Then when he gets signed you can bet PFT will run over to PTEA headquarters to get their opinion on some team signing a ” Dog Killer ” to their roster. This is going to happen, Bet the farm on it. The state run media will pit animal rights wackos against whatever team signs Vick, And they will do it shamelessly.

  7. @ TheDPR
    Vick was a 3 time pro bowler, so he either A. was a good quarterback, or B. Had enough fan support to make it to the pro bowl even if he wasn’t.
    I think he has a bigger fan base then you give him credit for. You have to admit he is an extremely exciting player to watch.

  8. To Okey and everyone else here: Have you not been paying attention to what’s been going in down here since the end of last season. Wayne Weaver promoted Gene Smith to GM and put all personnel decisions in his hands. Jack is the coach. He will base the game plan on who Smith gets for him. That’s it.
    Gene has also spend the off-season cleaning house, especially is a player has character issues. The primary example is Matt Jones: a few days after his probation violation earlier this summer, he was cut. Also gone, for money, age and performance reasons: Jerry Porter, Reggie Williams, Dennis Northcutt, Mike Peterson. Of Jones, Porter and Williams, I don’t see any other teams rushing to sign them.
    If Gene Smith claimed to have even the slightest interest in even just talking to Vick, he’d be seen as the biggest hypocrite in the NFL.

  9. Because JustJohn, David Garrard has been mediorce his entire career except once, when he had the best rushing attack in the NFL.
    He’s started over 60 games in his career… he is what he is; mediocre.
    Not that Vick would improve it.

  10. If signing Vick does anything it would be to drive fans away – in droves.
    As stated here, he sucks as a QB anyway. His last year his QB rating was 43 out of the 45 QBs who were eligible to be ranked. IF that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what would.
    So scratch the Jags as a potential team and while doing so scratch the Saints. Sean Payton stated very clearly a few weeks ago that he did not want Vick. Maybe this was forgotten as it wasn’t as loudly proclaimed as the Rams statement.

  11. If the Jaguars do sign Vick on the assumption that Falcon fans ver.Vick will convert to Jaguars fans ver. Vick and put their butts in seats at the stadium in Jacksonville, then they should have their franchise taken away.
    Jacksonville is 5.5 hours away from Atlanta and the Falcons have very little following outside Metro Atlanta.
    Heck you show a fan from South Georgia a red and black football jersey with the #7 on it, they will throw a “Go Dawgs, sic’em” at you and ask if they could have the Matthew Stafford jersey. Believe it or not, most people in that part of the country have a passing interest in the NFL and a rabid interest in college football. The most popular team down there is the Georgia Bulldogs and they help sell out the Jacksonville Stadium for the cocktail party every fall.

  12. I have lost all respect for Mike Florio. I sent him this article early this morning hoping he would simply take the Jaguars off of the Mike Vick list. Instead he bashes the team and still tears Garrard a new one even though he had the worst WR Corp and Offensive Line in the NFL last year. Oh and will somebody please accept the fact that the the Jaguars stadium can hold up to 85,000 for a city with a population nearly half the size of Tampa, FL who has a stadium with a max capacity of 75,000. And the Bucs are having a hard time selling tickets, and they won a Super Bowl, but you never hear Florio rip into them. The Jaguars stadium is too large for the city. The reason why it has such a large capacity is because 1 TIME a year EVERYONE from Georgia and Florida come to the UF/UGA game. I hate how the national media comments on the Jaguars when they know obsolutely nothing about the team.

  13. Who wants Vick? No one. Not because of what he did, but because he is just not worth a crap. He paid his debt by sitting in jail, but no one wants him because he is not worth a crap. I would hate to see the jags downgrade by attaing Vick, and it’s a great thing he is passing Vick up.

  14. The Jags very well could contend for worst team in the league this year, but by saying NO to Vick, they just took one step closer to being good again.

  15. I am gonna take a different stance from the commentators (Not saying they are wrong per say)
    If Vick in in the UFL I will definitely watch (I was gonna anyways but now it would become appointment viewing).
    If Vick is on the Jags they will get more ticket sales. That is just how the world is, big names sell tickets, even if for notorious reasons.

  16. If the Jags signed Vick I guarantee you my wife and all her pals will be outside the stadium protesting every week. She hates football, but she knows the name of two football players – McNabb, because I’m originally from Philly and have the Ticket, and Vick because he tortured dogs. Most non-football fans who have dogs still think Vick should be executed. Why would the Jags want to deal with that?

