Drew Bennett takes the high road

Though he hasn’t officially retired (Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange tells us that the Ravens placed the veteran wideout on the “reserve/did not report” list), receiver Drew Bennett’s decision to call it quits two days after passing a physical and signing a contract reflects the kind of honor that isn’t regularly seen in American business.

As one source with knowledge of the way things work in the NFL told us, passing the physical gave Bennett the ability to fight through a few practices, claim that he had injured his knee while on the job, and finagle an injury settlement from his new team.

“A lot of guys would have tried to work the system,” the source said, “and I respect that he didn’t do that to Ozzie [Newsome] and the Ravens.”

We agree.

6 responses to “Drew Bennett takes the high road

  1. Just so I have this straight – Did he, or did he not acutally injure his knee?? (which then caused him to retire)

  2. He got so much monster money from the Rams and was mostly injured for those 2 years he just said “F*(k it, can’t take this pre-training camp sh!t no more, see ya”. After he rests up for several weeks he’ll be back like cooked crack.

  3. Marty – He said it was a previous injury.
    Florio – won’t Bennet be able to cash in on insurance on this?

  4. it would appear that the audience doesnt buy the fact that an NFL player can do the honorable thing like Drew did with the Ravens.
    I’d call that a pretty sad commentary on us and pro sports in general.
    thanks for doing it the way its supposed to be done Drew Bennett

  5. I know what you mean. It’s soooo much better when a veteran player walks away from expectations without trying to milk it for all the money he can get. I mean, when was the last time a veteran had second thought about retiring and didn’t try to take the money and run. Any veteran who decides to come back, agrees in principle with a team to do so, and then decodes not to play after all without taking the money should be praised for their integrity and overall just being a great guy… unless his name is Favre!
    Sure, Bennett was less dramatic about it, but let’s be honest – he let down a team that pinned some sort of hope on him because he couldn’t make a decision quickly enough. How fair is that to the other receivers who tried out and didn’t get an offer?

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