  17. Guys,
    Remember a few years ago when Florio used to call Vick a RB, because Vick had no passing skills and he kept bragging that he rushed for a thousand yards? At that time, Florio knew, just as most of us do, that Vick was worthless as a QB. Now, all of a sudden Florio is pushing hard to get Vick signed? I’m sure most of us are wondering, why would he do that?
    Well, the thing to remember here is the MSNBC and the NFL are now writing Florio’s checks. Vick would be a cash cow and in interesting storyline for the NFL… plus it would keep Vick from creating a buzz for the UFL.
    As for MSNBC… allow me to quote Rush Limbaugh per his ESPN tme.
    “The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well.”
    Well, Vick was the media’s baby since he was drafted. They loved him, and that love has never changed. They want him in the NFL… they NEED him in the NFL. And his presence there would be a great redemption story that they can sink their dirty little claws into.
    Florio is no longer the independent thinker that he once was. He now needs to keep his sponsors happy first, and try to hang on to his football integrity second. Well, his push for Vick is doing the first goal but is working against the second.

  18. Hey Dewey Axewound.
    If you honestly think the Jags are going to contend for the”worst team in the league”, you have no clue as to what you are talking about and should probably smash your face into your keyboard 38 times. The output of that will make more sense than your last comment on here……

  19. “Then there’s Jack Del Rio, who might get paid for a few years of not working if the team doesn’t turn things around this year.”
    Dont fool yourself. JDR isn’t going anywhere. He has done a pretty good job with the garbage that Shack Harris drafted for him. Now that Smith is the GM things will be turning around.

  20. More fodder. Here’s what is said by Florio et al whenever the Jaguars are mentioned:
    * tarps on seats
    * blackouts looming
    * Del Rio on hotseat
    * Garrard doing poorly after new contract
    Gone are the comments about poor receivers (Matt Jones, Reggie Williams, Porter), although Williamson is still on the team….
    Negative reporting generates views and more posts than positive reporting, so this is expected.
    The fans that follow the Jaguars know the direction the team is headed and have solid expectations of the team this year. The arrow is most certainly pointing up compared to last year. Does this mean more wins? Probably not, especially since the amount of rookies on the final roster this year will be more than they’ve had before. However, the team is headed in the right direction and is making the right moves for the future (which includes this upcoming season).

  21. Alfie says: July 29, 2009 9:58 AM
    Because JustJohn, David Garrard has been mediorce his entire career except once, when he had the best rushing attack in the NFL.
    He’s started over 60 games in his career… he is what he is; mediocre.
    Not that Vick would improve it.
    Actually, he’s started 46 of 56 (unless you’re counting preseaon, but who the hell does that), most of those coming in the last three years where he had an 80.5 (2006), 102.2 (2007), and 81.7 (2008) QB rating. Again, 16 of those games were obviously from last year, with the awful team. What reliable receivers have been on the Jaguars roster the last three years? Is this really enough to make a fair judgment?
    Then again, I’m sure it’s all the Quarterback’s fault.

  22. “With the Georgia state line not too far away, plenty of folks whose weekly clothing rotations still includes a black and red football jersey with a 7 on the front and back would gobble up season tickets.”
    The Jags are trading for Matt Stafford?

  23. @gatorader
    I tried that whole smashing-my-face-on-the- keyboard-38-times thing you suggested, but the only thing that happened was some pop-up ad came up offering me a job as an O-lineman for the Jags…
    That may very well be the smartest thing I’ve ever heard a Vikings fan say–bravo.

  24. @ Dewey Axewound
    Way to retort to last years news. You must not have read that they brought in a Pro Bowl tackle in Tra Thomas, used their first two draft picks on potential bookends on the O-line, and return all the guys they lost to injury last year (minus Richard Collier). But lets not let the facts get in the way of your futile attempt at humor. Maybe if you smashed your face into your keyboard for the 39th time you would have gotten the pop-up giving you that helpful information, saving youself from looking like a bafoon on a popular website.

  25. well dewey just made it clear he knows nothing about jaguars with that last post. oline is now one of their strengths. keep up the good work though dewey!

  26. gotta comment on this Vick stuff. The guy who commented that most people find Vick disgusting is correct. The guy who said hiring Vick will sell tickets is also correct, but doing so will also cost the team more tickets than it will sell. Still a net loser.
    Here is how you make it a win/win for everyone: Have Sick Vick sign a waiver stating that, just as he shot, electrocuted and drowned dogs that lost their contest, he will voluntarily submit to the very same treatment on the field the first time he loses. The fans get to vote via cell text, and Vick gets to play at least one game. The seats will be filled, the TV ratings will be the highest ever, the advertising revenues will be through the roof, and Sick Vick will be playing as if his very life depended on it. I’d say that makes for some pretty good TV. You paying attention, NBC?

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